Grand Opening! The Learning Tent at Occupy Seattle’s SCCC Camp!

On Wednesday, November 2nd, at 8pm, the Learning Tent @ Occupy Seattle will be officially opening its tent flaps.

Join us to break-in the space!

With the Tent Grand Opening, we are launching a book and supply drive to stock the learning tent! Please bring books, art supplies, paper, writing utensils, lamps and lanterns, a study table, waterproof crates, and other office supplies down to Occupy (at SCCC) this Wednesday, or in the following few days, so that we can build a fully functional learning space.

Dreams for the learning tent are big. The space will operate as a library and classroom, as well as a study and artistic area. We will have a class proposal wall, for anyone and everyone to propose and offer classes, as well as a running schedule of workshops being offered.

Please contact occupyseattleed at gmail.com for offers of support and general inquiries!


Current Contact:


Current Contact:
Phone:(206) 250-9752

Occupy Seattle: Legal Information

If you have been arrested:

1) Go to the Municipal Court website and choose ‘Online Services.’
2) Click on “Defendant” on the Menu bar on the left, and see if they have a court date scheduled. 3) The service also shows charges, events and obligations (e.g., bail) in the court case.

Here is a link directly to that page:


Animal Rights & Environmentalism

Current Contact:

For discussion forums online:


Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles

We are the 99% and our task is to unify the 99%. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, and ridden with various other interconnected forms of repression.

As the Occupy Seattle community, we will consciously and urgently work on dismantling these systems of oppression in our movement. We are working on creating a comm unity where everyone’s autonomy is respected, protected, and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that we strive to acknowledge and educate ourselves about, in order to ensure that these privileges are not used to oppress others. We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we do not police each others’ thoughts, but we have absolutely no tolerance for oppressive or intimidating words or actions.

We do not accept any of the following in our community:
■ White supremacy (racism against people of color)
■ Patriarchy (sexism)
■ Ageism (oppression against youth and/or elders)
■ Heterosexism (oppression against LGBTQ people)
■ Transphobia
■ Anti-Arab sentiment (or Islamophobia)
■ Anti-Jewish sentiment
■ Religious intolerance or intolerance of non-religious people
■ Class oppression (classism)
■ Cultural intolerance
■ Oppression based on immigration status
■ Oppression based on experiences with the justice system
■ Disregard for indigenous autonomy
■ Oppression based on appearance or size
■ The following behaviors are also unacceptable:
■ Representing the Occupy Seattle movement to the media or to any other entity without approval of the general assembly
■ Negotiating with the police or the City without approval of the general assembly
■ Instigation of violence in all its forms, explicit or implicit, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, written, graphical, or through indirect means such as calling the police on another person when one is not in imminent physical danger

Any violation of these principles will be dealt with through a community accountability process, to be described in a future Accountability Working Group proposal

General Assembly at 7:30 Tonight!

Time Change!

General Assemblies are at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future.
Please join us tonight for the General Assembly at Westlake at 7:30pm.

Come discuss what our next steps are!

Hip Hop Occupies

Julie C – 425-223-7787
Araless – 206-226-2491
Dan Bash – 206-619-8956
E-mail – hiphopoccupies@gmail.com
Website – www.hiphopoccupies.com

Education & Workshops

E-mails – occupyseattleed@gmail.com
Phone – 206-948-4548

Sustainability Brigade


Direct Action

E-mail – occupyseattle.directaction@gmail.com

General Assembly Notes 10/14

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-14 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive: http://www.archive.org/details/OccupySeattleGeneralAssembly2011-10-14

Facilitation Team

  • Process facilitator: Jacob
  • Agenda: Carol
  • Agenda backup: Chris
  • Time keeper: Russ Shelly
  • Taking stack: Alexander


  • new signals:
    • V: vote; take to a vote
    • T: off topic; this is not relevant

Changes to process

  • one-minute limit for speakers
    • if will of assembly, will be allowed extension
  • limiting time we spend discussion a single proposal to 10 minutes
    • if the will of the assembly, will allow extension
  • stack keeper will point to speaker and say, "give that man a stack check"
    • speaker will respond, "stack check"
    • goal is to avoid repeated yelling of "mic check"
  • if you dislike these, please participate in future process meetings


