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“Welcome” Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan CHASE, to Seattle this Wednesday!

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011,, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase will be visiting Seattle. Chase collected billions in bailouts while giving millions in bonuses to executives like Dimon, laying off thousands of Washingtonians, and forcing families out of their homes with predatory lending.

Let’s show him that what Seattle really thinks of banksters like him!

We’ll be taking on Dimon with some awesome events:

1pm: Meet at Seattle Central Community College – 1 hour speak out.
2pm: March and action at a major bank.
4:30pm: Meet at Westlake Park to make signs and other preparations for march
6pm: March from Westlake Park to the Sheraton where Mr. Dimon will be speaking.

Occupy Seattle believes that Chase bank and Jamie Dimon are complicit in the collapse of the US economy and the ongoing economic injustice in our nation today.

The list of injustices is long. Here is a short sample:

  • While the majority of Americans saw their incomes decrease in 2010, Dimon received a 1,500 percent increase in compensation to $20.8 million.
  • Dimon believes that foreclosure is a form of magnanimous “debt relief” that leaves the former homeowners “better off” than they were before. As he said in May 2011, “…Giving debt relief to people that really need it, that’s what foreclosure is.”
  • In 2011, Chase agreed to pay $153.6 million to settle US Securities and Exchange Commission fraud charges.
  • In March of 2010, Chase agreed to pay $75 million in fines and forfeit $647 million in fees to settle federal regulators’ charges that it made unlawful payments to friends of public officials to win municipal bond business.
  • In October 2010, executives at Chase confessed to signing tens of thousands of foreclosure documents without reading them.
  • In 2009, Chase reported a profit of $11.7 billion, more than twice its profit for 2008, the year the bank received a federal taxpayer bailout of $94.7 billion.
  • Adding insult to injury, Chase admitted in January of this year to overcharged more than 4,000 active-duty military personnel on their home loans.

The action is also in solidarity with the planned General Strike in Oakland. Let’s make November 2nd one to remember! Please RSVP and invite all your friends to this Facebook event:


new to seattle but excited to work in the occupy movement

Grand Opening! The Learning Tent at Occupy Seattle’s SCCC Camp!

On Wednesday, November 2nd, at 8pm, the Learning Tent @ Occupy Seattle will be officially opening its tent flaps.

Join us to break-in the space!

With the Tent Grand Opening, we are launching a book and supply drive to stock the learning tent! Please bring books, art supplies, paper, writing utensils, lamps and lanterns, a study table, waterproof crates, and other office supplies down to Occupy (at SCCC) this Wednesday, or in the following few days, so that we can build a fully functional learning space.

Dreams for the learning tent are big. The space will operate as a library and classroom, as well as a study and artistic area. We will have a class proposal wall, for anyone and everyone to propose and offer classes, as well as a running schedule of workshops being offered.

Please contact occupyseattleed at for offers of support and general inquiries!

Occupy Seattle & American Federation of Teachers Give Night School New Meaning

Starting at 9pm tonight, instructors from across Seattle Community College campuses will begin teaching classes in support of Occupy Seattle. Classes will be held on the Plaza at Seattle Central Community College in Seattle and include such subjects as “Why We Support Occupy”, “Legislative Lobbying”, “The Art of the Protest Sign” and “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations”. Classes will continue throughout the night.

Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers said in an open letter to Paul Kilpatrick, President of Seattle Central Community College that “…the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons. The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99% and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970’s.” Now they have taken their support one step further by sharing their expertise with the Occupy Seattle community.

Formed on October 1, 2011 in support of and inspired by movements on Wall Street and around the world, Occupy Seattle is dedicated to addressing and dismantling the economic injustices so deeply entrenched in a system that has failed so many. We are a leaderless movement comprised of people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

General Assembly notes 10/29

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-29 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park, under awning, in Bank of America doorway
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Carol
  • Time keeper: Hudson
  • Agenda: Michael


  • none

Working group announcements

  • none

Action announcements

  • speak-out at Seattle Central happening now
    • it's on the livestream
    • it's awesome
  • November 5 is Bank Transfer Day
    • email for more information

Proposal announcements

  • Neal will bring proposal related to Occupy Black Friday day of action


  • none on Saturdays

Emergency proposal

  • proposal: acquire brains
    • restated: give Process and Facilitation our brains to eat
    • presenter: Hudson
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale: have risen from the dead
    • vote
      • time: 18:48
      • 4 for, 5 against. Proposal fails


  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns tomorrow
    • carve pumpkins 2pm at Westlake
    • light them around 6
    • we're getting 100 pumpkins from some farm out near Snoqualmie right now

Adjourned 18:51

Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

Occupy Seattle (OS) supports all those that are struggling to make public education accessible for students and workers of all ages and backgrounds.

Many of us involved with OS are students from SCCC and other institutions of higher education. OS stands in solidarity with students and staff on campus and people who struggle against the policies that make education inaccessible–through tuition hikes, cuts to staff, and hikes in transportation fees. We stand in solidarity with those amongst us who have been shut out of campuses because of tuition hikes and those who have lost their jobs or suffered worse working conditions because of budget cuts.

OS will be respectful of the learning environment of the campus, this involves being peaceful and respectful while in route to the restrooms during school hours and respectful treatment of the facilities in the building.

OS will refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC.

OS also respects the work of the custodial staff and request that all people associated with OS, agrees to clean up after ourselves so as not to overload the custodial staff. The porta-potties available at the site or offsite will also serve to not overload existing indoor facilities.

OS supports the FARMERS MARKET and wants to make our occupation supportive of their use of SCCC space.

Camping on the plaza should cease on Sunday during Farmers Market and breakdown hours will be 6:30am-5pm on those days.

OS supports good relations with our neighbors, supports a healthy learning environment, as well as the healthy need for OS campers to sleep.

In order to fulfill our commitment to being good neighbors as well as to allow other occupiers the sleep they need, OS will limit excessive noisemaking (i.e. drumming/music/loud behavior) to the following hours:
Mon-Thurs : 5pm-9pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-9pm

Drugs/alcohol/smoking policy:

OS wants to create an environment that is conducive for people of all ages, all disabilities as well as people of all different backgrounds.

OS is aware of SCCC’s policy of no drugs or alcohol on campus and we will do our best to inform new occupiers of this

We will also inform new occupiers that at SCCC, smoking is limited to designated areas (which will be marked in at least two areas at the perimeter of OS SCCC encampment)

OS asks all individuals associated with OS to support the mission of the occupation and be responsible both for themselves as well as for the people around them

Behaviors should be accountable to the safety and well being of all occupiers.

OS will display signage and provide handouts at the info booth in order to show awareness and respect for our good neighbor guidelines

GA minutes 10/28

Date/time: 2011-10-28
Location: Westlake Park
Minutes taken by: Chris from Food WG
Audio archive: No audio or livestream present

Facilitation Team

• Process mover: Christina
• Taking stack: Jackson
• Agenda:
• Time keeper:
• Orientation:


(Not recorded, please see below)

Working Group Announcements

Working group announcements was in process when I begun taking minutes so they are truncated.

• Working group reports can go on 1 hr or more, but would like to limit to 30 min.
• Working groups bring reports to us at 6pm.
• Suggest we start this on Tuesday to announce this over and over.

Legal WG

• Alex
• Sun 10am food court @ Westlake Center, we are having a legal meeting for a Q/A session.

Tactical WG

• Cameron
• Working on logistics of march and encampment at SCCC

Sustainability Brigade WG

• Tabitha
• Color coding trash cans for visual assistance
• Contact us on the website under Working Groups tab and Sustainability Brigade
• Please reuse utensils and plates or bring your own to save our environment

Get The Money Out of Politics WG

• Craig
• Meeting Sun 3pm in front of See’s Candies
• Get the word out
• Meeting each week Sunday 3pm

Action announcements

• No action announcements presented today.

Proposal Announcements

• Kevin
• Homeless vet and pissed off at what happened in Oakland, our friends want to know how to support you guys. What do we do? We did too many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq
• I have several friends who are being foreclosed on. I think it would be good to support them at their homes. It’s a thought.


Proposal to move some proposals to Sunday because of low numbers.

One proposal is being voted on because it was tabled last night under the expectation that it would be discussed and voted on tonight.

Proposal: Proposal name has been changed to Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

“Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement

Occupy Seattle supports all those that are struggling to make public education accessible for students and workers of all ages and backgrounds.
Many of us involved with OS are students from SCCC and other institutions of higher education. OS stands in solidarity with students and staff on campus and people who struggle against the policies that make education inaccessible–through tuition hikes, cuts to staff, and hikes in transportation fees. We stand in solidarity with those amongst us who have been shut out of campuses because of tuition hikes and those who have lost their jobs or suffered worse working conditions because of budget cuts.

OS will be respectful of the learning environment of the campus.

-This involves being peaceful and respectful while in route to the restrooms during school hours and respectful treatment of the facilities in the building.

-OS will refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC

-OS also respects the work of the custodial staff and request that all people associated with OS, agrees to clean up after ourselves so as not to overload the custodial staff. The porta-potties available at the site or offsite will also serve to not overload existing indoor facilities.

OS supports the FARMERS MARKET and wants to make our occupation supportive of their use of SCCC space.

-Camping on the plaza should cease on Sunday during Farmers Market and breakdown hours will be 6:30am-5pm on those days.

OS supports good relations with our neighbors, supports a healthy learning environment, as well as the healthy need for OS campers to sleep.

-In order to fulfill our commitment to being good neighbors as well as to allow other occupiers the sleep they need, OS will limit excessive noisemaking (i.e. drumming/music/loud behavior) to the following hours:
Mon-Thurs : 5pm-9pm
Fri 5pm-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-9pm

Drugs/alcohol/smoking policy

OS wants to create an environment that is conducive for people of all ages, all disabilities as well as people of all different backgrounds.

-OS is aware of SCCC’s policy of no drugs or alcohol on campus and we will do our best to inform new occupiers of this

-We will also inform new occupiers that at SCCC, smoking is limited to designated areas (which will be marked in at least two areas at the perimeter of OS SCCC encampment)

-OS asks all individuals associated with OS to support the mission of the occupation and be responsible both for themselves as well as for the people around them

Behaviors should be accountable to the safety and well being of all occupiers.

-OS will display signage and provide handouts at the info booth in order to show awareness and respect for our good neighbor guidelines”

Proposal Discussion

• ? – Q: Can you please restate about breaking down and hours involved in it?
A: This is respect to the Farmers Market on the Plaza, Sun 6:30a – 5:30p we should respect and support the local businesses.
• ? – Q: We should remain flexible about our guidelines at our own camp.
A: SCCC students also helped draft this, Tactical WG, and other individuals were involved in this.
• Paul – I like this proposal and think it’s a good idea. It gets to the heart of showing the rest of Seattle the character of our personal makeup, showing the world we are concerned citizens that can go the distance and show up when it counts. Oh and one more thing, Wu tang!
• ? – Q: This proposal is crucial and this movement depends on this proposal. We need to maintain a good relationship with the school so that we can maintain our occupation there. I will personally not be doing any drugs there. Drugs would hamper our ability to stay there
A: Real quick. This is the firstt proposal that has passed for individuals to figure this out as individuals.
• ? – The last farmers market is Dec 18.
• ? – I want to have a place with a cafeteria, education center, and all the good stuff. We can do this at SCCC. This is the first step to show what we are and what we stand for.

Vote: Unanimous! No no votes or blocks! Full support and lots of cheering.

Change of mind, now moving on to the three proposals since there is a minute taker.

Demands Proposal

• Justin
• “We call on the City of Seattle to withdraw funds held in financial institutions that received tax payer funded bailouts in in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these funds to state and local banks.”
• Stack opened for discussion
• ? – Q: Curious, why is this being brought to the GA for approval when we do not need large scale demands to the GA. Some people may block a single demand for the whole group.
A: We acknowledged these concerns and is a valid concern. If we don’t make demands for ourselves, someone else will do it like the Democrats. Not trying to offend, but it happened to the Tea Party.
• ? – Q: What specific banks we’re you thinking of?
A: Wells Fargo, but covering our bases.
• ? – Q: I was wondering the banks we would move the money into.
A: Can’t make suggestions because of RICO act, we could all go to jail, so we can’t name them. We can just say which banks not to bank with.
• ? – Q: This proposal does not include our proposals that people have proposed but are not here.
A: This is the first demand proposed and the most well thought out. It is also time sensitive. Council is voting on to reconsider their finances.
• ? – Q: I support this proposal. I worry about hegemonic demands for the whole group. We are of this history so take it seriously.
• ? – Q: What would you rather see than this proposal?
A: I did not want to open this can of worms and am in proposal of this demand.
• ? – Q: What if the city doesn’t listen to us? It is up to us individuals to do direct actions if they do not listen to us.
A: We have two models we are looking into. A model that would be through working groups or just through individuals.
• ? – Q: Clarification. I didn’t hear if this is one or many demands? What if the city council just says, “OK”.
A: That is OK and that doesn’t mean our Occupation is done.
A: This is not our only demand or the most important one, but something for us to decide. We facilitate this process but not to detriment of others demands. This came up because it is strategic and Nov 5th Bank Transfer Day is coming up. This is a living document and each of us have many ways of expressing ourselves. This demand seems to make sense right now. Not shutting anybody else or anything else out.
• ? – Q: The word demand does not appear in this, but is worded like a demand.
• Cory
• Q: Someone was concerned about if the City did nothing about this demand. Well this vote is on Nov 8. City elections are on Nov 30. If we do not get results, we can push to change the city council.
• Vote: Proposal passes with full consensus of the GA.

Proposal: Rename Westlake Park to John T Williams Park. In solidarity with those in Oakland that renamed their park Scott Olsen Park.

• ? – I have decided to postpone my proposal until Sunday and relocation to SCCC. Hoping to recruit more participants to the GA. Has far reaching changes to our group. Proposal still on website.

General Announcements

• ? – I have been passing out fliers for Halloween Party at SCCC
• ? – The CEO of Chase Bank will be here on Wed. Anybody that has been organizing the march, we already have a bank occupation. I propose we have a meeting for a shared day of action. (they had a meeting)
• ? – If you are on a WG please bring me your Mission Statement or where I can find it already. So that new people can easily get involved.
• ? – Does anyone know how/why the Intergroups Meeting get rescheduled today, some people showed up at 3pm then some showed up at 5 pm.


We are concluded with the GA. If anyone wants to have general discussion, do so now. Congrats on the most concise GA I have ever been too!

A Memo from SCCC President Dr. Killpatrick Regarding Occupy Seattle

The following was sent at 4:14 pm today, October 28th, to the Seattle Central Community College Campus Community regarding Occupy Seattle and our intention to camp on the SCCC campus. Under Washington code the occupation is legally allowed on campus! Read the full memo below:

Seattle Central Community College Memorandum

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Paul T. Killpatrick, President

DATE: October 28, 2011

SUBJECT: Occupy Seattle Update

I would like to update you on the intentions of Occupy Seattle to have an encampment at Seattle Central Community College for their lawful freedom of speech activities.

Over the past few days, I have been in discussions with legal counsel, representatives from the community, city and state, and also with members of Occupy Seattle. In my discussions with legal counsel, we learned of ambiguity in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) as it applies to college property.

My primary concern remains the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and surrounding Capitol Hill community.

Yesterday, I met with representatives from Occupy Seattle. They declared that regardless of college policies and college concerns, they intend to continue their action. While I remain concerned about a host of possible adverse impacts (personal safety, financial impact, etc.), the WAC, as it is currently written, allows this occupation to take place.

Occupy Seattle has assured me that they will not interfere with the mission of Seattle Central Community College, which is: “To promote educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment, and provide opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation, and service to the community.” They also offered a number of other assurances, including: providing porta-potties, garbage and recycling containers, protect college property from damage (graffiti, grounds damage, acts of vandalism, etc.,), self-policing their group, and not interfering or disrupting authorized events such as the Broadway Farmers Market or performances at Broadway Performance Hall. They also assure me that their activities will not interfere with the college’s ability to offer a safe learning environment for students, faculty and staff. I expect Occupy Seattle to honor these assurances.

Occupy Seattle’s intention is to begin their encampment on the South Plaza lawn beginning this Saturday, October 29. They informed us that they plan to continue their activities at Westlake during the day and camp at Seattle Central at night.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will continue to keep the college community informed.

General Assembly notes 10/27

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-27 19:45
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Jack
  • Taking stack: Lady Gaga, Carol
  • Agenda: Patricia
  • Time keeper: Joshua
  • Orientation: Ramone


  • ? – Has been here seven nights. Wants us to remember that the homeless are here, live in this park, are part of this park. Please respect the trees, the fountain, the ground, the homeless.
  • ? – Was here first 16 days and 16 nights. We have problems and worries. Keep morale up by playing soccer, playing chess, dancing.
  • ? – It's getting cold at night. There are a few hard-core campers who could use warmer sleeping bags and waterproof gear.
  • ? – Is a Metro bus driver and a labor activist. The postal workers are under attack. Obama's jobs bill will eliminate 120,000 postal jobs. Check with her group, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, for more information.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:58

Outreach Working Group

  • Bill and Andy
    • Spent the day on Capitol Hill visiting local businesses, gauging support, listening to concerns
      • Got almost 20 signatures in support of Occupy Seattle
      • Spoke with head of Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce
      • Concerns of businesses:
        • Sunday Broadway Farmers Market
          • They set up at 7:00 a.m.
          • These are our friends. If they ask you to move something, please do it.
          • Let's have some people there to help setup and unload trucks.
        • Also Sunday, will be kids activity near our occupation. Please be respectful.
        • Art installation — little monsters — right near our camp. Please be very, very, careful with them. Artists are trusting us to protect them.
      • Halloween weekend, may be antagonistic drunk people on Capitol Hill. Please try to stay out of it.
      • Be conscious of noise.
    • CNN approached them at WG meeting today. Reporter will be here Saturday. Look for the giant camera.
  • Matt
    • Media are making big deal about potential conflict with Broadway Sunday Farmers Market
    • They'll be on paved area of plaza from 7am until 4pm and don't use grassy area
      • Suggests just putting tents on grass
    • Tea's biggest concern is parking for offload at 7am
      • they'll have no-parking signs
      • please tell people not to park in front of college
    • would be good gesture to help them unload trucks

Demands Working Group

  • Justin and Peter
    • will bring proposal tomorrow
      • Call on City of Seattle to remove funds from banks that received bailout and move them to state and local banks.
    • meeting Friday 4pm in front of See's Candy, or alternatively, 3rd floor of Westlake Mall

Morale Working Group

  • Akila
    • new project: Raffle for Righteousness
      • will reward people weekly
      • to nominate people, write name on paper, put it in the big pumpkin tomorrow before GA is over
      • must be present to win

Legal Working Group

  • Gabriel
    • Everything is good, generally.
    • Last night, Kawan Baxter was arrested for sitting in the park.
      • Act had him dragged to police and booked.
      • However, City Prosecutor chose not to press charges.
      • No guarantees for any of you if you are arrested.

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • Saturday events
      • 3pm – Civil disobedience training
      • 5pm – March to Seattle Central Community College
    • have worked out ideas for events on the ground as various situations arise
    • meet daily, 3pm at Westlake food court, sometimes 9pm at Seattle's Best Coffee

Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group

  • Zach
    • will have proposal later tonight
    • if you're interested, email
    • Meet daily 3:30, first floor of Convention Center

Medical Working Group

  • Robin
    • smoking, using incense, or personal fragrance
      • your choice
      • limits the ability of other people to participate in general assembly
    • will be two teach-ins on psychological first-aid and activist self care
      • Saturday 10am
      • Sunday 3pm, location TBA
    • If seeking medical assistance, find them near food tent
    • Seek assistance with graphical, digital layout and offset printing of psych first aid & activist self care pocket guide

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • November 18, national day, "Rise and decolonize"
    • 3pm rally
    • 4pm walkout in honor of Declaration of Decolonization the GA approved
    • seek help with event promotion

Parents for Occupy Seattle Working Group

  • Bridgette
    • have Facebook page, Parents for Occupy Seattle
    • expresses support on behalf of parents and children involved with this movement
    • would like to involve themselves to full extent possible
    • would like stronger communications with other workgroups
    • if planning action or event they could support in some way, please contact
    • email
    • will be with us this weekend
    • will meet this week to discuss outreach

Media Working Group

  • Mark
    • November 2 (next Wednesday), CEO of Chase Bank will be at Sheraton Hotel
    • there is no group working on march or picket
    • would be a good time to confront people who control Wall Street
    • would like to present proposal in future to rename Westlake Park to John T. Williams Park

Theatrical Working Group

  • Shane
    • Occupy the Musical
      • on schedule
      • will have it ready by next Friday
    • asked to assimilate group into Arts and Entertainment
      • won't do so
      • wants to talk to someone in that group

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • looking for a good woman who's looking for love, or a good man who's looking for love
    • if you help him with fundraising, he'll provide the love
    • needs help Saturday doing three jobs

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Tabitha
    • 5:30pm tomorrow: Big meeting in front of Romax to plan Saturday move
    • will have lots of straw for Saturday to avoid mud
    • please re-use cups, bowls, utensils, and bring your own
    • 9pm nightly, Sanitation and Sustainability sort garbage/recycling/compost

Announcements of future proposals

  • ? – Will propose that we host 24-hour petition signing station at Westlake.
    • facilitator: can probably do that yourself, but suggest talking to Process and Facilitation


  • proposal: Hold rally, march, and other fun activities on November 5, Bank Transfer Day. Need support and minimal funds for flyers, amplification, and other supplies. Also asking if you've had account with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, bring statements and cards so they can be shredded.
    • restated: Provide full support of planning and actions for November 5 that Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group are working on
    • presenter: Andy, Jacob, and Zach of November 5 Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group
    • detail:
      • They're locating speakers to talk about finance and economic collapse, and about credit unions being part of the solution.
      • will march to various credit unions to sign up as members
        • drop off small groups of 10 or so to sign up while others continue on to other CUs
      • then march will become funeral procession for the big banks; will be music and other fun activities
      • need 30-40 people to volunteer to sign up
        • email
    • discussion
      • Will we let the CUs know ahead of time that we're doing this so they're not overwhelmed?
        • Yes. Have already spoken with people from BECU and others, who have offered to extend their hours and fully staff locations for us.
      • How will this affect big banks in the long run? Will bankrupt them? How will this affect the economy as a whole?
        • Don't know, but many CUs say they've had lots of signups.
        • Since Bank of America announced $5 fee, have lost 19,000 customers, and BECU have gained 13,000 members.
      • What day?
        • November 5. National day.
      • Fundraising committee will not be here on November 5. Please take care of excellent fundraising opportunities yourselves.
      • What is the procedure for burying a bunch of shredded plastic. Uneasy about creating a land fill.
        • Action is as follows: Shred all material, put in small coffins, walk them around the city behind New Orleans style funeral marching bands, drop at banks, nail them shut, put up signs with facts about the banks, and walk away.
      • There are people behind the tills (tellers). Worries about them. How to let them know this is not about them — not personal — but about other people.
        • All of our actions, facts, actions, are directed against the institutions. We're avoiding facts about things like job cuts for that reason.
        • First person spoken to at BECU at 2nd and Pine used to work at Chase. It was his first week there. He loved the idea.
      • Closed her account today, spoke to tellers, and they love this idea.
      • CEO of JP Morgan Chase is James Diamond. He made 20.8 million dollars last year. Very easy to draw a distinction between him and the people he takes advantage of.
      • Her credit union is Salal, used to be called Group Health Credit Union. Talking with them about having a presence on November 5. What time to ask them to be here?
        • Rally at 11. March around 12:30. Come whenever they'd like (early to set up table, etc.). Will need permit for table.
      • Hopes that we're not portraying credit unions as the end solution. Supports the day, has friend who was rejected for loan on his home mortgage. Need to raise demand for low interest for everyone.
        • That's important, but for now: Big banks are pretty fucked up, and credit unions are lots better.
    • vote
      • time: 20:46
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: Adopt Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor policy: [TODO: insert here]
    • presenter: Tabitha and Andrew
    • details
      • modeled on Occupy Wall Street's policy
        • tailored a bit to our needs
      • on Tuesday
    • discussion
      • Will smoke rule include incense? Some people are allergic to it.
        • Good point? What about ceremonial sage and tobacco, too?
      • Designated smoking areas yet?
        • Not at SCCC. Will do that soon after arrival.
      • Post sign for campers?
        • yes
      • Phil, drug policy activist
        • drug portion of this policy needs revision
        • alcohol is a drug
        • nicotine is a drug
        • caffeine is a drug
        • cannabis is legal for medicinal use in this state
        • peyote is used in religious ceremonies
        • need to say what a drug is if we're to prohibit them
      • ? – people have chemical dependencies; say be discrete, not don't do it
        • response: understands; this is symptom of disease society; tell people to go elsewhere
      • ? – drum regulation should close earlier than 9pm
      • ? – card-carrying medical marijuana patient who endorses this policy; we'll be under microscope; if drugs are involved, we won't have a voice
      • ? – suggests that we have collectively-defined smoke-free area
        • response: At Westlake, maybe designate outside of Bank of America and wherever cops hang out
      • ? – Have medical tent and surrounding area smoke free. People wondering around during day will break the discretion rules. If you see someone smoking a bowl, invite them into your tent.
      • ? – Many other occupations have similar policies and strictly enforce them. Not saying you can't do it, just don't do it in the occupation.
      • ? – Says we cannot enter building.
        • response: No, says only if accompanied by student/faculty/staff. At meeting with president today, expressed concern.
    • amendment proposed: prohibit burning incense
      • denied: could be religious reasons
    • amendment proposed: call it guidelines instead of policy, allowing for flexibility. Policy connotes hierarchy and authoritarianism. Guidelines allow for more personal, eye-to-eye interpretations.
      • accepted: "Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor Guidelines"
    • vote
      • time: 21:30
      • count: 34/32/36 yes, 17/17/15 no
      • blocks
        • This proposal violates the spirit if Occupy Seattle. Specifically, because Occupy Seattle is about reclaiming public space. SCCC is a public college. Is a student there and knows lots of people who have been shut out due to tuition hikes. Should say everyone has access to the community college.
        • To expand, it is our legal right to access that public space. They're targeting Occupy. The part about alcohol targets marginalized people who have been putting lots of effort into this movement. Discretion should be stressed. Zero-tolerance pushes totalitarianism and classism.
        • The Spirit of this goes to the heart. Needs to be more discussion of something of this magnitude.
        • discussion:
          • ? – Was at meeting with SCCC president. Regardless, also spoke with staff on the ground. Custodial workers were very concerned that they would be overburdened by thousands of people using the toilet. Part of this is to tell them that we will not overburden them. We'll be using the facilities regardless. We'll use the classrooms. Restrooms will be used. But need to stand with custodians and security guards, tell them that we'll take care of ourselves.
          • ? – One of the statements was about legality of entering buildings. Wonders if we've heard from legal. Also, regarding drugs and alcohol. Agrees about targeting. But this is a school. People are there to learn. Unsure if we can reconcile without being totally respectful of what blocker said.
          • ? – Time is of the essence, but we should iron out the details and bring this back tomorrow. Why not just say we support custodians and will not overburden the restrooms? Why try to pass such stringent regulations? It's dividing us.
          • blocker: Can't we just clean up after ourselves?
          • ? – As long as it's a public building and we enter as citizens, we have every legal right to be there.
          • ? – Liked this, but had to go away to deal with potential arrest of a man who was urinating in the Bank of America doorway (de-escalated and got the guy to walk away).
          • proposer: Spoke with legal, found that it's public, but privately-held. Non-students must leave if asked to do so.
          • ? – Tabitha from Sustainability has worked on this for weeks in conjunction with Tactical. Don't want to restrict people or their addictions, just want to sustain the movement.
        • vote
          • 21:56
          • 16 support block, 33 oppose, so block holds, proposal fails


  • Brian Fnord with Eshem Working Group
    • trying to get Occupy Sesame Street going
      • inside joke that grew into more
      • try to get studio tour for children
      • opens dialogue with Seattle Center
        • maybe director will let us set up something there later
    • if you see people arguing on our Facebook pages/groups, try to mediate
  • Arturo
    • 2:30 – 5:30pm tomorrow: Party in support of people renewing their pledges to civil service
  • Chris
    • Need to organize event for when Jamie Diamond, president of JP Morgan Chase, visits next Wednesday
      • meet him after GA in front of See's
  • ?
    • Doctors and nurses at Harborview all support us
    • Friend wants to bring his truck with free coffee
  • Peter
    • Oakland passed 96% with 1600 people for general strike next Wednesday
    • Tomorrow after our GA, will discuss possibility of Seattle general strike
  • Jacob, Process and Facilitation
    • That block vote was confusing
    • Process is an ongoing process
    • P&F wants feedback. Please provide it so we can make this work better.
  • Paul
    • organizes with Seattle Solidarity Network
    • tomorrow, will picket supporting tenant screwed by Low Income Housing Institute
    • 4:45pm tomorrow 9th & Pine
  • Sara
    • friends at Sound on the Sound will do benefit for Occupy Seattle and OS library
    • Friday, November 4, Columbia City Theater, 9pm, $10
      • tribute to Phil Oaks
      • powerful protest songs
      • book drive
  • Scott
    • reminds everyone that Saturday at noon will be Chase Bank sit-in and Robin Hood Tax global march
    • working with Jesse to coordinate
  • ? – Friday mornings at 9:30, bank foreclosure auction action, 4th and Jefferson
  • Phil – carving pumpkins Sunday 2pm, light them 6pm, bring kids, friends, family, knives, but not 3" carving knives

Adjourned 22:08

American Federation of Teachers Supports Occupy Seattle’s Move

Important news .. We are not alone ..

