First and foremost we need your participation!

We Are Raising Funds to Pay For one year’s rent on a server for Occupy Seattle and the dozen occupations we currently serve and to allow us to increase that number. Our servers are currently paid for and donated on a month to month basis.

We can always use help with technical services and content creation. You can reach our services group through

We need office space, warehouse space, and space to set up camp or communal living quarters.

Needs we still have:
– medical (contact
Please either review our Working Group page and contact the group/person with whom you can co-ordinate sharing your support, add an “event” to our calendar or just come down!

1) Please show your support for our folks in court! (check out the main page soon for more dates and details)
2) We currently have no base camp. The best thing you can do is to donate your time. Bring your ideas, willing hands, and an open mind and heart. Check our Calendar for a current schedule of General Assemblies, Work Group meetings and other events.

Second Casseroles Demonstration – Seattle

End Student Debt March – Started at SCCC and ended at a park very close to Seattle University.

Noise Brigade – Againist Student Debt

The student debt crisis is cripling lives and killing dreams.

Back when a High School diploma guaranteed a decent job, we created the free public education system. We believed that education was a right, not a privilege. A High School diploma isn't what it used to be. A college degree is now a requirement.

But, instead of making a college education free for all those who want it, we've fallen victim to the contradictory rhetoric that "education isn't free" and access to education is about "personal responsibility". To believe that, you must also believe that poverty is the responsibility of poor children. That their futures must limited based on their parents means.

The government voted to *double* the interest rate on all federal student loans effective July 1st. Meanwhile they are loaning out *trillions* of dollars at * 0% interest* to Wall Street banks. The same banks that *stole and then lost* trillions of dollars in fraud and abuse. The same banks who then used those 0% interest loans to give themselves hundreds of billions of dollars in bonuses and compensation.

A student loan should be about education. Not restricting access to the disadvantaged. Not for pushing people into poverty. And not for profits that benefit the very rich at the expense of the rest of us.

So yes, education isn't free. But a massive payout from economic fraud is. Partially because students are going to pick up the bill.

We think this is wrong.

  • Stop interest rates for doubling July 1st.
  • End student debt.
  • Bring a pot.
  • Make noise.

Student Debt Noise Brigade – Event Time and Place

Wednesday. 6/13. 7:00PM. SCCC. Invite your friends.

Print the poster!

Union 16 – Not Guilty – 200 occupy warehouse

A Seattle judge has ruled 16 activists were not trespassing after they occupied a vacant Capitol Hill building in December. Some 200 activists occupied the Union Cultural Center at 10th and Union for about 10 hours before they were forced out in a pre-dawn SWAT raid by Seattle police.

According to court records, Judge Judith Hightower ruled the building was abandoned, incapable of being trespassed. The building had been empty for more than a year and was scheduled for demolition two weeks after the activists moved in.

Hightower dismissed the trial May 24; it was slated to start this week. The 107-year-old building had since been demolished to make way for new mixed-use development.

Kimberly Mills, spokesperson for the City Attorney's office, tells CHS the judge denied the prosecutor's request to reconsider the ruling.

Braden Pence, who represented some of the UCC 16, says the ruling calls into question how and why Occupy crackdowns were carried out.

From: CHS

For some background on the

10th and Union Occupation

10th and Union Warehouse Marriage Celebration



We The People Power Festival

What do Creativity, Joy, Democracy and Love all have in common?

People Power!

Create and play at the Fremont Solstice Celebration at Gas Works on June 16! Join: We the People Power Festival


We the People Power is a celebration of creativity, sustainable living and grassroots democracy, with hands-on fun for everyone! Building on the excitement of the 24th Annual Solstice Parade, we invite you to dance and play, discover a personal passion, connect with others who share that passion, and get involved in making a positive difference in our community.

Are you passionate about Art? Sustainability? Grassroots Democracy? Health? Wellness? Caring for the Earth? Do you want to work with others to celebrate and share that passion with the larger community? Come to our work parties to learn more, meet co-collaborators, have fun and get involved!

Help co-create an environment where people have an abundance of ways to learn and have fun with their friends, their families. Participants will meet new people and discover the joy and purposefulness of being part of a community that celebrates and serves the greater good.

Facebook Event Page


Free University Seattle

books outdoorsFREE U SUMMER IS HERE!

Free University Website

The Summer Series has now begun to take shape! We now have an initial listing of courses and activities with times and places at our website.  Keep an eye on the website for a much easier to follow calendar coming soon! We are still sorting through all of the results from our many survey participants. There is a lot of people interested in learning way more together than what is currently listed under the summer series, please be patient while we take the time to translate survey results into more summer courses.

If you want to participate in this process, please fill out the Doodle poll to express your time availability for helping out: We will also be undergoing much needed improvements to the website over the next few weeks, as we now have volunteers with much better web design knowledge to help out!



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There has been quite a bit of work completed on the site recently.  We would love your feedback.  This is the best way to get it to us.  Contact Us Form

Most of the work has been under the hood type of issues. Like updating the drupal core and 55 or so modules that were out of date, enabling the onsite update and installation of modules, setting up regular off site backups, and we also cleaned up the database reducing the size from 400+Mb to 50 Mb.

So far we have completed a few user improvements like removing the old hard-coded front page video and replacing it with an easily modifiable video embed feature, categorizing the Work Group page and providing selection by Type of Work Group, the ability to upload images directly from your computer into posts or to the server for use in posts or other content, and a few other minor improvements.

