Everyone arraigned today has been released without bail.

UPDATE: According to our lawyer all the people who were arraigned at court today have been released without bail. There is at least one person who was not arraigned today and we are still waiting for more information on that front. We will get you more information as our lawyer gets it to us. The occupation is going strong.


This thread is for anyone who is looking for Rideshares or who is willing to give people rides from around the State (or anywhere else) to Occupy Seattle.

Court today is at the Jail, 5th and James!

UPDATE: Arraignment has been changed to 1:30 pm.

Court for the people being arraigned today is at 1:30 pm at the jail, 1st floor, courtroom 2, at 5th and James. We have been informed by our attorney that some people are showing up to the wrong location. If you know anyone that has let them know they need to go to 5th and James. And let’s get people down there to support them! The latest from our attorney is that 6 people are being arraigned, two will be held on bail, and four will be released without bail this morning. There are still at least two individuals unaccounted for. Our lawyers are working tirelessly to find them and find out what is happening.

6 people to be arraigned at 10:00 a.m. 10/06/2011

This information comes to us directly from our Lawyers. There are six people who were arrested today at Westlake Park who will be arraigned starting at 10:00 a.m. on October 6th. All of them have been charged with obstructing. They will be arraigned at the Court House in Seattle. The occupation is continuing through the night, without tents, in the rain. Please, come down and show your support for Occupy Seattle and the 99%.

Looking for individuals to camp out tonight without tents in case the police arrest us.

We are looking for any individuals who would be willing, if and when the police come to arrest people here at Westlake, to come down to Westlake and to camp out without tents so that we can keep the occupation going through the evening. Please, if you are willing and can come down here, come on down and join us! Let’s keep Occupy Seattle going at Westlake Center.