There are important sources of support for Occupy Seattle that are willing to speak up. Let the American Federation of Teachers know we appreciate their support.

A letter in support of SCCC occupation Karen Strickland, American Federation of Teachers, Seattle President to Paul Killpatrick, SCCC President.

” ….. the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons. The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99% and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970’s. … Finally, this is a terrific learning opportunity on many levels. ”

Now if we can get them to camp with us.

for the full article and a copy of the full text of the letter:

Plans for Saturday’s Occupation of Seattle Central Community College

At the General Assembly on October 24, 2011, Occupy Seattle decided to begin a mass occupation at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday, October 29. We’re really excited about this Occupy Seattle expansion! Join us! Don’t miss out!

October 29th Schedule:
5pm: March from Westlake to SCCC
6:30pm: SCCC Speak-Out
8pm: Halloween Party Begins!
8:30pm: Tent-Raising

Bring your Tent and a Pumpkin! Come in Costume!
Rumor has it there will be prizes…(there will be no prizes).

Occupy Seattle will only succeed if you show up! And camp out! Occupy Together!



*Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles:

*Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle:

There will probably be multiple invitations for this event, but it’s all the same thing. Don’t get confused.

Occupy Seattle Still Looking for More Sites to Expand Occupation

While we are excited for the upcoming expansion of our occupation to include Seattle Central Community College, we realize this is just a small part of the expansion we will need as we continue to grow. Our Tactical Working Group is considering further expansions to other sites and has come up with a list of priorities to consider when evaluating the suitability of new locations.

We are requesting location recommendations from all occupiers! We are especially interested in offers of private spaces from sympathetic organizations like churches, unions, and community organizations. The terms for staying at such locations are certainly negotiable and any interested parties should contact the Tactical Working Group at or by phone at: 630-947-5708.

List of Priorities:

Legal Defensibility (“Arrest Friendly”)
Source of Water
24hr Access/Use of Tents or Sleeping Space
Shelter from the Weather
Public Gathering Space(s)
Public Transit Nearby
Ideal Camping or Sleeping Space (+100)
Waste Management Space or Facilities
Proximity to Westlake
Community Support
Vehicle Access
Tactical Exit Points
2000 sq ft for Storage/Supply
Proximity to Infrastructure (Printers/Library)
Proximity to Corporate Targets
Accessibility for People who are Disabled
Internet Access

General Assembly notes 10/25

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-25 19:45
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Aliana
  • Time keeper: Jamie
  • Agenda: Lady Gaga

Special announcement about Oakland

  • Hudson
    • Occupy Oakland
    • This morning, 500 police in riot gear came into camp firing tear gas and rubber bullets.
    • 80 arrests
    • Thousands of people are in the streets now.

Open letter to Occupy Seattle

  • Ginger
    • She jumped in two weeks ago, was working with Food Working Group
    • Why are we all here?
      • She's here to create a more compassionate world.
    • Telling the powers that be that things are fouled up and they are fired.
    • General assembly and working groups are a seed for our future
    • not waiting for government officials; simply doing it
    • be compassionate with yourself, those around you, the police, the mayor
      • compassion is not weakness
    • Don't sacrifice your life for this movement.
    • No one person should hold Occupy Seattle on their shoulders. If people do, we should relieve them.


  • ? – starting a welcome group and wants to make sure everyone is appreciated, is thanked for being here, and can state their opinions freely
  • ? – thanks for being here
  • ? – Has been here 18 days. Was not here last night. Getting our asses kicked by the police. To learn about civil disobedience, meet at top of stage after GA. October 13 was only a small taste of what we're capable of. If you want to get arrested, he'll get arrested with you and find legal defense for both.
  • ? – Things also went awry in Chicago.
  • ? – We have very big weekend coming up. Reminds everyone of the long-term and the legacy of what the movement will have, which is community and the future of human civilization. That's what we're working toward this weekend: laying a corner stone, building a solid structure. This week, all of us should do outreach, bring people together.
  • ? – Has four businesses in this area that are willing to donate all the cardboard we need for the weekend. Red Lion Hotel: Friday 3:30. Red Fin Motel: every day 3:30. Theater department Sunday 5pm. Getting big white cloth and inviting people to join.
  • Timothy – This Friday 5:30pm, bring a clean bowl, a clean spoon, and a sense of humor, and you'll have a great time.
  • Circus – Has been away, has been at Occupy Portland. No problems with cops, big park to camp in, but big, different, problems. Saw some things that would be great to incorporate into a camp, saw some things that would be very frightening if he was part of the camp. Will make suggestions in next few days. We can take the good and improve on their challenges.
  • ? – Trying to collect witnesses from the anti-police brutality march on Saturday. Was one of them. Was charged with third-degree assault of a police officer.
  • Shawn – This is a political party. Everyone wants to have fun. Timothy said a great thing. Used to live in Portland. Ginger, who read the letter, is really onto something. Without numbers, we'll die. Need to keep numbers up. But a mob kills political power. We can do both the politics and the party. If we don't, we suck. Let's talk about it later.
  • ? – Believes in free speech, but we need to think about how we're being perceived. When we do interviews in front of where people are demonstrating, their are children and elderly people there. Need to think about the people around us because they hear everything we do.
  • Tabitha – Arrested last Thursday. Pursuing case against police. If you have video or photos, get in touch.
  • Ian – Livestream often gets video of arrests, archives most of it. Get in touch with date and time.

Working group announcements

  • time: 20:10

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia
    • upcoming court appearance
      • who: Brock, Marcia, and Dakota
      • when: Friday, October 28, at 2:00 p.m.
      • where: King County Courthouse
      • please be respectful
    • Has placed public records request for here in Westlake as well as Freeway Park for past five years
      • Reviewing these to consider long-term strategy

Tactical Working Group

  • Cameron
    • reviewing tactical and logistical issues surrounding move to SCCC and long-term sustainability of the movement
    • meet 3pm at Westlake Center food court, 9pm in front of Seattle's Best Coffee south

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • have lots of ideas for outreach in larger Seattle community
    • meet 4pm and after GA in front of Sephora
    • received supportive letter from Puget Sound Alliance of Retired People
  • Joshua
    • will be on SCCC campus tomorrow from 8:30am until afternoon
    • call him 206-913-3423 if you can volunteer
  • ?
    • will have table on first floor, main hallway, for rest of week
    • drop-in volunteers encouraged

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • square looks good
    • needs
      • volunteer for daytime who can give square a good spot-clean
      • non-lethal rat traps
      • pallets (not ideas for acquisition, but to bring them)
      • new location will require restrooms in evening

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money, will make proposal
    • has warm clothes

Information Working Group

  • Norm
    • requests that when people organize an event, tell Info when it is and where it is
      • today there was a teach-in, and people asked where it was, but he could not answer them because he did not know

Media Working Group

  • Alliana
    • today, media committee issued press release announcing our move to SCCC Saturday 5pm

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Michael
    • tomorrow's GA time coincides with dance party
    • WG considered how to make this democratic
    • doesn't think it will work if we can't hear or are too busy dancing
    • no GA tomorrow, decision-making GA on Thursday

Livestream Working Group

  • Ian
    • a week ago, one of our viewers, frustrated with the no-umbrellas-in-park rule, sent us 50 umbrella hats
      • wear one, scribble things on it, and have a semi-permanent structure on your head

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Circus
    • WG still understaffed
    • as we spread out, will have greater need
    • when you need P&S, look first to yourself

Upcoming Actions

  • Eric at Salino Mexicano Grill at Westlake Center food court wants to promote his business by giving discounts to Occupy Seattle. Say that John sent you.
  • home foreclosure auctions
    • only one place that the auctions can happen: outside on front steps of King County Courthouse
    • meet 9:30am Friday in front of Pioneer Building near Mario's Pizza, then march to steps to protest and disrupt
    • had handful of people last week
  • Let's make revolution hip. Have finest organization in the world. Have Facebook. Want to have fun, to talk. Let's make it about us.
    • Need to separate into two groups:
      • people who show up for kicks, to talk about whatever and eat, just like at a bar
        • they'll get us the cameras
        • without that, we'll have no leverage
      • ? (cut short)
  • Meeting tomorrow 7pm at Uptown Espresso to mobilize resistance to police brutality
    • Thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday's march against police brutality
    • Three people have been murdered since Saturday
      • One of them a Marine. Was found with bullet wound and gun on him.
    • In Oakland now, people are being maced and brutalized
      • they're not backing down
  • Thurs, 7pm, at Revolution Books in Pioneer Square, having discussion on Occupy Wall Street movement to get perspective on bigger thing we're part of and how to make revolution.
  • Protest outside Social Security Administration at 6th and Blanchard, thurs 11:30-1:30, protesting cuts coming to Social Security Administration.
    • Cuts will make it more difficult for people to get benefits they earned.

Proposal notifications

  • time: 20:35
  • passed proposal that all proposals would be announced one day early, so now is time to announce upcoming proposals
  • Zach, Tactical and Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group
    • formed temporary working group to schedule outreach, speakers, rally, march, and other fun activities in conjunction with larger, national Bank Transfer Day on November 5
    • meeting after GA by hot dog stand to schedule further meetings
  • ? – For SCCC move, need to provide transportation to accommodate the disabled
  • Tabitha – Will propose good neighbor policy similar to New York's.
  • ? – Will propose Friday party at Westlake to honor everyone here, particularly Americorps volunteers who will be in town Friday to renew their pledges.
  • ? – Get together with everyone you know and ask them how they want to play with us. People will bring cameras, politicians will be in back.
  • facilitator: remember, these should be notifications of formal proposals planned for presentation at future meetings
  • ? – Friend is a self-employed marketing person. He'll find out if he can donate her services to the group.


  • Alyssa
    • proposal: Put our money in the BECU bank account we opened yesterday. Checks written on that account should require two signatures Legal and Supply. No debit card, instead writing checks to cash at counter. Have weekly receipt cycle, with weekly reports to GA. Amounts over 1000 to require GA approval.
    • restated: Money put in BECU. Checks require two signers. No debit or ATM card. Finance does books weekly, and report back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA approval. Finance committee has at least three people. Signers approved by GA. Four positions kept filled.
    • rationale:
    • discussion:
      • How many people would be authorized to sign a check?
        • Would be two, requiring both of them.
      • Proposes amendment: Authorized signers to be approved by GA.
        • amendment accepted
      • Corey – Opened account Monday. Max count of authorized signers is four. Credit union will only allow people with good credit, no outstanding collections.
      • Alyssa – Supply and Legal need more people.
      • Proposes amendment: Max withdrawal without GA be $500 instead of $1000
        • consider current need as result of SCCC
          • truckload of hay bales
          • at least 80 tents
          • at least four camp stoves
        • amendment denied
      • Jacob – Current system is a lockbox. Not good. Vulnerable. Let's do this now as an improvement, refine later as needed.
      • Corey – Is now principle of the account. Needs name and address removed, so we need to replace, and figure out what address to use.
      • ? – Banks are open five business days.
        • BECU is open on Saturday, so we have six days. Will keep the lock box for Sunday.
      • ? – Having two signatures is standard legal procedure for accounts like ours or people dealing with estates. This is a way of having two witnesses to the same check.
      • ? – Has anyone volunteered for signatory positions?
        • Legal and supply have been checking to find, in confidence, who can pass credit check. Most of us are broke.
      • ? – $1000 is too high a cap. Trusts everyone but doesn't know how we'll ensure money well-used.
    • vote
      • time: 21:02
        • clear majority
        • proposal passes


  • ? – Regarding Salina Mexicana, if you don't like the deal you get when you say John set you and you're with the occupation, he'll work with you
  • Tabitha – Sometimes after GA, emotions run high, so from now on after GA, she'll have a group afterward for anyone and everyone to come and release any emotions without discussion. Calling themselves Babble On. "As the towers fall, we shall babble on" Meet by towers unless there are too many cops there.
  • ? – We should show solidarity for Oakland
    • Unsure how to rally large number and raise visibility
  • Lady Gaga – Thanks for the solidarity, love, and support Occupy Seattle gives her and the rest of the LGBTQI community by moving to SCCC.
  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns Sunday. Come down 2pm, light them at dusk. Bring friends, kids, pumpkins, knives.
  • Sanitation crew will go to SCCC to scout for restrooms.
  • Ian – It's not just Oakland tonight. Livestream viewers report raids in Atlanta, Baltimore,
  • ? – Raids are making national news. People in Seattle will be looking for ways to express outrage. Suggests we make emergency response, maybe tomorrow night, where we call everybody and say, "It's right to occupy," Get the word out everywhere.
  • ? – Reminder: After GA, there will be civil disobedience training on stage to protect us against raids at SCCC.
  • Elvina – Our numbers are small tonight. Why? She went on Facebook and saw at least eight people resigning due to internal conflict. It is crucial for us to stop bickering, stop bringing up things that have been voted out or in. At the end of the day, color and sexuality aside, we're here because we've been oppressed. Cannot micro-manage if we're not doing anything. Need to call our friends now. Movement is falling apart. Can't even decide where to go. How will we set an example? How to tell Bank of America we're serious? Cops and mayor have embarrassed us, but they're not our only targets. Need to perform outreach and keep things fresh. There is no news media here because nobody is here. Get friends to show. Bring people who resigned back.
    • some have been excluded when trying to say things and use stuff. Has left a couple times, saying he wouldn't come back, but did.
  • ? – Have opportunity with raids that happened. Our numbers dwindled after raid. Wants occupations to become stronger. New camp will allow us to start again with lots of positivity.
  • ? – They took our umbrellas away, but didn't say anything about hats. Is a box of umbrella hats. Take them and share.
  • ? – Need a big spiral hug right now.

Adjourned 21:19

Declaration of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle

*The General Assembly passed this statement on Oct 20th.

**However, the name “Decolonize/Occupy” was not passed. Majority (63/40) of the GA insisted on keeping the name “Occupy Seattle.”


AFFIRMATION of Decolonization of Seattle with Northwest Indigenous Peoples

WHEREAS, those participating in “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” acknowledge that the United States of America is a colonial country, and that we are invaders and squatters upon stolen indigenous land that has already been occupied for centuries, Seattle being the ancestral land of the Duwamish and Suquamish people; and

WHEREAS, indigenous people of this land have continued to resist the violent conquest, oppression, exploitation and victimization by the invaders and colonizers since they first arrived on this continent; and as a result have endured a great amount of trans-generational trauma and woundedness; and that their experience strengthens this movement to expose those on-going inhumane crimes; and

WHEREAS, after centuries of disregard for the welfare of future generations, and the repeated disrespect and exploitation of the Earth, we find ourselves on a violated and polluted planet, lacking the Indigenous people’s wisdom and knowledge to live in balance, harmony and at peace with the community of Life; and

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has been used by imperialists to colonize indigenous lands

WHEREAS, the term “occupation” has also been reclaimed by militant workers of color from Latin America (Oaxaca, Buenos Aires, South Korea, China among other places) to describe their occupation of factories, schools and neighborhoods, to strike back against the oppressive forces led by racism and capitalism. It is in this context that we use the term “occupy”

WHEREAS the borders of the United States of America are a colonial construct based upon the violent destruction of indigenous land across the continent and therefore illegitimate in our eyes

WHEREAS this land is currently occupied by descendants of slaves kidnapped from the African continent, as well as economic refugees forcibly displaced by the forces of capitalism and imperialism around the world, therefore

AFFIRMED, that we prioritize the involvement of indigenous sovereign people in the redesigning and rebuilding of a new way of living on their ancestral land in the context that there is one mother of us all, our earth mother; and

As a Decolonization Statement to the national “Occupy” movement and to indigenous members who have been excluded by the colonialist language used to name this movement, it is declared that phrase “Occupy Seattle” is reframed to the inclusive cross-cultural term “Decolonize/Occupy Seattle” to affirm the guidance and participation of indigenous peoples; and to affirm the history of militant labor struggles associated with the term “occupy”

Awakening to compassion and extending an open hand of friendship and partnership, we hereby invite indigenous members of the Pacific Northwest and all displaced peoples to collaborate with us in this event remembering and reawakening to our original identity as humane beings – that is now initiated on this continent and worldwide simultaneously.

We intend to facilitate the process of healing and reconciliation and implore Indigenous Peoples to share their knowledge and wisdom of stewardship of the earth, water, fire and air to inspire and guide us restore to pure democracy rather than representative democracy as design failure in governing for collective survival; and to initiate a new era of cooperation and peace that is cross-cultural, intergenerational, inclusive and universal in practical application upon Mother Earth with the original indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Press release regarding SCCC move

Occupy Seattle Set to Open Another Front

October 25, 2010

The Occupy Seattle movement plans to add the campus of Seattle Central Community College to the campsites for the protests.
At the General Assembly last night, more than 80 percent of attendees voted to march to the Central District campus and establish a beachhead there for the decentralized movement.
A statement posted on the official website said, “SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.” The post also made clear that this did not mean protesters are abandoning their presence at Westlake Park, where the movement has sparred with city officials over their continued presence since the first of the month, when groups of protesters joined the nationwide movement. The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to begin on Saturday , oct.29, with a march from downtown to the campus.
“We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there,” said the official announcement, “however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.”
The march will commence at 5 p.m. from Westlake Park and proceed to the SCCC campus where there will be a rally and tents will be erected for protesters to stay in overnight.
Occupations have sprung up in hundreds of US cities and in more than 80 countries around the world since people in New York City responded to a call from Adbusters magazine to “occupy Wall St.”, the international financial center in lower Manhattan.
Although the protest movement, which is deliberately without formal leaders or spokespeople, has been criticized in the mass media for not having a set of demands to press, it has hit a visceral nerve with large segments of the population. The movement has generally coalesced around a critique of the present political and economic situation. Their slogan, “We are the 99 percent!” refers to the fact that fewer than a half-million people control more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 80 percent of the population are left with just 12 percent and middle class families feel increasingly under the gun.
Thank you,
Media Committee |

Occupy Seattle will Establish Base Camp at SCCC

After obtaining a 4/5ths super majority, the 10/24 General Assembly passed a proposal to establish base camp for Occupy Seattle at Seattle Central Community College. This does not mean that we will no longer be present at Westlake park, merely that SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.

We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there, however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.

The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to start Saturday 10/29, and we are planning multiple events. Stay tuned!

And please check our calendar for a full schedule!

General Assembly notes 10/24

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-24 18:43
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Allana
  • Taking stack: Kristin and Michael
  • Time keeper: Gabriel
  • Agenda keeper: Carol

Guest Speaker

  • Jesse from Occupy Wall Street
    • When you are confronted by the media or police, be mindful that you are a representative of each of your brothers and sisters. Have their best intentions in the back of your mind. Some feel righteous anger because they’ve been wronged. But the way we win is through peace. Powers that oppose us expect violence. They are only prepared for violence, and have no clue how to deal with a peaceful occupation. They call this a class war. You and I know we’re losing this war. We need to fight back with peace in our hearts and love and compassion. Advice: Act with peace in your heart and police your own so police have no reason to be involved. If you see violence, sexism, etc., be an objector. If you see something wrong, step forward, arms out. If people violate our principles, they should not be allowed to participate. This is a peaceful occupation of a public space. This is our space, and we’re taking it back — peacefully. Please share with everyone, at work, and place of worship, place of commerce, place of power, that this is a peaceful occupation by the people, representing the people whether they’re in New York, Boston, Wisconsin, or Seattle. We come to you in peace. We come to you in love. We invite you to join us.

Camper Check-in

  • Maria
    • Has done food and stuff since day one. Has noticed that when she tries to have food for other occupiers over night, things turned up missing or were blatantly stolen in front of her face. Needs more security, more eyes. Please help.
    • Needs more eyes on things. Is sick and tired of watching Parks Dept taking piles of donations away before people can use them. So, of you plan on staying over, please utilize every donation you can so she doesn’t have to explain to Parks staff that piles of things are hers.
  • Lana
    • Would like a space to talk to other campers that is a little quieter than GA. If you’re staying over night and want to compare notes, let’s talk. Seattle’s best after GA.
  • Danny
    • Was camping here for five days last week. Contracted bronchitus, had to take two-day vacation. Fortunately, is still here. Will remain here until Occupy Seattle and Occupy Wall Street have their demands met. Join us. Understands if you can’t make it all the time, but at least show up once, in the name of solidarity. The cough drops are awesome.
  • ?
    • Has been cold. Was not here last night because he saw that it was 38 degrees last night. Bundle up or you’ll get hypothermia.
  • ?
    • Thanks everyone for coming. Hopes everyone goes back to homes and communities and does as much outreach as possible.
  • ?
    • Some of her friends were here, drove three hours. Were kicked by someone here. Was completely uncalled for and doesn’t want to see it again.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:08

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • WG has been working hard on short- and long-term options for expansion of occupation. Will bring proposal regarding best short-term options to Wednesday’s GA.
      • Please join them if you have ideas to contribute
      • Meet 3pm, 9pm, and Westlake food court

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • WG is working on proposal for demands. Justin spoke briefly about it last night.
    • Demand: City of Seattle take our money out of big banks.
    • meeting tomorrow 4pm by See’s Candy

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • Everyone doing well. Square is very clean. Clean enough to eat off of. Don’t do that.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism Working Group

    • As industries profit off exploitation of all beings, human and non-human, and the destruction of our environment
    • AR&E WG works to expose those hidden practices and offer solutions that benefit all beings and the Earth in which we all live in.
    • Meet weekly, Mondays at 5:30 near See’s Candies.
    • find contact info on website under Demands tab
      • email

Learning and Self-education Work Group

  • Jasmine
    • meeting Weds 8pm at Turf
    • want to have a way to easily communicate what teach-ins are going on, so if you plan to teach one, go to Information booth and leave a note
    • This Saturday will be day of visioning. They’ll send notices as widely as possible, will have people bring three-part drawings: What’s wrong with society, what they think could come out of occupation, and what their vision is. Then at 3pm, will go sit by pictures and start talking to people next to us, really listen, not be afraid of difficult stories, stories of oppression, discrimination, and other difficult topics.
    • email

Storage Committee

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money, please vote to to put them in the bank account
      • nearly $1000
    • will be cold tonight, so giving cold weather supplies to medical
    • phone doesn’t ring enough. If you need supplies, call. Don’t have time to run all over City Hall and Westlake.
      • 206-892-8136, 206-501-5715
    • needs
      • hand warmers
      • blankets
      • hot meals
    • thank you to Aerospace Machinist Union Lodge 571 for donation TODO: check number

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • yesterday, did program at Ballard Farmers Market
      • people wanted to come down here, but want a reason, want events and things going on, not just meetings
    • meet every day at 4pm and after GA in front of Sephora
    • getting money into the bank would be good; have been paying individually for flyers
    • if you have events, get them on the calendar to give people a reason to come

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • Ariana
    • have events planned
      • Wednesday: have two well-known DJ’s spinning here from 6-9pm
      • if direct action is to occur, please have it while people are here. Is important to capture interest of those who wouldn’t otherwise be interested.
    • On 15th at big march, dressed up as Lady Liberty in chains. Image was on front page of Sunday paper.
    • first official meeting was today at 4pm
    • have group on Facebook, will announce events on forum

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Have mission statement. It’s on the website. Encourages other WGs to have mission statement. Helps Media understand the cohesiveness of the movement.
    • Meet daily 4pm in front of See’s Candies (this includes weekends)
    • If you have an event that needs to be advertised, Media will do it for you. See her or any WG member. They wear green armbands.
    • Email address is listed on the website. Can send message about your event to that address.

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • has check for $1000, not made out to Occupy Seattle because the person who wrote it trusts him, wrote it to him.
    • Lots of people want to give money but don’t trust him so much. Need bank account so they can write checks so we can have money to help move campaign forward.
    • other needs:
      • Have benefit coming up, planning more. If familiar with organizing, publicizing musical concerts, or would like to be familiar with it, get in touch.
      • people to help sell signs
        • spoke with people at Labor Temple today. Unions are interested. Need to build contacts and make sales.

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Shawn
    • Have noticed, as everyone likely has, that the block is a little bit glitchy, as is the proposal process. Are working on it. Not easiest thing
    • Meet daily, 4:30pm under Romax sign
    • email
    • will likely bring proposals tonight
      • limit number of decision-making GAs to four per week starting next week
      • proposals must be announced 24 hours in advance of GA presentation

Legal Working Group

  • Alex
    • Nobody has been arrested lately, so not worrying about defense now.
    • Next Sunday, location TBA, will meet to discuss legal offense.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Arless
    • Have over 21 partners nationally (organizations and other occupations)
    • To get on the email list,
    • website

White Anti-Racist Caucus

  • Allana
    • called on to do education about language of occupation as relates to indigenous communities
    • caucus held daily 5:30pm to have conversation

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • insurgencies run today (you know who you are) will never know his staff because they are sworn to secrecy
    • needs:
      • disposable mobile phones
      • people willing to be arrested


  • Andrew
    • November 5 is coming up: Bank Divestment Day.
      • Should start planning now
      • He put something on the calendar for tomorrow night to start talking
        • response: Tactical is working on that.
        • response: Outreach is working on that. 4pm daily and after GA
  • Art Mitchell and Joey
    • Need help with collecting evidence and testimonies from Saturday’s arrests
    • If you were there, meet by fountain

Morale Working Group

  • Danny
    • duty is to keep spirits up
    • need activities and participants to help keep morale up
      • is convinced that this movement will succeed
      • your positive energy will help make it real
      • don’t need to be a member of Morale to help cheer us up


  • time: 19:41
  • proposal: Begin a mass occupation at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday with tents, to prepare for it all week, and to keep occupying SCCC until we vote to do otherwise.

    • presenter: Matt and Jordan
    • background: Last night, passed by overwhelming majority, then was blocked. Will explain what happened, how has been adjusted. Will vote on the rest if the main proposal passes.

