Occupy Seattle & American Federation of Teachers Give Night School New Meaning

Starting at 9pm tonight, instructors from across Seattle Community College campuses will begin teaching classes in support of Occupy Seattle. Classes will be held on the Plaza at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle and include such subjects as “Why We Support Occupy”, “Legislative Lobbying”, “The Art of the Protest Sign” and “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations”. Classes will continue throughout the night.

Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers said in an open letter to Paul Kilpatrick, President of Seattle Central Community College that “…the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons. The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99% and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970’s.” Now they have taken their support one step further by sharing their expertise with the Occupy Seattle community.

Formed on October 1, 2011 in support of and inspired by movements on Wall Street and around the world, Occupy Seattle is dedicated to addressing and dismantling the economic injustices so deeply entrenched in a system that has failed so many. We are a leaderless movement comprised of people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

GA minutes 10/28

Date/time: 2011-10-28
Location: Westlake Park
Minutes taken by: Chris from Food WG
Audio archive: No audio or livestream present

Facilitation Team

• Process mover: Christina
• Taking stack: Jackson
• Agenda:
• Time keeper:
• Orientation:


(Not recorded, please see below)

Working Group Announcements

Working group announcements was in process when I begun taking minutes so they are truncated.

• Working group reports can go on 1 hr or more, but would like to limit to 30 min.
• Working groups bring reports to us at 6pm.
• Suggest we start this on Tuesday to announce this over and over.

Legal WG

• Alex
• Sun 10am food court @ Westlake Center, we are having a legal meeting for a Q/A session.

Tactical WG

• Cameron
• Working on logistics of march and encampment at SCCC

Sustainability Brigade WG

• Tabitha
• Color coding trash cans for visual assistance
• Contact us on the website under Working Groups tab and Sustainability Brigade
• Please reuse utensils and plates or bring your own to save our environment

Get The Money Out of Politics WG

• Craig
• Meeting Sun 3pm in front of See’s Candies
• Get the word out
• Meeting each week Sunday 3pm

Action announcements

• No action announcements presented today.

Proposal Announcements

• Kevin
• Homeless vet and pissed off at what happened in Oakland, our friends want to know how to support you guys. What do we do? We did too many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq
• I have several friends who are being foreclosed on. I think it would be good to support them at their homes. It’s a thought.


Proposal to move some proposals to Sunday because of low numbers.

One proposal is being voted on because it was tabled last night under the expectation that it would be discussed and voted on tonight.

Proposal: Proposal name has been changed to Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

“Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

Occupy Seattle supports all those that are struggling to make public education accessible for students and workers of all ages and backgrounds.
Many of us involved with OS are students from SCCC and other institutions of higher education. OS stands in solidarity with students and staff on campus and people who struggle against the policies that make education inaccessible–through tuition hikes, cuts to staff, and hikes in transportation fees. We stand in solidarity with those amongst us who have been shut out of campuses because of tuition hikes and those who have lost their jobs or suffered worse working conditions because of budget cuts.

OS will be respectful of the learning environment of the campus.

-This involves being peaceful and respectful while in route to the restrooms during school hours and respectful treatment of the facilities in the building.

-OS will refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC

-OS also respects the work of the custodial staff and request that all people associated with OS, agrees to clean up after ourselves so as not to overload the custodial staff. The porta-potties available at the site or offsite will also serve to not overload existing indoor facilities.

OS supports the FARMERS MARKET and wants to make our occupation supportive of their use of SCCC space.

-Camping on the plaza should cease on Sunday during Farmers Market and breakdown hours will be 6:30am-5pm on those days.

OS supports good relations with our neighbors, supports a healthy learning environment, as well as the healthy need for OS campers to sleep.

-In order to fulfill our commitment to being good neighbors as well as to allow other occupiers the sleep they need, OS will limit excessive noisemaking (i.e. drumming/music/loud behavior) to the following hours:
Mon-Thurs : 5pm-9pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-9pm

Drugs/alcohol/smoking policy

OS wants to create an environment that is conducive for people of all ages, all disabilities as well as people of all different backgrounds.

-OS is aware of SCCC’s policy of no drugs or alcohol on campus and we will do our best to inform new occupiers of this

-We will also inform new occupiers that at SCCC, smoking is limited to designated areas (which will be marked in at least two areas at the perimeter of OS SCCC encampment)

-OS asks all individuals associated with OS to support the mission of the occupation and be responsible both for themselves as well as for the people around them

Behaviors should be accountable to the safety and well being of all occupiers.

-OS will display signage and provide handouts at the info booth in order to show awareness and respect for our good neighbor guidelines”

Proposal Discussion

• ? – Q: Can you please restate about breaking down and hours involved in it?
A: This is respect to the Farmers Market on the Plaza, Sun 6:30a – 5:30p we should respect and support the local businesses.
• ? – Q: We should remain flexible about our guidelines at our own camp.
A: SCCC students also helped draft this, Tactical WG, and other individuals were involved in this.
• Paul – I like this proposal and think it’s a good idea. It gets to the heart of showing the rest of Seattle the character of our personal makeup, showing the world we are concerned citizens that can go the distance and show up when it counts. Oh and one more thing, Wu tang!
• ? – Q: This proposal is crucial and this movement depends on this proposal. We need to maintain a good relationship with the school so that we can maintain our occupation there. I will personally not be doing any drugs there. Drugs would hamper our ability to stay there
A: Real quick. This is the firstt proposal that has passed for individuals to figure this out as individuals.
• ? – The last farmers market is Dec 18.
• ? – I want to have a place with a cafeteria, education center, and all the good stuff. We can do this at SCCC. This is the first step to show what we are and what we stand for.

Vote: Unanimous! No no votes or blocks! Full support and lots of cheering.

Change of mind, now moving on to the three proposals since there is a minute taker.

Demands Proposal

• Justin
• “We call on the City of Seattle to withdraw funds held in financial institutions that received tax payer funded bailouts in in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these funds to state and local banks.”
• Stack opened for discussion
• ? – Q: Curious, why is this being brought to the GA for approval when we do not need large scale demands to the GA. Some people may block a single demand for the whole group.
A: We acknowledged these concerns and is a valid concern. If we don’t make demands for ourselves, someone else will do it like the Democrats. Not trying to offend, but it happened to the Tea Party.
• ? – Q: What specific banks we’re you thinking of?
A: Wells Fargo, but covering our bases.
• ? – Q: I was wondering the banks we would move the money into.
A: Can’t make suggestions because of RICO act, we could all go to jail, so we can’t name them. We can just say which banks not to bank with.
• ? – Q: This proposal does not include our proposals that people have proposed but are not here.
A: This is the first demand proposed and the most well thought out. It is also time sensitive. Council is voting on to reconsider their finances.
• ? – Q: I support this proposal. I worry about hegemonic demands for the whole group. We are of this history so take it seriously.
• ? – Q: What would you rather see than this proposal?
A: I did not want to open this can of worms and am in proposal of this demand.
• ? – Q: What if the city doesn’t listen to us? It is up to us individuals to do direct actions if they do not listen to us.
A: We have two models we are looking into. A model that would be through working groups or just through individuals.
• ? – Q: Clarification. I didn’t hear if this is one or many demands? What if the city council just says, “OK”.
A: That is OK and that doesn’t mean our Occupation is done.
A: This is not our only demand or the most important one, but something for us to decide. We facilitate this process but not to detriment of others demands. This came up because it is strategic and Nov 5th Bank Transfer Day is coming up. This is a living document and each of us have many ways of expressing ourselves. This demand seems to make sense right now. Not shutting anybody else or anything else out.
• ? – Q: The word demand does not appear in this, but is worded like a demand.
• Cory
• Q: Someone was concerned about if the City did nothing about this demand. Well this vote is on Nov 8. City elections are on Nov 30. If we do not get results, we can push to change the city council.
• Vote: Proposal passes with full consensus of the GA.

Proposal: Rename Westlake Park to John T Williams Park. In solidarity with those in Oakland that renamed their park Scott Olsen Park.

• ? – I have decided to postpone my proposal until Sunday and relocation to SCCC. Hoping to recruit more participants to the GA. Has far reaching changes to our group. Proposal still on website.

General Announcements

• ? – I have been passing out fliers for Halloween Party at SCCC
• ? – The CEO of Chase Bank will be here on Wed. Anybody that has been organizing the march, we already have a bank occupation. I propose we have a meeting for a shared day of action. (they had a meeting)
• ? – If you are on a WG please bring me your Mission Statement or where I can find it already. So that new people can easily get involved.
• ? – Does anyone know how/why the Intergroups Meeting get rescheduled today, some people showed up at 3pm then some showed up at 5 pm.


We are concluded with the GA. If anyone wants to have general discussion, do so now. Congrats on the most concise GA I have ever been too!

Plans for Saturday’s Occupation of Seattle Central Community College

At the General Assembly on October 24, 2011, Occupy Seattle decided to begin a mass occupation at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday, October 29. We’re really excited about this Occupy Seattle expansion! Join us! Don’t miss out!

October 29th Schedule:
5pm: March from Westlake to SCCC
6:30pm: SCCC Speak-Out
8pm: Halloween Party Begins!
8:30pm: Tent-Raising

Bring your Tent and a Pumpkin! Come in Costume!
Rumor has it there will be prizes…(there will be no prizes).

Occupy Seattle will only succeed if you show up! And camp out! Occupy Together!



*Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles:

*Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle:

There will probably be multiple invitations for this event, but it’s all the same thing. Don’t get confused.

Occupy Seattle Still Looking for More Sites to Expand Occupation

While we are excited for the upcoming expansion of our occupation to include Seattle Central Community College, we realize this is just a small part of the expansion we will need as we continue to grow. Our Tactical Working Group is considering further expansions to other sites and has come up with a list of priorities to consider when evaluating the suitability of new locations.

We are requesting location recommendations from all occupiers! We are especially interested in offers of private spaces from sympathetic organizations like churches, unions, and community organizations. The terms for staying at such locations are certainly negotiable and any interested parties should contact the Tactical Working Group at or by phone at: 630-947-5708.

List of Priorities:

Legal Defensibility (“Arrest Friendly”)
Source of Water
24hr Access/Use of Tents or Sleeping Space
Shelter from the Weather
Public Gathering Space(s)
Public Transit Nearby
Ideal Camping or Sleeping Space (+100)
Waste Management Space or Facilities
Proximity to Westlake
Community Support
Vehicle Access
Tactical Exit Points
2000 sq ft for Storage/Supply
Proximity to Infrastructure (Printers/Library)
Proximity to Corporate Targets
Accessibility for People who are Disabled
Internet Access

Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle

*The General Assembly passed this statement on Oct 20th.

**However, the name “Decolonize/Occupy” was not passed. Majority (63/40) of the GA insisted on keeping the name “Occupy Seattle.”


