Police Approach Westlake Park; Two People and a Tent Arrested, Future Uncertain

Police are entering Westlake plaza in force. We have a Livestream team on-site; watch as events unfold.

For the previous two nights, the police have threatened to arrest anyone in the park after 10pm, and have used the lights and loudspeakers on their cars to prevent occupiers from sleeping, but haven’t arrested anyone. Reportedly, Mayor McGinn ordered the police to clear the park tonight, so none of us know what will happen next.

Update 11:16pm There have been two arrests; at least one was defending a private tent that was set up. The the supply/medical tent is still up. Police are still across the street and we are still chanting. Morale is high, and we are keeping it peaceful. There is lots of speculation as to whether the police will return or not, nothing verified.