      • Safety cannot be guaranteed by the law anywhere.
        • If authorities want us out, will try to get us out. It’s an occupation. Taking back public space through struggle.
      • Will be easier to defend ourselves if we can win broad public support.
      • Pressuring the Mayor is very difficult, and not working well.
      • At SCCC, with huge base of support, can put massive pressure on campus president. Flyering and campaigning is ongoing.
      • Commuter students will be more likely to participate if they can camp out on campus.
      • President has already claimed we’ll disrupt education. We know occupation is an educational experience.
      • SCCC is even more visible than Westlake.
      • Westlake dies nightly, empowering police. On Broadway, will always be visible, and will draw support from the community.
      • Many students of color and working class students will have an opportunity to join, as will LGBTQI community.
      • Not giving up on downtown. Not a retreat. GA’s still here unless voted otherwise.
      • Stop wasting time rebuilding every night, and go on the offensive.
    • sketch of action plan: Proposed schedule: 5pm march Saturday from here to Central. 6:30pm speak-out without proposals at Central. Halloween party starting at 8pm. Tent raising ceremony 8:30.
    • How to carry it out:
      • Create Occupy Seattle Central Community College committee to meet daily for everyone who wants to move. Workgroups can join and collaborate. Medical, Legal, Peace and Safety may feel overwhelmed, so propose they hold trainings later this week. Media and Internet teams would announce this tonight, call for volunteers later this week. Are not leaders, not trying to take over. Work groups are not leaders, either. If we want this occupation to last, vote for this and take lead yourselves to make this happen. Learned at Westlake.
    • discussion:
      • Sarah – Has been student at UW and eastern. If you do not have student ID and step foot on campus, can be arrested for trespassing.
        • area occupying is regarded as public space; plaza area on south end
      • Sarah – if the president of the school decides to make an example of us, could be arrested.
      • ? – If we all worry about every little thing we could get arrested for, would not have an occupation. Thinks everyone here opposes 23% tuition hikes, shutting down daycare center at SCCC, and is tired from being here all night.
      • ? – Are suggesting that entire local movement move from City Hall Plaza and from Westlake Park to move to SCCC? Part of argument being made is contingent upon massive faculty and student body support. What proof and reassurance have they that support exists?
        • First part: not part of this proposal tonight. Could be decided after we decide on this. Second part: Is student there, others are here as well. Walk-outs that happened involved largest contingent from SCCC.
      • ? – Noticed that over the past week, only thing keeping us together is a meeting. Wants community that doesn’t center on a meeting.
      • ? – Was concern raised about actual proof that we have active support at Seattle Central. As faculty member and someone who has attended since very first GA, will address. True, no written promise from students, faculty, and staff. SCCC has long, radical history of having supported radical movements. Only reason we have not yet conducted massive outreach at SCCC, is wants GA to approve. Have several students ready to hit the ground and conduct outreach at SCCC.
      • ? – Agrees that we need to do something because we’re getting murderized here. What happens if this idea of moving to place where we’re not getting murderized, we go to SCCC and face same opposition? What will happen if we get creamed there like we’re getting creamed here. No guarantee from president that he’ll support us there. We’re cold and hungry.
        • There’s no guarantee. Might face opposition. This is an occupation. It’s illegal. That’s the nature of it.
      • ? – Mentioned having discussions with Tactical and other working groups. Can we hear from Tactical and proposers about content of discussions.
        • Calling for formation of open committee. Have put word out. Wants to work with other groups.
      • ? – Best defense is to mobilize. Proved this two Saturdays ago when with our mass occupation, police had to back down. SCCC would give us large base from which to mobilize. This Saturday is decisive. Should leverage large number of people.
      • Duff – From October 1, our first Saturday here at Westlake, has been arguing passionately to stay here. Changed mind. Now supports proposal to move to SCCC. We no longer have an occupation here. Salutes those who are still camping here, but do not have enough overnighters for this occupation. Chances of occupation are greater at SCCC than here. We are occupation, illegal, guerrilla warriors. Meld into city at SCCC.
      • ? – This is hasty. We have not allowed workgroups to weigh in. People here have illogical emotional attachment to going to SCCC. Is not wed to any proposal, but wed to XXX
        • No other location has safety that buffer that is entire community we can tap into, that is not in banks, downtown shopping center. We’ll go up there and join with the people. Not hasty. If Tactical didn’t get it, haven’t been listening. All a work group is is a group that does stuff. Instead of saying this is emotional, Tactical should explain why this doesn’t meet their criteria.
      • Liam – Was one of the people who initiated walkout at SCCC. Had 300 students. Had support of teachers, students, staff. Have plans to get signatures every day this week from students, workers, teachers on campus to show support. Already have editorial in New City Collegiate. Meeting with president and student council to make case for why this is good. Will be unstoppable if we go where there’s large support. Our weakest time is during the day when students are there to support us.
      • ? – It is grass. That many people on grass will screw up the grass. Question for faculty member: Said several people ready to work with us. Please define “several”.
        • Did not say that several faculty members are ready. Said what Liam clarified about SCCC students, that they’re ready to carry this out. Re grass: plaza like this, and can use tarps and palates to protect grass.
      • ? – Student debt crisis is next mortgage crisis. Logical step is to move toward student involvement. Dream has always been alive for those of us who are students.
      • ? – Young people are always looking for a purpose. This is a great purpose, and young people are already there. We can always move if it doesn’t work out. Let’s check it out, and if it sucks, we’ll pick somewhere else.
      • ? – We should be clear, as others have said, that there are no guarantees. However, this is an extremely well-discussed, well though out, detailed plan. Idea that this is emotional or not well-planned seems to be coming from Tactical, with whom he met. Seems that they don’t have a plant, but long checklist, discussion, and lack of tactics. We have tactics. We know this will work. Need students, faculty, staff, surrounding community. Let’s have a great Halloween party.
      • ? – Stands here as rep of overnight community. Before this was in opposition to going go Central. Now supports it.
    • vote
      • time 20:22
        • blocks (2)
          • Corey, Legal – Likes lots about idea of moving. This goes against fundamental principles of this protest. As we speak in this park, we have a legal right to be here. Multiple federal courts have upheld that right against the same laws City is trying to enforce against us being here. If we move to SCCC, no matter what has been said, it is not a location we have legal right to set foot upon. Without invitation, it’s illegal. Would become an unlawful protest. Here, we are lawful protest. One of the fundamental principles of Occupy Seattle is taking part in lawful and peaceful protest. Have legal right to be here. Can continue to fight that battle. Can win that battle. Legal precedent supports this. No legal right to be on SCCC property, which is reserved for students. It’s not an open space at which we have right to speak or protest. Looking at severe consequences.
          • discussion:
            • ? – We don’t have principles, so doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If it’s legal, why are cops arresting us?
              • They’re doing it unconstitutionally. This is a public space to which we have a right. We do not have that at SCCC.
            • ? – It may be legal during the day, but is not at night. Overnight, people endure constant harassment from police regardless of Constitution.
              • Understands concerns. We have legal recourse to those police actions. Will not have legal recourse at SCCC. Has been here every night after 10pm, knows what the cops are doing.
            • ? – Block is to be used in violation of core principles against core principles of Occupy Wall Street. Brining up practical issues, not principles. Duty of work groups is to work these out before bringing to general assembly.
              • Has already explained that XXX
            • ? – Occupy Wall Street is an illegal occupation.
            • ? – Legal recourse could take years.
          • vote
            • time: 20:38
            • 108 for, 26 oppose
            • Block overridden, proposal passes
  • proposal: Action at Chase Bank noon Saturday, before they close.

    • presenter: Dan, who helped create Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus
    • rationale:
      • Want to draw more people to Occupy Seattle. Focusing on banks will do this.
      • Don’t intend to have mass arrests, but to draw media attention.
      • want action to provide mass and material support for Occupy Seattle
      • Union leadership wants to see GA approval of this action.
      • If this works, could lead to long and fruitful relationship with unions.
    • discussion:
      • Will send link to website. Banks borrowed our money, did not pay interest back, not loaning money back to us, but buying American T-bonds and earning money on the money we gave them.
      • Our money is not ours, it’s loaned to us by Federal Reserve bank.
    • vote
      • time 20:53
      • proposal passes unanimously
  • proposal: Proposals must be publicly announced the day before they’re brought to vote, in a facilitated assembly, maybe lunch assembly, maybe evening assembly

    • restated: all proposals will be brought to facilitated discussion minimum of one day prior to vote
    • presenter: Shawn
    • source:
    • rationale:
      • Trying to force consensus is XXX. Hopefully this will open up time for other stuff.
      • Proposals are a bad time to bring emergency things.
    • discussion:
      • ? – What about emergency proposals?
        • If we allowed, we’d have 12 emergency proposals each day. If this makes you uncomfortable, come talk to us.
      • ? – We should think three times before we speak. Often people do not. Can think three times about what to say in a 24-hour period.
      • ? – Why go somewhere we’re not welcome?
        • We already voted on that.
      • ? – Loves this. Would like to see proposals posted for 24 hours so we don’t have to hear them through the grapevine.
        • Additional proposal will be brought that will stipulate this.
      • ? – Need exact language prior day, or just general idea?
        • Will soon have method to help people polish their proposals during that period.
    • vote
      • 21:02
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: There will be four decision-making GAs per week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other GAs, held nightly or as desired will be for discussion, refinement, and debate of proposals, among other things.

    • presenter: Jacob
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale:
      • Discussion GAs are important. Want to make space for that.
      • Ties in with proposals being made day in advance.
    • discussion:
      • Would it be possible to make exception for emergency proposals on discussion night?
        • Have discussed some process to do that. Problem is defining emergency. May be important to some but not to others.
      • Wants to encourage inclusivity. Likes this. Has anyone spoken to religious groups about voting on Sundays?
        • No. Part of the decision of days was to strike balance of availability. Some can’t come on weekdays, others can’t be here on weekends.
      • Would proposals need to be made on certain nights?
        • No. Will now have facilitated discussion GAs during the day.
    • vote:
      • time: 21:12
      • proposal passes


  • Liam
    • Have plan for SCCC organizing.
    • Join at atrium any day this week from 8:50am to 2pm to collect petition signatures.
    • 3:30pm, every day, anyone who wants to work with their club, come meet.
  • ?
    • is student at SCCC
    • teachers frequently provide opportunities to talk about Occupy Seattle
  • ?
    • Twice people Have people from occupation twice who got on bus, handed out fake bus passes, and encouraged people to ride for free. To participate, keep ear out for “mob a bus”.
  • ?
    • UW student, organizing teach-ins
    • have suggestions for professors, send them to SJWissmer at
  • ?
    • Has been gone a few days, loves all of us. Will figure way to get wicked prizes for Halloween costume contests.
  • ?
    • Sanitation needs another volunteer now.
  • ?
    • No proposal failed tonight. Good job.
  • ?
    • Thanks for good GA which did not lead him to walk away in frustration.
  • ?
    • Another bank action — this one an occupation — is in the works for next week.
      • meet after GA to discuss
  • Shawn
    • For productive further discussion: We don’t know what our fundamental principles are. Finding them through debate and blocks.
    • Regarding emergency proposals: GA’s are great for deciding policy, but not good place to decide at last minute about actions. Need to think a lot about how we read the policy and the proposals we’ve already brought, an proposals we’re going to bring, so when we have emergency, can act on what we’ve already decided when we have time for deliberation.
  • Doc
    • Have contingency groups going to banks with these people. Needs help.
  • ?
    • Had second proposal for SCCC, but facilitators suggested did not need to propose, could just go with it. But in interest of consensus building, will read times again. Any known time conflicts?
      • 5:00pm – march from Westlake park to SCCC
      • 6:30pm – speakout at central (like GA without decisions)
      • 8:00pm – Halloween party
      • 8:30pm – tent raising
    • in other cities are sometimes calling non-voting GAs general gatherings
  • Ross Grimshaw
    • is grad student at University of Washington
    • helping organize Chase bank action
      • needs support of undergrads at UW and other schools
  • poster and handbill for mass occupation and Halloween party will be posted to Faceobok and website tonight

Adjourned 21:29

Food and Kitchen

General contact and off-site cooking: or

Including Information from Previous FOOD Working group

General Group Contact & Coordination of Resources

On-site Kitchen
Emily: 206.930.2160


The camp is at Seattle Central Community College, on Capitol Hill, 1701 Broadway near the corner of E. Pine St.

Food is welcome at any time, but there are some nights of the week when we have cooks or groups signed up to make dinner. Right now (Dec 7), we need folks to cook:
– DINNER all nights, or;
– LUNCH on Saturday or Sunday.
Please contact Sonya Rodgers by email: or by phone: 206.501.5715 to sign up.

We try to feed about 100 people each evening, but you do not have to fill that whole need. If you make a double recipe of something hearty, that will feed 20-25, which is a big contribution. Hot foods with protein and carbohydrates are most appreciated. Vegetarian and meat dishes are welcome. Some possible offerings: chili, soup with grains, rice with beans, pasta with sauce. We also have some supplies available, and fresh produce donated from farmer’s markets in need of cooks. Contact Sonya for more info and to arrange pickup.

To drop off food, you will find it most convenient to drive south on Broadway and pull up in front of the camp, just before (north of) the corner of Pine. You can’t miss the camp, and we are currently serving food from a table on the main walkway that runs through the campus plaza. NOTE: You will need to turn southbound onto Broadway three or four blocks north of the college. The intersections of Broadway with E. Olive Way, E. John St., and E. Denny Way all work.

There is often a parking space in front of the main entrance to camp, but even if not, you can pull over in front of the line of parked cars, turn on your flashers, and ask someone at the camp to help you offload your food. We recommend staying around for about a half hour and taking your pot(s) home. If you leave your equipment, please label it with your name and phone number.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail or

General Assembly notes 10/23

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-23 18:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Ian
  • Time keeper: Jamie
  • Taking stack: Val
  • Agenda: Chase
  • Orientation: Nicholas


  • Kristen
    • Had a good time last night. At Westlake Park, couple people, as a non-violent protest, set their sleeping bags near the police. Many people joined by placing their sleeping bags out. She left at 5am, and the cops had not done anything about this. Doesn't know the reason (weekend, press?), but was awesome. We talked, debated, then slept.
  • ?
    • Those of us who try to stay here every night can't sleep. Can't lay down, can't sleep on a blanket or put one under us.
  • ?
    • Consistent pattern: After about 2:30, police allow blankets and laying on the ground.
  • ?
    • Was one of the people sleeping with blankets in front of police. Was fun. Please join tonight.
  • ?
    • Loves sleeping outside.
  • ?
    • Thanks those who are metaphorically keeping the fire burning, camping down here under increasingly-difficult circumstances (declining weather, declining number of people staying). Has stayed overnight, can't do it all the time, appreciates those who are here.
  • Kellen
    • Concern among people with whom he's mingled: Seems there are dividing factions. Not necessarily opposing, but dividing. Is a contingency of people who view the occupation of Seattle as being an intentional community for the purpose of building consensus among individuals and as a group with the vision of building a movement for justice. Other faction seems to be those who have in mind to simply reform our current structures. He doesn't see these as oppositional viewpoints, but this is causing conflict. Hopes we can understand each other and where we're coming from.
  • Chris
    • Wonders if there are plans in motion to get permits to continue camping at Westlake Park. Any acts in motion to relieve stress from police so some of us can get some sleep.
      • We've been engaging in direct action opposing the police harassment. Has proven effective to use lights shining in the eyes of police officers as they do to us. They often turn off their lights after persistent light warfare.
  • Ellie
    • Read on Seattle City Council website that a motion will be voted on Monday, October 31, in support of Occupy Seattle. We have an excellent chance of winning that vote. If McGinn wants a second term, he needs to support us. We're wasting lots of energy fighting the cops. We need a home like Portland's so we can build our movement, come together as a community.
    • Denny Park might be good home for us. Envisions as an interim measure, being like Nickelsville (very sustainable, safe, intentional, positive). Denny Park could be good.
  • Linda
    • This is an occupation. Do we really need permits? She doesn't think so.
  • ?
    • Westlake is excellent front line. Excellent visibility. Great forward operating base. Terrible command post. Cannot sustain command post here. Does not want to open another debate in what has been a very positive start to GA.
    • Let's keep Westlake as front line, forward operating base. Let's find another place for command post.
    • Good general does not throw all resources to the front line, but holds some in reserve. We should do this, and we should do it before La Nina winter comes and makes it miserable for us. Weather will be bigger enemy than police and permits. Those days are only days away.
  • ?
    • There is possibility of office/conference center at 3rd Ave and Union, at Seattle Sustainability Campaign.
    • Suggests finding when City Council vote happens so we can be there to support.
  • Doc
    • Really loves seeing us here.
    • Insurgency that we launched has no arrests, great coverage.
    • If can risk arrest and have fun, please see him.
    • Still needs folks who can be disposable for peaceful disobedience.
  • ?
    • Rode down on bike, locked to garbage can by police van. Now it's gone.
  • Jonathon
    • Energy is real. Many young people don't believe our numbers will grow large enough to make a difference.  Awareness is necessary for change.
  • Loree
    • Hasn't camped here but her spirit is here. Supports us and agrees that we need to establish a base. Need to be here because this is what we're fighting against. Need to stay peaceful and know that we don't need physical bodies to be here. Millions of people support us. Remember this when times get rough.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:05

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Stian
    • We have a calendar ( We do not filter events, does not have to be an official Occupy Seattle event. Is for direct actions, work groups, and other events in the spirit of our movement. Instructions can be found on the calendar page.
    • E-mail address:
      • Contact if you'd like them to do something or volunteer. To expedite, Include as much detail as possible.

Tactical Working Group

  • Peter
    • Joint statement from: Process and Facilitation, Food, Outreach, ICT, Tactical, Peace and Safety, Medical, Legal
    • Occupants of Westlake and the working groups which provide support to Westlake have continuously expressed desire for additional and stable base camp. Around 15 locations are being seriously scrutinized for their tactical and logistical advantages. To best prepare ourselves for this transition and maintain the advantage of surprise, we are not at this time announcing the names of these locations. Instead, we will share the list of tactical priorities against which these locations will be judged. Wednesday, we will provide an important update on how the proposal and possible establishment of this base camp will proceed. Stress that this is meant to be short-term and interim solution while gathering strength for next long-term steps.
    • Requests:
      • two reps from each working group attend 5pm inter-team meetings held daily this week
      • feedback on priorities:
        • legal implications of the site
        • 24-hour access to and display of tents at the site
        • water access
        • defensibility
        • shelter from the elements
        • public gathering space
        • nearby public transportation
        • ideal space for camping and facilities for waste management
      • patience while they determine which locations can actually support our supply, medical, and other logistical necessities
    • as soon as possible, within days, an actionable solution will be brought for proposal
    • encourage to go to second floor Westlake Mall food court where tactical meets if would like to discuss and share other site priorities
    • discussion
      • Was not a joint statement
        • Yes, it was
          • please join people after GA for further clarification

Livestream Working Group

  • Jake
    • Got the Mayor to commit to interview with livestreamers
      • will be next week, exact date TBA
      • to submit questions for the Mayor, give to Ian after GA by tomorrow
      • discussion
        • Will Media provide questions?
          • response from Ian: He'll select them, as he will conduct interview, but won't attempt to censor

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Ed
    • proposals for streamlining GA to come this week: (announcing early to facilitate development and revision)
      • all proposals announced one day in advance so they can be discussed, revised prior to announcement at GA
      • general assemblies nightly, but decisions made only on four of them, leaving three for open-ended discussions like we had last night
        • decision nights Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, others: no proposals, no decisions
        • come talk to them 4:30pm by Romax

Money out of Politics Working Group

  • Chris
    • new working group, will meet Sundays at 3pm by See's Candies
    • Had discussion about getting money out of politics

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • working on first possible demand
      • City of Seattle holds lots of money in multiple banks, particularly Wells Fargo. Considering proposal demanding that City Council withdraw or at least really consider getting out of Wells Fargo.
        • Will be discussing for a while.
    • find Demands group, usually meet 4pm daily (every weekday and some weekends), in front of See's Candies or third floor of Westlake Mall (little nook on the side, explore to find)

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Cameron
    • Working on recruitment of members. Need more.
      • Need enough people to have two people here to represent P&S at all times.
      • Need people at City Hall Plaza, too, to deal with theft, etc.
    • Meet by Peace Tree, third south of Pine Street
    • Yesterday's march was peaceful
      • Was it? Police beating with bikes?
        • March divided
          • Group that broke off: Peace and Safety members were there to get them back with the rest of the crowd, slowly, peacefully, one-by-one.

Occupy Halloween Working Group

  • Jake
    • Next weekend, Saturday, will kick off Occupy Halloween.
      • encourages us, our families, particularly with kids, to come down wearing our message
        • bankster, corporate zombie, Captain Credit Untion
      • noon until 10pm
      • costume contests hourly, chances to talk about costumes and why here
      • bring punch pie, pumpkin soup
      • every creative idea does not need approval; just do it

Sanitation Committee

  • ?
    • good news: square looks great
    • bad news: for immediate future, porta-potties not feasible. Very expensive. Way more than a box you poop in should be.
    • need volunteers to research sustainable, homemade, do-it-yourself, porta-potties
      • meet by dumpsters after GA

Politics Working Group

  • Andrew
    • started WG yesterday, but didn't hang around for people to join
    • please read news, find scandals and interesting stuff
    • meet after GA
    • Bank of America is lining up for another bailout; may be taking trillion if they take a dive. November 5 is take your money out of banks event country-wide. Let's put two and two together.

Medical Working Group

  • ?
    • Had teach-in on psychological first aid and activist self-care
    • download your own at or
    • encourage radical self-reliance
    • happy to help, happier when you help yourself
    • If you use incense, make cigarette smoke, or wear personal scent products, be aware that this prevents others from participating in GA and other activities. Please do elsewhere.
    • tweeting health, safety, and wellness @occupyhealthy


  • Elvina
    • Wore tent as costume. Some cops laughed, others were angered. Was creative act of civil disobedience.
    • Will go tomorrow in costume to Bank Of America to interview bankers.
      • Would like to simultaneously have people wrap the entrance of Bank of America in crime scene tape
        • needs help with this
      • please meet next to Peace Tree after GA to discuss annoying Bank of America


  • time: 19:33
  • proposal: Resolved: Before this assembly, we are Occupy Seattle. No change to this name shall happen except by a unanimous vote of a scheduled meeting of the general assembly.
    • restated: (same)
    • presenter: Chris
    • discussion
      • ? – Thinks that this proposal goes against the principals of the GA because it concerns future and already-made proposals. Proposals like this should be blocked because it is probably referring to the People of Color's proposal to rename. It's a passive-aggressive move. Bring it up in context of those proposals.
      • ? – This proposal is unnecessary because block can cause requirement of 4/5 supermajority. Requiring unanimity is not necessary. Voted to keep name, but doesn't like this proposal.
        • response: still feels that we are Occupy Seattle
      • ? – Idea that we could pass something by simple majority that would require a unanimous decision of something later on is completely undemocratic. Sorry, bad idea.
      • ? – We are movement building. This means there is potential for name to change, not just here but nationally. Movements always change names. Cannot predict the future.
      • ? – This is a way to dampen dissent. This is the way the Republicans try to deal with Democrats in Congress. This is completely undemocratic. Would prefer we not use this as a way to talk about same issue again.
      • ? – When Occupy Seattle started and name was chosen, it was by small group of people for sake of convenience. Was not general consensus of people of Seattle.
        • response: However, it's the right name. We are Occupy Seattle.
      • ? – Name "Occupy Seattle" leaves the purpose for people gathering here broad and general. By changing the name we then label the people who come here as part of something other than what they came here for. By leaving it Occupy Seattle, make it clear to others that this is a place we chose to occupy so we can form our own groups and tackle problems.
        • response: change would cause problems with media, Internet, etc.
      • point of order: we're voting on whether to change conditions required to change name, not on changing name
      • ? – Agrees not with the proposal, but with the spirit of it. Was here for previous discussion. Lots of mean things said on both sides. Fracturing movement in other cities. Seeks proposal some other night for dealing with painful, contentious issues in GA.
      • point of process: proposer should use people's microphone
      • point of process: facilitator asked for supporting comments, aren't any, we're calling for vote
    • vote
      • time: 19:57
        • clear majority opposed; proposal fails
  • proposal: mass move to SCCC this weekend, with preparation all week
    • restated: begin mass occupation, indefinitely, at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday night, with tents, and prepare for it this week
    • restated: begin mass, indefinite, occupation at Seattle Central Community college on Saturday night, with tents, and prepare for it all week.
    • restated: (same)
    • rationale: Know that some groups are preparing alternatives, but if we really want to move this Saturday when we have mass support, need to start the process tonight. Courage of people holding Westlake Park is appreciated. Simply having heart is not enough. Simply having smart tactics against the police is not enough. Need to wage broader political battle to gain support to put pressure on authority figures who are sending cops to try to destroy our movement. Will be easier to pressure President of Seattle Central than to pressure the Mayor. Battle we may be able to win for the reasons:
      • already know that President of SCCC does not support us
        • this is because he supports interests of the 1%
      • however, already have mass base among faculty, students, staff
      • student walkout last week had largest from SCCC
      • many students support this movement; to keep it alive we should support them
      • not proposing to abandon Westlake; GA is still here unless we decide otherwise later
        • need to focus on direct action against financial institutions downtown
        • need home base from which to launch those
      • word already going out from clubs on campus, online publications, print publications
    • discussion
      • Nicole – Tactical is doing lots of work investigating all the things we need. If we go there without the support of SCCC President, where will we cook, use restroom? Still cold in grass at Seattle Central. Would like to wait for Tactical report before moving from one temporary place to another. Can we try not to plan multiple events on same night (e.g., big move when there's a big party that night)
        • proposer: clarification: President does not support, but have faculty support
      • Justin from Demands – would split us, change from movement people identify with to a mob. Would lose people, preclude political victory.
      • ? – 10th day here, at least 15 hours a day here, but doesn't sleep here. Wants to do stuff, not wait around. Wants child care, things Portland has. If this has most support, really wants to do it.
        • proposer: Appreciates work Tactical is doing. Saw some of their research. Criteria are good. SCCC meets may of them.
          • visibility, immediate logistical support, people nearby (residential areas nearby), people watching at night, so if cops try to do something, there is more visibility than here. Still close to downtown. Can use building * need to focus on direct action against financial institutions downtown
      • ? – Likes Capitol Hill, but knows people there are generally down with what we're doing. People coming home from work won't detour through Capitol Hill.
        • proposer: flash mobs, outreach
      • Lady Gaga – Member of LGBTQI community. Lots of support on Capitol Hill.
      • ? – as stated earlier, Westlake is a good front line. Need operating base. SCCC has history of movements. Black Panthers and Oriental Student Unions have occupied SCCC in past.
      • ? – Does not support SCCC for long-term (grass, mud, bad drainage, small, bad part of town). But is great idea to occupy for Halloween. Best part of town for Halloween.
      • ? – Dislikes for multiple reasons: 1) President not on board. Trading one place we're unwelcome for another where we're unwelcome. 2) Have group evaluating 15 places we could move. SCCC is on that list. If it turns out to be optimal, is worthy of consideration. But if we move too early, could shoot ourselves in the foot. 3) Heard police are already looking around SCCC. Not as secure as might think.
        • There's continuous support there.
      • ? – Supports for multiple reasons: 1) Boost in numbers, 2) Youth culture of Capitol Hill will bolster and support us. 3) Numbers of people of color will be boosted.
      • ? – For movement to continue need to move. Wants to hear from Tactical. Excited about moving. Notes that most important thing about movement is not where spend night but how we spend our activities. Need place we can organize, pull our money out of credit unions, etc.
      • Seattle Central is closer to Westlake than you might think. Keep it in mind. People there are moving around at all hours. Not so at Westlake. Safer there overnight when police try to evict. Downtown is harder to defend than Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is more residential. But it's still commercial area, not as much so as Westlake, but still banks and big businesses there.
      • ? – From Legal: If we make move to occupy both SCCC and Westlake, Legal does not have resources to support two locations of unwanted occupations, just one.
        • proposer: Not about dividing forces, about joining forces up there. About moving base camp, not where GA is.
      • ? – Favors. Urgent because: Showed two Saturdays ago that we can successfully occupy Westlake in face of police harassment, but requires hundreds of people. Don't have hundreds here during week. Numbers are dwindling. If we don't take action soon, likely that occupation will be broken up. SCCC provides numerous tactical advantages. More defendable, easier to get larger turnout. Need time to mobilize there. Saturday is the best day to make a move, because we're likely to have mass turnout on Saturday, could then march to SCCC. It's vital for GA to rapidly decide so word can get out and students and staff can start building active base.
      • ? – It's raining now. Reality is that weather is not on our side. Weather getting worse. Police harassment getting worse. Nationally, police are cracking down fiercely, particularly on expansions to new locations. We need to expand immediately — this Saturday — to build huge occupation at SCCC. Understands ongoing WG discussions. All of us here have great tactical minds, have been discussing it every day at Westlake. Is absolutely essential that as democratic body we not be paralyzed by decision until midweek for something we should start tonight. so we can have feet on the ground tomorrow at SCCC.
    • vote
      • time: 20:32
        • majority favors, proposal passes
      • blocks (2)
        • ? – Not blocking the fundamental principle of occupation, is blocking the proposal partially because of issues on CH due to noise and alcohol prevention. Would need to stop at a certain time to respect the neighbors.
        • ? – Concerned with lack of actionable plan. Main problem with proposal is that without Food, Tactical, Medical, or other work groups talked to to figure out logistics, this plan, even with good intentions, can burn and die. Let's table until tomorrow.
          • point of process: This does not raise issues of core principles.
            • Lacks actionable plan. Without such, is not complete plan.
          • point of process: note that of numerous GA's, blockers are male socialized folks and facilitators stick to point of process when dissent is expressed, but rarely otherwise.
          • point of process: should vote on block, not on proposal again
        • discussion
          • Regarding second block: Main concern is that we haven't given this time, and Tactics has not discussed. Was with Tactics today. They spent five hours discussing it. Can't say what they decided, but has spent 80 hours over last week working to make this occupation successful at SCCC. Nothing is guaranteed. Was just at City Hall last night; it's a nightmare; that's guaranteed. We must take risks.
          • Values opinion of those voting against. This idea has most support so far. If you think we need to move, even if you have questions about viability of location, if you put faith in workgroups, we'll need 4/5 support to stop standing in the rain.
          • Wisdom of general assembly will be followed, and work groups should follow lead of general assembly. If we decide to move to SCCC Saturday, WG's can start now to come up with actionable plan. GA should rule. People should rule.
          • If we were to vote to move to Oregon and told the workgroups tomorrow, they'd have problems. Wants us to move so we can stop discussing this, but wants plan first.
          • Perspective: Winter is coming. Opposition thinks that will end our occupation. Reminds us that in 1999 we were tear-gased and shot with rubber bullets for trying to occupy places in Seattle, but Central de La Rossa, Day star Center, and Central Area Motivation Center were abandoned buildings that people occupied. Wherever we go, if we occupy, this is civil disobedience. Will be pressured, will be harassed. Get used to it. Stay together long enough so that this will become national movement so that cities can act in unison. Imagine cities across the nation marching to Bank of America at the same time.
        • vote
          • time: 21:00
          • 89 for, 24 against. Blocked. Proposal fails.
            • In order to pass block, needed 4/5 majority, which is 80%. Rounding up, had 79%.
            • Had five independent counts. Proposers are invited to resubmit tomorrow.
  • proposal: Without a definite time for the move, relocate to Cal Anderson Park
    • rationale: This location offers many of the advantages of the previous motion (move to SCCC), plus one: With private institution such as SCCC, these places are not democratic. Ultimately, there is only one vote that counts: that of the institution's president. SCCC president is not on board. Would be easy for president to declare us trespassers and evict us. At Cal Anderson Park, would be in public space, without annoying detail of being evicted by university president.
    • discussion
      • ? – If you vote no, spend the night here. While you're voting and proposing, he's freezing his ass off, and wants to sleep in a tent.
      • ? – Proposer raised concern that SCCC president is not on our side. This is political movement. Establishment of city, country, or any college, will not be on our side, but that's not our goal. We're an occupation, not a camping group. Clear tactical advantage of SCCC over Cal Anderson is that we have support of students, faculty, and staff. Cal Anderson Park is potential location for overflow or joined with SCCC.
        • There is no president of the park so we can not be so co-opted as with where we need support of president.
      • ? – Correct, no president of park. But is mayor, same mayor who sent police to us. He'll send them to Cal Anderson. Have no illusions about the president of SCCC, is getting pressure from students, faculty. This is related to the proposal because case was built in relation to last proposal more than in relation to Westlake.
      • ? – Impetus for mayor's actions here are different than they would be on Capitol Hill. We do not have the support of this neighborhood. They hate us here. That's why they are calling City Hall and demanding that the Mayor get rid of us. Capitol Hill likes us. We will not experience same conditions there as here.
      • Vince – Feels that there is much speculation about how mayor thinks. We'd be trading one park for anther and creating a mud field. Has proposer investigated possibility of permits?
        • response: No. We need to coordinate this properly rather than rushing willy-nilly anywhere. Wants time to prepare our move. Would like eventual destination to be Cal Anderson Park.
      • ? – Is student at SCCC. Is one of 99%. Students there fighting tuition hikes, cuts in transportation. Will we support students or leave to go to Cal Anderson.
      • point of process – Previous speaker introduced herself as time keeper. One of the hardest parts about being part of facilitation team is withholding from participation during the GA.
        • she was replaced, didn't know she'd be excluded from participation
      • Is it so difficult for students at SCCC to cross Broadway to Cal Anderson? Is distance so great that they cannot manage to land at the park? Thinks not.
      • Cal Anderson Park is a water main for Capitol Hill [note: it's a covered reservoir]. City is unlikely to allow camping there under any circumstances.
      • Katelyn – Permit or no permit is not the issue. We don't need a permit. Reasons we blocked and reason didn't pass move to SCCC were not changed or addressed by proposing we move to Cal Anderson.
        • proposer: Devised proposal before learning of proposal to move to SCCC. Some of language matches because previous proposal was fresh in his mind.
      • point of process – Concerned that we are so few as not to be representative. Suggests proposer table proposal.
        • proposer: Will table. Suggests we exhaust remainder of alloted time to discussion, then table.
      • ? – Two weeks ago, considered Cal Anderson Park, and thinks it's a bitchin' idea. Does some things we don't want, though. Solidifies us in people's minds as white movement, not for people of color.
        • proposer: There, would be closer to Central District, with large diversity. It's within walking distance of Cal Anderson Park. Westlake Park is not.
      • ? – Last week, his grandfather offered his house for sleepy, sick, or tired people who have been here a long time. If you're in that condition, please go with him to grandfather's house.
      • ? – City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading facilities there. This presents problems.
        • proposer: Amongst those facilities are restrooms that are pleasant and rather pleasant
          • proposer: There, would be closer to Central District, with large diversity. It's within walking distance of Cal Anderson Park. Westlake Park is not.
      • ? – Last week, his grandfather offered his house for sleepy, sick, or tired people who have been here a long time. If you're in that condition, please go with him to grandfather's house.
      • ? – City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading facilities there. This presents problems.
        • proposer: Amongst those facilities are restrooms that are permanent and rather pleasant. More restrooms are available by taking the sidewalk to a nearby bar. Mall at Westlake closes at 10pm. Porta-potties are gone. Facilities at Cal Anderson park are argument for moving there.
      • ? – Buy Nothing Day (day after Thanksgiving) as well as Christmas is coming soon. Keep this in mind.
      • ? – Constitutionally, we do not need a permit to assemble in public and express our views. When someone makes proposal and brings up issue of permit, we should tackle this. Mayor's political position, not understand Constitutional law, is unacceptable. Considering proposal to recall elected officials to be removed from office for not respecting Constitutional law.
        • proposer: Washington is not California. Not legal to recall elected officials in this state yet. May need ballot issue.
        • proposer: He didn't bring up permit. It's not in his proposal, precisely because this is an occupation. SCCC is private property. Owner has right to toss us. Not so in public place. No right of public assembly on private property.
      • ? – Has not slept at Westlake, but last she checked, occupying is not about sleeping. As a group, should get smart about occupying and make other plans for sleeping as needed. Talking about moving to anywhere has little to do with an occupation. Let's organize, share burden of occupying space, and focus on finding solutions to problems facing our nation instead of just facing problems of sleeping at Westlake.
        • proposer: Most visible sign of this movement are the tents. Call it a trademark. Can argue the philosophy of whether we should be sleeping in those tents. Central gist of this protest is sleeping in those tents.
      • Alvina – Regarding tents: Can get around this by wearing our tents as costumes. Need more fun.
    • proposal tabled