AFFIRMATION of Decolonization of Seattle with Northwest Indigenous Peoples

WHEREAS, those participating in “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” acknowledge that the United States of America is a colonial country, and that we are invaders and squatters upon stolen indigenous land that has already been occupied for centuries, Seattle being the ancestral land of the Duwamish and Suquamish people; and

WHEREAS, indigenous people of this land have continued to resist the violent conquest, oppression, exploitation and victimization by the invaders and colonizers since they first arrived on this continent; and as a result have endured a great amount of trans-generational trauma and woundedness; and that their experience strengthens this movement to expose those on-going inhumane crimes; and

WHEREAS, after centuries of disregard for the welfare of future generations, and the repeated disrespect and exploitation of the Earth, we find ourselves on a violated and polluted planet, lacking the Indigenous people’s wisdom and knowledge to live in balance, harmony and at peace with the community of Life; and

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has been used by imperialists to colonize indigenous lands

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has also been reclaimed by militant workers of color from Latin America (Oaxaca, Buenos Aires, South Korea, China among other places) to describe their occupation of factories, schools and neighborhoods, to strike back against the oppressive forces led by racism and capitalism. It is in this context that we use the term “occupy”

WHEREAS the borders of the United States of America are a colonial construct based upon the violent destruction of indigenous land across the continent and therefore illegitimate in our eyes

WHEREAS this land is currently occupied by descendants of slaves kidnapped from the African continent, as well as economic refugees forcibly displaced by the forces of capitalism and imperialism around the world, therefore

AFFIRMED, that we prioritize the involvement of indigenous sovereign people in the redesigning and rebuilding of a new way of living on their ancestral land in the context that there is one mother of us all, our earth mother; and

As a Decolonization Statement to the national “Occupy” movement and to indigenous members who have been excluded by the colonialist language used to name this movement, it is declared that phrase “Occupy Seattle” is reframed to the inclusive cross-cultural term “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” to affirm the guidance and participation of indigenous peoples; and to affirm the history of militant labor struggles associated with the term “occupy”

Awakening to compassion and extending an open hand of friendship and partnership, we hereby invite indigenous members of the Pacific Northwest and all displaced peoples to collaborate with us in this event remembering and reawakening to our original identity as humane beings – that is now initiated on this continent and worldwide simultaneously.

We intend to facilitate the process of healing and reconciliation and implore Indigenous Peoples to share their knowledge and wisdom of stewardship of the earth, water, fire and air to inspire and guide us restore to pure democracy rather than representative democracy as design failure in governing for collective survival; and to initiate a new era of cooperation and peace that is cross-cultural, intergenerational, inclusive and universal in practical application upon Mother Earth with the original indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Press release regarding SCCC move

Occupy Seattle Set to Open Another Front

October 25, 2010

The Occupy Seattle movement plans to add the campus of Seattle Central Community College to the campsites for the protests.
At the General Assembly last night, more than 80 percent of attendees voted to march to the Central District campus and establish a beachhead there for the decentralized movement.
A statement posted on the official website said, “SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.” The post also made clear that this did not mean protesters are abandoning their presence at Westlake Park, where the movement has sparred with city officials over their continued presence since the first of the month, when groups of protesters joined the nationwide movement. The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to begin on Saturday , oct.29, with a march from downtown to the campus.
“We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there,” said the official announcement, “however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.”
The march will commence at 5 p.m. from Westlake Park and proceed to the SCCC campus where there will be a rally and tents will be erected for protesters to stay in overnight.
Occupations have sprung up in hundreds of US cities and in more than 80 countries around the world since people in New York City responded to a call from Adbusters magazine to “occupy Wall St.”, the international financial center in lower Manhattan.
Although the protest movement, which is deliberately without formal leaders or spokespeople, has been criticized in the mass media for not having a set of demands to press, it has hit a visceral nerve with large segments of the population. The movement has generally coalesced around a critique of the present political and economic situation. Their slogan, “We are the 99 percent!” refers to the fact that fewer than a half-million people control more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 80 percent of the population are left with just 12 percent and middle class families feel increasingly under the gun.
Thank you,
Media Committee |

Occupy Seattle will Establish Base Camp at SCCC

After obtaining a 4/5ths super majority, the 10/24 General Assembly passed a proposal to establish base camp for Occupy Seattle at Seattle Central Community College. This does not mean that we will no longer be present at Westlake park, merely that SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.

We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there, however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.

The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to start Saturday 10/29, and we are planning multiple events. Stay tuned!

And please check our calendar for a full schedule!

Food and Kitchen

General contact and off-site cooking: or

Including Information from Previous FOOD Working group

General Group Contact & Coordination of Resources

On-site Kitchen
Emily: 206.930.2160


The camp is at Seattle Central Community College, on Capitol Hill, 1701 Broadway near the corner of E. Pine St.

Food is welcome at any time, but there are some nights of the week when we have cooks or groups signed up to make dinner. Right now (Dec 7), we need folks to cook:
– DINNER all nights, or;
– LUNCH on Saturday or Sunday.
Please contact Sonya Rodgers by email: or by phone: 206.501.5715 to sign up.

We try to feed about 100 people each evening, but you do not have to fill that whole need. If you make a double recipe of something hearty, that will feed 20-25, which is a big contribution. Hot foods with protein and carbohydrates are most appreciated. Vegetarian and meat dishes are welcome. Some possible offerings: chili, soup with grains, rice with beans, pasta with sauce. We also have some supplies available, and fresh produce donated from farmer’s markets in need of cooks. Contact Sonya for more info and to arrange pickup.

To drop off food, you will find it most convenient to drive south on Broadway and pull up in front of the camp, just before (north of) the corner of Pine. You can’t miss the camp, and we are currently serving food from a table on the main walkway that runs through the campus plaza. NOTE: You will need to turn southbound onto Broadway three or four blocks north of the college. The intersections of Broadway with E. Olive Way, E. John St., and E. Denny Way all work.

There is often a parking space in front of the main entrance to camp, but even if not, you can pull over in front of the line of parked cars, turn on your flashers, and ask someone at the camp to help you offload your food. We recommend staying around for about a half hour and taking your pot(s) home. If you leave your equipment, please label it with your name and phone number.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail or

Activist Self-care

Our Medical working group held a teach-in today on Activist self care and psychological first aid.

A pocket guide with a slew of great information was created for this and can be printed for those interested. More information can be found at

Inter-workgroup meeting minutes 10/21

Inter Work Group Meeting Notes 10/21/2011
Roll Call:
Legal: Patricia, Alex, Gabriel
Tactical: Jeff, Cameron, Jesse, Bob, Peter
Internet Communications Team: Nicholas, Forest, Stian, Chase
Medical: Regina
Supply & Storage: Alyssa
Media: Aliana, Marissa
Outreach: Alex
Information: Brendan
Process & Facilitation: Carole, Anita
Peace & Safety: Cameron
Arts & Entertainment: Neil, Julie, Eric
Community & Labor: Rhiannon
Kitchen: Ginger
Demands: Linda
Sanitation: Andrew
Morale: Mina
NSCC: Vicki
Seattle Street Medics: Nicole

ICT: Social Media needs point of contacts. Working on establishing process for access to Google Calendar. Send info/ items to ~ Have clear headers for e-mails…

Instituting lunch time discussion groups. Saturday night will be discussion night in the GA without any proposals. There is a lack of clarity regarding general principles.
Arts & Ent.:
Struggling with Police throwing materials away, Art hard to maintain. Entertainment going well. Highway banner has been donated. Having a hard time finding off-site volunteers. Neil has a van to use if necessary! Arts will meet Monday @ 4pm by Info.
Purpose and Mission is to observe, report and paint in positive light! Please communicate directly with Aliana regarding EVERYTHING!!!! Computer and video camera have been donated. Idea is to keep at City Hall with live streaming. Needs work on security with compliance at City Hall.
Peace & Safety:
Having a hard time meeting since they meet after GA which has been a little out of hand. Since decision not to deal with Police, they have to take on responsibility of authority. Need conflict resolution training- can work with Accountability. Developed new offensive tactic to deal with police; silent observation from arms length distance!!! Has been very effective, they move away! Ideas to develop a cop watch group and mobile smoking screen unit to field the police at GA!
Community & Labor:
Brief reports on labor caucus meeting and direct action strategy meeting. There is a huge amount of support available from labor and community organizations, need to co-ordinate. Need reliable contacts form each workgroup to pass on to labor for support. Keep ICT and self, apprised of up-to date needs. Working on organizational outreach to build density. Please inform if certain trainings are necessary. Is it necessary to pass a solidarity resolution to cut down on divisive proposals? (Tactical is addressing this issue)
Class on Sunday 3-4 pm, at City Hall; Activist self-care and psych evaluation on the streets. Med coverage is spotty. There is a pool of 70 volunteers with varying levels of expertise, most of whom work. Need more on the ground support. There will be continual classes every other week for street medics (think combat style med). Next Friday, 10/28/2011 is Regina’s last day for a month.  Peter??!!
10 watercoolers (sorry guys,this means?) IAM 751 donated PA system,we have a projection screen. Communication needs to be tighter between the groups. Supply has two safes with all the money. No keys! Legal has the keys! E-mail is; . 10 drivers now, asked for (??) box, but that isn’t in the permit. We now have a portable 10 gallon water heater at Westlake~ hot to 155 degrees. Need Marine batteries to run this, as does ICT.
Has an e-mail list of 50 volunteers, they are growing, had a health inspection this week. Putting out a call for more organization/ commercial kitchens to prepare food to comply with health dept. Needs help from Outreach on this. Maybe restaurants could hang a banner saying they support OS and people could then pay the restaurant to prepare and deliver food to OS??!! Needs inventory with supply, supply is doing inventory. Wants to start a “food justice” conversation, working with organic farmers. Needs a functional online calendar. ICT is on it.
Burn Phone # is 206 403 8741. There is a money situation!! Legal wants to divest themselves of the money. Doing research to find fiscal sponsors or other options for housing the cash. [BECU has made an offer of 25 dollars for every customer we send them] Some cities are doing fiscal sponsors, or 501C3 status. All donations right now go to Alyssa with supply. Fundraising needs more than Fred, we need a more robust and rounded fundraising and fiscal team. All money frozen until an agreed upon system is in place. No requests for $ granted right now. Requests/ queries go to Alyssa; Legal wants to organize an action against foreclosure.
Putting on two events: Sunday, Ballard Farmers Market, and Monday @ 2pm Meet n Greet at Fuel Coffee, Cap Hill. Do we have a list of endorsements we can show? Please get endorsement info to Alex; or If you are doing outreach yourself, please send a report on what you did, what worked and what did not! Need printing resources and business cards.
HELP KEEP US INFORMED!!!! On anything and everything! If we are informed, we can inform!
Wants to raise positivity and facilitate and mediate. Morale will be identified by gold stars. Mina is point person; 206 250 9752,
All groups need burn phones, including City Hall. Establish a schedule for workgroups. Take 24 hours before presenting a proposal. Suggested official policy for GA is to announce proposal one day before and it must be on the website by nine am the day it is to be officially proposed. We need to think these things through people! Only Wednesday and Sunday should be policy decision/ voting days. (Cut down on over-legislation). Tactical and Media to sidebar. All workgroups should make daily announcements.
How do we deal with underaccountability? IE, people running around and declaring themselves camp marshal, etc..

