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About Occupy Seattle

There is no current Overnight camp in Occupy Seattle. General Assemblies are at Westlake Park.
General Assemblies are currently once per week, at 7pm Wednesday at Westlake, 400 Pine. Direct Actions and other meetings are listed on the calendar. Call or e-mail a Working Group for other events and activities.
A diverse group of Seattleites began an extended public occupation in Seattle. The occupation was part of a national movement that started with the Occupy Wall Street resistance movement in New York City.
By joining the nationwide Occupy movement, we want to focus elected officials and the voting public on the majority's desire to take our government and country back from the big-money interests that currently hold undue sway over decisions affecting us all. We are coming together in large numbers to affect this change.
If you are interested in receiving the newsletters, subscribe here:
Please contact a working group that you find interesting!
The UPS Store
Occupy Seattle
815 1st Ave #115
Seattle, Wa 98104
Money orders only please, cannot cash checks yet. Non-perishable goods only. We can accept packages of any size.