  • Doc
    • Last insurgence was unsuccessful. Needs video. Needs communications. Please help.
  • Mark
    • Circulating petition that Mayor respect our First Amendment right to assemble and to protect ourselves while doing so.
      • See "Hands off Seattle Protesters"
      • Demands that Mayor call off the cops and allow us to peacefully assemble here or elsewhere.
  • Cee
    • On second day here.
    • This is beautiful. Everyone gets chance to speak, and this is rare.
    • Has asthma, getting a cold.
    • People are smoking. They have a right to do so, but she has right to breathe and is having difficulty doing so because smoke drifts in.
    • Wants to be here long enough for the vote so she'll know where we're going.
    • She's here for the long haul.
    • Wants to know who's doing workshops. Willing to co-teach.
    • Has had civil disobedience training in past, but is rusty and needs to update skills.
    • Was WTO organizer. Attended Evergreen. They shut it down. Can do it again.
  • ?
    • Saturday's protest (October 29) is vital. Is national day of action. Let's take full advantage of that to get mass turnout this weekend at noon. Suggests this go up urgently on website and Facebook page. Let's build support and get thousands here.
  • ?
    • People at City Hall Plaza request support, particularly between 10pm and 3am. If able to wander down to City Hall Plaza, they'd love to see you. Have restrooms and hot water.
  • ? with IBAW
    • IBAW has campaign in support of victims of sexual trauma and PTSD, to empower them to refuse re-deployment and to receive quality care.
  • ?
    • Local AFL-CIO has endorsed petition, sending out to affiliates for signatures
    • No matter where we are, Mayor can sick cops on us.
  • ?
    • Lots of good discussion and conflict at GA. Difficult to have them at this venue. Talking to people about doing day of visioning Saturday so we can discuss different visions of what this can be. Idea: send out communications to solicit submissions of papers with ideas, paper them all over Westlake, then come down and sit by them and talk to people. Meet by hot dog stand after GA.
  • ?
    • If our movement is successful, everyone here will have needs. Please bring demands that are important to you.

Adjourned 21:49

Sunday Afternoon Occupy Public Policy – Getting Money Out of Politics Meeting Notes 10/23/11

Occupy Seattle
Issue Meeting: Get the Money Out of Politics
10/23/2011 5pm – 630pm

Notes on concerns and comments of attendees. I apologize for any misrepresentations or mispellings of names etc, due to note taking errors during our discussion.

Organizer: Chris

Number of attendees: about 25

Intro: Chris took a stack list of those wishing to present ideas or concerns to the assembled group about getting the money out of politics. The speaker comments are summarized here:

Pearl: concerned about high price of access to our representatives – such as 5000/plate dinners and the like. (general discussion ensued of general agreement and concern about how to fixthis)

Sam: following up on Pearl’s comments, indicated that even though current system isn’t exactly quid per quo (money for legislation) yet – at best now there is a perception of corruption of our representatives due to the vast amounts of money needed for campaigns. Something like 20-70% of representative time is spent raising campaign funds. Very concerned about need for clear, full and detailed transparency on who specifically is funding all media material for campaigns.

Jonathan: Agrees on need for full disclosure on who is funding political ads. Wants end or reversal of Citizen’s United ruling by SCoTUS. Wants to eliminate creation of corporations that are too big to fail. Wants to separate insurance and banking industries/services. Shared the fact that Nov 5 is a ‘Move Your Money Day’

Kee: Not interested in a specific plans of action, more interested in coming up with demands/goals such as full disclosure of campaign/ad funding, and overturn of citizens united.

Val: concerned about power of supreme court of the united states (SCOTUS). Wants term limits, campaign finance reforms and overturn of citizens united. Thinks we need new political party or affinity group that can truly represent us, we need to think about big changes to the system in order effect real change in the country.

Abraham: very interested in creating a state or nationally owned bank, such as they have in North Dakota.

Also wants to offer idea that we are all to blame for the problems in our political system, we need to educate ourselves and take action to regain our democracy and address our true needs. Wants to remind us to think globally when it comes to corporate influence in government – this is a world-wide problem.

Kim: intereseted in ideas of Lawrence Lessig – specifically related to getting money out of politics. Wants all private money out of politics. Believes that the constitution allows for citizens to call for a constitutional convention to propose an amendment which addresses the problem of private money in politics. Believes that we can work on this from the ground up – do not need to convince our current representatives. Believes that we can constrain this convention call in such a way that will allow new representatives, so that we avoid the current corrupted system of representatives.

Breanne: Believes no private money should be required for campaigns. Frustrated with current system, and negative political ads etc, believes that it is one of the main reasons that there is low voter turn out for elections. Wants to have campaigns or elections focus on issues and what
decisions a candidate would make, rather than personal information on candidates.

John: Wants to eliminate legal concept of corporate personhood. Wants to nationalize FIRE (finance , insurance, real estate industries). Would like to require all users of public airwaves to donate airtime for campaigns. Wants to reform the stock and bond markets. Wants publically financed campaigns. Wants to eliminate no-bid government contracts.

Steve: Wants to overturn citizens united decision. Shared fact that 3/4 or more of US citizens nationally felt this was a bad decision. Interested in AZ and other state public matching election funding laws (recently struck down as unconstitutional by SCOTUS). Also interested in state banks. There is a upcoming presentation on the state bank concept

This Wed 10/26/11 7:00pm at Kane Hall on UW campus

Dorothy: Just came from training session on how to decrease corporate influence. Wants to share information about national action on this subject. for January 21 2012. House parties are
being organized for planning actions, especially Nov 9, when guest speaker will be Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Andrew: Concerned about citizens united decision. Shared example of funding to candidates on
school board election in North Carolina that resulted in election of board members who want to re-segregate schools (end busing etc.). We all need to educate ourselves and not be shy about sharing what we find out about local candidates and their funding sources. Wants to get the money out of politics. Interested in what role congress can play in regulating the actions of the supreme court.

Ann: Shared desire to make local public radio less focused on amount of money candidates are raising and more on the issues, and what candidates stand for. Suggests we should contact our local stations and ask them to change their focus.

Craig: Want to remind folks that end result of our efforts will likely be new or reformed laaws. Need to garner support and help from people, media. Would like to see us engage in actions that make our anger and frustration more visible to the populace. Offers example of ‘Target: Seattle’ action in fight against nuclear arms race. Got media interested in covering because of visual impact of expressed dangers. Would like to see a week long event in seattle focused on corporate influence , mock trial or mock constitutional convention that helped educate citizens
and gain media coverage. Craig is involved with Wash Public Campaigns

Jim: Concerned about Citizens UNited decision. If can’t get overturned, then wants to make corporations responsible for all actions as persons, not just get rights of personhood. Wants to see corporations held accountable for actions hurting people and communities.

Tom: Brought up idea that we can affect corporations and possibly make them accountable by
using heir weak point of neding a state charter to operate in each state. Might be able to revoke their charter if they do not address issues that we have.

All: agreed to start working group, and meet Sundays at 3pm until further notice.

PS: Thanks for taking notes, Kim :)

Activist Self-care

Our Medical working group held a teach-in today on Activist self care and psychological first aid.

A pocket guide with a slew of great information was created for this and can be printed for those interested. More information can be found at

City Hall still open for camping! Permit has not been revoked.

Clarification on the state of City Hall:

Our permit has not been revoked! The group of generous volunteers that have been staffing City Hall voted tonight that they were no longer going to perform the staffing functions there due to lack of support as well as theft and other problems.

This group does not have the authority to say that City Hall is closed for camping completely and did not have General Assembly approval. We have volunteers who are on-site tonight that are keeping City Hall open and people can still camp there.

General Assembly notes 10/22

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-22 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Vince and Babylonia
  • Orientation: Daniel

Working group announcements

time: 18:52

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • was there from 5:30 until a bit after 6:00, nobody brought agenda items
    • facilitator note: we voted a few days ago not to have proposals, constrain GA mostly to discussion

Outreach Working Group

  • Salvador
    • idea: go to South Center to tell people what's going on here

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Are eyes and ears of the movement
    • Have many people on WG, need more
    • Particularly need ground support

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • We have signs
      • First batch was expensive, but profits will generate profits and drive prices down
      • Need to sell them to ourselves and others

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • still doesn't have working phone
    • march went well
    • If you can risk arrest, Logistics can use you. Please help.

Accountability Working Group

  • Hudson
    • Meeting tomorrow 4:30 outside of Sephora
      • to develop procedures for holding ourselves accountable to the community
      • come if you're interested in conflict de-escalation, anti-oppression, etc.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • Non-profits have an industrial complex in this country
    • Some people on executive boards make six-figure salaries, are treated like politicians by the fat cats
      • beware of potential for them to co-opt our movement
    • People living on the street have learned techniques for staying healthy. Talk to them

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • For their safety, WG no longer wearing arm bands
    • Continue to work on intergroup communication
    • Have schedule to ensure someone is always here
    • Mega-meeting tomorrow noon-4pm
    • Mass-mobilization workshop tomorrow 4pm
    • Planning action for November 5 National Day of Divestment
      • Keeping quiet to avoid screwing it up
      • Needs to talk to media and outreach in next week
    • State workers union donated $500

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • Need donations of metal spoons so we can re-use them and limit our waste
    • Please try to re-use disposable utensils, bowls, cups
    • Hoping to get bicycle generator
    • Meeting 5:30 tomorrow by Romax to talk about sustainability

People of Color Caucus

  • Alana
    • Stands in solidarity with People of Color Caucus
    • White people like her stole this land 200 years ago
      • Should be humble
      • Now is time to heal
    • If you're ready to de-colonize, un-occupy, and collectively heal, help spread awareness

Night of 1000 Actions

  • Joanna
    • idea: on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, do something in the middle of the day to peacefully and creatively interrupt the shopping frenzy, followed by big celebration demonstrating joy we can experience for free.
    • contact: joanna_8689 –AT–
    • meeting Monday afternoon at 5:30 by hot dog stand
    • discussion:
      • Suggests focus on the holiday and its significance to this country
      • Likes idea of pattern interrupt on a day like that, but suggests we keep it really positive and fun for the shoppers, so we spread goodwill and not ill-will.
        • response: Possibility: coordinate flash mobs to go into big stores, not locally owned businesses, and have some song and dance to wake people up to idea that shopping doesn't make them happy.
      • Remember that not all local businesses are good businesses.
        • response: Would like help compiling list and showing why big businesses should not be supported
  • Braden and Patricia
    • idea: Make an origami tent for every home that has been foreclosed upon during the Great Recession. Takes about two minutes each to build them
    • Meet tomorrow 11:00 by Romax sign
    • Since 2008, millions of homes have been foreclosed upon. SPD will not allow us to sleep in tents here. Need to find way to communicate ideas of this movement to people all around us.
    • discussion:
      • How to do sustainably
        • They're made of newsprint, can be recycled
      • How to deal with wind?
        • Will attach with thread.
  • Alex
    • idea: PVC arm cuffs when there's a line of resistance.
    • contact: SeeSpikeRun –AT–
    • discussion
      • What are these?
        • PVC pipe, chain inside, people hold, requires Jaws of Life and lots of time to remove them
      • Are people connected?
        • Optional
  • Josh

    • idea: Occupy foreclosure auctions every week until there is a moratorium on foreclosures and banks are forced to do what's right.
    • Meet at 600 1st Ave (1st & Yesler) Fridays at 9:30am
    • jbwatler –AT–
  • ?

    • idea: Halloween party for kids at Westlake Park on 29th
  • Katia
    • idea: Publishing zine with stories
    • contact: –AT–
    • publishes
  • ?
    • idea: everyone read Sun Su's Art of War
  • ?
    • idea: "Operation smoke" Whenever you take your smoke break, do it at Chase and Bank of America. You'll find friends there. Open the doors for them.
  • Liam
    • idea: Bank occupations. Go in, occupy, refuse to go. This is, obviously, civil disobedience, and illegal. This can pull us together.
    • discussion
      • get in touch with the PVC pipe guy
        • response: was thinking the same thing when cuff idea was proposed
  • Elvina
    • idea: Someone make her Disney princess tent into a mobile structure she can wear
    • idea: Surround banks with crime scene tape and conduct citizens arrests. Do this often.
  • Andrew
    • idea: start politics working group to identify targets of direct actions (will not get involved with them)
      • contact: bartkusa –AT–
      • needs nerds who are sitting at home reading the Internet, pissed-off grannies, etc., to help collect information and bring it back
      • people pushing hard
      • discussion
        • Please make available on the Web
        • Suggest looking at options for foreclosed houses?
          • No, others seem to be on top of that.
    • idea: Study other movements that have succeeded. (e.g. General Strike in Seattle)
      • will hold a class to learn, not just teach, Tuesday evening around 6pm
      • discussion
        • remember we started Labor Cuacus last week. Contact ZachPattin –AT–
  • Babylonia
    • idea: Organize a march on Wall Street (in Belltown). Dress up on most corporate looking clothes, carry signs citing statistics about corporations exploiting workers and the envirionment. Ex: "I'm a Hershey's CEO and I get my beans from children in XXX"
      • meeting tomorrow 6pm in front of Nordstrom, 206-504-0145
      • discussion
        • What should signs look like?
          • cardboard and a stick
        • Let's be as inclusive as possible.
        • Use care to verify claims on signs. Do not slander.
  • Jason
    • idea: E-mail congressional representatives and tell them to nationalize the Federal Reserve system
      • not many people on these streets care about what we're doing
  • Dino
    • idea: Everybody bring more people to our events. Call everyone you know, and you'll be surprised at the response.
  • ?
    • idea: Occu-pie picnic tomorrow afternoon. She and friends are baking pies. Bake some and join.
  • ?
    • idea: Organize outreach campaign supporting SJM 8007-211-12, which would strip corporations of personhood.
    • contact: VinceInch –AT–
  • ?
    • idea: do something for November 2 visit by CEO of Chase at Sheraton
    • discussion
      • everyone in Seattle with bank accounts at big banks should close those
      • BECU welcomes this and wants to give those people accounts right away
      • bring debit cards back here and shred them
      • take those and place them on doorsteps of banks
  • ?
    • idea: celebrate holidays here
  • ?
    • idea: go to street side, ask people to honk in support
      • discussion
        • We're good neighbors and don't encouraging honking after 10pm
  • Gabriel Imecca
    • idea: engage organized labor movement in this country
  • ?
    • idea: Send ambassadors around the city to tell people what we're about.


  • time: 20:09
  • City Hall has kicked camp to the curb. Legal told our people to come back here. Seeking vehicles for transportation.
    • that's incorrect
  • City Hall volunteers do not want to staff the facility at City Hall any longer due to lack of support from crowd who stays at Westlake.
    • Volunteers feel that homeless people coming and going from the shelter there, who are not associated with our movement, are causing them hassle, stealing things
    • Police say they won't help, we need to deal with this ourselves
  • Need volunteers to take care of things for the evening so we can discuss tomorrow at GA.

Adjourned 20:38

Inter-workgroup meeting minutes 10/21

Inter Work Group Meeting Notes 10/21/2011
Roll Call:
Legal: Patricia, Alex, Gabriel
Tactical: Jeff, Cameron, Jesse, Bob, Peter
Internet Communications Team: Nicholas, Forest, Stian, Chase
Medical: Regina
Supply & Storage: Alyssa
Media: Aliana, Marissa
Outreach: Alex
Information: Brendan
Process & Facilitation: Carole, Anita
Peace & Safety: Cameron
Arts & Entertainment: Neil, Julie, Eric
Community & Labor: Rhiannon
Kitchen: Ginger
Demands: Linda
Sanitation: Andrew
Morale: Mina
NSCC: Vicki
Seattle Street Medics: Nicole

ICT: Social Media needs point of contacts. Working on establishing process for access to Google Calendar. Send info/ items to ~ Have clear headers for e-mails…

Instituting lunch time discussion groups. Saturday night will be discussion night in the GA without any proposals. There is a lack of clarity regarding general principles.
Arts & Ent.:
Struggling with Police throwing materials away, Art hard to maintain. Entertainment going well. Highway banner has been donated. Having a hard time finding off-site volunteers. Neil has a van to use if necessary! Arts will meet Monday @ 4pm by Info.
Purpose and Mission is to observe, report and paint in positive light! Please communicate directly with Aliana regarding EVERYTHING!!!! Computer and video camera have been donated. Idea is to keep at City Hall with live streaming. Needs work on security with compliance at City Hall.
Peace & Safety:
Having a hard time meeting since they meet after GA which has been a little out of hand. Since decision not to deal with Police, they have to take on responsibility of authority. Need conflict resolution training- can work with Accountability. Developed new offensive tactic to deal with police; silent observation from arms length distance!!! Has been very effective, they move away! Ideas to develop a cop watch group and mobile smoking screen unit to field the police at GA!
Community & Labor:
Brief reports on labor caucus meeting and direct action strategy meeting. There is a huge amount of support available from labor and community organizations, need to co-ordinate. Need reliable contacts form each workgroup to pass on to labor for support. Keep ICT and self, apprised of up-to date needs. Working on organizational outreach to build density. Please inform if certain trainings are necessary. Is it necessary to pass a solidarity resolution to cut down on divisive proposals? (Tactical is addressing this issue)
Class on Sunday 3-4 pm, at City Hall; Activist self-care and psych evaluation on the streets. Med coverage is spotty. There is a pool of 70 volunteers with varying levels of expertise, most of whom work. Need more on the ground support. There will be continual classes every other week for street medics (think combat style med). Next Friday, 10/28/2011 is Regina’s last day for a month.  Peter??!!
10 watercoolers (sorry guys,this means?) IAM 751 donated PA system,we have a projection screen. Communication needs to be tighter between the groups. Supply has two safes with all the money. No keys! Legal has the keys! E-mail is; . 10 drivers now, asked for (??) box, but that isn’t in the permit. We now have a portable 10 gallon water heater at Westlake~ hot to 155 degrees. Need Marine batteries to run this, as does ICT.
Has an e-mail list of 50 volunteers, they are growing, had a health inspection this week. Putting out a call for more organization/ commercial kitchens to prepare food to comply with health dept. Needs help from Outreach on this. Maybe restaurants could hang a banner saying they support OS and people could then pay the restaurant to prepare and deliver food to OS??!! Needs inventory with supply, supply is doing inventory. Wants to start a “food justice” conversation, working with organic farmers. Needs a functional online calendar. ICT is on it.
Burn Phone # is 206 403 8741. There is a money situation!! Legal wants to divest themselves of the money. Doing research to find fiscal sponsors or other options for housing the cash. [BECU has made an offer of 25 dollars for every customer we send them] Some cities are doing fiscal sponsors, or 501C3 status. All donations right now go to Alyssa with supply. Fundraising needs more than Fred, we need a more robust and rounded fundraising and fiscal team. All money frozen until an agreed upon system is in place. No requests for $ granted right now. Requests/ queries go to Alyssa; Legal wants to organize an action against foreclosure.
Putting on two events: Sunday, Ballard Farmers Market, and Monday @ 2pm Meet n Greet at Fuel Coffee, Cap Hill. Do we have a list of endorsements we can show? Please get endorsement info to Alex; or If you are doing outreach yourself, please send a report on what you did, what worked and what did not! Need printing resources and business cards.
HELP KEEP US INFORMED!!!! On anything and everything! If we are informed, we can inform!
Wants to raise positivity and facilitate and mediate. Morale will be identified by gold stars. Mina is point person; 206 250 9752,
All groups need burn phones, including City Hall. Establish a schedule for workgroups. Take 24 hours before presenting a proposal. Suggested official policy for GA is to announce proposal one day before and it must be on the website by nine am the day it is to be officially proposed. We need to think these things through people! Only Wednesday and Sunday should be policy decision/ voting days. (Cut down on over-legislation). Tactical and Media to sidebar. All workgroups should make daily announcements.
How do we deal with underaccountability? IE, people running around and declaring themselves camp marshal, etc..

Inter workgroup meeting minutes 10/22

Minutes from 10/22/11
Opening messages Peter hands off facilitator to Jacob-
Alyssa: (Food) talkied with inet on the ERP package, good for
info/inventory/donations Unions interested in helping with materiel
within week 1.5 weeks.
Emily (food) Sonya (Supply) Ginger (Food) Jake (Facilitation) Vince
(Facilitation) Jacob (Facilitation/demands) Chase (internet/comm)
Kirby (Outreach) Anita (Accountability) Carol (process) Nicholas (inet)
Jason (inet) Forrest (inet) Stian (inet) Steve (inet/comm) Babylonia
FOOD: (Emily) needing more personnel ^
coordination/planning/coherence need direct line from Tactical (new
phone line?) need more GA voice/Legal coordination re:
foodhandling/permits ^ more legal defense Public Appeal?
Ginger: Need more help offsite mgmt. needs more personnel!
PROCESS/FACILITATION: (Jacob) Streamline proposal process in
progress for smoother GA debate Mtg re this noon-4pm lobby of
Pacific Place. Livestream needs power, Paypal funded 2nd L/S spotty
makes 24/7 coverage unlikely.
Sonya: Bicycle powered generators ala Oakland Occupy?
Stian: Marine batteries (deep-cycle) coming theft an issue minus
Jake: Car batteries (12V) for laptops/mobile devices?
Jacob: Projector for GA mtgs? (battery life????)
Chase: Projector but no screen avail.
Babylonia: Suggests programming group. ^ coordination for all
Forrest: Need to review first.
Jacob: Peer review with other Occupy mov’ts!
Emily: 2nd’s Jacob
Confirmed L/S interview with Mayor next week. Time TBD
Stian: Send email to O/S ICT with Calendar Event for distrib online for
official calendar.
Carol: Meeting time/WG bloat ^ need to streamline ^ efficiency
Posting of past minutes from prior WG’s ^ info spreading.
Kirby: Concern for diffusion of message-too many non-Occupy causes
Jake: Advocate to them to form WG’s of their own causes.
Nicholas: 2nd’s cause bloat, offers advice from NYC Occupy.
Ginger: Suggests coordination with sub-committees.
Peter: Too much process not enough planning.
Anita: Suggests infrastructure groups.
Jason: Suggests Agenda group that brings to action issues raised
previously, with time-sensitivity!!
Jake: Agrees, suggests to resume for later discussion.
Ginger: Need for soothing of egos
Jake: 2nd’s Ginger’s suggestion
Ginger: Hierarchy of meeting time uploads?
Peter: Need for intergroup group, Takes too much from Tactical
Anita: GA concern for disruptive participants at mtgs.
Peter: Concern for accountability of Accountability WG
Forrest: Domain bought by Andy Walters who
developed it. Handed it off to others. F. joined ICT 3 weeks ago. Andy
vanished. needed him for backups Andy AWOL. Andy showed up finally
handed up backups and logins/2X hot backup, alternate hostings. But
Andy balked. Forrest asked for 2nd adminship with registrar and Andy
agreed Andy indifferent to further help. Andy relented with
suggestion of mirroring of the site. Andy unavail for comment since
3pm yesterday. Grabbed donated to for
group control/stewardship. Ran similar assessment of other nat’l
occupy web presences. Need more personnel per funding.
Reports momentum building/tech development. Too many people
jumping in but little solid participation. Need for calendars/mailing
Kirby: need good page design for an example for Occupy sites
nationwide. Secure base layer/easy front access/data
Forrest: Appeals from other IT needs of other Occupies/ also need for
a tech-worker labor advocacy group.
Peter: Suggestions from Tactical-need more authoritative power.
Suggests voting power to 3X weekly attendees to legitimize
Anita: backsliding in electoral process.
Peter: Suggests subcommittees of WG’s projects
Ginger: need more help running groups
Connected with Food Justice Project
Anita: Suggests broadened powers for Process group.
Chase: discounted reading material for next 3 weeks.