Inter workgroup meeting minutes 10/22

Minutes from 10/22/11
Opening messages Peter hands off facilitator to Jacob-
Alyssa: (Food) talkied with inet on the ERP package, good for
info/inventory/donations Unions interested in helping with materiel
within week 1.5 weeks.
Emily (food) Sonya (Supply) Ginger (Food) Jake (Facilitation) Vince
(Facilitation) Jacob (Facilitation/demands) Chase (internet/comm)
Kirby (Outreach) Anita (Accountability) Carol (process) Nicholas (inet)
Jason (inet) Forrest (inet) Stian (inet) Steve (inet/comm) Babylonia
FOOD: (Emily) needing more personnel ^
coordination/planning/coherence need direct line from Tactical (new
phone line?) need more GA voice/Legal coordination re:
foodhandling/permits ^ more legal defense Public Appeal?
Ginger: Need more help offsite mgmt. needs more personnel!
PROCESS/FACILITATION: (Jacob) Streamline proposal process in
progress for smoother GA debate Mtg re this noon-4pm lobby of
Pacific Place. Livestream needs power, Paypal funded 2nd L/S spotty
makes 24/7 coverage unlikely.
Sonya: Bicycle powered generators ala Oakland Occupy?
Stian: Marine batteries (deep-cycle) coming theft an issue minus
Jake: Car batteries (12V) for laptops/mobile devices?
Jacob: Projector for GA mtgs? (battery life????)
Chase: Projector but no screen avail.
Babylonia: Suggests programming group. ^ coordination for all
Forrest: Need to review first.
Jacob: Peer review with other Occupy mov’ts!
Emily: 2nd’s Jacob
Confirmed L/S interview with Mayor next week. Time TBD
Stian: Send email to O/S ICT with Calendar Event for distrib online for
official calendar.
Carol: Meeting time/WG bloat ^ need to streamline ^ efficiency
Posting of past minutes from prior WG’s ^ info spreading.
Kirby: Concern for diffusion of message-too many non-Occupy causes
Jake: Advocate to them to form WG’s of their own causes.
Nicholas: 2nd’s cause bloat, offers advice from NYC Occupy.
Ginger: Suggests coordination with sub-committees.
Peter: Too much process not enough planning.
Anita: Suggests infrastructure groups.
Jason: Suggests Agenda group that brings to action issues raised
previously, with time-sensitivity!!
Jake: Agrees, suggests to resume for later discussion.
Ginger: Need for soothing of egos
Jake: 2nd’s Ginger’s suggestion
Ginger: Hierarchy of meeting time uploads?
Peter: Need for intergroup group, Takes too much from Tactical
Anita: GA concern for disruptive participants at mtgs.
Peter: Concern for accountability of Accountability WG
Forrest: Domain bought by Andy Walters who
developed it. Handed it off to others. F. joined ICT 3 weeks ago. Andy
vanished. needed him for backups Andy AWOL. Andy showed up finally
handed up backups and logins/2X hot backup, alternate hostings. But
Andy balked. Forrest asked for 2nd adminship with registrar and Andy
agreed Andy indifferent to further help. Andy relented with
suggestion of mirroring of the site. Andy unavail for comment since
3pm yesterday. Grabbed donated to for
group control/stewardship. Ran similar assessment of other nat’l
occupy web presences. Need more personnel per funding.
Reports momentum building/tech development. Too many people
jumping in but little solid participation. Need for calendars/mailing
Kirby: need good page design for an example for Occupy sites
nationwide. Secure base layer/easy front access/data
Forrest: Appeals from other IT needs of other Occupies/ also need for
a tech-worker labor advocacy group.
Peter: Suggestions from Tactical-need more authoritative power.
Suggests voting power to 3X weekly attendees to legitimize
Anita: backsliding in electoral process.
Peter: Suggests subcommittees of WG’s projects
Ginger: need more help running groups
Connected with Food Justice Project
Anita: Suggests broadened powers for Process group.
Chase: discounted reading material for next 3 weeks.

Early morning Police raid imminent! Help if you can

There are over a dozen police cars at Westlake and onsite occupiers feel a raid is imminent. We need more occupiers, legal observers and anyone with a camera to come down and assist ASAP

General Assembly notes 10/15

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-15 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Camper comments

  • time 18:43
  • anonymous
    • have camped here multiple nights over past couple weeks
    • think this is very important movement
    • we're building community
    • we're having true democratic process on the streets of every major American city
    • establishing government
      • run by the people
      • for the people
      • not controlled by corporate demands
  • Maria
    • has been with food tent since day one
    • resigned yesterday
    • rescinds resignation
  • anonymous
    • we've been here for over two weeks
    • happy to see numbers grow from 30 to 500 – 1000
    • let's stand up strong with heads high and declare that we will not move
  • anonymous
    • thanks young occupiers
      • who stay here all night
      • woken up by cops every hour
      • being non-violent
      • representing all of us
  • anonymous
    • first time participating in GA
    • proud
    • will be here
  • anonymous
    • here for same purpose as you
    • here to support
    • here to tell you I believe this system will crumble if our voices rise
    • if we fight, system will conquer us
  • anonymous
    • need you to stay so we don't get arrested
  • anonymous
    • strength in numbers
    • need you to come every day, stay every night
  • anonymous
    • tomorrow, noon – 8pm, Sing Peace Gypsy Wagon for peace and global harmony
  • anonymous
    • when moving among tents, look down every ten seconds to ensure don't trip
  • anonymous
    • dislikes people getting high as soon as the tents go up
      • reflects poorly
    • camps here overnight
    • requests people refrain from getting high in tents
  • Carlo
    • doesn't want corporations to destroy our planet
    • doesn't want us to destroy our planet
    • carry a metal spoon with you to eat with
    • has more for others to use
  • anonymous
    • camping here as often has he can
    • misses this place when he's away
    • learning what it means to occupy and to be a democracy
    • when we say we need you, we mean it
    • learn what it means to occupy by spending some nights with us
  • anonymous
    • has rope to tether tents
    • please tether tents so it will be harder for police to take them down
  • anonymous
    • has been here since day one
    • there were 20 of us in front of federal building
    • came with five-year-old child
    • lost hope, went home
    • came back, joined working group
    • conflict over where to sleep
    • left
    • came back with sleeping bag
    • sat across at coffee shop
    • stay with this, do what you must to bring others
  • Karen
    • here because she wants to be the voice of her three-year-old grandchild
    • please be a voice for him and all the children
    • this movement is not what democracy looks like
    • this movement is what democracy looks like when it's no longer working for all the people
  • Ronnie
    • have at least 1000 people here
    • Mayor and police have said that we're not allowed to be here after 10
    • tents banned
    • umbrellas banned
    • attacked protesters
    • arrested at least 40 protesters
    • it's important for people to stay to 10, 11, midnight
    • need hundreds here
    • in NY, Mayor tried to evict
      • thousands of people defended the park
      • police failed to evict
    • in Portland
      • police tried to evict
      • came back with 600 tents
      • police failed to evict
    • in order to succeed in protesting Wall Street, what happens here will effect national and global movement
    • if we defend our right to protest, people around the world will rally
    • everyone should stay here, bring three more people
    • down with Wall Street
    • tax 1%
    • tax big business
  • anonymous
    • has been camping here for past two weeks
    • has seen large, diverse group of people communicate on many subjects
    • has seen different religions, nationalities, ethnicities, gather and talk
      • it's beautiful

Working group reports

Hip Hop Occupies

  • new group
  • for engaging
  • partnered with other groups
    • 206 Zulu
    • Hip Hop Congress
    • Occupy the Hood
  • networking and engaging a new community

Legal Observers

  • legal observer training tonight at 9:30 p.m. by 5th and Pine sign
  • legal observers will document police actions to ensure protesters rights not violated
  • cannot be involved in protest
    • no chanting, no signs, etc.
  • will be here to keep protesters safe
  • email

Demands Working Group

  • presenter: Lia
  • walking around to collect people's demands
  • attempting to assemble accurate reflection of people's wants


  • presenter: Jaimie
  • if you want to be involved on the website, there's a forum and outreach section
    • in there is a flyer link
    • can print and hand out
  • presenter: Hudson
  • meet daily at 4pm and after GA
  • anti-racism training tomorrow (Sunday, October 16) at 3pm
  • presenter: Doc
  • commends all who are hearing our voices
  • I'm from logistics
  • meet any time you want to see me
  • I love you all


  • presenter: J.C.
  • involvement has been largely Web-based
  • is student, cannot afford to leave home much
  • thousands of people support us and wish they were here
  • we have obligation to deseminate information through social media

Internet Communications Working Group

  • presenter: Danica
  • need more people
  • to get involved, e-mail

Accountability Working Group

  • presenter: Maria
  • just formed
  • meeting at noon tomorrow to draft XXX how to hold individuals accountable

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • getting the ball rolling on getting inspiring art onto the streets
  • Leaving country in a few days
  • WG needs more people
  • need artists
  • don't have to be on-site to be part of the group
  • many neighborhoods have no posters or representation of the movement
  • if we want 99%'s support, must get message out


  • rep from Black Magic Noise
  • formed group with 206 Zulu to introduce movement to music

Sustainability Brigade

  • presenter: Carlo
  • got Seattle Public Utilities to bring more recycling bin
  • need to keep recyclables separated
  • tomorrow at 2pm, will be teaching about Tar Sands Pipeline

Union Caucus

  • presenter: Jeff
  • grassroots union caucus formed to support Occupy Seattle
  • made up of a variety of crafts and trades
  • objectives
    • support Occupy Seattle
    • work within the labor movement to supply
    • create education workshops
  • to join, provide email, look for Facebook thing

Facilitation Working Group

  • meets daily at 4:30 under Romax sign (south end of park)