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Federal Judge Tells Police Not to Ticket Occupy Protesters

Read about it here:

We are staying at Westlake Park without tents! General Assembly tomorrow 10/07 at 6:30pm.

Update 10/05 @ 11:00pm
Police made 33 arrests today while Parks and Recreation employees removed tents. Those guarding the tents were arrested, many others stood around to document and witness. At that time Parks and Rec said we would not be allowed in the park after 10, but that was later rescinded. We are legally continuing to occupy the park but without tents.

There are still eight people in jail with bail set at $475 as of 11pm on 10/5.

We will meet in Working Groups at 4pm at Westlake and meet for a General Assembly at 6:30pm.

Update 10/05 @ 3:00pm
We, the General Assembly of Seattle, thank the mayor for ordering our arrest. Though the arrests were made on the false pretense that the occupation would be in conflict with future scheduled protests–when, in fact, these protests have all expressed their support for the occupation–though we have a right to peaceably assembly, and though we have done nothing to agitate the police: nevertheless, we thank the mayor. Our numbers will only grow stronger as the public contemplates the unjust arrest of thirty workers raising signs and tents, while the corporate thugs remain pampered in their private villas.

But the hand of justice is not long delayed. Let the strength of our resolve today serve to put Corporate America on notice that the ninety nine percent in Seattle will no longer bow to the will of the one percent.

We will not relent. We will not retreat. We are the ninety nine percent.

Local AFL-CIO To Endorse Occupy Seattle

The local chapter of the AFL-CIO is drafting a letter of endorsement for the Occupy Seattle movement. We happily accept their support.


This is the place for general occupyseattle discussion.

POLICE ARE MAKING ARRESTS. We need your support now more than ever!

strong>Remember! The police are part of the 99%! So far in Seattle we have seen nothing but polite, nonviolent administration on their part.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 2:50PM: Arrests are being made. 7 arrests so far. No violence so far. Police not targeting those of us with cameras.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 2:00PM:Cops out in full force. 20-30 ground policeman, in addition to mounted calvary. Dispersal order being issued now. Around 300 protestors.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 11:50AM: We have word that the parks department will serve us an eviction notice sometime between 1:00PM and 1:30PM, and thereafter the police will arrest those who wish to defy the notice. Those who do not wish to be arrested should move to the pavilions near where we originally occupied. If you do not want what you have to be taken by the police, we suggest you move your things to the pavilions.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 4:30AM: Despite the threats that came there have been no further sightings of cops since yesterday and no arrests at Westlake Park. We stand in solidarity!

UPDATE 11:30PM: It looks as if the arrests may not come tonight, but they may come later. In any event, we will be going strong at 7:30AM tomorrow with a march.

UPDATE 8:30PM: Arrests are speculated to be around 10:00PM. The movement has decided to stay in the square as long as possible and regroup as quickly as possible to resume the normal schedule.

UPDATE 10/4/11 @ 7:30PM: Arrests seem to be imminent. The group has voted to stay, and staying we are. Come down, get arrested, or document others getting arrested. Let’s let our voice be heard!

We have about 30 tents and 125 people currently at 3:00am on October 4th. We need more people!

The Mayor has told us we cannot stay another night. He wants us to move, but we are not moving. We are in danger of being arrested at any time starting now. We invited him to come to the general assembly meeting tomorrow and we’re hoping to help him understand

We need people to come and occupy with us more than anything!

Come whenever you can for as long as you can, we are there 24/7 from now on and not leaving until further notice. We will be marching at 7:30am, 12pm, and 4:30pm October 4th starting at Westlake Park. General Assembly will be held from 4pm until it’s over, with a march at 4:30pm.

We’re happy to take: Hand cleaner, non-parishable food, pre-made coffee, water, tents/shelter structures, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, socks, blankets, warm clothing, flashlights, markers, cardboard, flyers, folding tables, AA batteries, rope, storage bins, dustpans, ice box, ice, MORE PEOPLE!
… and probably more things. If you can think of it, we probably could use it.

Enforce anti-trust laws

Prosecute war criminals

Open primaries

Increase taxes on capital gains

Tax micro-trading

Reinstate Glass-Steagall Act

Create a sustainable economy democratically run by society

Tax the rich and big business

No support for the Democratic or Republican parties, rely on people in the Occupy movement

Enact a system of law that is money-proof

Defend and expand civil liberties

End the wars – redirect war funding to meet human needs

Allow 3rd parties to participate meaningfully in elections

Nationalize the Federal Reserve and create State banks

Nationalize the banks

Fair and equitable tax system

Accessible health care and health products

Allow everyone to vote

Abolish the Drug Enforcement Administration

End the War on Drugs

End corporate interactions with government

End corporate control of Supreme Court

End the Federal Reserve

Universal education

Universal healthcare

Reform representative government

End privatization of the commons (natural resources, education, healthcare, etc.)

End all free trade agreements

End industrial prison complex

Publicly-funded elections

End corporate personhood

Call a Constitutional Convention

Protect public transit

Oppose the two parties of big business

(This is more of a slogan, as it is mainly about ending corporate lobbying and 2 party system)

No bank fees

Attention to genocides and other international atrocities

Support unions and workers rights