After action report- Friday’s foreclosure action

An after action report from yesterday’s foreclosure auction :) via Karen Pooley…
Friday’s Action:
We gathered at the pergola @ 1st & Yesler. We then marched from this point past the front of the COURTHOUSE, to the Admin Building courtyard, where the trustees conduct some of the foreclosures in King County.

The “officials” were waiting for us, they had the area “caution-taped” off, and allowed only those that were bidding on properties into the taped off area—-IS THIS LEGAL??? We could sue the city to determine.

The city had SEVERAL security guards positioned for our protest. When several of us “challenged” the “roped off” area by infiltrating, that was when they called for the Sheriff for back-up.

We protested and chanted for about an hour. We successfully reduced the auction to a very small area in the courtyard. We told them we would be back. Please join us for this weekly march next Friday @ 9:30 am.

About 50 people joined in the protest, OCCUPY, WE NEED MORE PARTICIPATION! We should have had every single occupier there. I will now be working with “boots-on-the-ground” to accomplish getting the word out.

General Assembly notes 10/21

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-21 18:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive: (available following day)

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Michael, then Jake
  • Time keeper: Mike
  • Taking stack: Angie
  • Agenda: Russ


  • Shane
    • spent the night (kind of; left at 6:30 a.m.)
    • at about 2:30 – 3:15 the police turned off their lights
      • about 10pm nightly, they turn on lights to keep us awake
      • Reason? Maybe we won, maybe they got tired.
    • Other camper asked him to relay:
      • We have limited supplies
      • Getting outside donations, but depending mostly on generosity of the many
      • Some people are unclear about supply tent policies
        • Would be good for supply people to make it more clear what supplies are there for.
        • Some have opinion that they're kept there for an elite.
  • Rob
    • Returned this afternoon from Occupy Olympia
    • They're on fifth day
    • Happy to be back
  • Scott
    • Check
  • ? (wants to remain anonymous)
    • Here on behalf of humanity
    • Heard that Occupy Wall Street wants us to embrace some new world order
    • We're here to fight against totalitarian entity hell-bent on enslaving humanity
  • Danny
    • Lost his voice last night
    • Fourth night sleeping outside in cold without a blanket on the pavement
    • Has pneumonia, is very weak, feels sick
    • Is staying.
  • ?
    • Spent night in jail
    • Happy to do so because she was not afraid, and was able to clog up the system
    • Staying tonight, invites others to join
  • ?
    • Forming a non-movement caucus to discuss what an occupation is and how we can build a movement
  • ?
    • Just got out of the hospital for pneumonia and bronchitis
    • All need to stick together
  • ?
    • Originally came here with no idea what this was
    • Though some ideas seem extreme, agrees with general message, supports what's happening here
  • ?
    • Can we get funds for projects (e.g., outreach with fliers)
      • response: Outreach are working on flyers; will present for approval
  • Monica
    • First time here, but has been following on Internet
    • Brought food, blankets, socks, gloves, water, and encouragement

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:00

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • came up with agenda; if you're not on it and wanted to be, understand that we have a very full agenda

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • Sunday: Ballard Farmers Market
    • cafe meet and greet Fuel Coffee
    • need info re: connection between money and political system
      • send to

Legal Working Group

  • Braydon
    • Have two options with regard to getting a bank account
      • Create Occupy Seattle entity
        • many sub-options here
      • Associate with existing organization
        • Occupy Wall Street did this
    • Legal is researching these options, will confer with lawyers, come back with proposal in three or four days

Tactical Working Group

  • Peter
    • Tactical, Outreach, Legal, Supply and others have rigorously explored and researched alternate locations to expand our occupancy
      • include privately-owned public locations, city-owned, and privately-owned community organizations
      • Please go speak to them if you have input

Morale Working Group

  • Mina
    • starting new group
    • dedicated to raising positivity and making people happy
    • will organize fun activities, work with other groups such as Information and Outreach
    • meet Saturday around noon outside of See's Candy
      • needs people with lots of energy and positivity who are dedicated
      • wearing stars

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money
    • have hot water in Westlake: 155 degrees
      • need marine batteries
        • ICT needs them also

Medical Working Group

  • Alyssa
    • workshops on Saturday and Sunday to keep us happy and healthy; see website for schedule

Media Working Group

  • Mark
    • Was reporter before he joined the occupation
    • May lose his job
      • Producer for NPR has already been fired for that reason
    • So far, occupation in Seattle has been very effective, non-violent, movement for change
    • Have had struggles with Mayor and Police Department, but should keep in mind that in the larger picture, small struggles within our group and with the authorities are small potatoes compared to suffering of other people on the planet.
      • We're here for people everywhere who are suffering everywhere
    • We've successfully occupied Westlake Park
    • Need to build numbers to build and be powerful

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • ?
    • Decision a few nights ago to cut off all police involvement has changed the game
    • Encourages people to respect decision. Please don't talk to cops, yell at them, work with them. Any is danger to our safety.
      • Puts large responsibility on Peace and Safety
      • Needs people to stay here or at City Hall Plaza for hours
    • Meeting tonight at Peace Tree (third tree from Pine Street)
    • Last night's meeting was cancelled.

People of Color Caucus

  • Maria
    • Not extremists, not here to separate the movement
    • This Saturday, rally at noon, march and rally at 2pm
    • Don't blame people at third and Pike for problems
    • Need to figure out how to include all communities


  • Nathan
    • heads Peace and Security at City Hall Plaza
    • Don't have work groups there because leaders here don't want duplicate groups
    • Lots of people
    • Seeks contact from Work group leaders 206-876-0067,


  • Michal Dare
    • from City Hall Plaza
    • Now sleeping there
    • had become primary facilitator there
    • If you want good nights sleep with restrooms, running water, dozens of electrical outlets, police-free environment, place to leave your stuff and find it when you return, and no bongos, join him, then come back here.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Stian
    • Have had a few problems with main website because main webmaster is hard to reach
    • Have set up support site at
      • Does not mean we're getting rid of
    • Until things are set up:
      • If you have calendar event, send to
        • In the subject, put "calendar item"
        • In body:
          • Event title
          • Location
          • Exact date and time
          • Details
    • Also working on mailing lists and email addresses
      • e.g.,
      • Once we get this rolling, let us know and they'll help consolidate

Theatrical Working Group

  • Adam
    • 10pm tonight is first presentation, as soon as cop lights come on
    • also have 18×20" canvas board for hand puppets
    • have king size white sheet for full body improvisation
    • Anyone who wants to perform or watch, please do

Sanitation Working Group

  • Andrew
    • When you make a sign with paint, please wait for it to dry and keep it out of the rain
    • If you write on the ground, use chalk
    • Anyone thinking about or investigating places to relocate, please keep sanitation in mind
    • In Oakland, they picked a park with existing rat problem
    • Needs volunteers badly

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Jacob
    • Considering reducing the number of decision-making GA's, working on proposals
      • please provide input
    • Reminder: we voted last night to suspend proposals at tomorrow's GA to accommodate discussion: "Night of 1000 Actions"
    • can reach at
      • all documents are at
    • Meet daily, 4:30pm near Romax on east side of park

Food Working Group

  • Ginger
    • working on things to make food better
    • visited by Health Dept, who had good suggestions about serving us better
      • want to comply
        • in the interest of avoiding making people sick
    • needs help finding community and commercial licensed kitchens
      • don't suggest them, organize them
    • email
    • see for more information
    • needs people to help with logistics
    • Wants to start campaign for restaurants who want to put up banners that say they support Occupy Seattle
      • could receive donations, then feed us on-site
    • Also wants help with outreach, organizing flash picnics
      • You and friends make lots of food, come down here, get to know people you haven't previously met

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • Organizing Occupy Halloween
    • hello corporate zombies, blood sucking bankers, sweatshop stiffs
    • Halloween weekend, Saturday from noon until 10pm
      • family-friendly costume extravaganza
      • costume competitions from noon until 6pm for children of all ages
    • Need food and musical acts

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • if you have reusable cup, utensils, bowls, please bring
    • please reuse disposable items
    • nightly at 9pm, sort garbage, recycling, compost
    • would like to have bicycle generator


  • Jess from We are Change Seattle
    • concerning police brutality march tomorrow
      • have reason to believe good possibility that there will be agents inserted, intending to make violence and sideline
    • He and friend will document the march to ensure no violence is committed by agents who are not part of the protest
    • Keep eyes peeled for anything out-of-the-ordinary
    • Will not be silenced by those who attempt to make protest violent

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • We're really tired because we've been working so hard
    • Needs help during the march tomorrow
    • We are setting global precedent
    • Needs help in Logistics because they will help keep march peaceful
    • Have contingency plans
      • When violent act starts, peaceful people will sit down, point, and say, "we're not a part of that; we're a peaceful group"
    • If you liked the march last Saturday, please help him soon

Outreach Working Group

  • Jamie
    • Today was free t-shirt day
    • have cool stencil
    • Bring shirts to Outreach at 4pm


  • Aliana
    • November 2: CEO of Chase will be speaking at Sheraton
    • will relay information tomorrow and every day after
    • should have presence that day at Sheraton


  • proposal: Have a facilitated assembly during the day for general discussion of topics for which minutes will be kept.
    • presenter: Jacob
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale: There are many people who wish to participate but cannot attend general assembly. They would like their voices heard. We would like to give them a space. When you walk by Westlake on days other than Saturday, we'd like people to see this going on, and wonder, "What is this? How can we be part?"
    • vote
      • time: 19:48
      • proposal passes
  • proposal: Open a club account — not a business account — at BECU tomorrow using federal tax ID Corey registered for Occupy Seattle today (unincorporated political association for banking purposes only).
    • restated: Open a club account with BECU as an unincorporated political association.
    • presenter: Corey
    • source: Corey
    • rationale: Will allow us to keep track of our money. Would have no bearing on our status as a legal entity. Registration for tax ID has not bearing on our future ability to incorporate as any other type of organization.
    • discussion:
      • Who will manage?
        • Corey: Not him, since he proposed it.
      • Since we decided not to work with police, what will happen if someone becomes signatory to the account and steals from us?
        • presenter: Think very hard about whom to nominate as signatories.
      • This is a much bigger conversation than we can have in one night. Despite the urgency to open an account. There are more creative ways to sustain the movement for the next week then to rush a decision that would have huge consequences on the whole Occupy Seattle movement. Finances are typically divisive. Spent a week at Occupy New York. Knows intimately how they're dealing with these issues, and it's difficult. Owe it to ourselves to have the integrity for due process.
        • presenter: Proposal would not require immediate relocation of our funds. Would not require immediate choice of who has access to the account, only put in place GA's approval of opening the account. Would allow us to establish Paypal account and accept funds, and to deposit checks in an emergency.
          • Still need process to figure out how to use them.
            • presenter: Would not be used until processes are voted on.
      • Is there a way to have the account only accessible when multiple people are at the bank? Like the "blow up the world" button?
        • presenter: Don't know. Good idea. Supports it.
        • If you're banking at BECU, can only take out money in person at Tukwilla or Everett. Other places, can only do it with ATM Card. BECU down the street does not have cash on hand.
      • Check references of people. Consider other credit unions.
        • presenter: Chose them because they've given us $25 for every person who divested their account and opened with them.
      • Money is power. Unaccounted-for money has caused many of the advertising concerns that plague our political system. We need to have those processes in place before we begin accepting donations from Paypal.
        • presenter: Will only be able to accept Paypal donations about three to four business days after the account opens. Can have our system in place before that's ready.
      • Is a tax auditor at Dept of Revenue, has BA in accounting. We need separation of duties. Person who does bookkeeping cannot have signing authority. Person who makes deposits will not be bookkeeper. Separate it so nobody can steal money. Need someone to audit the accounts monthly to ensure books jibe with bank accounts. That person should not be the bookkeeper. Is willing to audit the books if people want him to.
        • presenter: Auditor should audit weekly to keep tighter reigns.
      • Stian: Has been here since day one. We've had this discussion before. It doesn't go anywhere because we keep tabling it. We need to move forward. Let's not table it again.
      • Russ: We have a system in place for people to get involved. Legal has taken on Finance. If you're concerned, join.
        • presenter: Legal has not taken on finance, it keeps coming to us because we have no process. Let's do something soon to avoid questions of where the money is.
      • Before we have Paypal account, should think about Mastercard and Visa, whether we should do business with them. Should have discussion about whom to bank with.
        • presenter: Most people here do business with big businesses (mobile phone, credit card, etc.) Although we may be supporting a big business like Paypal, it helps us more to use them than it helps them to have us.
      • Jacob: Need to understand what the current system is like. It's a few people and a lock box. This is more concerning than a credit union. It sounds like we have at least one person who is willing to start financial workgroup to provide oversight and assuage our concerns.
      • Are we going to get physical copies of an auditor's report? How will he know what's going on with donated money?
        • presenter: Suggests auditor hand out physical reports, though printing too much paper is a concern. Suggests daily update on current balance of account.
      • Suggestion: In response to signatures and since withdrawals can only happen two places. Each person could "own" one digit of the PIN.
      • Braydon at Legal: Warns everyone who would be signatory that they could have personal liability for any lawsuit filed against the protest.
    • vote
      • time: 20:18
      • block
        • This is a can of worms that cannot be voted on in a general assembly like this. It is counter to the process of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Appropriate process is to form a Finance Working Group. They can meet quickly and bring proposal to the GA. Should be considered for more than a moment. Trajectory: Four days. It is reasonable to do this. Need to respect the process that is world-wide and not being reflected authentically here in Seattle. This is something everyone needs to feel good about, because what we represent is a new way to feel good about commerce, and we can do that.
        • discussion:
          • Issue that we have not thought this through might be misrepresented by only attending this conversation. Issue that we have not had process is misrepresented. How they do it in New York is irrelevant. We have proposal that was brought forward by a person. If we had a WG, it would come to us from a different person. It's well-thought, well-argued. Let's move.
          • We are non-hierarchical, and are in no way bound by what people in New York do.
          • Alyssa, Supply: Man who spoke earlier is more right than he knows. Has been in many of those discussions because Supply needs to buy stuff. Has been lots of discuss in Legal and Fundraising. Need to do something now. Can change it later.
          • From New York. Has friends at Ducatti Park. Doesn't care what they do there. This is ad-hoc. If it doesn't work, we can change it. If someone steals the money, I feel bad for them and the ditch they find themselves in.
        • vote
          • time: 20:28
          • count: 106 fore, 1 against
          • block overturned, proposal passes
  • proposal: Write a musical with trust that Theatrical will be true to the movement. They will take testimony from all groups, request artistic license to be drafter in next two weeks, edited the week thereafter, then performed by collective.
    • proposer: Shane
    • source: Theatrical
    • vote:
      • time: 20:33
  • proposal: Repeal the cop-free zone proposal that was passed on October 19.
    • rationale: states no police interaction, will be cop-free zone to best of our abilities. As man of color, favors sentiment. If police presence is deal breaker, then invites new, more specific proposal. Language can be easily heard as anti-cop. When someone hears that we do not talk to cops and we are cop-free-zone, will hear "anti-cop". If we're viewed as anti-cop, will not get support, but will lose it. Need more numbers. People are cold and tired. Need more people. Language is too vague, is dangerous. When you see a school teacher talking to a cop during. Encourages proposer to re-submit proposal with more specific language that will not be dangerously interpreted to go against principles of movement.
    • point of process: Proposal was made, much came from proposer, need to hear from general population. Respect the stack.
    • discussion:
      • Aliana, Media: Been here since day one. Upon passage of proposal, entire media committee struggled to understand the wording. Spent all day yesterday and last night trying to put a positive spin on that decision that was approved by supermajority. Believes as an individual that the proposal passed by supermajority and should not be voted on. Media WG came up with positive spin on wording, so if they're asked, they have several great responses.
      • Maria, member of PoC Caucus: It would be detrimental to re-vote on something that took us hours. Should move forward with finding way to achieve accountability internally. Police have harassed us, taken away her supplies, harassed her. Should not re-vote on issues supermajority has decided on.
      • Agrees with Maria's sentiment, but we don't have procedure for that. We've allowed people to make proposals that contradict previous ones.
      • Proposal the proposer read simply stated that to the best of our ability we would make Occupy Seattle a cop-free zone. Other statements about not talking to the cops came from proposer as being part of discussion. The proposer made point that to expand our numbers, we need to reverse the supermajority decision. If we are to expand our numbers and our cultural significance, we must embrace the interests of people of color
      • Police department here is still under investigation by the federal government. For those of you who are into the law and order thing, consider that we're awaiting a verdict.
      • Many people of color are not represented all across the country because they are institutionalized in jail. Tomorrow, we're marching against police brutality. Before the day we do this, we're going to repeal the no-police zone? People of color, still underrepresented in this movement, will not come if you're shaking hands with someone wearing a badge. In San Diego, PoC people walked out. He's in communication with them.
      • Russ: Apologizes for speaking out of turn earlier. Every person here, by his estimation, represents between 10 and 60 people. Some of them are online. They communicate with him and other people in the working groups. What they're hearing: why pass proposal we can't enforce? We are independent. Why have policy telling us what we can and cannot do? Makes us look like fools. With due to respect to people of color, who have real issues with persons of authority, please come up with proposal that is not dividing the group.
      • Supports the proposal from the PoC Caucus. Supports autonomy. Thinks proposal was to come up with basic underlying structures for our behavior. That's as yet undefined. Feels fear from people coming out as attempts to control. Should instead try to understand each other and respect each other's autonomy.
      • Thinks that we should consider the other proposal that passed with majority, under anti-oppression and accountability that says we won't call cops unless we're in imminent danger. Instead of revoking the previous proposal, let's have a group XXX
      • Not a moderate, but in this case, is. Has been here a couple weekends. Not an anarchist, not a socialist. Wants to keep in solidarity with everyone: grandparents, parents, people of colors, while people who have been here since the 1600s. Likes cops. They don't make him afraid. In the interest of safety, best way to interact with them is, "Yes, officer," "No, officer," or "I would like to speak with a lawyer before I talk to you." This is not radical or socialist. It is in the Constitution. A cop-free zone is a bad messaging issue.
      • Not interested in alienating the same police force who have kicked and beaten people here. More interested in addressing all the bad things police have done to people. If there's a grandmother in Lake Forest Park, but only if those kids will settle down, I don't care bout here.
      • Since coming here, has learned much from anarchist friends, learned to respect the idea of autonomy. Proposal bothered him because it read like legislation. Troubled by question of where to go from here. We don't have a judicial system. Don't have police. Favors this proposal, at least until we come up with better wording.
      • Hearing this argument day in and day out is annoying. Stands in complete solidarity with the People of Color Caucus. People need to open their minds. Some people have been able to say, "yes officer, no officer, I want to talk to my lawyer," but he has not. The people are not the badge. Stand against the badge. When they tear the badge off, he'll stand with them. Until then, doesn't want to hear this discussion any more. Wants to hear discussion about community. Cannot build that here when we have GA's with people coming in randomly, not living in the communal group, not learning from the group they've been so separated from.
    • vote
      • time: 21:10
      • motion fails


  • time: 21:13
  • Alvina: The war in Iraq will be ending in December. President Obama said all troops will be pulling out. Doesn't know specifics, but looks good.
  • Maria: Tomorrow is day of solidarity. Many people will be joining us. Hip Hop Occupies will join us from 12:00 – 12:30
  • Erin: Has been on livestream a lot. Are people there who are very vested in this movement. Have begun how to build unity, particularly after last night's GA. One idea is to have a potluck, people bring something they're proud of.
  • Tomorrow, someone from Occupy Portland will be here from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., wants to talk with us, share ideas. Joanna is coordinating.
  • If anyone would like to meet after GA to discus how to establish system of checks and balances and keep an eye on our bank account, join him after GA.
  • Reminder: Need people to join Peace and Safety. Meet at Peace Tree after GA.
  • Police were created to enslave people who were trying to escape slavery.
  • Idea: This square is called Westlake. Westlake is a mall. Let's rename our park like they did in New York.
  • Just heard that war in Iraq is ending. We still have troops in Afghanistan; numbers have tripled since Obama took office. Is part of Iraq Veterans against the War. Please sign their pledge tomorrow.
  • Occupy Portland supports what is happening here, thanks us.
  • Was standing at south end of park when a proposal came up about how to interact with police. Coincidentally, fellow dressed a lot like him, but looked newer started mumbling to himself about the police. Walked over to talk to him, and when approached, pushed over and shouted racist slurs. Other people came, then the guy ran right into a group of police who heroically saved the day. Clear provocation, but we were not disrupted. The Stranger published letter today. People were passing things about negative attitude toward the police. Idea is that we're being manipulated. Tell everybody on livestream, everybody on the chat, on the forums, to get down here and check it out. Is this manipulation, or direct democracy? If they want to be heard, we're waiting for them.
  • Latest polls by corporate pollsters show majority of Americans support this movement. Support approaching 70%. Tea Party has 60% support for major demands. Within last 48 hours, Bank of America and Chase, who control 70 billion in investments have moved all those accounts into bank accounts supported by the FDIC. If they go bankrupt, the American taxpayers will be completely wiped out, because the FDIC only insures up to $250,000 per account. This is the way they shift their private bankruptcy to the public. Protester here last night filed complaint with police for selective enforcement of rules in the park. During the summer, hundreds of people lay out blankets in the park.
  • Lots of weekend warriors here. Please stay here overnight. Woman who wasn't doing anything wrong was carried off and nobody was there to record it.
  • Selective enforcement happened today, too. At 11:30, Sierra Club gave presentation, a good one. President of Sierra Club was given award recently. Parks Dept rep walked to MC, who had bullhorn, and asked if there was a permit. There was not. Parks said, okay, this time.
  • Exploitation is when a few deny the majority the right to be human.
  • We'll have discussion about whether to move. Consider that Seattle Central Community College is just eight blocks up the street. Last night, a woman was arrested here for sitting on a sleeping pad. We shouldn't stand for this. We need a buffer from police and city. College campus would be good, and SCCC is the best one for us. Lots of support there. Could spend this week building larger base of support. Idea is to have rally on Friday of students, faculty, and staff, then have tent raising ceremony, declare their campus occupied. We'll go up there to support, then Saturday, we take our tents up there and join them, have a speakout and a celebration. Build this movement with a safe location, and make this political again, instead of just basic survival. Occupy banks, corporate offices, union busting businesses. Carry out direct actions all over town. Scare city establishment. Send message to Wall Street.
  • Tonight around 6pm, watched someone get arrested for using chalk on the ground. Most ridiculous thing he's seen. Has seen police and city use increasingly stupid tactics over past few weeks. Through all that time, all the bad weather, we're still here, and he's proud of it. Congratulations to all of us.
  • If we have base camp at SCCC, would have to be at lawn and grassy area. Brick area is devoted to Sunday Farmers Market.

Adjourned 21:30


Current Contact:


Current Contact:
Phone:(206) 250-9752

Occupy Seattle: Legal Information

If you have been arrested:

1) Go to the Municipal Court website and choose ‘Online Services.’
2) Click on “Defendant” on the Menu bar on the left, and see if they have a court date scheduled. 3) The service also shows charges, events and obligations (e.g., bail) in the court case.

Here is a link directly to that page:

Animal Rights & Environmentalism

Current Contact:

For discussion forums online:

General Assembly notes 10/20

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-20 19:30
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Michael
  • Time keeper: Jake
  • Orientation: Elvina
  • Agenda: Jacob


  • ?
    • 13th day here, spends quite a few nights
    • last night was particularly challenging, as not many people stayed
    • seems that Westlake Park is not a place we can occupy for sleeping long term
    • hopes to have a place we can have library, cafeteria, proper medical tent, can function as model society, and use Westlake as civic area during the day
  • ?
    • has been here 2.5 weeks
    • has been difficult at night
    • after 10:00pm the police go around, kick children, kick adults, and harass us
    • need people to be here after 10
    • don't need to go elsewhere
    • if we stay here, will show them that the masses stand against us
    • this is our land, our country
    • won't give in to tyranny
  • ?
    • rah, rah, rah, Westlake!
    • In Thursday's USA Today, headline reads, "Wall Street protest boil down to loss of opportunity, stagnant wages for middle class, economists say"
      • Thought, is it that simple?
      • Please think deeply about this
      • What has caused us to gather together?
      • Do we lack economic opportunity or something part of human experience?
      • Political climate or shift in collective consciousness?
      • Ready for new paradigm?
  • ?
    • Was very cold last night.
    • Tried to protect face with bandanna, but police officer kept trying to wake him up while he was fully awake, protecting himself from the cold.
    • Saturday's anti-police brutality protest:
      • anarchists are planning to smash-and-grab
      • please pay attention
      • let's be prepared to retreat if anything goes wrong
  • ?
    • Wants this movement to succeed, to reach this new paradigm some people speak of.
    • If you want something to change, must visualize what it will look like and start acting as if it's already true.
    • If we fight among ourselves, fight first symbol of authority we see, are missing the point.
    • Only love can defeat fear and anger
    • Cannot fight fear and anger with bigger fear and anger. Someone will alway shave bigger gun.
  • ?
    • Thinks we need to address hoarding greed at City Hall.
    • Brought a soda, was denied a cup.
    • People there accused Westlake of stealing food.
    • Friend was denied cookie though there are three large bags. They said it's only for volunteers.
    • If we cannot stop greed and hoarding among ourselves, how can we convince the 1% that they should.
  • Scott
    • Was asked to bring 18 years of management experience to City Hall to keep our permit.
    • Were threatening to revoke it Sunday night.
    • City Hall group did not call GA, Phil from ICT did.
    • Apologizes to those who think people there were trying to take control.
  • ?
    • Has been part of this movement since day one, coming in and out, sacrificing ability to work.
    • Finds it disturbing that people are willing to sacrifice our health and well being in the name of Westlake Park.
    • For a week straight, there were hypothermia cases nightly. People were getting things stolen. People were getting scabies.
    • This is important, but if we're all martyrs, who will carry on?
    • We can occupy multiple spaces.
    • Doesn't want to sacrifice for people who can't see the big picture.
    • This is Occupy Seattle. We can occupy every park.
  • David
    • Just came from Occupy Tacoma, across the corner from his office.
      • Small but strong group.
      • They send their love, say if anything they can do, call.
      • They're concerned about possible splintering here. If need help, call them.
  • ?
    • Has been here for 2.5 weeks. Has not slept here last two nights.
    • This park and these petty arguments that are lacking long-term logistical sense has been mentally draining.
    • At night, battling the police officers about warmth and closing eyes is driving him nuts.
    • Logistically speaking, this place is important during the day.
    • At night, and as a whole, what's really important is building a community, laying a cornerstone for future of humanity and our children.
    • Suggests we stop arguing about Westlake Park or City Hall. Neither will end up being central base for the movement.
  • Circus
    • Ryan Paulowski's ID card located.
  • Doc
    • Let us not forget that we are setting a precedent all over the world, together. Look what happened to Greece 36 hours ago. Trenton NJ, Athens Georgia.
  • Cameron
    • Has been here for two nights.
    • We're at war with the police, and we're at war with City Hall.
    • They want us out of here; that's all they want. To give it to them is defeat.
    • Should hold Westlake.
    • People have difficulty getting to SCCC, people don't understand it.
  • ?
    • Has been here past two weeks.
    • Was not here last two nights because she was sick.
    • In order to stay here, must be able to sleep.
    • Doesn't think SCCC is the solution, but can't stay here if we can't sleep.
  • ?
    • Stayed here one night.
    • No possibility of sleeping here.
    • Sleeping is not same as occupying.
    • When he stayed here, cops outnumbered us. They took food.
    • Agrees that we need facility where people can maintain their health.
    • Should have rotating groups willing to give cops hell all night.
  • ?
    • Stayed here a few nights.
      • Were only a few people here.
      • Cops winning, but people are strong.
      • Last night several people shared people from cops' lights.
    • Next Saturday will be big push with more tents.
    • If they take 150 tents, they better make 150 arrests.
  • ?
    • Just one more day. Day after, we're taking over.