General Discussion

  • time: 19:22
  • now that you've moved to your neighbor's personal bubble, talk about what we should do next
    • seven minutes
  • facilitator note: no proposals, just discussing
  • anonymous
    • I've been here since last week. I'm here for freedom and liberty for everyone.
    • I'll spoke pot when I want.
    • I've been to war
    • Standing here spilling my guts to you is scarier than getting shot at
    • people are taking a stand with us all over the world
    • some aren't ready, but laying in wait
    • time and again we play into their hands
  • Emma
    • excited to see so many people
    • this week is Jewish holiday of Sukro
      • celebrates universal justice and shelter
      • today is end of Sabbath
    • after GA, join us at Sukkoh on 4th Ave to sing for justice and peace
  • anonymous
    • that guy was on-topic
      • before we decide what to do next, need common understanding of why we're here
        • facilitator: that's a different conversation
  • Noah
    • idea: we generate short statement that we can get out
    • rationale: this would allow everyone in Seattle will have an idea what this is all about
  • anonymous
    • 5000 people marched here in today
      • our biggest yet
    • police and mayor are trying to crush our occupation
    • call was for mass-reoccupation tonight here at Westlake
      • if we do not succeed, will be major setback
      • if we defeat police efforts, will give big boost to Occupy Wall Street movement everywhere
      • is vital that everyone stay and tell friends
    • 99% of Seattle supports us, but they're not here
    • after meeting, contact people to tell them to come support by standing up to big business
  • anonymous
    • should start talking to legislators
    • they make laws, not police
  • Danielle
    • I brought children
    • educate your children
    • I'm from a small town
    • bring this voice to your small town
    • get more media coverage in small towns
    • bring this voice to our children, families
    • stand for what you believe it
    • join a credit union
  • anonymous
    • idea: call Mayor
    • I have his phone number: 206-684-4000
      • Monday – Friday
    • tell him you support Occupy Seattle
  • anonymous
    • put more energy in a mass-boycott of big banks
    • can put people on streets to reach those who cannot be here
    • it's a way for them to connect with us and make a difference
  • anonymous
    • idea: start thinking about campaign finance reform, getting money and lobbyists out of Washington
  • anonymous
    • I disagree with everything everyone just said
    • there are many things that need to be done in order for us to be effective
      • yuppies need to
        • start analyzing class and privilege
        • stop wielding it against people who are oppressed
        • stop calling cops
        • stop forcing people out
      • need more workshops on ending that oppression
      • stop pretending we can represent anyone but ourselves
      • this is not a coherent movement
      • this should not be a coherent movement
  • Maria
    • in conjunction with a statement need to acknowledge history of genocide, slavery, and prophet of people of color
    • need to ensure voices of
    • I'm an economic refugee
    • my community doesn't trust police, border patrol, homeland security
    • need that community here
    • they won't show unless we have their back
    • need to prove to indiginous people, people of color, economic refugees that we stand in solidarity
  • anonymous
    • let's dance
    • Emma Goldman said: if I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution
  • anonymous
    • we all have many ideas about how to change things
    • seems to me there's a consensus for fundamental change
    • people are here because they recognize it must come from us
    • should realize that powers that be are launching attack on these occupations
    • they want to stop these before they can get going
      • not only using police force
      • saying we're breaking rules
      • saying we're disturbing peace
      • system rules say they can kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan
      • can drive people into streets
      • police kill people
      • we can't stay in the streets
    • idea; go on the offensive
      • call out more people
      • say boldly: it's right to occupy
  • anonymous
    • we're here to make a difference, not show we're pissed off
    • we're here to do something concrete
    • we can give up our simple luxuries
    • I like to smoke, but I don't need to
    • figure out what you need, and from there we'll make a difference
  • anonymous
    • idea: guarantee that we can legally stay here
    • now we are outside the law
    • unless we figure that out, we'll be cleared out
    • need to get lawyers
  • anonymous
    • regarding suggestion of minimal statement of purpose
      • agree we should not be coherent movement
      • conversation regarding our purpose is appropriate and potentially effective
      • I suggest that we have decided that we are peaceful occupation in Seattle
      • and that we want global justice
      • and that corporations are not people
  • anonymous
    • idea: do more marches
    • rationale: fun, gets people organized, appears passionate
    • on October 23, is movement to close your bank account with banks and open credit union account
  • anonymous
    • this is amazing
    • I agree with many suggestions about next steps
      • holding this place, marches, etc.
    • idea: start having long-term vision of where we're going
    • in last several years have seen that Democrats and Republicans represent the interests of the 1%
      • may be well-meaning individuals in those parties
      • these are big-business parties
      • we can start thinking about a democratically-organized, grassroots, multi-layered, multiracial, layered party that represents interests of 99%
      • working class, middle class, youth, elderly, homeless, all races must come together and build party for ourselves that will break lock Wall Street has on Washington
  • anonymous
    • this is a very good movement
    • like direction it's heading
    • idea: get people to to canvass around the streets with fliers to get more public support
  • anonymous
    • we have many important constitutional issues within this country
    • corporate personhood
    • mis-representative legislature
    • power of the executive
    • should call for constitutional assembly
    • for more information, check your Constitution
  • Lulu
    • I believe in diversity of tactics
    • idea: make points of unity
    • okay to disagree
    • we must be unified on some points
    • I disagree with some statements made tonight, but an here with you all
    • I'm here because my friend texted me
    • I haven't set up tent, but my friend has, and I want his safety
    • I know many people not here are in solidarity
    • should tell people how to be in solidarity with concrete actions
    • not everyone can be here, for various reasons
  • anonymous
    • idea: in addition to taking your money out of banks and into credit unions, spend as little money as possible
    • we can barter
    • we can find out what people need
    • a pint of example is worth more than a gallon of advice
  • anonymous
    • we need to use what the Tea Party laid out with the Republicans to get people into Congress
    • Washington is just as responsible as Wall Street
    • if we can somehow avoid being co-opted by Democrats and be solidified as our own voice, we can make change
      • without doing that, we will not get anywhere
      • this park is not big enough
  • anonymous
    • there have been many suggestions for demands, points of unity, quickly
    • I disagree
    • that's what media and politicians tell us to do
    • I've been here two weeks, since people started camping out
    • fertile ground for developing lessons for changing politics, police, powers that be, other ways of living
    • let's hold workshops and debates
    • let's keep McGinn, his cops, Bloomberg, Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street, from shutting us down so we can implement popular agency
    • idea: have patience
  • anonymous
    • short term suggestion: this occupation rests on the shoulders of the occupiers
      • if we leave them alone, they'll be taken down
      • without this spot we'll lose too much
      • support them at 6pm and 6am
      • if a few tents, will be taken down
      • if 100 tents, will be something to stand behind
  • anonymous
    • at college campuses across our state banks occupy public space through bank chains, collecting fees an
    • if you're a student, tell classmates to move your money and boot banks from your campus
  • anonymous
    • idea: each of us thoroughly investigate history of federal reserve
    • rationale in order to understand long-term who or what our real enemy is, must educate ourselves
    • people in power (the federal reserve) would love to keep us dis-unified
    • we must be peaceful with each other and be peaceful with the police
    • long-term: be diligent so we're not just replacing current bad leaders with new bad leaders
  • anonymous
    • idea: identify national movements that are already working on things we would like to accomplish, and help them out
  • anonymous
    • if you don't like Wall Street, divest. Sell your stocks. Make this year's bonus season the worst ever
  • Leila
    • idea: continue performing outreach
      • corporate media is misrepresenting us to a gross degree
      • need to inform people of the nature of our movement and what we're trying to do
  • anonymous
    • one simple way to free ourselves from bonds of corporations is establish self-sustaining communities
    • each one teach one
    • learn a trade
    • when shit hits the fan, top 1% won't care about us
  • anonymous
    • we're the 99%, but we're not all here yet
    • one reason: people aren't sure they can trust us as a community
    • need an equity statement to guarantee support that everyone who comes here will have voices heard
    • structures will keep marginalized communities marginalized
  • anonymous
    • my fellow yuppies:
      • you will see and hear things here and on Facebook that will seem hostile
      • remember, we're on same team
      • sometimes, way people talk is a little more confrontational than we yuppies are used to
  • anonymous
    • I dislike idea of third party
    • I don't believe in hierarchy
    • I've seen points of unity tear groups apart because process is so long and drawn out
    • continue with spirit of occupation: give according to ability, take according to need
      • extend to issues working people face
        • high transportation cost
          • idea: free transit
        • high education cost
  • Rachel
    • idea: focus on local issues
      • we have a chance of making change there
      • on Nov 1, over 20,000 people will close cash benefits from DSHS
        • address this, would make us seem relevant
    • on a practical level, my group talked about how we should be thinking about the winter
  • Andrew
    • should form small groups and occupy various areas
      • not enough to canvass our neighborhoods with flyers on light poles
      • reach out to people
      • don't just talk, listen
      • ask what we should do next
      • bring that info back
    • take money out of too-big-to fail banks
      • for every dollar of money, they can loan that 10 to 20 times
      • doesn't take many of us to make them no longer too big to fail
  • Noah
    • issue statement on our own terms
    • we're part of movement that wans to change world; let's say that clearly
  • anonymous
    • particularly agrees with need to educate ourselves
      • educate about similar movements
        • Tahir Square
        • civil rights movement
        • XXX
        • 1930's militant labor movement
          • that created middle class in United States
  • anonymous
    • have been here two weeks
    • has been talking to tons of people who are not here
    • 25 Cornish students here tonight
      • would be more if we had points of unity
    • overwhelming reason people are not here is people don't know what we're about and are hesitant to give their voice to something the don't understand
      • that's reasonable
    • it is essential to come up with points of unity
      • not having them keeps people from joining
  • anonymous librarian
    • democratic institution
    • form groups and committees to meet in libraries
    • figure out where laws define structure that omits us and ruins our lives
      • note those laws, propose amendments, take to city hall and local government, loudly
  • anonymous
    • a lawyer who volunteered to help everyone Monday
    • if harassed by police, call
    • phone 253-273-1133
    • legal staff here might be swamped
  • Grant
    • is a drug addict
    • if you have similar problem, talk to me here
    • has clean time and can help
    • is not benefit to movement to get high often here
    • if you're going to get high, that's your business, but it doesn't look good
  • anonymous
    • regarding spending money: some people may be here because they have no choice
    • regarding de-investing: my job feeds wall street, I can't quit, I make minimum wage
    • lets use our power as workers, not as consumers
    • spread occupation to schools, workplace, strikes, general strikes
  • Sarah
    • focus on doing more marches
    • push for gay marriage in Washington state in 2012
  • anonymous
    • time to stand up and get counted or lay down and be mounted
    • stop letting people make decisions for us; stand up and make them for ourselves
  • anonymous
    • there are people interested in spreading to Central District neighborhood
    • see him in yellow and grey REI tent "Castle God-damnit"
  • anonymous
    • be conscience of language; decolonize it
    • I am not a lady; I don't own land or have serfs
    • don't assume gender or class status
    • make schedule so there is always coverage and protection of those in our space
  • Mia
    • this is my fourth occupy city
    • when I go home in two weeks to New York City, I'll take your story to Wall Street
    • idea: keep in contact with other occupy cities
      • will have effective and unified movement
      • change occurs with numbers
      • solidarity important
      • if we keep in contact with other occupy cities, will know what works to achieve our goals
  • anonymous
    • points of unity: have discussed since beginning three points of unity:
      • abolish corporate personhood
      • get money out of politics
      • decentralize the federal reserve
    • this park is too small for how large we are getting
      • today was great example of what will happen here
      • we reached maximum capacity for this location
      • suggestion: two parks north of here: Denny Park and Cal Anderson Park would facilitate a larger group of people
  • anonymous
    • our institutions don't work for us, were never supposed to
    • occupy Westlake is a beautiful beginning
    • should see things like this in every neighborhood
    • can only get so far speaking truth to power
    • if have sick that need healing, find those who can heal and do so
    • if need homes, gather people who know how to do so and do it
    • look forward to assemblies like this city-wide and nation-wide
    • can grow our own food, make our own decisions and keep in solidarity with each other while keeping Westlake as home base
  • anonymous
    • people with skills relevant to revolution, teach here
  • anonymous
    • do not believe or assume that the things you have been taught throughout your life are true
    • do not buy into mainstream media; it's owned by mainstream media
    • seek alternate forms of information and question everything
  • anonymous
    • families and community
    • idea: those of us with nothing to lose stand up for those who have everything to lose
    • keep families safe
    • if you can take active role and have nothing to lose, do it peacefully
  • anonymous
    • homeless people: make yourselves heard
    • unite homeless communities, non-homeless communities
    • stand in peace, bring your friends who cannot be here
    • 400 homeless died in the last 10 years
    • XXX in recent weeks
  • anonymous
    • need professors and educators to join us
    • need to unite with other occupies, other global movements
    • send delegates to send our message to learn to come back, and tell us what is happening
    • this is bigger than Seattle, it's international
    • have responsibility as residents of United States to hold governments and XXX accountable
    • educate ourselves about what our military is doing to other nations
      • some of us are connected to corporations and our government
  • anonymous
    • If we protest outside of banks, places with which we disagree
    • if we form a line outside of them, we can make a difference
  • Mary
    • loves being here
    • first year here
    • I've been treated all my life like a piece of shit.
    • I'm a Native American, and I just want to be here.
    • I love all of you, being here, and being a part of this. I'll be here to the end.
  • anonymous
    • Some of us have experienced psychological oppression
    • Everything each and every one of you does matters.
    • When you don't come here and I do, it matters.
    • Please change the way you think about what you do.
  • anonymous
    • idea: grab a pen and write something on your tent about what you think why you're here, etc.
    • this will help when we go home and come back

Adjourned 21:00

General Assembly notes 10/13

Minutes Prepared By: Danica Humphries

New Process and Facilitation Additional Guidelines

1. Be sure to consider your proposal before coming before the General Assembly. Many ideas can be worked through on your own or with friends!
2. There is no more hand signal for direct response. There is no C-signal for clarification, there is no more Pointer-Signal for Point of Information. Instead, if you have something to say, there is one signal: Raise Your Hand. Nothing jumps stack.
3. Blocking Procedure: When there are several people blocking, they must all meet and decide if their blocking points are the same or if they have different points. They have five minutes to decide amongst themselves on one spokesperson or a few spokespeople (if there are more than one viewpoints) to speak for them. The spokesperson or spokespeople will have 2 minutes to present. After that, there will be 3 minutes of discussion. Then the proposal will be revoted on and required to pass by a 4/5 majority.
4. Amendments and changes to proposals: Once passed, or after passing again after a block, amendments may only be introduced at the following General Assembly.

