Seattle Townhall

May 7, 2013 @ 6:00 pm
University Heights Center
5031 University Way Northeast #209
Seattle, WA 98105

The Seattle City Council have ignored their duty to hold townhall meetings since 2010. On Tuesday, May 7th 2013, the Seattle City council will hold their first town hall meeting in 3 years!


facebook event page:


The meeting on Tuesday will begin with a presentation of the City’s climate action plan. THEN, the floor is opened up to the People. You can speak on any topic, you can ask questions and demand answers, in short, you can exercise your FREEDOM OF SPEECH and demand accountability, which is so regularly restricted during conventional council meetings. Come alone or bring 4 or 5 friends to address an issue….if you have 10 friends, break into two groups so that different perspectives of the issue can be addressed. In this case, the more truly is the merrier for the time has come to StandUP, and utilize the power of the People.


Here’s the link to the agenda on Seattle’s website:

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