Working group announcements

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • Many people are very concerned about where the money is.
      • It's in a safe.
        • Legal has the key.
    • Since we don't have a bank account, but many people got arrested, so we're banking with the bank of King County Jail. When people go to court, we'll get the money back.
    • Tomorrow, Legal will address GA about options regarding acquisition of tax ID.
      • So checks written to Occupy Seattle can be cashed.
      • Has check for $500 nobody can use until we decide how to get a tax ID.

Direct Action Working Group

  • Sallah
    • group of people met to take direct action
    • Based on New YOur
    • Occupy buses.
      • Test drove. Occupied, then handed out cards that look like ORCA cards, but say, NOPE.
    • Meeting 4:30pm Friday, near hot dog stand at north end of park

Fundraising Working Group

  • ?
    • Need help of vampire hunters — need wooden stakes.
    • In next few days, will have 100 yard signs that need stakes.
    • If we buy from store, costs money and kills trees.
    • If you are vampire hunter and like to save trees, get with it. If you're a vampire, steal the stakes.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Andrew
    • Have been asking for help, and got it.
    • Got a bunch of people to email applications to help with website.
      • Can only help from home.
    • Still need more help.
    • Need people here to help determine how to communicate better.
    • Need people on-site to update Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • If you're here and want to help, email

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia
    • Introducing new legal volunteer Braydon
    • Even though there are not many Legal Team members on-site, receiving many lawyers who want to help support the cause and be part of long-term legal strategy.

Outreach Working Group

  • Derrick
    • Working on:
      • Neighborhood outreach program
        • Starting by hitting farmers markets to tell people what we're about
          • First will be Sunday at Ballard Farmers Market
      • Cafe meet and greet
    • Join daily at 4pm and after GA
    • Contact via email to

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Cameron
    • Knowingly or unknowingly, proposals passed last night about our relationship with the police becoming nonexistent put an enormous weight on P&S.
    • Need more members. Are about three dedicated members now.
    • Meeting directly following GA at Peace Tree (third tree from Pine Street)

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Joey
    • Many wonderful things we can do to exemplify sustainability
      • Bring own cups, utensils, and water bottles
      • Help with maintenance of washing stations
      • Donate bicycle power setup
    • email
  • Anastasia
    • is local organizer with Sierra Club
    • Sierra Club:
      • Is nation's largest and oldest grassroots environmental organization
      • Represent 1.5 million members nationwide, 25,000 in Washington
      • Has announced support of Occupy movement
    • Press event tomorrow
    • Next week, Sierra Club will help out and lead teach-ins about environmental and organizing skills

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • WG is working on plans for November 5 National Day of Divestment
    • facilitating inter-team communication
    • Meets daily at 3pm and 9pm in front of Seattle's Best Coffee
    • Sunday from 12-4pm, meeting at Pacific Place to discuss process
    • Earlier announcement by someone who said he had authority of legal and tactical between two tents.
      • Not concerned with what he's doing, but neither Tactical or Legal has authorized that.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism Working Group

  • Betty
    • newly-started group
      • represents the 99% of earthlings that do not ever have a voice or a choice
    • Meet Saturday by See's Candy store at 1:30pm
      • will have table with information
      • will educate people about what corporations hide from everyone
    • Not only about what we eat but choices that we make when we buy things.

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • WG is two people
    • Loves seeing people spontaneously pick up brooms and start sweeping. You're all deputized.
      • Please bring them back to other side of information tent.
    • Needs volunteers.
    • Don't have to be here all week, maybe just take a day or two.
    • Needs one volunteer for very important issue:
      • Be here tomorrow to help get porta-potties
      • Andrew and Connor cannot help
      • Afternoon – "general afternoon" is as specific as we have
    • One member of Sanitation Crew left to form group Mobile Occupy
      • Has been traveling multiple Occupations in Pacific Northwest
      • will bring volunteers from Portland
    • To Seattle Police Department: the sleep deprivation is very effective

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • Unknown fact that Logistics is here, because he's the only member
    • The reason we can't reach him is that his bag was stolen during the Monday arrest.
    • Please buy him a mobile phone and spaghetti.

Accountability Working Group

  • ?
    • Meeting tomorrow at 3:30pm at north end of park to formulate community accountability process to hold each other accountable for violations of the principles of our movement.
      • We voted for these on Sunday. See the website.
      • Others came from GA decisions over past few weeks.

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • Yesterday, said that during and after GA, will be collecting local demands
    • Will be happening again today. Please go let them know what we want.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • Five elements to hip-hop
      • MCing
      • DJing
      • beat boxing
      • B-boying
      • graffiti
    • send artists
    • meet after general assembly at hot dog stand
    • WG has experience promoting

Theatrical Working Group

  • Shane
    • Seek to gather people and perform, to entertain
    • Seeks contact from Arts and Entertainment Working Group

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • there are lots of questions about how things work
    • doesn't always run smoothly, but they try
    • 5:30pm each day, meet by Romax on east side of park


  • proposal: Saturday, proposals and voting suspended, replaced with open-ended discussion: Topic ideas and actions to move message of Occupy Seattle forward
    • presenter: ?
    • restated: Saturday night GA: replace proposal section with open-ended discussion of actions and ideas to bring forth the message of Occupy Seattle.
    • source: P&F
    • rationale: Are mindful that some people only able to attend on Saturday. Hope it will not be free of decisions, because ideas will fly and many will decide to do things. Out of this will come proposals for other nights.
    • vote
      • time: 20:50
  • proposal: Allow Media Committee to talk to police for reporting purposes
    • restated: Livestream reporters can talk to police for reporting purposes only, not to give them information, to help them, or anything like that, just to get them on record.
    • presenter: Ian, livestream reporter
    • rationale: We passed proposal that we shouldn't talk to police. Wants to abide by proposals we pass. Wants to get police on record for some of the things they do. Not so they can get buddy-buddy. Not giving them information; getting information from them. 5000 people watched them arrest Liam the other night.
    • discussion
      • Concern: What stops other groups from making same proposal (tactical, food, etc. Can all make excuses to talk to them.) Actions speak louder than words. Police are trained to give statements to justify their actions. People are watching, and can discern when things are f'd up.
      • Yesterday under awning, was filing a kerfluffel. Cop asked her to move out from under awning. Instinct was to ask her to repeat it, and to capture it on film. Wonders if that was in compliance with group decision.
      • Likes the idea of catching cops on film saying stupid things. Doesn't trust common sense of everyone who may find themselves on the media committee to do that in a way she likes. Thinks it's really important to film the police.
      • proposer: Everyone on livestream is working for us. Will only talk to police when it's duty to do so.
      • In a free society, freedom of the press is the most precious commodity. Livestream people are our free press. Cannot believe assembly is considering censoring our press. At times of war (not that we're at "war"), the press move through the battlefield and talks to both sides. You can turn on a TV and watch in Afghanistan every day. Don't censor our press.
      • Part time occupier, livestream reporter. Has child. Waits tables for the 1%. Many people he's speaking with are taken aback with the way we're treating the police. There is a group of occupiers who want to be here. Will talk to cops no matter what. Wants them to join us.
      • Has mixed feelings about talking to the police. Trying to overcome his fear of them. If something happens, don't need to shame them, but show the world.
      • Doesn't trust police until they break rank. Media and anyone else has right to talk to them. Gathering evidence is helpful. Should not go further than that.
    • vote
      • time: 21;09
      • strong majority
      • proposal passes
    • proposal: pass
  • proposal: adopt statement affirming decolonization of Seattle with indigenous people (read long statement via bullhorn)
    • restated: People of Color Caucus produced a document extending solidarity to indigenous people locally, nationally, and globally. Occupy Seattle supports this statement.
    • presenter: Christie
    • met with People of Color Caucus
      • having conversation about decolonization, how to make movement more inclusive to all groups
      • in solidarity with Boston and other cities, have drafted declaration of solidarity with indigenous people
    • clarifying question
      • statement included name change; is that separate?
        • yes
    • discussion
      • Allowing a group to divide us by race is bad.
      • This doesn't divide us; it unites us.
      • We are on native land. They lived here first. We need to honor that. We get to live here at a higher status. Need to make a statement to the community that is native that we want and need them here, and that we understand.
      • Matt: Fully supports proposal. There would be no one percent without colonialism. 1% got their money by stealing native land and spending it in ways that oppress us all. This proposal does not divide us; the U.S. border divides us from the rest of the 99% and from the rest of the working class. White people are a minority of the 99%, and we need to recognize that. This proposal is a step in that direction.
      • Grandmother was from Okanogen. Five tribes were there. They were divided by the border. Unsure of whether this proclamation includes her.
      • Is from global south. Maybe not included, but stands in solidarity.
      • Also is indigenous group – Bahamas
      • Language included seems to be religious. Unclear if we document says we respect or agree with the religion.
        • response: Document does not affiliate with any specific religion.
      • Phil: If this is draft, bring back a final and let's vote.
    • vote:
      • time: 21:44
        • solid majority
        • motion passes
  • proposal: change name from Occupy Seattle to something decided by temperature check
    • restated: In solidarity with indigenous people around the world, Occupy Seattle will change name to "Decolonize / Occupy Seattle"
    • source: People of Color Caucus
    • presenter: Christie
    • discussion:
      • The only way he'd vote for this is so that he could go and start and Occupy Seattle brand new. The people who feel that strongly about this might as well start their own group. Has been solidarity with Occupy Wall Street movement. Within it there has been many smaller, congruent movements. Didn't change the name for them, so why start now?
      • Very concerned. We don't have every single occupant here. We cannot, because we agreed, represent them because they cannot be here for whatever reason. If we're to change name, should consider at a time when people can be here.
        • response from proposer: Reason PoC Caucus thinks name needs to be added is that when people say Occupy Seattle, they think, "It already is occupied." This would let people around the world know this movement includes them.
      • White Eagle: Does not support this. Honors effort that went into it. Takes us off course, dilutes us. Big message is important. Don't need to be this sensitive.
      • Does not appreciate people telling her she doesn't belong here. Helped build the occupation. Nobody has right to tell her to get out. United States thrives on imperialism that oppresses 99% of the world. If you're serious about this movement, need to let people in Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Africa know we do not stand with colonization of U.S. Government. Best way to do so is implementing this name change.
      • Apologizes for emotional outburst. The PoC of San Diego got up and walked out in solidarity during a GA about this same discussion. No one knows if they've rejoined the GA. People here, including he, make comments without thinking three times. This is a highly-emotional topic, especially in this area where gentrification is very, very, rampant.
      • Recognizes that word "occupy" has serious negative connotations among many people here and abroad. He stands in solidarity with those people and their struggles, but doesn't feel that changing our name is the best way to further that cause.
      • Has spent lots of time on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It's the poorest county in the United States of America. Most people, even the homeless in this encampment, cannot fathom the conditions in which people of Pine Ridge live. Is unbelievably sympathetic with Native American causes. Is part Jewish, and resents being called a white supremacist by someone trying to pose emotion as unity. We're all here because we're all marginalized. He works in a cubicle for the 1%. If his bosses knew he was here, speaking and being engaged. He resent being marginalized by people who think that because he work in a cubical all day, he has great life. Our name makes that clear.
      • Don't frame this as division of the movement. Suggests we set precedent with the forward movement in other cities.
      • We shouldn't do something just because other cities are doing it. Sympathizes with first nations but wants to understand if once we decolonize, will we still be working under patriarchal system? How does changing the race part solve the sex part that oppresses 50 percent of our community.
      • Need to take this one step at a time. Agrees with comment about sexism. With Occupation movement across the county, has been lots of bad politics. Have groups such as Neo-Nazis of America endorsing us. Must show by adding this name that we're being progressive and that it's bigger than just the banks.
      • Last proposal we passed spoke specifically to the issues of the taking of Native American land. This supports that as well as supporting idea that all people have been colonized, including the majority white workers who are the 99 percent. We've all been colonized.
      • Native women have been sterilized for the past 500 years, don't identify with Western feminism for that reason. Please don't misidentify women. Decolonization is a process. This represents decolonization of our movement. Wall Street was founded on colonization and slavery. To get to the root of this movement, let's call it from the beginning, decolonization, which acknowledges that history.
      • Casey: With respect to the People of Color Caucus, all indigenous people, and all people here tonight: he loves us. Doesn't believe this is needed now. Worded like we're trying to break down our colony at the mayor's office, trying to break down every little colony we have. Should keep things the way they are now and think about a good one.
      • Burning Man: Not his native name. Is of South American decent. This is street name. Is homeless. Doesn't matter what we identify as. We are human. Everyone here is human. Why don't we act like it and recognize that we're human? The word 99 percent includes every human in this group. Doesn't matter who you are for any reason. 99 percent occupy of any city: Occupy means to stay somewhere under force or peaceful. Occupy Seattle is a part of Occupy Wall Street. To Occupy Wall Street means to stay where we are. WS has occupied every city in economic ways. Every single human here is starting to sound like children on the playground. Stay together and get along.
      • Marlin: Supports name change. Heard lots of good points, lots of emotional points. Unity must be our primary concern. Has great love for everyone here. Have inspired him and millions around the world. Is a white man. Is not the best person to speak about issues of marginalization of people of color in first nations. It is his responsibility to do what he can, and to show people around the world, that we, as white colonial people, own responsibility for what we have done. By changing our name, we give credence to this, show the world that we acknowledge the responsibility. This can allow us to truly set a precedent. Can show that we can evolve and bring forth new understandings. Supports symbolic name change.
      • Akila: Is black. Is female. Is part of Information Work Group. Going to New York tomorrow morning. When goes to Liberty Plaza, wants to be representing Occupy Seattle. It's important to keep name as we're one of more than 1251 occupies around the world. Let's not change name, but vote and go home.
    • vote: 22:25
      • 43 favor, 60 oppose
  • point of process: (not a point of process) important political discussion. People need space to caucus with each other to process what just happened. We should adjourn and go home (or stay here) not because we're dissolving the movement or the general assembly, just because people need to support each other.
  • More discussion of proposal just passed
  • break for approximately 40 minutes

Adjourned 23:07

Federal Judge Tells Police Not to Ticket Occupy Protesters

Read about it here:

Meeting the Press – A guide to Talking to the Media

The Occupy Seattle Media Relations Group has provided us with a guide for talking with the media. While everyone has the right to speak as individuals in whichever way they choose, these guidelines will help us portray Occupy Seattle in as positive a light as we can.

Meeting the Press – A guide to Talking to the Media

The Occupy Seattle Media Relations Group has provided us with a guide for talking with the media. While everyone has the right to speak as individuals in whichever way they choose, these guidelines will help us portray Occupy Seattle in as positive a light as we can.

General Assembly notes 10/19

Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-19 18:28
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jake
  • Agenda: Michael
  • Process mover:
  • Taking stack: Kristen
  • Time keeper: Danica


  • time: 18:42
  • TJ, tentmaster
    • needs
      • blankets
      • tarps
      • visqueen
  • ?
    • last night and for the previous few, cops turn on their lights
      • to combat, people stood in front of cars with blankets and space blankets
  • ?
    • first weekday night was last night
    • encourages those who haven't camped here on a weeknight to do so
  • ?
    • It has been cold, so be wise about where to stay
    • went to City Hall this morning. Was very split.
    • Need to occupy a big enough space so police don't squish us.

Working group announcements

  • time: 18:46

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • having success, a bit disorganized, trying hard
    • request that proposals be submitted in writing with name
      • on whiteboard, or better, on paper
    • will try to get unsigned proposals into the GA, but hard to do so without a name
    • If your proposal is not mentioned, maybe you didn't follow the rules. Not ignoring you, just moving the process.

Media Working Group

  • Carson
    • yesterday, came up with several bullet points on how to keep your foot out of your mouth when speaking to the media:
      • If a reporter asks you a question, always pause, then think before you speak.
      • Do your best to kekp answers short on point and well-articulated
      • always assume wrords can be misconstrued
      • be very very careful about using word "we"
        • you speak only for yourself, don't rpesume to speak
      • if someone asks tricky question that you don't feel comfortable answering, can answer "no comment"
      • when speaking to media, keep in mind that everything you say reflects on all of us, even if you don't use the word "we"

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • meet daily under Sephora sign at 4pm and after GA
    • if you're interested, go to the meetings, post on the forums
  • Ariana
    • new to Outreach and to speaking
    • will be compiling stories about us
    • please tell her your story and while you're here
  • Circus
    • on Friday, Outreach will be doing t-shirt day
    • please bring any t-shirts, old or new
    • if you have any messages for Occupy Olympia, send to by tomorrow
      • Robert from Outreach will visit, take messages

Information Working Group

  • ?
    • make fabric armbands, duct tape is tiresome, wasteful
    • has notebooks for each WG; use them to pass information between each other
    • when you know when your meetings will be, come write them on the whiteboard

Legal Working Group

  • Corey
    • Legal will help people who are arrested for civil disobediance
    • Will not help if you are arrested for something that doesn't fall into that category, including
      • crime of violence
      • crime of narcotic use
      • crime of alcohol use in public place
    • have been problems with narcotic and alcool recently
    • use of mind altering substances create safety problem for us
    • is personally offended when someone overdoses, seeks help from medic, then says he or she is suffering from hypothermia
    • if you tell someone you are suffering from hypothermia but are overdosing, you put yourself at risk

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Maria
    • what: day of solidarity
    • when: this saturday
    • 12:00 p.m. rally
      • will be joined by El Comite, NAACP, United Indians of all Tribes
    • 2:00 p.m. will join national action against police brutality
    • ask everyone to stand in solidarity

Demands Working Group

  • Emily
    • tomorrow, will set up table after GA to take everyone's local demands
    • we don't want to make our own demands; we want to make our demands
    • please make your voices heard
    • meet daily at 4:00 p.m. next to See's Candy; look for the sign

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
    • really want a 24/7 presence so we can update information as it happens
    • if interested, contact at

Teatrical Occupy Seattle

  • Adam
    • newly-formed group
    • encourage people of all races, genders, etc.
    • need entertainment before people burn out
    • to join, meet by the stage after GA

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • yesterday we asked for help with a washing station so people can bring their own silverwear, cups, bottles
    • someone dropped off a bunch of tubs
    • need help organizing so everyone can participate in sustainable practices
      • if you'd like to help, join later on east side of park
    • please bring your own utensils, water bottles, etc.
    • we'll sort garbage and recyclables at 9pm
  • ?
    • Sierra Club of Northwest endorses this movement
    • water jugs were donated for refill station
      • have daily pickup
      • information on the bottle. If empty, phone number on bottle
    • need silverwear donations
    • reuse your cups, utensils, even if they're disposable

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • Did anyone listen to Doc's announcements last night?
    • Checked with the Mayor's Office for sixth time today.
      • Has appointment with Seattle Civil Rights Commission Director Julie Nelson
        • Tomorrow morning 7:30am
    • really needs help
    • There are flash mobs pending.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Anthony
    • working to bring a voice and entertainment to Occupy Seattle
    • for more information, see him and fellow members 9pm near hot dog stand at north end of Park

Action Announcements

  • facilitator: This will be chance to as for help with things you're working onj
  • Andrew, Sanitation
    • had three people, one is injured, one is out of town he hasn't slept for a long time
    • please join him
  • Russ, committee that helps form the agenda
    • has heard many times that people wonder how we come up with this agenda
    • process is: fill out piece of paper with idea, put name beside it, they look at it
    • he's the only person on that committee; if you don't like it, make group larger
    • meet every day at 4pm in front of Romax
    • If he can't make it, he'll leave a message with Information.
      • If need help, can get it from those who facilitate and guide the meeting.


  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: Move our base camp to Seattle Central this Saturday when we have people here from the actions.
    • restated: This Saturday, after the two demonstrations, we march to Seattle Central Community College to set up new base camp, and maintain a daytime presence at Westlake through GA, work groups, actions, direct action, etc.
    • rationale:
      • This occupation has been beautiful, has been going on for over two weeks. People staying overnight are courageous, dealing with cold, cops, oppression. During the week, night time occupation is almost nonexistent. Has nothing to do with the will and result of those staying overnight or the power and prestige of this movement. When we've called for massive numbers of people when we ask.
      • There are hundreds or thousands of supporters there.
      • Members of the occupation are in student government there.
      • There's an Occupy student club there.
      • We can go build our numbers while maintaining presence at Westlake, then later maybe reoccupy Westlake.
      • There, we can avoid having our infrastructure destroyed nightly or weekly.
        • Allow us to more effectively demonstrate, perform outreach.
      • When we approach winter, we cannot continue an outdoor occupation.
      • There are buildings nearby that might be available for occupation.
    • (three minutes of discussion with people nearby)
    • discussion
      • ?
        • Should not move. This area was selected for its symbolism.
        • If you don't want to stay, recommit yourself.
        • Shit may hit the fan there or here, but it's better for it to happen here.
      • ?
        • responding to previous comment: it should be personal choice
          • Whatever GA decides, he'll do. Occupation is about more than what he thinks.
        • Has anyone spoken with SCCC about what is allowed?
          • He's from SCCC, organized walkout there, has been here from day one.
          • Administration has stated publicly that they will not welcome us.
          • Club is meeting tonight to devise method to change that.
            • possibilities being considered thus far:
              • Petition teachers, workers, students
              • Encourage student coordinating committee to hold actions of solidarity next week at campuses all over the city.
      • ?
        • Considering that we'll be lasting a while, need to avoid fear of freezing and remain a community.
      • ?
        • Is in complete agreement that we should have daytime occupation.
        • At last general assembly, someone suggested symbolic march between daytime and nighttime locations.
        • We are the 99%, and many of us have trouble spending the night here (cop harassment, bad location). Shouldn't alienate that group by preventing them from staying over.
      • ?
        • This park was paid for by taxpayer money so that Nordstrom can have a building to promote capitalism. That's a major theme across the country.
        • To move to SCCC, where Boeing, Amazon, Nordstrom have not presence
        • This park needs to be home.
      • ?
        • Fully supports proposal because the constant tension about whether we're staying here, what the cops are doing, how we're not getting any sleep, is distracting us from what we're here for.
        • Is here to get to know everyone, to educate herself about how this system screwed us up and is destroying our earth.
        • Wants to do direct action, demonstrate, have constant daytime presence here.
        • We need to sleep and be safe.
        • Let's build village there where it won't get torn down every night.
      • ?
        • Hasn't stayed the night, so won't tell people they should be willing to stay in cold.
        • Should consider fact or possibility that move to SCCC will be seen as and probably portrayed as a surrender.
          • proposer: That's why we should do it this Saturday when it's decidedly clear that we've defeated attacks by police and mayor.
            • On those weekends we are unmanageable because of our numbers. We can set up more tents or move then because we have the power then.
      • ?
        • Have no illusions that the SCCC admin will not try to boot us out.
          • I'm a student there. If they boot me out, I'll demand a refund.
        • We're under attack all the time here.
        • There, we'll have chance to politicize student body.
        • When stronger, should come back here for reasons previous speaker cited.
      • ?
        • Has noticed pattern that those who dislike the idea of street are unfamiliar though he sleeps here every night.
        • Has a few problems with SCCC.
          • It's on grass.
            • proposer: only partially
          • Sprinklers likely not to be turned of for us.
            • proposer: there are none, palates could resolve this.
          • Rain will cause drainage and mud problems.
      • ?
        • Will we be interrupting the important learning process happening at SCCC?
      • ?
        • We are at war, fighting government and capitalism.
        • Must use war tactics against this corporate structure.
        • In war times, a direct occupation would occur, then the force would go to a safe place to coordinate multiple attacks.
          • It is wise to find this base camp, whether it's SCCC, Gasworks Park, Freeway Park
      • ?
        • Doesn't seem like there is any guarantee of safety anywhere.
          • So pick a spot and stand firm.
          • Think about space; SCCC doesn't have much available.
            • proposer: Cal Anderson Park is across the street for overflow, and campus crosses street
      • ?
        • This is not Occupy Westlake, it's Occupy Seattle
        • Applauds those who stay here. YOu are the soldiers.
        • Those of us who go home and work online are the engineers.
        • Zucotti Park in New York is open 24 hours/day.
        • It is illegal to be here after 10pm. That can be enforced.
        • Supports multiple locations so if attacked, will have somewhere to move.
      • ?
        • Concern with proposal is that there's strong support at SCCC.
        • There are lots of people near Westlake who do not support the movement.
        • Gives people who do not already support a chance to see us.
      • ?
        • Westlake Park is very well served by public transit than SCCC is.
        • On first day, group of us where here protesting Canadian Tar Sands.
        • Canadian Consulate is near.
        • Would like to stay here.
        • Would like all urban centers to provide places for people who do not pay $200 for a room
        • On first day, group of us where here protesting Canadian Tar Sands.
        • Canadian Consulate is near.
        • Would like to stay here.
        • Would like all urban centers to provide places for people who do not pay $200 for a room
      • ?
        • Agrees about Nordstroms. Wrote the flyer.
        • If we have secure base at SCCC, will have base for targeting Nordstroms, Bank of America, Chase, etc.
        • Could try to get the 49 line into a ride-free line to protest fee increases that came as a result of policies of the 1%
      • ?
        • SCCC and Cal Anderson Park are two blocks from the East Precinct, so not very secure.
      • facilitator: have many people on stack, have many proposals, saw at least 20 people indicating desire to vote
    • vote
      • time: 19:40
      • clear majority support
      • blocks:
        • facilitator: four blockers will take five minutes to discuss, then will present
        • blockers' statements:
          • No work groups were aware of this plan that would dismantle organized abilities to move this soon
          • Decision should be left open, but a binding GA vote at this time is impromptu
          • We should hold our ground.
          • On the board yesterday was written: No major votes would happen on a weekday.
          • Use your imagination and imagine what a motivated and well-funded opponent could do.
          • We can make plans. You can form your own group to move to a better location. Don't need
          • This is revolution.
          • Respects campers and people who've been here all along.
          • Is angry, is ready to fight.
          • Thank you for listening to a white male. Knows they're over-represented.
        • discussion of block:
          • ?
            • Tent is at Parks Department.
            • When we march, we should take our tents and set them up.
            • If we move Saturday, we need to get our tents back.
          • facilitator:
            • try to discuss whether the vote violates the principles of the movement
          • Vote is premature. Other groups are working on alternative options.
          • point of process: This is not binding. Anyone can propose amendment tomorrow.
          • Have been conflicts. Each group thinks the other is better supplied. Doesn't think we should move this fast.
          • ? – symbology of the location is less important than easy access to it. Nobody lives downtown by the park.
          • ? – represents students that cannot be here, younger school-age students. Knows people have been holding it down in face of police. Moving forward so quickly does not honor students and young people.
          • ? – uses Occupy Wall Street quite often because they are successul. Have taken bridge, mayors door, chas bank, citibank. If we grow too much, Westlake is too small. Until then, core of movement should have a spot as a command center. Consider apartment where there's electricity, showers, bed. That doesn't involve moving.
        • vote
          • time: 19:58
          • no supermajority; block stands, proposal fails

Urgent message

  • Shouting person ran, ran into semi-covert officer, was chased by police, and violently arrested. Although we ran, we meant no violence or ill-will, but intend to witness the arrest.
  • Legal: That guy was chased down and tackled because he spit on a cop.