Q: Can amendments be made before the proposal goes to vote?
A: Yes. This is for proposals that have passed or have been re-passed after a block.

5. An elevated stage gives power. Stage = Too Much Power.
6. We need more people to learn the tasks of facilitation to fulfill the mandate that facilitators rotate consistently.


Topic: Westlake and City Hall

First Proposal: Occupying Westlake and City Hall are two options and we can support both. Individually, we have autonomy to make our own decisions but we need to show solidarity with all members and where they wish to occupy.

1. I fully back this statement. City Hall can be a place of safety for those who don’t want to risk arrest.
2. I fully back this proposal. We all should be doing what is right in our eyes. The General Assembly should never decide what we do as individuals.

Question: Yesterday, we voted for Occupy Seattle to stay at Westlake indefinitely. Individuals have the opportunity to go to City Hall. We also said that people who do not want to risk arrest at Westlake still have options not to get arrested while occupying Westlake. What is your proposal actually calling for?

Answer: The reason for this proposal is because there is division about these absolute statements. It is for reiteration that we all have a choice.

Question: To clarify, you are not trying to overturn the GA decision of yesterday?
Answer: No.

4. Point of Process: Was the decision yesterday made by the GA or by the Emergency General Assembly?
Answer: The General Assembly

5. We are individuals and the whole point of this movement is respect each other’s rights. However, it’s important for the GA to recognize at this moment it could be divisive shift in our momentum if we move to City Hall. Why should we put faith in the mayor, the establishment, and the Seattle Police Department, when they have shown their true colors? The mayor said there was no assurance that we wouldn’t be arrested there. Let’s all agree to make Saturday a roaring success.

6. This proposal talks of solidarity and about personal freedom which is what this movement talks about. Let me remind you that last night at the General Assembly we decided that Saturday we will have a mass re-occupation of Westlake. Let me remind you that the mayor may say we are “safe at City Hall” but the County Jail is just 2 blocks away. The SWAT is just 1 block away.

7. The General Assembly can never mandate individual actions. What’s really at stake is resources. Where will legal and medical be? Where will our clothes and blankets and supplies be? Where is media going to be? It’s a lot riskier to stay here at Westlake, but we are putting them in danger and undermining the occupation of Westlake and also undermining the mass re-occupation of Westlake if we leave. We should be here. This is our main occupation, individuals can go over to City Hall.

Q: Let me ask you this question. Has any other city occupied more than one place?
A: (from the crowd) Yes!

9. Individuals have the choice and the support of everyone if they choose to stay at Westlake. We have a permit for Food and Medical to stay here so that is not an issue.

10. This movement is enduring but winter is coming. I am too old to sleep on wet concrete. If we stay here we exclude people like me. Also, occupying City Hall, we can set up a tent and stay in solidarity with all of you.

11. We agreed on 2 proposals last night. The first is virtually identical to this new proposal, the question is now of resources. We should vote that we amend the proposal to explicitly state where the resources stand. Our movement is too small to hold multiple locations. Other places have group many times larger. But our goal is to build a mass reoccupation with tents at Westlake on Saturday.

12. I understand concern that yesterday we agreed to stay here. Everyone has been informed that we are staying here indefinitely. If we move everyone, it shows that we are not serious and not ready or prepared for winter.

Clarification: What has been added and emphasized is the need for solidarity, we should vote for this language to be added on.

Amendment to the Proposal:
Occupying Westlake and City Hall are two options and we as a movement can support both.


-Emergency Announcement-
Over the past days we’ve had many problems with hypothermia. Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to treat people with these issues. We should make sure we have some medical members at both locations.

Second Proposal:

Topic: Hearing from the Occupiers during General Assembly

Idea: The Process and Facilitation group would like to propose that each GA have a designated time to hearing from those who are here occupying 24/7/ the overnighters. Many people are feeling unheard. It will function as an informative speak-out.

Proposal: We take 20 minutes at the beginning of each GA to hear from the overnight occupiers about what they need, and what their objections are, etc.


Question: It’s a good idea. I want to make sure we are really careful about time. Will the time be strictly enforced?
Answer: We are all timekeepers. They will have 20 minutes.


Due to police presence and possible confrontation with fellow occupiers, who were erecting a structure, the GA left to attend to the situation at hand.

After the situation resolved, further discussion followed about issues of progressive stack, race, and the need for a stronger community that respects and listens. Much emphasis was placed upon taking personal responsibility to make sure each person is hearing all voices and not excluding others based on age, gender, race, etc. There have been problems in many Occupied cities where the needs and concerns of people of color, the elderly and the young, women, and LGBTQ have not been addressed. Repeatedly the discussion stated that Occupy Seattle needs to be all inclusive, that each person should stand in solidarity, and that we all must figure out ways to address these issues and help each other.

General Assembly approves October 15th: Night of 500 Tents!

On 10/12 the General Assembly for Occupy Seattle passed the following proposal:

“To call for and plan a mass occupation of Westlake Park with tents starting Saturday, October 15, 2011 in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movements.”

Seattle needs your help to reclaim our occupation. We can not maintain our space unless we attain critical mass, and we need everyones help to do it. Seattle is one of the top corporate head quarters of the world. It is important for the integrity of this movemenet and this country that we the people of the great north west let the powers that be, the powers that surround us, know that this occupation is not going anywhere. So this Saturday, bring your tents, and your sunday best.

Meet at West Lake center, and we will decide from there where we will set up base camp.

Show your support of this event on Facebook, go say you’re attending!

General Assembly notes 10/12


-Announcements –

Two Occupy Seattle protestors laid bodies down at City Hall Plaza in peaceful protest, Philip Neal, Carson Ivans – We support them.

Individual: The #1 recipient of Corporate Wall Street in current presidential campaign, three blocks away at the Hyatt Hotel. His name is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney says that corporations are people. Mitt Romney says that we are “dangerous.” Yes, we are dangerous, but not because we have violent intent, but because we are peaceful. The people who run Wall Street and our U.S. Government are not peaceful, they’re rounding up people all over the country and they’re doing illegal wars in our name. I cannot make a proposal on this because i’m in the media working group. But i’m just putting that information out there, in case folks would like to respond this to visit to our city. I assume that they’re keeping the time secret for now.

Individual: The agenda’s still being worked on, but I know, that one of our priorities is National Protest Day on October 15th, this will happen worldwide. I think it would be a great idea if we all joined them in National Protest Day. That protest day is mentioned on Whether you choose to participate is up to you. I will be here to show my support of all the Occupy Movements popping up as we speak. We have a march tentatively planned. We have a speak-out tentatively planned on that day. That’s why I will be here. The march I believe and please shout out if I’m wrong is 5pm. As part of the media committee, I am working as fast as I can to help organize that speak-out. I’m working on getting a permit for sound so we can have people be heard. I’m working on that same permit to have music to engage the people. If you want to help me with that, I need your help. My information is our site, if you e-mail the media committee located on the site, you will reach me. You will reach my committee members we have all been wearing green armbands and I would love to have you as part of our team.

Individual: This will be a Special Assembly and we’re getting really started now. We’ve changed the first facilitator and she will be presenting the first proposal of the Special Assembly.

Facilitator: My name is Maria and I will be facilitating this emergency GA. Is everybody okay with that? My role as a facilitator is to keep the process going I cannot voice any of my opinions or make any decision only you all can. Is that clear? We have emergency proposals.

We have two proposals on the agenda.
The first is that we have a discussion to clarify the purpose of this occupation, of this movement.
The second proposal on the agenda is a request from occupationists.

The occupationists who stay here at night can choose to stay here again tonight. And those who do not wish to be arrested can be human rights observers by standing on the sidewalk and recording.

Facilitator: How do we feel about these proposals? The floor is now open for discussion on these proposals.

Individual: Can I add another very critical proposal to the agenda?
This is a very critical issue that we have been discussing all through the occupation and I think that in relation to the SPD and the mayor, the occupation and the movement are at a critical juncture where we need to resolve a very important question. Are we going to re-occupy Westlake with tents? There have been lots of dedicated, young people who have continued the occupation here with tarps and sleeping bags and they are falling sick and I think it is so important for this movement as a whole to not only show our solidarity with them but to also make a statement that we are going to be here. I want all of us to discuss: A Mass Re-Occupation of Westlake with tents on Saturday so that we have two or three nights to build for it with massive outreach. Our slogan should be the night of 500 tents – Occupy Westlake – bring tent.


1. I’m disappointed with the fact that we’re not being brave. The mayor and police, the 1%, keeps trying to scare us with threats of arrest. This movement will never go anywhere unless we are brave. So I ask you to be brave, this is not just a flimsy movement. Stay with us. Be Brave and don’t be afraid to fight for each other. Be Brave.

2. I agree wholeheartedly with both proposals that we stay here tonight and that we attempt a mass re-occupation with tents on Saturday. Here’s why this is so crucial. I have heard people say, ‘why does it matter where we protest as long as we protest the banks?’ Here’s why: this is an occupation not just a protest. There have been tons of protests against the banks and they have not been successful, this is something new that’s why we’re here. What makes this so special is that we are actually re-occupying, taking back public space stolen by the 1%. We lose that quality, if we go to City Hall and just focus on mass rallies. The second thing, is that we are starting to plant the seeds of a new society. Eventually, we need to start occupying buildings so we don’t get sick and eventually we need to start occupying workplaces.

3. In addition to adding tents to the park, I say, we make a chain of people protecting the park, making this whole place ours. We will hold this time. In addition, today, the cops have forced a lot of personal effects off-site, there is a car full of them. It was a red car parked around the side. There is a young woman who has an insulin problem for diabetes if someone knows any information about that please contact us. Thank you. From the audience: *It’s my car!*

4. One of the things I keep hearing with some concern is that our top priority is to hold this park. We should consider that if people stay in this park they could all be arrested. We need a fallback for those who are not going to be arrested or who wish to be arrested. They should have the option to hold City Hall. City Hall is already an option. I propose we all just go there tonight.

Facilitator: We are in discussion about two proposals. Until we discuss those, we can’t discuss new proposals.