  • This portion of the meeting is new to GA: 20 minutes for people who are staying overnight to speak
  • speaker: Maria
    • has been doing food tent since day one
    • yesterday, we had a permit for the tent that has been there since day one
    • has had a great time serving
    • is stepping down from food tent coordinator
      • due to stress
  • speaker: Tony
    • If there is a tent, there needs to be a group to handle situation when Parks cleans and pushes people out every morning.
  • speaker: Nadine
    • has been staying here on and off
    • last night was very disappointing
      • due to lack of support of people who should here for the occupied
      • lots of stress and lack of support
    • requests that more people stay overnight
      • particularly work group members
  • speaker: ?
    • has been here on and off since day one
    • has same concerns as Nadine
    • requests that GA coordinator be here 24 hours per day
  • speaker: Forest
    • agrees with Nadine
    • calls upon assembly to stay overnight when they can
    • acknowledges other obligations
  • speaker: Linda
    • May we use sleeping bags?
      • I was told answer is yes, but we may not sleep
      • clarification from : police came through last night with flashlights, guns, and badges to wake everyone up hourly
  • speaker: ?
    • no voice because you-know-why
    • Which way are we going to go during march tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.?
      • Meet after assembly to discuss
  • speaker: Nadine
    • someone lit big flames last night around 3:00 a.m.
      • suspects this is why police were sent
    • lots of harassment by police last night
  • speaker: ?
    • suggests people help Peace & Safety WG
  • speaker: ?
    • lots of sleeping bags confiscated by police last night
    • my bicycle was taken out of a grip lock
      • called City Hall to locate
        • no answer
        • said they'll be open on Monday
  • speaker: Maria
    • there is strength in numbers
    • bring your tent Saturday
  • speaker: ?
    • this is not just a protest; it is an occupation
    • support by sleeping here when you can
  • speaker: ?
    • you don't know what's happening
    • police men with guns are here
    • let's put 500 tents out here
    • We'll lose this park because we're not thinking
  • speaker: Paul
    • my family moved to Seattle four months ago from Portland
      • because we new something was happening
      • we knew something would happen here, not in Portland
        • we were wrong
    • Portland was thinking long-term
    • my family are coming here tomorrow night with a tent
  • speaker: ?
    • Who are the outreach group?
    • Can we get a big group of people to pass out fliers around the city after GA?
  • speaker: ?
    • This is bigger than sleeping in the park
    • This is building a new type of community
      • new ideas
      • new structure for society
      • new structure for government
    • need you to participate
      • not just hold a sign
    • I've been here a week
    • I went to jail last week
    • clean up after yourself and everyone else
    • This is about making a stand
    • Not about the police or the mayor
    • Let's get focused


  • time: 19:05
  • speaker: Maria
    • propose discussion about accountability on 3pm Sunday
    • [note: this discussion happened after this (Friday's) GA]
  • speaker: Jennifer
    • we have formed new, likely small working group
      • planning events we decided on at previous GA
        • noon: rally
          • media team is organizing
        • 3pm: march to Chase
        • 5pm: tent raising ceremony to kick off Night of 500 tents
  • speaker: Bob Burns
    • we have a permit for sound until 5:00 p.m.
    • have been asked by a union of janitors in this city
      • buildings in this city, mostly blood suckers
      • offer to come down next week and help make this cleanest park in city
      • they will come Monday to address the GA so they don't feel like they're imposing themselves
  • Chris asks if anyone has access to commercial printer
    • If so, contact Media WG at occupyseattleict@gmail.com
  • speaker: Peter, Medical and Tactical
    • this morning, our tent for Medical and Food was taken down
    • Medical Team is now mobile
    • working on getting food operational
    • important developments
      • in chaos this morning, many moved to city hall
        • were approached by staff to get a permit to re-erect large tent
          • Tactical not aware of this until permit finalized and signed
          • We do have permit to erect large tent
            • for supplies only
            • not for medical, food, or permanent occupation
        • people have right, if for legal reasons or other they cannot sleep here, to sleep there from 8pm – 7am
          • however, we remind everyone that per decision of GA, we are occupying Westlake
        • Day of 500 Tents will continue on Saturday
          • we encourage you to be there
          • be aware of your options
          • speak to us if you are unclear
  • speaker: Alyssa, Supply and Storage
    • B-Side records will let us use their back room for storage
    • we will keep supplying you here with things you need
    • storage cannot take wet or dirty things, so find someone to do your laundry
  • speaker: Jennifer
    • problems of sexual harassment here
      • response: caucus of women and transgender people formed
      • statement: We commit to addressing racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia within ourselves and others in a way that represents the world we want to live in. We want this space to be free of sexual violence, harassment, racism, and sexism.
  • speaker: James
    • facilitator note:
      • have a donations fundraising group
      • James has not put this through them
    • suggests passing the hat to raise some money for the occupation of Seattle
  • combined working group announcement from Outreach, Tactical:
    • feel that we should move the discussion of accountability that Maria proposed to the last item on the agenda
      • because it might take a long time
      • we would like everyone's opinion on the matter
        • because we are a community, have no personal agendas, just collective agenda