  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: Refuse any police interaction. Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our ability.
    • restated: Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our abilities.
    • restated after block: Occupy Seattle will be a cop-free zone to the best of our abilities.
    • rationale: We are experienced people who have experienced violence on part of police. Police history is catching runaway slaves, breaking strikes, killing rebellious workers. Whether through overt force or cointelpro, they are our enemy. They defend interest of the 1%. Seattle police department has history of violence, including murder of John T. Williams and many beatings of people.
    • source: People of Color Caucus
    • discussion:
      • How do you propose to handle that, tactically?
        • Group will decide.
      • I support this as person of color, middle class background, has had varying experiences with police in various cities. Though police are, economically, in same class as 99%, that doesn't change the fact that they uphold desires of the 1%.
      • Twice, police were successful in disrupting our general assembly. We should consider creating a group of people to respond with video cameras, livestreaming, and clear minds.
      • Supports proposal, stands behind with her communities. Historically, people of color have been murdered for speaking out, people have been repressed. If we are to build a global movement, must support people who are suffering from police and military repression, not only in United States, but globally. Should truly unite as community and people.
      • Most people here think of themselves as working class. Agenda of the people of color's goal in this case benefits us all. People who killed John Williams break unions, etc. Let's build unity. No police.
      • Strongly supports what others have said. Whether or not this proposal passes, stop talking to the cops. They may seem like they're trying to be nice, make conversation, but they're gathering information. They might not use it against you, but will use it against your comrades.
      • The cops may seem like cool people individually, but just like salesmen, don't care bout their customers but profits, cops don't care about people, they care about their institution.
      • Supports. Remember the WTO. The police corroboration with DHS has an impact on immigrants. She's from Arizona. They've terrorized, split communities and families. They're doing checkpoints. It affects everyone.
      • There is a word for taking the actions of one or a few and ascribing their actions to the entire group: Stereotyping. It's discrimination.
    • vote
      • time: 20:21
      • majority support
        • block
          • explanation from blockers
            • Was overwhelmingly approved. We would like to see an inclusion of nonviolence and civil disobedience of enforcing the anti-cop proposal. If we don't have nonviolence as policy, could be confusion during the enforcement of the rule, leading to detrimental action.
            • Here at Westlake, are situations all around us involving people who are potentially dangerous. Was here last night, saw intoxicated person attempt to assault people repeatedly. Heard that someone brought an assault rifle.
          • discussion:
            • Historically, cops used to separate people of color from whites. Let's not use drugs as an excuse to silence people in our movement.
            • Agrees with everything said about what people do to people of color. Is concerned that when violence is done to someone it is hard to avoid feeling anger or violence, so when we talk about this, all this anger rises up, and in our language, we are villifying and being dualistic, and talking about enemies. It's hard to stay nonviolent when our heads go there.
            • Violence wasn't mentioned in this proposal. It was that we should not talk to the cops, not include them. Part of not talking is not yelling, not provoking. Need to ensure we don't include them in this movement by becoming violent to them. This would open the door for them to enter. Need to ensure that those two arrests, after people may have assaulted police — which interrupted GA
            • supports proposal: When arrested at RNC in Philadelphia, spoke to the officer who was arresting him. Charged with 8 misdemeanors while charges against all others were dropped. Their job is to help them. Don't need to actively obstruct them if it leads to violence. This is about not helping them.
            • Opposes block. When we speak out in support of each other, we speak out against injustices at the world.
            • Addresses block: Proposal says will be cop-free zone to best of our abilities. We should have another meeting to discuss what "best of our abilities" means. People can discuss self-defense and non-violence. We should discuss the structure and responsibility of the peace and safety committee, what it means to self-govern, not rely on police. We should have discussion of what self-defense against cops means.
          • vote:
            • time: 20:39
            • average cont favoring prop: 102, opposed: 10
            • have supermajority, so proposal passes
  • presenter: ?
    • proposal: We will not call the cops on one another.
    • restated after block: We will not call the cops on one another in this movement.
    • rationale:
    • source
    • discussion:
      • TODO: review recording; wasn't able to take minutes because was reviewing past minutes for group (did we vote not to call police?)
    • vote
      • time: 21:01
      • blocks
        • blocker: Rush Shelley: Has worked in movements of peace and social justice for 25 years. This is only the second time he's blocked a consensus motion. Talking with people outside GA meeting, they walked away from an earlier decision before it was to be made. What they said is what the greater society thinks: If we don't allow police involvement, we shot ourselves in the foot. It will divide the movement and it's not enforceable. Cannot spy on each other to determine who is speaking with police. To exclude any group is against the movement. It would be non-peaceful to do so.
        • discussion:
          • This would encourage us to deal with problems ourselves.
          • Block speaks to previous proposal. This proposal is about not calling the cops. We can take care of dangerous people without their involvement.
          • Letting this block stand would cause previous proposals to unravel, including one that had block overridden.
          • Deeply committed to transformative justice and community-based solutions. We don't currently live in society that has tools, skills, etc., to deal with harm to each other internally. We can create processes to take care of each other when dealing with police, but we shouldn't set hard rule that penalizes people who feel they need to call police.
          • Proposal on Sunday was just fine. Should not remove ability to call for help if we think we're in imminent danger.
        • vote:
          • 57 for, 27 opposed, so block stands, proposal fails
    • point of process: This doesn't change previous decision that you can't call cops unless in imminent danger.

misc announcements

  • these were during block discussions
  • Zach Patton
    • missed most of GA because was at Labor Temple for Occupy Seattle Labor Caucus
    • tonight over a dozen showed up in support
    • several said they'll go back to locals to get rank and file to come support us
    • When they show up, tell them that you support them and that they don't have to be a "them" vs. "us"
  • ?
    • Need a separate event group. Outreach can't handle this.
  • ?
    • Hip Hop Occupies has experience getting up to 1000 people to events; can help
  • ?
    • Someone mentioned not recognizing faces.
      • I have a full-time job, a part-time job at homeless shelter, and daughter
      • If this represents working class, should acknowledge that some people can't make it.
      • Should be home with this family, but is here.
    • Response: didn't mean any offense to those who can't make it
  • ?
    • Came from occupy Philadelphia
      • have kitchen, snack room, educational tent
      • have workers from downtown donating
      • made her think Seattle needs tents
  • ?
    • If you disagree with people, use anti-twinkles, don't boo people.
  • ?
    • There will be a queer liberation and class struggle workshop tomorrow 4pm, by stage.
    • At 3am, woman was serving squash dishes she cooked. Police Lt. approached her and said he'd arrest her for health code violation.
      • when I tried to serve myself because he said the problem was her serving, he:
        • threw food on ground
        • through out rest of the squash
      • let's find out if a code was violated
  • police scanner apps on phones
    • when they talk about activities like this, talk on secret channel; this won't protect you
  • group is working on determining how to make UW more accessible to UW students
  • closed her Bank of America account, opened BECU, who provide referral bonuses
  • November 5 is bank transfer day: "remember, remember the fifth of November"


  • making jewelry out of people's bank cards; has had three people change accounts after seeing her earrings
  • Saw the equivalent of special interests and lobbyists during votes. Suggests we close eyes during votes.
  • That would give the facilitators a lot of power. That's not good.
  • After GA adjourns, will talk about what, to the best of our ability, means, in reference to the cop-free proposal that was passed.
  • As the only person in the facilitator group who puts together the agenda, has one offer tonight to join, so now there are two of us. If you have an item for the agenda, find Russ by Romax.
    • Tomorrow, would normally meet at 4pm, but both people are unavailable. Suggests we meet at 5:30.
    • Clarification: Steering Committee is not part of Process and Facilitation
      • A week ago, suggested that agenda building should not be part of facilitation. So committee is set up to look at proposals and any information that needs to be on the agenda.
  • Shawn from Process and Facilitation
    • P&F meets at 4:30 by Romax sign and stays here late, so cannot be here to collect proposals at night. Russ has been taking on role of being here from noon until later to hold the agenda.
  • If Russ is going to be the steering committee, should be joined by more people, roles should be clarified
  • Today show will be filming live tomorrow in front of Pike Place Market from 7am – 10am
  • After GA, will plan for tomorrow. Have decided not to have everyone down there so we can gain trust of others. Not planning big launch.

Adjourned 21:28

Occupy Seattle Anti-Oppression and Accountability Principles

We are the 99% and our task is to unify the 99%. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, and ridden with various other interconnected forms of repression.

As the Occupy Seattle community, we will consciously and urgently work on dismantling these systems of oppression in our movement. We are working on creating a comm unity where everyone’s autonomy is respected, protected, and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that we strive to acknowledge and educate ourselves about, in order to ensure that these privileges are not used to oppress others. We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we do not police each others’ thoughts, but we have absolutely no tolerance for oppressive or intimidating words or actions.

We do not accept any of the following in our community:
■ White supremacy (racism against people of color)
■ Patriarchy (sexism)
■ Ageism (oppression against youth and/or elders)
■ Heterosexism (oppression against LGBTQ people)
■ Transphobia
■ Anti-Arab sentiment (or Islamophobia)
■ Anti-Jewish sentiment
■ Religious intolerance or intolerance of non-religious people
■ Class oppression (classism)
■ Cultural intolerance
■ Oppression based on immigration status
■ Oppression based on experiences with the justice system
■ Disregard for indigenous autonomy
■ Oppression based on appearance or size
■ The following behaviors are also unacceptable:
■ Representing the Occupy Seattle movement to the media or to any other entity without approval of the general assembly
■ Negotiating with the police or the City without approval of the general assembly
■ Instigation of violence in all its forms, explicit or implicit, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, written, graphical, or through indirect means such as calling the police on another person when one is not in imminent physical danger

Any violation of these principles will be dealt with through a community accountability process, to be described in a future Accountability Working Group proposal

General Assembly notes 10/18

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-18 19:35
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Time keeper: Hudson
  • Proposal facilitation: Danica
  • Agenda facilitation: Jack
  • Keeping stack: Joshua


  • time: 19:44

  • ?

    • Last night we engaged in civil disobediance: erecting tent, I entered, some tried to join, cops pushed them back, I refused to go, I was arrested.
    • 5000 people watched on the livestream
    • Upon return, heard stories that all my fellow campers were supportive
      • formed human tents, standing on shoulders, blankets draped over heads, said, "take down this tent"
    • Was beautiful to see after yesterday's split
  • Albert
    • Last night was first night I was not at Occupy Seattle
    • Went to Occupy Portland
      • have 400-500 tents
      • have satellite location with 110
      • have library
      • have cafeteria
      • have village
      • are collecting donations for Occupy Seattle
      • consider some of our actions to be legendary
  • ?
    • some of the things at Portland are great
      • may not be practical at Westlake
  • ?
    • Why is a multi-ethnic background group meeting while they are not allowing white people as has been described by the group that cannot participate?
  • ?
    • Last night was most beautiful night I've seen at Westlake
      • people dancing, singing, not leaving
  • ?
    • has been here many nights, don't usually sleep over
    • stayed here last night, awake
      • many people, really bright lights from police cars all night
      • police and Parks were otherwise respectful
    • This area is known for people struggling with drug abuse
      • I respect their difficulty
      • Discourages some people from joining us
  • ?
    • hopes that whatever we decide tonight creates a space where more people will feel safe joining us for the whole night
  • Cameron
    • spent every night here except for last night
    • getting burned out on Westlake; help me out
  • Mike
    • advises that when we think about bringing more people and making this a more inclusive space, we prioritize people who are less privileged, most marginalized
      • including
        • people of color
        • homeless
      • thus, quite likely at any given time to have drug situations to deal with
    • would like to create space where there is understanding, tolerance, acceptance
    • two nights ago, drunk man interrupted the general assembly
      • he and medic engaged the man in police conversation
      • that people are under the influence doesn't mean they cannot be part of our community, or that their presence makes our space less safe or less productive
  • Tommy
    • spent a few nights here
    • hard to sleep when cops wake you up
    • hard to sleep when people are drumming at 4:00 a.m.
  • ?
    • thanks everyone who is here camping, fighting for those of us who are at work during the day and cannot be here
    • thanks for sleeping through drums and cop lights
    • wishes she could join

Working group reports

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia * what: Information session led by Lisa Dougaard, defense attorney who coordinates our public defense. Come if you have questions about what arrest will involve, legal status of being here, keeping safe, exercising rights, etc. * when: Wednesday October 18, 2011, 5:30 p.m. * where: Westlake Park, by main stage

Media Working Group

  • ?
    • someone convened meeting "How not to put your foot in your mouth when talking to the media"
    • WG will discuss tomorrow at 4pm to decide what should be presented to the general assembly

Information Working Group

  • Norman
    • we pass on information
    • we need to receive information
      • ex: need from each work group what time they are meeting and where
      • calendar of events, workshops, meetings, etc., so they can tell others
    • have had many reports of theft, so please watch your belongings
    • as the desert Arabs say, "trust in Allah and tether your camel"

Logistics Working Group

  • Martin
    • I've broken and set up the tent multiple times
    • broken down last time because people violated our permit
      • so keep your ears and eyes open to breach of protocol
      • if we stay organized and on same page, we can get this done
    • people step into positions of authority when they have not spent a night
    • when you see news cameras, everything is okay
    • when you see news cameras leave, police are likely to come
    • stay organized and alert your fellow citizens
    • don't leave when it rains and stay only when it's sunny
    • if you have your own agenda, you eliminate our common agenda
    • speak to others if you want to know anything about logistics, supply, sanitation, kitchen

Outreach Working Group

  • Robert and Robert
    • WG is working on two initiatives:
      • neighborhood outreach project
        • going out to green markets and other such places, setting up tables, and talking to people
      • cafe meet and greet
        • self-explanitory
    • if you want to help, have ideas for locations, etc., please see someone from outreach
      • look for smiles and Sounders colors
    • working on promotional materials
      • request feedback, particularly from Demands, Media, and Legal
    • we are at the peace tree daily at 4pm, then again after GA
    • if you know someone with design skills, please introduce us
      • we want not just content bug good looks
    • if you have experience talking to people, or are just a nice person, please join us

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Carlo
    • please bring reusable utensils, cups, water bottles, etc., to reduce trash
    • will set up washing station
      • request assistance:
        • need large water containers
        • need vehicle to shuttle water and empty containers
    • sort trash nightly at 9pm

People of Color Working Group

  • Nina
    • observation: there are no people of color facilitating today
    • need your support as people of color allies to respect our process
    • thank their white allies who have protected them
    • hope to conduct teach-ins on
      • undoing racism
      • impact of racism and colonialism
      • prison industrial complex
    • meet daily at 5:30 p.m. near the hot dog stand at north end of park
    • please keep in mind the injustices people of color have and do suffer at the hands of police

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • throughout this week, WG will be collecting local demands you or people you know have
      • ex: more public transportation, more teachers in school, more bike paths, more people smiling and holding your hand
    • need a feel for what the group wants
    • anything they publish is not the final word, shouldn't be taken to represent the movement
    • not taking them exclusively this week, but focusing on them


  • Dan
    • several people got names of people in unions and those who would like to be to explore possibility of a Labor Union working group
    • when: tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 19)
    • where: Labor temple

Facilitation Working Group

  • Shawn
    • GA almost didn't happen tonight
    • are absorbing stress of those things
    • we're losing people
    • meet daily 4:30 under Romax sign
    • please join if you think GA is important
    • has been difficult to use process and make it work better
    • look at minutes and procedures on forums
    • email at

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Circus
    • meeting was planned for tonight around 9pm, but looks like it won't happen then (GA unlikely to complete in 40min)
    • when something happens, people say, "Where is Peace and Safety?"
      • Look to yourself
      • If it's something major, grab everyone around you; don't wait

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
    • need more people
    • if interested in social media, website maintenance, contact us at

Finance Working Group

  • Ted (not in WG)
    • in email conversation yesterday:
      • cannot open credit union account without Federal Tax ID
    • GA has not voted on opening CU account
    • discussed concept of registering with Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation
      • this needs more discussion
      • consider that someone uninvolved could register with Secretary of State as Occupy Seattle


  • ?
    • trying to get some of our gear back that the city took
      • if you lost a tent or other gear, please provide your name, description of loss
      • has pickup, needs one person to claim each tent


  • Maria
    • proposal: On Saturday, October 22, 2011, have day of solidarity, in conjunction with National Day beginning with People's Movement Rally at noon, march Against Police Brutality, march at 2pm
    • rationale:
      • similar actions happened in other cities are successfully got involvement of wide variety of communities
      • communities of color approached us because they did not see large presence of people of color
    • discussion:
      • ?
        • when we have big demonstrations on the weekend around particular themes, that's great
        • would be very powerful if leading up to that demonstration there was self-education and teach-ins about importance of the demonstration
      • ?
        • is unaware with any problems with police during other demonstrations
        • City of Seattle likes to cause problems with marches, parades without license
        • There are enough legal cases to make us right
        • Don't fall for a trap a cop may send that our parade is illegal; keep marching
          • we have a permit for this
      • ?
        • agrees that police brutality is a problem that deserves protest, also wants to honor the police who put their lives at risk
          • problem with policy, not persons
            • at Hempfest, they emphasize the problem is not the police, it is the law
            • believes we have a problem with training police with paramilitary tactics, and that everyone is out to get them
              • if we are antagonistic toward them, makes the problem worse
              • let's emphasize change in policy; maybe we can improve things
      • ?
        • in regards to honoring police:
          • police are part of many of our families
          • police are part of the other 99%
        • until laws change, we must be vigilant and prepared for violence on part of police
      • ?
        • the radical caucus last night decided to hold workshop on police that XXX
          • need people with knowledge and expertise to assist
            • particularly people from People of Color
        • should have ongoing workshops and debate
        • regardless of whether you think cops are on your side or not:
          • will arrest you
          • will beat you
          • might kill you
          • are trying to destroy this movement
        • to join and help plan the workshop, meet by See's Candy after tonight's GA
      • ?
        • supports a march like this
        • has big concern that we're not united on how to communicate about this issue
        • doesn't want to be in group with slanderous, angry, hateful statements hurled
        • are we ready for this?
      • ?
        • have had much discussion about issue of the police
        • has been real education for people who have been here
        • police have fulfilled institutional role: making it difficult to build movement of 99% walk around at night
          • kick people who are sleeping
          • shake tents
          • kick people in tents
          • shine lights in eyes
          • it's about sleep deprivation and weakening movement
            • not that they don't have feelings, families, pat their dogs
            • institutional role is to represent interests of the 1%
      • ?
        • someone just awarded a police officer a peace and safety ribbon
        • after last nights with police ripping blankets off, kicking, etc., this is insulting
          • peace and safety representative gave it to the cop
      • ?
        • bit concerned about having march about police brutality
          • roots us in our struggle, makes it common that this is why we're together
        • movement is about our human nature and experience
        • should bond on things that are common to all of us
      • ? from Hip Hop Occupies
        • regarding the subject: doesn't have to be all about you
          • just because you have not been unjustly treated poorly by police
            • huge majority of population has
        • will meet around 10pm near 5th and Pine
      • ?
        • last night, GA was split in half on topic of police
        • we all have differences in opinion
        • getting aggressive based on your opinion is not good for the GA
        • would have loved if all those people who split instead stayed in solidarity as a group, then met at later time
      • Maria (proposer)
        • would have proposed this last night, but were told that there was only one proposal on the agenda
      • temp check: vote?
        • yes
      • vote:
        • time: 20:44
        • proposal passed


  • ?
    • forming equality solidarity working group
  • ?
    • Seattle Solidarity Network having event
      • what: workshop
      • when: Thursday, October 20, 2011, at 6:00 p.m.
    • action
      • when: Friday, October 21, 2011, at 9:00 a.m.
      • where: 600 1st Ave.
      • march to foreclosure auction held every Friday at king county courthouse
      • general protest
  • ?
    • tomorrow at 5pm, in front of Starbucks, will be vigil of Tibetans
    • recommend attending
    • outreach intends to introduce something like mission statement
      • FYI, so far they have: Occupy Seattle is part of the global movement working to create a more just, equitable, and beautiful world
  • ?
    • what: rally for those who do not like genetically-modified food
    • when: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at 4:00 p.m.
    • where: Westlake Park
  • ?
    • what: Seattle Central Community College students meeting
      • planning two events
      • have Occupy Seattle Club on campus
      • come meet if you're a SCCC student
    • when: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at 8:00 p.m.
    • where: Starbucks
  • ?
    • we will have a facilitated discussion about sustainability of the movement after GA
  • ?
    • suggests reoccupation with tents again this weekend
      • try to get people to come back weekly
      • march was 3000, can do better

Adjourned 20:52

Breaking: Permit issued for Westlake Park

Occupy Seattle has gotten a permit for Westlake Park for a large canopy and support tents. Permit covers 300 people and is provisionally for 2 weeks. Amplification is covered and a generator is possible. This is a provisional 2 week permit I believe. 400 sq ft canopy was mentioned.

Tune into our Livestream for all the latest news!


General Assembly at 7:30 Tonight!

Time Change!

General Assemblies are at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future.
Please join us tonight for the General Assembly at Westlake at 7:30pm.

Come discuss what our next steps are!

General Assembly notes 10/16

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-16 18:45

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Risha


  • time: 18:53
  • Noel
    • grandfather lives in Bellevue, offers beds, showers, washing machines to long-term campers who are ill
  • Mike
    • should have some coffee
  • Ruby
    • protester number three
    • camped last night
    • went home at 8am
    • tent, left here, is missing
      • red and beige Coleman
  • Albert
    • spends some nights here, some in car
    • family grows fruits and vegetables, sells at Pike Place Market
    • business lost money due to our march
  • anonymous
    • went to city hall plaza
    • felt like a prisoner
    • felt watched by police
  • Sunshine
    • If you see anyone sleeping without blanked, cover with two or more blankets
  • anonymous
    • been here two weeks
    • police have harassed
    • police said no tents
    • police said no sleeping
    • police said no possessions on the ground
    • no place to rest here
    • no place to gather here
  • anonymous
    • suggests orientation for new campers
  • anonymous
    • to deal with police tactic of sleep deprivation
    • in Air Force, rotate watch on front line
    • it's about tents, not just people
    • suggests getting someone to occupy tent for night, go home for a night
  • Tabitha
    • will have space for one person in my tent. Prefer women.
    • would be nice for smokers to go to the perimeter
  • Timber
    • reads Occupy Wall Street good neighbor policy
  • anonymous
    • If you were arrested on KOMO
      • KOMO Friday morning 7:30 a.m.

Working group announcements

Tactical Working Group

  • reorganizing
  • removing armbands
  • implementing system of accountability
  • if anything happens tonight, go to city hall
    • not reoccupying, just using it as safe place
  • police liason: Michael
    • please don't talk to police

Information Working Group

  • re: armbands: make reusable one
    • wear it at work
  • requests legal information posted at info (e.g., what to do when arrested)

Outreach Working Group

  • needs more volunteers

Medical Working Group

  • Miles
    • three people have had hypothermia
    • stay warm, bundle up
    • need more volunteers

Fundraising Working Group

  • need more people

Media Working Group

  • if you are talking to the media, please reflect us in best light
  • When talking to the meda: We have no official position or list of grievances
  • someone spoke to medda and made comments on behalf of all that were inaccurate

Internet Communications Working Group

  • Danica
  • need more people
    • contact us at

Hip Hop Occupies

  • launched new site
  • have multple sponsors
  • who to talk to about coordinating permanent performances

Sustainability Brigade

  • 5:30 in front of bubble tea place
  • helped Parks get bins to perimiter
    • important because police want them to go in
  • New York does deep clean weekly
  • get silverwear for use and to share
  • meeting tomorrow 5pm in front of bubble tea place

Food Working Group

  • Emily
  • appreciates listening to campers
  • next meeting: Sunday, time TBA
  • apologizes for XXX


  • was police liason
  • already has such a good relationship that half tactical command provided phone numbers, are providing inside information


  • Alvina
  • last night, had issue of people being aggressive to police and us
  • shouldn't have a gang of people telling you to leave
  • meeting tomorrow 5:30: strategy for police brutality day

Outreach Working Group

  • seek involvement of Spanish-speakers

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • did not meet today due to schedule conflicts
  • will meet tonight 9pm at peace tree
  • many have left tents and blankets behind
    • reuse these

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Jacob
  • members of P&F will be available after GA

Steering Committee

  • all proposals need to be in by 5:00
  • need to be typed or written legibly


  • proposal: either 1) move one GA per week to 7:30 (Tues, Wed, or Thur), or 2) move GA to 7:30
    • rationale: some work or live in the suburbs, making it difficult to get here by 6:30
    • clarifying questions and concerns
    • discussion
      • some people can't make 7:30, so let's just move one
      • how about M, W, F 6:30, T, R 7:30
    • revised: just move Tues and Thurs to 7:30
    • discussion
      • there are 48 hours until the change; people have time to find out,
      • some people don't have Internet access
    • vote: 19:47
      • passes
  • proposal: Outreach Committee will start to design materials
    • source: Noah from Outreach
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • please work with media
    • vote: 19:53
      • passes
  • proposal: Hold city-wide event "Night of 5000 potlucks" urge people all over to hold potlucks, offer them topics of discussion
  • revised: Fundraising Committee and other appropriate working groups be authorized to organize a mass-potluck sometime in next two weeks
    • clarifying questions and concerns
    • discussion
      • quantification sets us up for failure
      • mayor is the enemy
        • when you identify enemies, you start losing
        • we'll have to accept support of people far more distasteful than McGinn
      • save this for when we're bigger and more established
      • need to bring people in, not go there
        • many people won't come to Westlake
      • look at what's happening around the nation
        • some mayors send police to crack heads, McGinn is not. Work with him.
      • how does this benefit occupy movement
      • 1000 with seven people is 7000
      • what about a potluck or several in other locations around but not in people's houses
    • vote: 20:12
      • block: 1), not enough time to do it well 2) shouldn't affiliate with church council, 3) concerned about issues & feels like these will be watered down, 4) it's another consumerist
        • discussion
          • pot luck is already collective sharing;
          • lots of people are already homeless, maybe can include them somewhow, instead of naming groups, let individuals make such conections
          • proposal didn't remove
      • vote: 20:22
        • block stands; proposal failed
  • proposal: adopt principles of anti-oppression and accountability based on those from Occupy Boston
    • source: Accountability Working Group
    • rationale: were tasked with devising a policy for holding people who violate our values accountable; based on
    • based on Boston's statement
    • principles:
      • We are the 99% and our task is to unify the 99%. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, and ridden with various other interconnected forms of repression.
      • As the Occupy Seattle community, we will consciously and urgently work on dismantling these systems of oppression in our movement. We are working on creating a comm unity where everyone's autonomy is respected, protected, and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that we strive to acknowledge and educate ourselves about, in order to ensure that these privileges are not used to oppress others. We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we do not police each others' thoughts, but we have absolutely no tolerance for oppressive or intimidating words or actions.
      • We do not accept any of the following in our community:
        • White supremacy (racism against people of color)
        • Patriarchy (sexism)
        • Ageism (oppression against youth and/or elders)
        • Heterosexism (oppression against LGBTQ people)
        • Transphobia
        • Anti-Arab sentiment (or Islamophobia)
        • Anti-Jewish sentiment
        • Religious intolerance or intolerance of non-religious people
        • Class oppression (classism)
        • Cultural intolerance
        • Oppression base don immigration status
        • Oppression based on experiences with the justice system
        • Disregard for indigenous autonomy
        • Oppression based on appearance or size
      • The following behaviors are also unacceptable:
        • Representing the Occupy Seattle movement to the media or to any other entity without approval of the general assembly
        • Negotiating with the police or the City without approval of the general assembly
        • Instigation of violence in all its forms, explicit or implicit, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, written, graphical, or through indirect means such as calling the police on another person when one is not in imminent danger
      • Any violation of these principles will be dealt with through a community accountability process, to be described in a future Accountability Working Group proposal
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • regarding media: I understand the sentiment, but requiring GA approval will result in missed opportunities; will be hampered by this requirement; I trust them to do their job
        • no intention of preventing people from speaking to the media individually, just when representing the movement as a whole
      • should state it in an affirmative manner
      • this blank check is concerning; maybe finish proposal and resubmit
      • distrusts media group, wants restrictions
      • Canadian Union of Public XXX has a simplified policy
      • we previously agreed that working groups exist to formulate proposals and work on things that need to be done, not do anything that affects the entire group without consensus; they do not speak for the group
      • representation (e.g., our elected leaders) is troublesome
    • vote: 20:53
      • block
        • We are Occupy Seattle
        • This statement of non-descrimination comes from Boston. They say things we don't say.
        • fundamental conflict is we are autonomous and do not take orders from hierarchical structure. Boston may have consensus on 99%$, non-violence
      • block
        • Consider a class like religion. To take one subclass but not another creates a perception that multiple subclasses are not equal.
        • Principal is that we come here together. Should base on classes, not subclasses.
      • vote: blocks overridden, proposal passes
  • proposal: march from here to space needle, then occupy the base
  • revised: working groups will consider other locations including but not limited to Space Needle
    • rationale: public place
    • concerns
      • Seattle Center, while more symbolic, not as good an area to gain traction and support for the movement. Mostly tourists, who are unlikely to participate.
        • primary goal: growth. Westlake Park does not facilitate it. Regarding tourists, many people there are locals from the suburbs. Grounds provide space for us to camp. There are many indoor buildings to potentially occupy. Many friendly non-profit groups. Can still rally here after removing tents.
      • Are you suggesting a move?
        • yes
      • This is not a good time to bring up moving. Let's hold Westlake for a week or more. Not allowed to sleep here. Just got tents today. Only have them because of intense cleaning today.
      • We need to grow, then can occupy both sites.
      • It's the wrong time to move the movement to Seattle Center. We're in the heart of the city now.
      • This idea requires more thought.
    • vote: 21:30
      • proposal failed


  • presenter: Emily
    • just got back from Occupy Wall Street
    • wants to share; let's find a forum
    • saw how people can face fear by sticking together and reminding each other to stay calm in what we believe in
    • we defended park in New York like we did here because we remained calm and stuck together
    • sees similarities between problems we're having here and they had there surrounding anti-racism, etc.
  • presenter: ?
    • make list of people who are mobile and want to stop evictions on foreclosed homes
    • flash mob a place and stop bank from foreclosing on home they don't own
  • police liason
    • we had this discussion at tactical
    • must be tactical about who speaks to the police on our behalf
    • we're working on system of rotation of liasons
    • need to develop trust
  • discussion of anti-capitalism starting now
  • Rob with Outreach: having meeting Tuesday at 7pm to talk about earlier proposal for us to create documents (a.k.a. promotional materials). Have some stuff already written. If would like to provide input, come.
  • I believe in all of you. We are all equal. We love our families. We love life. I believe in occupying here and all over the city. Has map from Parks Dept of trail reconnecting city. Can use these to move.
  • We should march to Space Needle instead of occupying it.
  • Consider blocking bank entrances and divesting from stock market.
  • Russ: agenda group will meet 4pm near Romax. Please bring announcements in writintg. After 5pm tomorrow, will have to work extra hard to get items on the agenda.