5. My name is Doc. I’ve been around the state this week, fuck it, we’re doing cool. Look around. Look who’s here. And realize that we are in motion and peaceful.
I’ve seen some good things in the last few days that we’ve been here. And I just wish everybody would just get together and speak with your heart and with a peaceful soul.

6. For people who are worried about getting arrested the occupiers have already said that we can stay on the sidewalk or be at Nordstrom’s. We do not need to go to City Hall because we are worried of getting arrested, so the people who want to go to City Hall should stop using that argument to get us to leave. *Later Clarification from Legal: This is not true. The police can still arrest you.*

7. I have one question. What happened in New York on the Brooklyn Bridge? 700 people got arrested. What happened the next day? The answer is: Shit blew up.

8. One really quick thing, Don’t be afraid. 1,000 cities in the United States are like this right now.

9. This may sound controversial to some, but I believe this is very important to the movement. Yes, the police are an obstacle, but they are not an enemy. They are part of the 99%.

10. People have been arrested by police, beaten by police, maced by the police, and have illusions that they are on our side. Stand up to the mayor and the SPD.

Point of Process:
It seems like there’s an underground proposition on the floor that we don’t go to City Hall.

11. There has been police brutality in many areas please remember that we haven’t been victim to that. They may be on the other side of this issue but let’s not get too aggressive first.

12. I think, some people are, trying to distract this conversation and making it about whether the police are human beings are not. I don’t care. The proposal was what do we do to defend the space. Let’s focus and not get distracted.

13. I don’t want to take up too much time but I essentially agree with what was just said. I think it’s really important to clarify where the mayor and SPD and the city establishment stand in regard to this movement. As long as they are serving the city establishment, their role is to destroy this movement. They haven’t been really aggressive with us, so let’s not be nice to them.

14. I agree with some of those who spoke about retaking Westlake Park tonight, but I also agree that Saturday we put up tents.

15. My sisters at the front are right, the issue is who we are, who you are, where you stand with us tonight, tomorrow night, whether you sleep out tonight. Stand in solidarity!

16. This conversation is going to get more tense. We have to respect the facilitator. No one should rush the stage.

17. We want to see who has occupied this space overnight. Show of hands. *About twenty people* Now that you see how few of us there are, we need you to come support us and live here in our new home.

Temperature Check:

If we’re going to move from this discussion to see if we should go to vote.
Majority: Move to Vote.

Clarification: In order for the second proposal to really be voted on, people need to understand, why they’re here, why we’re here, because the 2nd proposal is a request from people who know why they are here, for more support, for other people to come stay here and anyone else to document what the police do, so we can show what the police do when we try to express our freedom to assemble.

19. The first agenda item isn’t a proposal but it is an important issue for discussion and an issue that we should all listen to.

20. In regards to the second proposal I’m staying here, I stayed here tonight, I totally understand if you don’t want to get arrested. My request is that you stand on the sidewalks with us tonight.

21. I am here long-term through the winter, through the spring, it’s going to stay strong next here, if we are. So, we need shelter in addition to this.

Point of Process: We can’t take a vote that binds each and every person here in terms of what they do tonight, that is something that each person decides on their own. It is still important that we still vote on the second proposal, we need to send a clear message to this city, if we choose to stand in solidarity. That was not clarified last night. There was a lot of confusion last night. I think we need to vote in a way that authorizes and requires the media and legal committee, etc. to support what we do tonight. So if we choose to stay here, we send that message out strong.

22. I know there are people that want to help, but don’t want to directly be involved in getting arrested. Medics are needing help. So is supplies. If people choose to stay but don’t want to get involved, they can help that way.

23. From what I gather the proposal is officially Occupy Seattle will stay at Westlake Park, indefinitely.

24. I thought we just said that can’t make a binding contract of what we do tonight.

25. The official statement of us as a general assembly is to stay at Westlake indefinitely, yes or no. That is the vote. Individuals can decide either way. But what I’m hearing is that the occupiers really want us to stand with that solidarity.

FIRST PROPOSAL: The first proposal is to stay here in Westlake indefinitely.

All those who want to show solidarity should stay on the side.


1) This movement is long-term, it is very hard to find shelter here in the winter. General winter will decimate our ranks, so a moment of boldness could lose our intention and our strength. If we occupy a place of shelter and still stay here, which we can do, we are able to organize, we have shelter as we need, we communicate and have effective meetings, and when we act we will act in concert.

BLOCK OVERTURNED by more than a 4/5 majority.

-Emergency Announcement –
If there are any registered nurses, who can commit to staying in the park until 6am, we need to see you behind the stage.


Topic: Reoccupation

Proposal: That we have a mass re-occupation of Westlake, with tents, starting Saturday night.

This is not in opposition to our earlier discussion to stay here tonight.
If we formally decide to reoccupy Saturday with tents it will immensely strengthen our movement.
The power of Portland’s occupation comes from the mass number of people and their tents.

1) I believe that we can still occupy with tents on Saturday. I also believe that we can do this without all losing everything else we have. We can do this in shifts and can everybody healthy and whole. We do not all have to suffer 24. Every day.

2) I want to speak in favor of the second proposal, we have to realize that the mayor and the police will try to break up our occupation. In order to overcome their plans we need large numbers here. If we have a small occupation, they will be able to break it up. So to have the largest turnout we need to make a clear call in advance to have time to mobilize the widest support and that’s why the call should be sent out to mobilize.

3) If I am to agree to a mass protest by as early as saturday I would like to see a show of hands of how many people who would be willing to be there with tents.

*Hands are about fifteen*

Facilitator: We’re taking this to a vote.


Individual: The media team should immediately convey those two proposals tonight!


1) At 9 o’clock, I’m holding a meeting for those who are going to stay in the park tonight, to talk about tactical strategies and what we should do. *I am representative from the media committee, I have seen this vote today. I have seen both of these votes today, I will relay the message right now.*
3) We’ve been taking crap in the media for being disorganized and not knowing what we want. I did research and made a small list I’m hoping to get signatures saying that we have common goals from all 800 cities that have occupations.
4) The trash problem is affecting our image. The Seattle Public Utilities is going to be helping, providing more recycling bins, picking up compost, but we need to do more, we are part of the solution. The sanitation group will meet tonight at 9pm right behind the porta potties.
5) I would like to bring awareness to those that choose to go to City Hall tonight. I was informed that about an hour ago, the homeless started setting up where some people are camping. I want to bring awareness that there could be problems with drunkenness and theft.
6) In order to get the word out, for a mass re-occupation on Saturday we need a flyer. I’ve already made a flyer in the hope that the General Assembly would support this proposal tonight. I’ll post it shortly on the Facebook page and on the website. I hope you can all mass print and mass distribute all over this city.
7) Outreach has been dwindling in numbers, they come and go. We would like to have a meeting directly after the assembly right over there by Sephora.
8) We need more people taking the minutes. Please e-mail if you want to help.
9) I have a message from other Occupy cities. We want to recognize and acknowledge the issue of the term occupy. We recognize that America has been unjustly occupied for the last 500 years, and that is in fact indigenous land. Wall St. does not need to be occupied, it needs to be decolonized.

10122011 Permit for food and medical tent

This is a PDF of the permit for maintaining our food and medical tent overnight from 10/12 to 10/26

General Assembly notes 10/11

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-11 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator:
  • Process mover:
  • Taking stack:
  • Time keeper:


Opening Statement

  • Aaron
    • have important things to decide tonight
    • important that everyone's voice be heard
    • we are growing
    • we will keep growing
    • need to decide how to keep growing

Emergency Proposal

  • joint proposal
    • written copies distributed to the assembly
    • representatives from each working group joined on stage
      • Jamie – Outreach
      • Kevin – Demands & Objectives
      • Jeff – Tactical
      • Sharla – Peace and Safety
      • Heather – Media
      • Gabriel – Legal
      • Anthony – Hip Hop Occupies
      • Jesse – Tactical
      • Stian – Internet Communications
      • Brad – Fundraising
    • preamble: This is an emergency proposal dealing only with immediately necessary items. In light of the fact that if basic demands are not proposed to the Mayor's office by 8pm tonight, the police will sweep the plaza tonight and arrest everyone. The demands submitted by 8pm will gain us one day of leeway with the police. After that, no matter what, police will be sweeping the plaza and arresting everyone every night after 10pm. It is highly likely that this will crush the movement instead of allowing us to build and really support a national people's movement. This proposal is only applicable to those who want to move to City Hall for nighttime occupation. We do not currently have the numbers to hold Westlake Plaza. By moving to City Hall we will buy time to build numbers and ensure there is shelter to keep warm, healthy, and safe. Please remember that this is Occupy Seattle, not Occupy Westlake. However, we are committed to maintaining a daytime presence here at Westlake. So we're absolutely clear: this is not a proposal to move everybody to City Hall. For those who wish to stay: Godspeed.
    • proposal: First and foremost, we demand that Mayor McGinn meet with nominated representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to discuss our long-term goals.
      • We also have a list of practical demands:
        • Four large tents for medical, kitchen, supplies, and information
        • 24-hour parking at City Hall: one space for supply purposes
        • 24-hour occupancy shelters for the health and safety of protesters
        • 24-hour access to first floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings, and etc.
        • written statement from Mayor McGinn regarding the right to indefinite occupancy of the City Hall site
    • clarifying questions:
      • On tents and supplies: Would we provide those ourselves? Would that be acceptable?
        • Idea is that we are self-sufficient. Not seeking handout, merely necessities. Intention is to do the same there.
      • Is the intent to re-take Westlake Plaza once we have the numbers to maintain?
        • That is undefined.
        • will be a matter of getting the people out once we do, let's pass it through GA
      • What exactly would the police be charging people with?
        • criminal trespass due to city and state laws prohibiting parks from being inhabited after closing
        • It is never legal to camp in Westlake Park.
        • There are parks in City of Seattle with legal camping.
          • They have campsites, and require permits.
          • They are not downtown.
        • Is there any other occupied city in the United States that has moved from their original occupying site upon the request of city government?
          • Portland is in two parks, so clearly they moved some of their people.
        • How will representatives be selected to meet with Mayor McGinn?
          • Through the working groups you can decide on representatives.
          • Facilitator note: This is not really pertinent to these specific proposals.
        • Occupy Wall Street originally occupied Wall Street then moved to Zucotti Park
        • Will we be allowed to return to Westlake to educate the morning commuters who are currently confused?
          • Yes. There will be an information table here at Westlake throughout the day.
        • The park opens at 6:00 a.m. At that point everyone who is sleeping at City Hall can march themselves over here to educate people.
        • On City of Seattle website, there are two proposals. One for City Hall, one for Westlake.
          • If we don't you'll get arrested.
            • I was arrested three days ago and I don't care if I'm arrested again.
              • You don't have to move. This proposal is for those who want to continue occupying without arrest to be able to do so indefinitely.
        • Number of people restricted?
          • No.
        • Will there be legal assistance for those who stay?
          • That is a question for the GA to decide. Legal WG will stand behind the GA.
          • Facilitator note: That is not related to the proposal.
        • Will the campers at City Hall be allowed 24 hours per day?
          • XXX
          • Whether or not these change, this proposal must be in by 8:00pm.
        • Will we be able to assemble here after 10pm without arrest?
          • The park closes at 10pm. It is always up to the police.
        • Someone asked about legal action and that is going to determine whether people leave or stay.
        • We don't know for sure whether people will be arrested. Those are the threats.
        • This is already decided for some people.
          • If you want to take that risk it's up to you.
          • Remember you cannot put tents up here. There you will be able to do so.
        • Is it true that the police plan tonight XXX
          • I have been informed that the Mayor's office has already contacted police to come tomorrow morning at 6:15 at cleaning time.
            • Mayor's Office told police not to come last night, but they did anyway.
    • Temperature check: How do you feel about this proposal?
    • Straw pole: If you wold support this proposal now, raise your hand.
      • clarifying questions:
        • Temp check on the proposal to the mayor or temp check on the proposal to legally defend those who choose to stay?
        • How will we know the Mayor is not trying to coop us into the next election? Or trying to divide and conquer?
        • How can we call it an occupation if we have permission? Isn't that visitation?
          • Facilitator note: We'll open for discussion after clarifying questions.
        • XXX be hassled and arrested for marching out of XXX
          • If we don't need permit XXX
        • Can we just keep the food and medical here, and not camp here?
          • It is unlikely that there can be a permit for overnight tents. Possible, but cannot say one way or another. However, as the medical and food is to serve the protest, it defeats the purpose of moving it from the protest.
      • points of information
        • Whether we stay or go we can discuss later. That is a personal decision. This is a proposal for communication with the Mayor. Let's vote on that.
      • discussion
        • I was here last night all night with no sleep. We had XXX. We had sickness. We had people XXX. I believe this is a safety and health pattern. I do not believe that the Mayor is trying to screw us over. There was too much interference between communication with the acting Lt. and the Mayor. I believe there's a power struggle.
        • From what I understand, the whole point of the occupation is civil disobedience and we're supposed to be defying who gives the rules. If we give a concession to the Mayor or whomever, doesn't that defeat purpose of occupation.
          • To remind you, this is not a vote for a move to City Hall for everybody. Some people want to put up a tent and not risk arrest. This is specifically for those people, so they can have a legal, safe, warm, place to sleep, so they can come back and join those who wish to XXX.
        • Heather: I support this proposal and I support those who want to remain here. However we must grow our numbers. Portland has 10,000 people. At 2:30 last night, we had 50. I am not camping at Westlake. I am not occupying Westlake. I am here for the people. I am here for Occupy Wall Street. I'm here so we can make a difference. We're not being co-opted. We're a powerful voice and we're going to shape this for the people.
        • I am the people also. You are not XXX if you go to City Hall.
    • Facilitator note: It is 7:15. If we do not get rid of extraneous conversation it will become a moot point.
    • Temperature check: Do you want to take this to vote, not discuss it more? This is just for those who will be moving to City Hall, and only if the Mayor meets with us to discuss our long-term goals and the demands of those who will be staying there.
      • time: 19:17
      • Point of process: First round of voting, we look for clear majority. If we don't see one, we do it again and count hands.
      • clear majority
    • block: If we move as a group, we alienate those who stay here. XXX vulnerable. If we move to City Hall, we move away from the corporations XXX
      • Facilitator note: We will now take a vote.
      • Facilitator note: We'll re-vote. Now requires 4/5 majority. If not, it would normally go back to working group, but this is time sensitive, so if it does not pass, some people will have to simply make separate choices. The proposal is not whether we stay or go. It is: Shall these demands be made to the mayor? XXX and XXX 24 hours.
    • vote: 19:23
      • average in support: 108
      • average in support of block: 17
      • block overturned
    • proposal passes
  • proposed amendment to the previous proposal: get written proof and contract with the mayor
    • The proposal already includes this.