  • time: 19:22
  • presenter: Mike, Tactical
    • proposal: hold celebration tomorrow in lieu of GA
      • rationale: tomorrow is a world-wide celebration of unity
    • discussion:
      • Jobs make it difficult for some of us to get here on weekdays for GA.
      • Because tomorrow will be so large, I'm concerned that certain announcements need to be done at end of day.
      • Suggested amendment: each working group make announcements before we party
      • to each his own
      • In regard to the proposal, suggests Arts & Entertainment come up with ideas for tomorrow
    • facilitator comment: we are not accepting amendments
    • questions and concerns
    • point of process: last night we were told that Facilitation and Processes decided amendments could be proposed at time proposal is brought to GA, and if it passed, the amendment had to be proposed at the following GA, but if an amendment was proposed before passage, proposal author and amendment author conference to create single proposal.
      • P&F met today, discussed amendments among other things
      • that was confusing, so we simplified
        • if you have proposal, make it
        • we vote
        • if it passes, it passes
        • if you want to amend it, do it at following GA
      • concern: this is about tomorrow, so will not be opportunity for this amendment
        • suggestion: person making proposal withdraw and propose it again later in this meeting
    • withdrawn

Announcements (more)

  • presenter: Hillary
    • Will be workshop on anti-racism and anti-racist organizing on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.
    • Location TBA, somewhere in Westlake Park
  • presenter: Lambert
    • rationale: get as many tents as possible here tomorrow
      • Has appointment tomorrow 9:30 a.m. to pick up my tent from warehouse in Queen Anne
      • If your tent was confiscated by police, contact me, because
  • presenter: Paul
    • We were supposed to have an anti-capitalist discussion today at 8:00
    • due to accountability discussion and some logistical problems
    • postponed until 8:00 p.m. Sunday
  • presenter: Gabriel and Patricia, Legal
    • last night there were several arrests
    • four names did not get to us
    • I just posted bail at 7:00 p.m.
    • This bail money is the last of our bail money.
      • Consider whom you would like to post your bail.
    • If you plan to be arrested, be sure that Patricia or I has your name and that you have our phone numbers.
      • If you are a juvenile please tell us.
      • Clarify which is your first and which is your last name.
      • Don't give us a nickname.
    • The four people who were bailed will be released tonight between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
  • people on livestream want to know where to send bail donations
    • take outside meeting
  • presenter: Peter, Demands
    • There are only five of us consistently participating
    • we try to keep in mind what we want to bring up, not just what we want to bring down
    • I've been asking people what their objectives, goals, demands
      • We are a spirited and soulful bunch.
      • It has been humbling.
      • Trying to move process forward so as movement grows, will have clear vision of what we're trying to establish.
    • Please see demands page on Internet
      • TODO: address
    • Need representatives of the breadth and diversity of people, cultures, experiences

Proposals (cont.)

  • time: 19:41
  • presenter: Mike, Tactical
    • proposal: Tomorrow's GA be shortened to workgroup announcements only
      • passes 19:43

Announcements (more)

  • Outreach is meeting twice daily: 4:00 p.m., then after GA

Proposals (cont.)

  • presenter: Process Group
    • proposal: Recognize the fact that if an assembly is convened that is not regularly-scheduled meeting, your meeting does not speak for the GA
    • discussion:
      • Aren't we doing what you're saying we should not do
        • No. This is a regularly-scheduled meeting of the GA.
      • What about emergencies? Group voted to move supplies to City Hall because nobody was here.
        • No. Secret midnight meetings are the sort of bullshit this proposal would stop.
      • Point is to democratically decide things. System of government does not represent us.
      • In regard to making last-minute decisions: At times you must think on your feet. So I agree that all decisions that affect everyone should be made by the GA. I think the people who made that decision did the best they could. Good we're talking about it. Let's do this in a way that shows love and unity.
      • This is why we developed a system of accountability. GA's were created to achieve transparency. That's why it.
      • We can't come every night. We want to trust everyone to make good decisions so we're not surprised by, e.g., fact that supply tent is gone. We need to know that the website reflects what everybody says. In this democratic movement, it's everyone's voice that matters.
      • Sometimes we make an emergency vote. It's not appropriate to make big decisions in small groups. We should create systems to anticipate further problems (e.g., sudden police raids, etc.). Events of previous few nights show that we are unprepared for such.
        • We should designate certain individuals like Maria with executive authority to make emergency decisions when an emergency occurs.
      • One option is to create an emergency workgroup that has representatives from different workgroups
    • withdrawn
  • presenter: Curtis
    • proposal: When tents are erected tomorrow, we do not enter them.
    • temperature check: should we discuss?
      • no
    • vote: 19:58
      • failed
  • presenter: Russ
    • proposal: Create a steering committee made up of the people of this movement who are responsible for the agenda of the GA and relieve facilitators of this duty.
    • rationale: I have much facilitation experience. I see a problem. I've spoken with several of you. Problem is that facilitators should facilitate. They should not create or help create agenda.
    • temperature check: discuss?
      • No
    • vote: 20:02
      • passes

