What is White Anti-Racism in Amerikkka? A Celebration and Critical Reflection of Captain John Brown

May 9, 2013 @ 7:00 pm
Black Coffee Coop
501 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Captain John Brown was a white settler man who took up arms against slavery in the USA. Today, May 9th 2013, would be his 213th birthday. This event is a call for folks, especially white people opposed to white supremacy and racism, to gather to review the life and death of captain John Brown and discuss the implications of this historical figure. People are encouraged to have these discussions everywhere on this day, this particular event will take place in Seattle, WA at the Black Coffee Cooperative. Being as such, our discussion will focus very much on the whiteness of Seattle and challenging white supremacy and racism here and among ourselves.

The following end to Dan Berger’s article “Refusing to Surrender: John Brown and White Anti-Racist Struggle” points to the importance of this discussion.

“By critically reclaiming Brown, we can acknowledge his faults and celebrate his success. We can counter the dominant historiography that makes Brown and white anti-racism appear to be “crazy.” This pathologizing process is yet another way white supremacy appeals to white people. A critical reclaiming of Brown counteracts this historical revisionism, but the critical analysis is key. From Brown’s achievements and mistakes we learn the necessity to wage militant, principled anti-racist struggle on all fronts. From welfare cutbacks to civil liberties attacks, from border militarization to race-based incarceration, from environmental racism to affirmative action, from education to health care, from colonization to gentrification, there are many sources of struggle. Radicals, especially white ones, must combine a revolutionary vision with a radical analysis and liberatory strategy. It is our job to pick up where John Brown left off.”

Hope to see you there, below are some resources, please post further materials on the event page if you have stuff to share.

“John Brown”
“What is White Supremacy Culture” by Tema Okun http://supportblackmesa.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/White-Supremacy-Culture-Tema-Okun.pdf


“A Plea for Captain John Brown”
“The Lowry Wars”

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