Working group reports

Demands Working Group

  • representative: Kevin
  • We have a proposal. We debated this proposal, turned it down, discussed it, then passed it unanimously.
  • We ran through objections and felt needs of both parties were satisfied as they could get.
  • Today, I spoke with office of Representative (Ossikowa?), who proposed bill in the Washington Senate that creates a public state bank like North Dakota's, takes tax dollars out of Bank of America
  • WG unanimously decided to invite him to come here and visit our process.
  • A politician is a human being and this one cares about you, unlike most of them.
  • If we get a public bank and get 2%, that's $900 million back to us.
  • I am only reporting what the WG discussed. Please join us and join the discussion. There's a Facebook group. We would love to see you there.
  • It's hard to percolate demands. We've not voted on any demands or objectives. We would bring them to you if we did. The discussion is fascinating, passionate, and valuable. Please join it.
  • Clarifying question
    • I thought WGs were to make proposals.
      • My understanding that I'm to report what happened in the WG. If there is a proposal, we will bring it to you.
    • Facebook is troublesome, since I have raised issues regarding ethnicity and XXX, I have been XXX. Don't tell me to have a discussion on Facebook. Some of us have no money to put in bank. It's not enough to say we want to change the banking structure. Some of us XXX. We are part of the 99%. I do not care about state credit unions; it's not the only reason I'm here.

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • representative: Sharla
  • occupiers are are most important XXX
  • It's cold, the ground is hard, it's wet.
  • Occupiers have been here for 11 days.
  • anonymous occupier
    • I've adopted these occupiers
    • We keep the peace and safety.
    • My kids feet are wet right now.
    • They need shoes.
    • They need socks.
    • They need guidance.
    • They need you.
  • Sunshine:
    • On behalf of kids and adults staying here, I have a proposal:
      • We start asking for gift cards for Ross Dress for Less as donations.
      • I need a new pair of pants and a shirt, and a jacket.
  • anon
    • I'd like to give these kids a place to sleep that's warm, especially when they're sick.
    • want to start a room share
    • asking fundraising to provide money for XXX
    • rent due first of every month
    • can start quarantine for people who get sick
    • don't want people to catch pneumonia and die
    • I've rented rooms the past two nights, paying out-of-pocket.
    • I asked for help at info booth. Girl there told me to go to Fundraising. I told her to call them. She ignored me. So I got one of the kids to ask her for help. He didn't return. I found her, asked for help. She took her hat off and said I'm on break. So we need to help these kids. Please come talk to me.
  • Sharla:
    • For safety of occupiers, we need supplies
      • wool socks
      • warm clothes
      • sleeping bags
      • four-season tents
    • If you can help, please contact fundraising or gear departments.
    • We appreciate everything Seattle has done for us.
    • We are Occupy Seattle. All of us are occupiers. We all need each other.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • representative: Stian
  • We now have forums on our website.
  • We need people from each WG to contact us about how they want to run the sub-forum for their working group.
    • This will help us move internal discussion off of Facebook, where it's not manageable, and where we have no control over how they regulate content.
    • We're working on setting up a more efficient email distribution system.
      • Many WG have huge lists of email addresses that constantly change. It is hard to manage.
      • We're trying to set up a mailing list for each WG