Announcements (more)

  • How many will be here tomorrow? Show solidarity.
  • presenter:
    • This is my first assembly.
    • I'm part of the 99%, but I'm 100% with you.
    • I've been watching you online.
    • There's too much noise behind me and I ask your kindness to pay attention.
    • I come from Whidby Island with a gypsy wagon to sing for peace and global harmony
      • I have a permit for Westlake from noon to 8:00 p.m.
      • Please sing and mingle with us.
  • presenter: Carlo with Sustainability Brigade
    • Please carry your own metal spoon and re-use it.
  • presenter: ?
    • I have fliers. Please take if you will pass them, take only what you can pass out tonight
    • tomorrow, some of us will be at arch at 10:00 a.m.
  • statement:
    • What do we need for tomorrow?
    • I will get supplies. Budget is $100.
    • Keep your spirits up.
  • presenter: Phil
    • Big tent is owned by his friend, Nathan.
    • Tent was to come down if ordered by police or GA decision.
    • Police ordered it down.
    • He has the tent now.
    • Tent is available for re-deployment by GA decision.

Adjourned 20:15

Peace and Safety

Current Contact:
Name – Sharla
E-mail – ospeaceandsafety@gmail.com
# – 360-770-3113

City of Seattle “Latest Information” 10/08

On the City of Seattle’s website they have posted their rules for our occupation of Westlake and City Hall, as of 10/08 it is as follows:

The City of Seattle supports the free speech rights of individuals and groups. We are also committed to protecting the public and providing for other legitimate uses of city property.



  • Use of the Park shall comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
  • Westlake Park is to remain open to the public and no exclusive use is allowed.
  • Persons may not block off public access to any portion of the park. All park pathways, walkways, stairwells and access ways must remain open all times.
  • Similarly, persons may not block public access to any private property adjacent to the park.
  • It is illegal to camp in public parks in the City of Seattle. The mayor has made City Hall Plaza available for sleeping in tents between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • One Informational and/or First Aid Canopy will be allowed, subject to reasonable restrictions on size and location. All equipment should be set up in the south end of the park.
  • No other tents or structures are allowed.
  • Climbing in or hanging materials from trees within the park is not permitted.
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation staff will need access to the park for general maintenance and cleaning from approximately 7:00 pm to 10:00 am daily.
  • Other permitted events are scheduled to occur in the north end of the park. Occupy Seattle should not interfere with these events, and should remain south of the tree line when other events are ongoing.
  • Dispose of all trash properly. Follow all City recycling rules.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be kept or consumed in the park.
  • Amplified sound is permitted for speeches and announcements between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm only. Comply with relevant City noise rules, at http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/toc/25-08.htm

    • Use of City Hall Plaza will comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
    • The City is making City Hall Plaza available for those demonstrators who wish to stay overnight, with reasonable restrictions on the use of tents to allow free public use of the plaza during the day.
    • Two portable toilets will be available on the Plaza for use between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.
    • Tents may be set up on the Lower Plaza only on the Fourth Avenue side of City Hall, from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    • Demonstrators will remove all structures including tents, tables, furniture, personal articles, etc., and are responsible for returning the area to its original condition by 7 a.m. each day.
    • Demonstrations in other areas are prohibited.
    • No amplification may be used.
    • The interior of City Hall is closed to the public from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., except for scheduled events.
    • Fires (including open fires, stoves, fireplaces or any other heating devices) are prohibited.
    • Demonstrators will not interfere with the operation of the Homeless Shelter located in the City Hall Red Room, nor will they interfere with anybody entering or leaving the building.
      Seattle Parks Department: (206) 982-4583
      Seattle Police Department: 911 (if emergency) or (206) 625-5011 (non-emergency)

      Regular updates and information will be posted on this page (www.seattle.gov/occupyseattle)