Emergency proposal

  • Facilitator note: We screen these ahead of time, but are taking this seriously because of the serious focus of the previous emergency proposal.
  • I was here last night when the police kept us up all night and the Mayor got to play hero for not arresting us.
  • Mayors all over the country are working to destroy this movement. McGinn is no different.
  • Demands to McGinn legitimates everything he's been doing to destroy this occupation, makes it seem he'll co-opt this movement.
  • We should not negotiate, not bring demands to the mayor
  • clarifying questions
    • How can we get anything done if we don't have any allies in the political establishment?
      • Our strength is out here, united against the one percent. Our strength is not in back-room negotiations with politicians, even if they want to look like they're on our side
    • Is it still possible to keep one demand on McGinn: to step away from tearing down this movement, our tents, or trying to evict us. Basically, that he step out of the way?
    • What is the real problem here? The government controls you. Why are we focusing on such small things. There were 16,000 people in Oregon at one point. There are not 16,000 here. They could take us all to jail tonight. If the do so, are we able to be here? To clarify, is it worth it to us to stay at Westlake and risk arrest and drop our numbers?
      • point of process: valid topic for discussion, but not a clarifying question
    • My understanding, as an amendment to the previous proposal, this sounds like it nullifies it.
      • The main concern, as I understand, is that some people are getting sick. They cannot stay out here in the rain after mayor took tents, arrested people, and sends cops after us night-after night. We're solving that by allowing those who want to to go stay at City Hall, not negotiating maintaining a base here.
    • point of information: Just because we're presenting demands to the Mayor doesn't mean that our ultimate goal is not to build up our numbers so that we can do what we want in the safety of numbers. Just because we work with them now doesn't mean we're not manipulating him to our ultimate benefit.
  • discussion
    • We have had an offer from Imojo Peace Center to be able to occupy there. So we could use that to recover from the health issues caused by occupying here. Also, if we make demand to the mayor, it will be him pulling us into a compromise. By us holding strong, and if necessary, getting arrested, we are standing against corporations backed by government. If we move, people who do not move will be alienated. This is what the demands make possible.
    • clarifying question: regarding Imojo Peace Center: Are you proposing moving our base of operation to there? Our supplies and medical?
      • No, I am not. I propose that we discuss a recovery center there so that we can recover from whatever happens here.
    • Regarding negotiation: History is filled with movements where they tried to negotiate, speak truth to power, and were themselves manipulated. We are not on an equal playing field. They have media, cops, army, and tons of wealth. We have occupation, public opinion, each other, and the 99%. That's what we need to count on.
    • The reason we are sick is that the mayor took away our tents. There are about 8000 homeless people in Seattle. They do not have a warm bed to to home to. People staying here are majority homeless people. To abandon them is to abandon the 99%.
    • I think that we make a profound statement in both areas. I'm not saying succumb to the governor. I'm asking we have opportunity to cover more ground. Eventually, our numbers will be too large for Westlake despite possible compromise. There are oodles of parks in Seattle. We can occupy them all. Text your friends now. Occupy wherever. The point is solidarity.
    • I was going to say that often times when you are a smaller power going against power that is larger and more powerful, there is no shame in occasionally bending — not breaking — to what they ask you so that you may come back as a force that will grow and devastate that power, by being humble and willing to work together.
    • We have seen countless numbers of movements similar to this one. Never have they worked in the favor of the people if the people are willing to compromise. As I understand it, unless I'm wrong, the point is to defy the system. I contend that the mayor's office is the absolute worst place for this movement to go. We should possibly consider more alternatives before we give concessions to the powers we are supposed to be fighting.
    • We have no choice. Last night there were 50 people here. If we want to grow our numbers, this is whats on the table today. We already voted for the people here night. Among us we decided that we were going. If we want more options, we can discuss it there or here, but we are in it to cooperate. We're here for the 99%. 99. That's most everyone, including police and politicians. That's the movement you signed up for, and on October 15, the hole god-damned world is signing up for it.
    • The other day, I was speaking to group of youth of color and they have been saying that they often don't come out to protests because they're not sure if protesters are serious about fighting the system thats oppressing them. But when they came here, they were impressed with the seriousness of the occupiers who showed seriousness by sleeping out here. If we go to City Hall, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who are watching may conclude that we are not serious, that this is just another protest, not an occupation. I understand that it may be hard to hold this space. In my opinion, we should risk arrest to try to hold it. In the worst case, we get swept out: I think it's better to go to some neutral place not under the mayor's control, regroup, and keep trying to retake this park. it's the only way this can grow.
    • Sleeping oh the steps of City Hall with permission of politicians who are the 1% is like being a dog sleeping at his master's feet.
    • I disagree with the proposal to negotiate, but unity is important, and solidarity is really important. We cannot abandon each other. If we regroup we must keep moving forward. Tactical should find other location options so we're not limited by City Hall.
    • Point of process: if you want to be done with this discussion, use your signs. Otherwise we can go on all night.
    • Are we still discussing the amendment? My understanding of the amendment is the first part would have a committee that would discuss demands other than the ones that are on the proposal XXX would be struck. Is that true?
      • Initial amendment was that we do not negotiate or bring demands to the mayor because this would legitimate him. As I understand, he represents Wall Street as part of the rulers. We are trying to de-legitimize him and those who rule society as a vital part of the movement.
        • Are you talking about not asking mayor for tents, etc?
          • My understanding was that that was not something we needed to negotiate for.
    • I am a visitor here from Los Angeles. I have been occupying LA. I want to let you know that as an alternative to asking things from your mayor, reach out to other cities. LA has put together donations to Wall Street in New York. If you ask, since it's colder here, we can round stuff up for you, too. I urge whomever is organizing to communicate with LA and with other warmer places. We don't need sweaters. You do.
    • I address those of you who oppose move to City Hall and are brave enough to risk arrest. We need you with us. We cannot allow this movement to be splintered. We don't have numbers now to deter police. I implore you to come with us to City Hall.
    • As a person of color from the south end who has spoken to many people from that same background: If the demands go through, as you leave, these people here who have been standing strong, you will become a joke to all of us. Hence, my frustration right now.
    • My only concern is that we're taking this amendment a very long while after the original proposal was passed. Many people voted for this, including those who brought it, went to the Mayor with demands we voted for.
    • closing stack 20:12
    • Earlier today, I was spending some time thinking about what made Occupy Wall Street successful. One of the main things is that they occupied a privately-owned public space, so I thought to myself, do we have that here in Seattle? We do. Westlake is not one of those places. On city website, there are 30 places listed that are privately-owned and open to the public. I think we should consider those places because we don't need the mayor to let us occupy those sites.
    • In the point of solidarity: Is it possible to all stand together and wherever we stay, stay together?
      • not relevant to proposal
    • When you have a social movement like this, at some point if you want to enact change without destroying the govt you must have a conversation with your political leaders.
    • I observe that there is a dry space beneath the freeway adjacent to the Bank of America Northwest headquarters.
    • Whatever is decided here, I will call on people to stay with me here tonight. When we say solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, with Tahir, XXX, Madrid, Bolivia, Latin America, Tokyo, we should put ourselves on the line to do so. That is solidarity — not to bow to our mayor because it's warm and safe and we get to be legitimate.
    • New York has moved, but they did not do it until they had enough people to deter police. Tonight, they moved to the mayors front door of his house. To do that, we need more people. Seattle still doesn't know what's going on. On the news Saturday after the march, they were still reporting that 80% of people didn't know why you are protesting. Need to send unified message to city about why you are here.
    • My idea is similar to this man's. I agree we should not back down. I have an unusual way to do it. Perhaps we could be like gypsies. Show up at different unexpected location each night. It would be like a rave. No one would know until just before we got there. That way, we would XXX police and create a mystique across Seattle. Everyone would wonder where they would be tonight.
    • Aaron: From Legal WG: Earlier disinformation went out about people arrested not being able to come back to the park. That was not true. Our legal person says, they can ban people from park for violations of park rules starting with a seven day ban, but the mayor's office decided not to do that any more, even before Occupy Seattle. If you want to get arrested, they are not going to ban you from from coming back to the park
    • I notice a concern about retaining numbers. Last night 15 shelters were closed, putting hundreds of people on the streets of Seattle. There is a protest going on right now for those people sleeping outside. If we are concerned about numbers, I propose we stand in solidarity with those homeless people and with all homeless people in Seattle.
  • Emergency announcement: We're running out of time. There's a van here to pick up laundry. It's supposed to start clearing out. We're running out of time to clean up. Need volunteers.
  • Temperature check: Some people are saying that important parts of the discussion have not been heard yet. Some people probably getting impatient. Shall we take this to a vote?
  • Amendment to the proposal: Those who do not want to sleep out here tonight go to Imojo Peace Center instead of mayor's office, where the master will not be watching over you. Meanwhile, those of us who want to stay here, possibly risking arrest, should stay here.
  • It's hard to stand here and talk to you. I don't see enough numbers. I know everyone out there is angry. The system is broken. We can fix it. And tonight, we need to make some kind of statement so the rest of Seattle don't think we're serious. We're camping here every night but they still don't think we're serious. we're still not staying together. we're still arguing about playing in the mayor's hands. Tonight we'll get arrested, but if we all get arrested, more people will come here tomorrow because they'll know we don't take no for an answer. We won't be walked over by politicians and corporations anymore. Those who don't want to be arrested please stay with us, then go home and tomorrow, we hit the streets and wake up everyone and tell them we love them, and this is why we're here. This is our city.
  • There is clarification for people getting arrested: this comes from the people who were arrested during the insurgence of police on our tents. I, personally, also sat on inside the courtroom of the people being arraigned. They are warned that they shall not be caught here in Westlake park or face further charges. This continued until January. So I suggest if we try to protest, after being arrested, be careful. People who were arrested already feel kind of scared and are kind of hiding.
  • Proposal as it stands: We not bring demands or negotiate with Mayor McGinn, and instead of going to City Hall, those who do not want to stay here, or those who need to rest, will go to our allies at Imojo.
  • vote: 20:30
    • roughly 50:20 for
    • clear majority favor
    • motion passes


  • Why are you so angry? I am angry that we live in a world where those who have the most are expected to give the least. I'm angry that those with power do not accept responsibility of rising up against that which destroys us. I am angry that we have a system of justice that places more importance on punishment than on rehabilitation. I am angry that we spend the least amount of XXX on the development of our children. I am angry that our government has come to the petty and unproductive XXX us against them. I am angry that there is so much value placed on fear and ignorance that the pursuit of truth has been replaced by quest for authority. I'm angry that we treat the illness instead of the XXX right to a cure if we can afford it. I'm angry that we deny our right to liberty for free XXX without XXX education not bound by economic frugality XXX forgotten that money is simply a means to an end. I'm angry that we've lost the wonder of humility XXX so that our need for consumption is on the brink of consuming us. XXX I'm angry that every human is not afforded the respect and dignity they deserve XXX continue to fight for space we can occupy.
    • While these concerns are various, each point is intimately connected to the reality of corporate greed.
  • We come together to form one cohesive voice, down the street. The voice is shared. If we don't act, that voice will stand as a testament to failure here. We need your help.
  • Mark with media: Can't make a proposal, but want to provide some info about what's happening in Seattle on Thursday. Mitt Romney will be here at a fundraising event at the Hyatt on Thursday. Will be very close to Westlake Center. Mitt Romney is infamous for making the statement that corporations are people, too. Not only that, but he also described our movement as dangerous. Out of all the presidential candidates, he has received the most money from Wall Street. From the six largest firms that control same amount of wealth as 65% of our gross national product. They're the ones supporting him. Someone might want to organize a response.
  • Most of us have jobs, school, families to attend to. At night, the situations that occur here in Westlake Park within our group change dramatically. I know that we are united in solidarity, but I would like people to think and discuss and put to thought those people who stay here. The GA doesn't necessarily represent every single person, due to the fact that not every single person plays an active role in the day. I would like people to consider having a separate caucus for the night. Things go back to normal in the day, and we unite again in solidarity and respect for others' opinions, thoughts, and concerns.
    • I support it. I don't think you or any group needs to ask permission of GA to form a caucus. If you, other occupiers, anyone else who stays here feels need to come together to feel safe, you have every right to do so. Same for other groups whose voice is not being heard. For example, there's movement to create a women's and trans group. I stand in solidarity with them.
      • I think everyone should be included on this information, so I brought it to the GA.
  • I think we're losing sight. On Oct 15, people from all over the world will take to the streets. From America to Africa to Europe, people demanding rights and to demand true democracy. It's time for all of us to join global nonviolent XXX. Ruling powers work for the few, ignoring the will of the majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay. This intolerable situation must end. United in one voice, we'll let politicians and the financial XXX they serve know that it is up to we the people to decide our future. We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us. On October 15 we will meet on streets to initiate global change. We will peacefully organize XXX until we make it happen. It's time to unite. It's time for them to listen.
  • My name is Doc. I know it hasn't been a long time that I've been here. I have two reports: 1) I infiltrated an infiltrator today. I hope that makes sense. 2) I have a report from Olympia and Yelm: they're mad as hell, we're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. Olympia starts in three days.
  • I'm Gabriel from legal. After the first proposal passed, listing our demands for the Mayor on a timeline, a communications person and I ran to put it on the web. After which, the mayor's office immediately contacted me to discuss the issues. I told them I cannot negotiate for you but helped him understand what I feel the GA said about each issue. He said majors office is open to discussion, wants to close this by morning tomorrow. Then, I retuned here to learn of the Imojo House proposal. Now, we as a GA must come to an understanding of how these two proposals join into one solid action so we're not divided. I suppose now we should discus this.
    • Who is the rep of Imojo House? That would be a good person to talk to about the proposal.
    • Right now we have someone on the phone who originally offered the space. Might be a different place. We'll bring details as soon as we have them.
    • It has been proposed by word of mouth that we form an emergency working group to reconcile these or attempt to and report back within a half an hours. You don't want to be held hostage by this decision making process. We want all your voices to provide input. In half an hour, for those who feel strongly about this, and I hope, some who are just interested, we will reconvene to discuss this matter more. It is key to the movement that we don't let ourselves be divided by petty ideas like location. I hope we understand that the real matters are social justice economic inequality and the environment.
  • It's cold. On October 22, it's national day to stop police brutality, repression and criminalization of a generation. Since august 2010, 38 people have been killed by the police. In Seattle one of the debates happening here the police won't fuck with us. That's a lie. They killed seven year old Ayonnal Stanley Jones while sleeping on a couch with her grandmother. Killed Native American carver John T. Williams. October 22 is the day we all come together in powerful movement in movement to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation. We see this with he development of ocucpations across the country XXX October 22, stand with people of all classes, of all colors, of all backgrounds to not tolerate police attack on people in any form.
  • Just got word that we need many volunteers for sanitation. Please meet in the back.
  • We only have three people because these go really long, so if you want to help, please meet me right now.
  • Tomorrow at noon, students will be walking out. From multiple colleges.

Adjourned 21:00

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10/8 March moved to 5PM. Rally still happening at Noon

Per the decision made at the 10/7 General Assembly. The march originally planned for Noon on 10/8 has been moved to 5PM. This is to support the Indigenous people’srally also being held at Westlake tomorrow from Noon to five. The organizers of this event have spoken in solidarity with our movement and we want to show respect and solidarity with them.

Rally still starts at noon and there WILL be many other activities among occupiers going on all day at West lake, so please come down for those. It is specifically the march that has been moved.

General Assembly has NOT agreed to move to City Hall. We are still at Westlake!

A recent story by King5 News has caused some confusion by giving the impression that we are moving our occupation from Westlake park to City Hall in anticipation of ANSWER’s march to Westlake to mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Afghanistan war. Just to be clear, General assembly has NOT agreed to move and we are staying at Westlake. ANSWER’s march does not conflict with what we are doing and our two movements stand in solidarity with each other. We will remain at Westlake and support their rally and they in turn have shown nothing but support for our presence and our occupation.