Adjourned 21:45

Hip Hop Occupies

Julie C – 425-223-7787
Araless – 206-226-2491
Dan Bash – 206-619-8956
E-mail –
Website –

General Assembly notes 10/17

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-17 18:30

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • facilitator: Kristen
  • time keeper: Paul
  • stack keeper: Emily

Urgent Proposal

  • presenter: Ed, Facilitation ad Process
    • proposal: suspend for tonight's GA proposals and decisions, replacing with open-ended discussion about open-ended concerns about what to do next, etc.
    • rationale: need to decide where to sleep, but many conversations about location seem to go to deeper concerns, so whenever we have to vote, we don't get to talk, so let's talk tonight and vote tomorrow.
      • people should decide where to sleep tonight, and we'll work on strategy tomorrow
    • vote: 18:48
      • passes

Working group announcements

Medical Working Group

  • presenter: Robin
    • haven't met lately
    • if you need basic health and hygene, go to City Hall, where are supplies are
    • making general health and morale announcements via Twitter @occupyhealthy

Supply and Storage Working Group

  • presenter: Rachel
    • Blue Man Group and stage hands from local 515 donated multiple cases of bananas
    • needs: instant cold packs
      • blankets
      • socks
      • warm clot
      • paper bowls
      • non-perishable foods (soup, canned chili, s
    • non-needs (have plenty)
      • peanut butter
      • bread
      • paper towels
      • hand sanitizer
    • donate at City Hall or email
    • need volunteers to sort donations at the warehouse

Media Working Group

  • presenter: Allie
    • concern about livestream dropping feed and lack of archive
    • considering setting up video cameras other than live stream at GA
      • if you have a video camera, please record
    • please post your photos and videos

Logistics Working Group

  • presenter: Doc
    • needs 13 trusted people, only has three

Legal Working Group

  • presenter: proxy for Gabriel
    • first legal victory: all charges against Ben Lewis dismissed due to procedural issue

Fundraising Working Group

  • presenter: Fred
    • asked for help yesterday
    • appreciates confidence in his fundraising abilities, but if you like things like dry socks, bail, coffee, consider helping

Information Working Group

  • presenter: Timber
    • suggests binder for each working group be made available at the info table
    • need more people at info table
    • are the face to the public
    • friendly and outgoing people are encouraged to join

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • presenter:
    • trying to streamline the meetings
    • would like to spend more time discussing strategy and action, less time on proposals
    • considering making proposals developed and revised before bringing to GA
      • working on large proposal to bring group
    • meet daily, 4:30pm
    • need additional racial diversity in group
  • presenter: Jacob
    • reminder: GA voted last night to move
  • presenter
    • if you have agenda items, please notify us under the Romax sign

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • presenter: Tabitha
    • tonight at 9pm, regular trash/recycling/compost sorting
    • Tomorrow (Tues) 6:30, meeting under Romax sign
    • please re-use cups and utinsels
    • need metal spoon donations

Sanitation Working Group

  • presenter: Andrew i * needs people with janitorial experience
    • people need to urinate; if you know sympathetic staff at nearby bars and restaurants

Emergency Anouncement

  • police officer in attendance
    • doesn't feel safe
    • temp check: okay with this?
      • yes, okay

Internet Communications Working Group

  • presenter: Danica
    • need more people
      • social media
      • website maintenance
      • coordination with other Occupy sites
    • email us at

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • presenter: Elvina
    • needs new emergency contact list
      • people who cannot stay overnight but willing to come down in emergencies

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • presenter: Sensei Greg
    • website will be done in two days
    • linking up with multiple MCs

Tactical Working Group

  • presenter: John
    • need to identify people who are willing to (but not hoping to) be arrested
    • we are trying to form a working group to practice peaceful tactics for use in the event of arrest

Text Messaging Group

  • presenter: Patrick Henry Sousa
    • have about 800 people on the list
    • to get on list, text "occupyseattle" to 443322

Accountability Working Group

  • presenter: ?
    • passed proposal yesterday about anti-oppression and accountability principles
    • will meet after GA to devise plan for holding people who violate principles accountable
      • please join if you have input

People of Color Caucus Working Group

  • presenter: Maria
    • formed because there are various phobias and isms in this movement
    • also addressing police brutality, violence, illegal detention and incarceration
  • presenter: ?
    • heard that there has been suggestion to allow police to sit in and participate in the general assembly
      • we disapprove
    • facilitator note: we took temperature check, found that most people are comfortable
      • temperature check: okay with this?
        • yes, okay

Open Discussion

  • time: 19:24
  • topics for discussion:
    • viability of Occupy Seattle
    • where we're going
    • what we need to do immediately
    • what we need to do long-term
  • ?
    • was here this morning, saw police target people of color
    • police took someone who was vocal about police brutality
      • cornered him, said he had a felony
      • there are other people with felonies but white, but not targeted
    • if you're here at night, you know we're kicked, have lights flashed at us
    • need to be united and for people to support us
  • Doc
    • apologizes for failing last two days
    • will triple his efforts, will not fail us again
  • ?
    • this place has serious strategic concerns
    • symbolically, Westlake Park is important due to corporate B.S.
    • should relocate to Seattle Central and surrounding area
      • green space next to it is not open like this
        • police cannot rush in
      • has historic value: staging during WTO riots
      • students are there
      • people live nearby
  • Zach
    • from Olympia
    • good job
  • ?
    • most in the crowd are white
    • during temperature check, most people were okay with it
    • most of us are not from communities that are terrorized by police
    • direct response: I'm a white female, I've had problems with police, color shouldn't be an issue here
  • ?
    • people were arrested today, so we know police are not on our side. Who are we voting for: police or the 99%.
    • if police are welcome with guns and badges, she'll not participate
  • ?
    • thanks for input from people of color
    • please offer a proposal tomorrow
  • ?
    • it's crucial to establish a sustainable green location for regular habitation
    • there are many people who want to join us 24/7 but don't want to be here, getting busted and sleep-deprived
    • need to find hospitable location for weekly living, have regular protests and weekly assemblies XXX, have major activities at Westlake
  • ?
    • stick with the progressive stack; wants to hear from traditionally-marginalized people
  • ?
    • in 1998, was attacked by SPD, defended himself successfully, beat them in court, has settlement
    • has different relationship with them now; wants to feel safe
    • not all of us grew up sheltered
  • ?
    • race does matter
    • race will matter until we make a revolution to overthrow institutionalized white supremacy
      • thought that's what we're here for
    • in Occupy Oakland, have policy that police are unwelcome in camp
      • Seattle is not as different from Oakland as people think
    • Malcom X started meetings by saying, "welcome friends and enemies"
      • knew undercover police would be here
    • cop who came tonight was here to divide us
      • let's not let them divide us
  • ?
    • tired of people treating cops who destroyed camp with respect and dignity
      • they don't deserve it
  • ?
    • was here 10 years ago before war protests
      • was teargassed, maced, shot with rubber bullets
      • treated better this time
    • tactical suggestion: If we set up tents another night, should do it in a location where it's legal
      • like earlier than 10:00 here
  • ?
    • some of us are sick about fighting over whether cops are part of the 99%
    • creating radical anti-cop caucus now
  • ?
    • announcing new group: Animal Rights and Environmentalism
    • first meeting Thurs 6pm by See's Candies
    • believes that corporations are destroying us as well as other animals
    • wants to raise awareness of what corporations are doing to the world
    • speciesism: the human construct that we are more important than other living beings on this planet
  • ?
    • frustrated by process
    • know it's hard to facilitate
    • facilitator should take control when people violate process
    • people should not yell and jump stack
      • example: say I want to talk about something someone says, but now it's 10 minutes later
      • facilitator response: we got rid of direct response because people waiting were never called due to flood of direct responses
        • facilitator should ensure that direct responses don't go on too long
  • ?
    • regarding where we should go with this movement
      • had decisive victory last Saturday: decided to occupy tents in violation of city
      • had setback this morning
        • this is reminder that SPD and other City govt are not on our side
      • should plan another big protest Saturday
      • had success last Saturday because it wasn't just the most dedicated people
      • having large protests and an occupation need not be mutually-exclusive
    • GA's would be more empowering, engaging, and inclusive if we had a political discussion every day instead of getting bogged down on process minutia and working group discussions
  • ?
    • What is happening is caucusing
    • It is imperitive for everyone to make his or her voice heard
  • ?
    • this morning, in the context of larger group
      • Saturday was a success
      • this morning was disheartening
      • cops took all our tents in 15 minutes
      • nine people were willing to get arrested
      • 5000 people were here on Saturday
    • this movement is inspiring, but need to understand important philosophical idea:
      • change happens when civil disobedience happens
      • civil disobedience happens when business is disrupted
      • we want change, and must make some sacrifices
  • ?
    • last weekend, we had a party
      • it was awesome
      • Sunday morning, we sat around and did nothing
      • Sunday night, there was drugs, alcohol, no forward movement
        • he was up all night monitoring police
        • what he heard from people was don't worry, they didn't arrest Saturday or Sunday mornings
    • this morning, Mayor McGinn tweeted, "Dear Occupy Seattle, you had a good weekend. My offer still stands."
    • We're not a threat
    • wants more planning
    • doesn't care where we stay
    • can't stay every night with his family; will stay if safe
    • we're constantly fighting
    • this morning was great training on how to root us out
  • Josh
    • has pickup truck, offers to make runs tomorrow to get tents back
  • Christina
    • likes proposal of Cal Anderson Park
    • visible
    • can easily walk to Westlake Park from there
    • should organize the tents
      • they are an important symbol
      • is willing to do this but will be out of town at Occupy Topeka for five days
  • ?
    • it was inevitable that after a victory, a disorganized group would be lax and an unorganized opposition will take advantage of such
    • there will be highs and lows
    • there will be moments of unity, moments of discussion and division
    • remember that this is a quiz, not the final exam
    • we are not done just because we are human and fallible
  • ?
    • we committed early that the loudest voice would not prevail
    • we are a leaderless movement
    • reporter from New York Times was here
    • tonight a representative from Town Hall was here trying to talk to us and figure out how to have that discussion there also
    • working groups are working daily
    • we don't just wake up and smoke
  • scuseme from livestream
    • not all of us can be there
    • but those of us who are not down there through the day must get on social media, especially those connected to the White House and let them know we're angry
  • Kendra
    • is queer youth worker
    • number of oppressed and working class are larger than
    • who will be with us: the oppressed or the working class and people of color
  • ?
    • this morning, he and three others decided not to leave their tent
    • police used knife to slice the tent open, walked three away, carried him away out of view, bent his right foot to the ground, twisted the opposite direction
      • afterward, asked other police who didn't take part of the torture if they saw it
        • they said no, they saw nothing
      • sick of pretending police are not the enemy
  • reconvened at 21:11
  • XXX – missed several speakers
  • ?
    • Westlake Park was built for protest; this is where it should be
      • Pine was originally closed to traffic; Nordstrom convinced city to open it back up
  • ?
    • suggestion that people who want to move down to City Hall
  • ?
    • uncomfortable that City Hall is presented as only alternate location
      • doesn't think we should go there just because it is repeatedly brought up
  • ?
    • we decided in GA that we would not go to City Hall
      • correction: checked minutes
  • Cory from Legal WG
    • if many people are arrested, can take cases to trial
    • city has finite resources
    • might be booked, might be held overnight, but not necessarily convicted of a crime
    • in New York, they are telling prosecutors to dismiss every case against protesters because if they try them it will clog up the system
  • ?
    • let's talk about possibilities for moving
  • facilitator: temperature check on ideas presented so far:
    • Denny Park
    • Seattle Central Community College
    • Space Needle
    • Cal Anderson Park
  • ?
    • trying to form work group to discuss privately-owned public spaces
    • has a list of such spaces that are downtown
  • ?
    • SHARE has camp in front of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • ?
    • the Seattle Center green space across from Egyptian is only eight blocks up the road
      • we can stage there and come down here to raise hell
  • facilitator: remember that this is about tonight
  • ?
    • we are surrounded by privately-owned public spaces
      • Safeco Plaza
      • Wells-Fargo Plaza
      • Washington Mutual Plaza
  • ?
    • clarified with police that they're getting more than $1000
    • At SCCC, we might find support from students and faculty
  • facilitator: temperature check on going to SCCC
  • ?
    • asked for input from campers, but one who responded was shut down
  • camper
    • is staying here; others need not
    • need to maintain unity to show the world we're serious
    • Saturday's occupation was the fifth largest in the nation
  • ?
    • thousands of people support us, and will continue to do so regardless of what we choose
    • should maintain a presence in this park
  • ?
    • this is a struggle; we'll have to struggle
  • ?
    • those people who do not want to camp here or elsewhere, let's meet to talk about providing
  • ?
    • 10pm isn't a deadline; cops haven't arrested people for being in the park previously
    • spoke with a park ranger, who said not aware of any new plans
  • ?
    • we're making decisions here for tens of thousands of Seattleites
  • ?
    • just came back from visiting Occupy Oakland
      • they're kicking ass, but having a little too much fun
      • they have subgroup for overnighters
        • makes decisions specific to their group, while other decisions left to GA
  • ?
    • people at GA who are camping should join others who are not camping over at the corner

Adjourned 10:00

Education & Workshops

E-mails –
Phone – 206-948-4548

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Sustainability Brigade


The Police have cleared the tents in westlake!

The police this morning around 06:30 cleared all of the tents out of the parks so the parks department could clean. According to King5 News they were told anyone who’s tent was taken is at the parks department office, and you can collect your tent and property from there.

As of 09:00 there have been 8 arrests,


Early morning Police raid imminent! Help if you can

There are over a dozen police cars at Westlake and onsite occupiers feel a raid is imminent. We need more occupiers, legal observers and anyone with a camera to come down and assist ASAP

General Assembly notes 10/15

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-15 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Camper comments

  • time 18:43
  • anonymous
    • have camped here multiple nights over past couple weeks
    • think this is very important movement
    • we're building community
    • we're having true democratic process on the streets of every major American city
    • establishing government
      • run by the people
      • for the people
      • not controlled by corporate demands
  • Maria
    • has been with food tent since day one
    • resigned yesterday
    • rescinds resignation
  • anonymous
    • we've been here for over two weeks
    • happy to see numbers grow from 30 to 500 – 1000
    • let's stand up strong with heads high and declare that we will not move
  • anonymous
    • thanks young occupiers
      • who stay here all night
      • woken up by cops every hour
      • being non-violent
      • representing all of us
  • anonymous
    • first time participating in GA
    • proud
    • will be here
  • anonymous
    • here for same purpose as you
    • here to support
    • here to tell you I believe this system will crumble if our voices rise
    • if we fight, system will conquer us
  • anonymous
    • need you to stay so we don't get arrested
  • anonymous
    • strength in numbers
    • need you to come every day, stay every night
  • anonymous
    • tomorrow, noon – 8pm, Sing Peace Gypsy Wagon for peace and global harmony
  • anonymous
    • when moving among tents, look down every ten seconds to ensure don't trip
  • anonymous
    • dislikes people getting high as soon as the tents go up
      • reflects poorly
    • camps here overnight
    • requests people refrain from getting high in tents
  • Carlo
    • doesn't want corporations to destroy our planet
    • doesn't want us to destroy our planet
    • carry a metal spoon with you to eat with
    • has more for others to use
  • anonymous
    • camping here as often has he can
    • misses this place when he's away
    • learning what it means to occupy and to be a democracy
    • when we say we need you, we mean it
    • learn what it means to occupy by spending some nights with us
  • anonymous
    • has rope to tether tents
    • please tether tents so it will be harder for police to take them down
  • anonymous
    • has been here since day one
    • there were 20 of us in front of federal building
    • came with five-year-old child
    • lost hope, went home
    • came back, joined working group
    • conflict over where to sleep
    • left
    • came back with sleeping bag
    • sat across at coffee shop
    • stay with this, do what you must to bring others
  • Karen
    • here because she wants to be the voice of her three-year-old grandchild
    • please be a voice for him and all the children
    • this movement is not what democracy looks like
    • this movement is what democracy looks like when it's no longer working for all the people
  • Ronnie
    • have at least 1000 people here
    • Mayor and police have said that we're not allowed to be here after 10
    • tents banned
    • umbrellas banned
    • attacked protesters
    • arrested at least 40 protesters
    • it's important for people to stay to 10, 11, midnight
    • need hundreds here
    • in NY, Mayor tried to evict
      • thousands of people defended the park
      • police failed to evict
    • in Portland
      • police tried to evict
      • came back with 600 tents
      • police failed to evict
    • in order to succeed in protesting Wall Street, what happens here will effect national and global movement
    • if we defend our right to protest, people around the world will rally
    • everyone should stay here, bring three more people
    • down with Wall Street
    • tax 1%
    • tax big business
  • anonymous
    • has been camping here for past two weeks
    • has seen large, diverse group of people communicate on many subjects
    • has seen different religions, nationalities, ethnicities, gather and talk
      • it's beautiful

Working group reports

Hip Hop Occupies

  • new group
  • for engaging
  • partnered with other groups
    • 206 Zulu
    • Hip Hop Congress
    • Occupy the Hood
  • networking and engaging a new community

Legal Observers

  • legal observer training tonight at 9:30 p.m. by 5th and Pine sign
  • legal observers will document police actions to ensure protesters rights not violated
  • cannot be involved in protest
    • no chanting, no signs, etc.
  • will be here to keep protesters safe
  • email

Demands Working Group

  • presenter: Lia
  • walking around to collect people's demands
  • attempting to assemble accurate reflection of people's wants


  • presenter: Jaimie
  • if you want to be involved on the website, there's a forum and outreach section
    • in there is a flyer link
    • can print and hand out
  • presenter: Hudson
  • meet daily at 4pm and after GA
  • anti-racism training tomorrow (Sunday, October 16) at 3pm
  • presenter: Doc
  • commends all who are hearing our voices
  • I'm from logistics
  • meet any time you want to see me
  • I love you all


  • presenter: J.C.
  • involvement has been largely Web-based
  • is student, cannot afford to leave home much
  • thousands of people support us and wish they were here
  • we have obligation to deseminate information through social media

Internet Communications Working Group

  • presenter: Danica
  • need more people
  • to get involved, e-mail

Accountability Working Group

  • presenter: Maria
  • just formed
  • meeting at noon tomorrow to draft XXX how to hold individuals accountable

Arts and Entertainment Working Group

  • getting the ball rolling on getting inspiring art onto the streets
  • Leaving country in a few days
  • WG needs more people
  • need artists
  • don't have to be on-site to be part of the group
  • many neighborhoods have no posters or representation of the movement
  • if we want 99%'s support, must get message out


  • rep from Black Magic Noise
  • formed group with 206 Zulu to introduce movement to music

Sustainability Brigade

  • presenter: Carlo
  • got Seattle Public Utilities to bring more recycling bin
  • need to keep recyclables separated
  • tomorrow at 2pm, will be teaching about Tar Sands Pipeline

Union Caucus

  • presenter: Jeff
  • grassroots union caucus formed to support Occupy Seattle
  • made up of a variety of crafts and trades
  • objectives
    • support Occupy Seattle
    • work within the labor movement to supply
    • create education workshops
  • to join, provide email, look for Facebook thing

Facilitation Working Group

  • meets daily at 4:30 under Romax sign (south end of park)

General Discussion

  • time: 19:22
  • now that you've moved to your neighbor's personal bubble, talk about what we should do next
    • seven minutes
  • facilitator note: no proposals, just discussing
  • anonymous
    • I've been here since last week. I'm here for freedom and liberty for everyone.
    • I'll spoke pot when I want.
    • I've been to war
    • Standing here spilling my guts to you is scarier than getting shot at
    • people are taking a stand with us all over the world
    • some aren't ready, but laying in wait
    • time and again we play into their hands
  • Emma
    • excited to see so many people
    • this week is Jewish holiday of Sukro
      • celebrates universal justice and shelter
      • today is end of Sabbath
    • after GA, join us at Sukkoh on 4th Ave to sing for justice and peace
  • anonymous
    • that guy was on-topic
      • before we decide what to do next, need common understanding of why we're here
        • facilitator: that's a different conversation
  • Noah
    • idea: we generate short statement that we can get out
    • rationale: this would allow everyone in Seattle will have an idea what this is all about
  • anonymous
    • 5000 people marched here in today
      • our biggest yet
    • police and mayor are trying to crush our occupation
    • call was for mass-reoccupation tonight here at Westlake
      • if we do not succeed, will be major setback
      • if we defeat police efforts, will give big boost to Occupy Wall Street movement everywhere
      • is vital that everyone stay and tell friends
    • 99% of Seattle supports us, but they're not here
    • after meeting, contact people to tell them to come support by standing up to big business
  • anonymous
    • should start talking to legislators
    • they make laws, not police
  • Danielle
    • I brought children
    • educate your children
    • I'm from a small town
    • bring this voice to your small town
    • get more media coverage in small towns
    • bring this voice to our children, families
    • stand for what you believe it
    • join a credit union
  • anonymous
    • idea: call Mayor
    • I have his phone number: 206-684-4000
      • Monday – Friday
    • tell him you support Occupy Seattle
  • anonymous
    • put more energy in a mass-boycott of big banks
    • can put people on streets to reach those who cannot be here
    • it's a way for them to connect with us and make a difference
  • anonymous
    • idea: start thinking about campaign finance reform, getting money and lobbyists out of Washington
  • anonymous
    • I disagree with everything everyone just said
    • there are many things that need to be done in order for us to be effective
      • yuppies need to
        • start analyzing class and privilege
        • stop wielding it against people who are oppressed
        • stop calling cops
        • stop forcing people out
      • need more workshops on ending that oppression
      • stop pretending we can represent anyone but ourselves
      • this is not a coherent movement
      • this should not be a coherent movement
  • Maria
    • in conjunction with a statement need to acknowledge history of genocide, slavery, and prophet of people of color
    • need to ensure voices of
    • I'm an economic refugee
    • my community doesn't trust police, border patrol, homeland security
    • need that community here
    • they won't show unless we have their back
    • need to prove to indiginous people, people of color, economic refugees that we stand in solidarity
  • anonymous
    • let's dance
    • Emma Goldman said: if I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution
  • anonymous
    • we all have many ideas about how to change things
    • seems to me there's a consensus for fundamental change
    • people are here because they recognize it must come from us
    • should realize that powers that be are launching attack on these occupations
    • they want to stop these before they can get going
      • not only using police force
      • saying we're breaking rules
      • saying we're disturbing peace
      • system rules say they can kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan
      • can drive people into streets
      • police kill people
      • we can't stay in the streets
    • idea; go on the offensive
      • call out more people
      • say boldly: it's right to occupy
  • anonymous
    • we're here to make a difference, not show we're pissed off
    • we're here to do something concrete
    • we can give up our simple luxuries
    • I like to smoke, but I don't need to
    • figure out what you need, and from there we'll make a difference
  • anonymous
    • idea: guarantee that we can legally stay here
    • now we are outside the law
    • unless we figure that out, we'll be cleared out
    • need to get lawyers
  • anonymous
    • regarding suggestion of minimal statement of purpose
      • agree we should not be coherent movement
      • conversation regarding our purpose is appropriate and potentially effective
      • I suggest that we have decided that we are peaceful occupation in Seattle
      • and that we want global justice
      • and that corporations are not people
  • anonymous
    • idea: do more marches
    • rationale: fun, gets people organized, appears passionate
    • on October 23, is movement to close your bank account with banks and open credit union account
  • anonymous
    • this is amazing
    • I agree with many suggestions about next steps
      • holding this place, marches, etc.
    • idea: start having long-term vision of where we're going
    • in last several years have seen that Democrats and Republicans represent the interests of the 1%
      • may be well-meaning individuals in those parties
      • these are big-business parties
      • we can start thinking about a democratically-organized, grassroots, multi-layered, multiracial, layered party that represents interests of 99%
      • working class, middle class, youth, elderly, homeless, all races must come together and build party for ourselves that will break lock Wall Street has on Washington
  • anonymous
    • this is a very good movement
    • like direction it's heading
    • idea: get people to to canvass around the streets with fliers to get more public support
  • anonymous
    • we have many important constitutional issues within this country
    • corporate personhood
    • mis-representative legislature
    • power of the executive
    • should call for constitutional assembly
    • for more information, check your Constitution
  • Lulu
    • I believe in diversity of tactics
    • idea: make points of unity
    • okay to disagree
    • we must be unified on some points
    • I disagree with some statements made tonight, but an here with you all
    • I'm here because my friend texted me
    • I haven't set up tent, but my friend has, and I want his safety
    • I know many people not here are in solidarity
    • should tell people how to be in solidarity with concrete actions
    • not everyone can be here, for various reasons
  • anonymous
    • idea: in addition to taking your money out of banks and into credit unions, spend as little money as possible
    • we can barter
    • we can find out what people need
    • a pint of example is worth more than a gallon of advice
  • anonymous
    • we need to use what the Tea Party laid out with the Republicans to get people into Congress
    • Washington is just as responsible as Wall Street
    • if we can somehow avoid being co-opted by Democrats and be solidified as our own voice, we can make change
      • without doing that, we will not get anywhere
      • this park is not big enough
  • anonymous
    • there have been many suggestions for demands, points of unity, quickly
    • I disagree
    • that's what media and politicians tell us to do
    • I've been here two weeks, since people started camping out
    • fertile ground for developing lessons for changing politics, police, powers that be, other ways of living
    • let's hold workshops and debates
    • let's keep McGinn, his cops, Bloomberg, Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street, from shutting us down so we can implement popular agency
    • idea: have patience
  • anonymous
    • short term suggestion: this occupation rests on the shoulders of the occupiers
      • if we leave them alone, they'll be taken down
      • without this spot we'll lose too much
      • support them at 6pm and 6am
      • if a few tents, will be taken down
      • if 100 tents, will be something to stand behind
  • anonymous
    • at college campuses across our state banks occupy public space through bank chains, collecting fees an
    • if you're a student, tell classmates to move your money and boot banks from your campus
  • anonymous
    • idea: each of us thoroughly investigate history of federal reserve
    • rationale in order to understand long-term who or what our real enemy is, must educate ourselves
    • people in power (the federal reserve) would love to keep us dis-unified
    • we must be peaceful with each other and be peaceful with the police
    • long-term: be diligent so we're not just replacing current bad leaders with new bad leaders
  • anonymous
    • idea: identify national movements that are already working on things we would like to accomplish, and help them out
  • anonymous
    • if you don't like Wall Street, divest. Sell your stocks. Make this year's bonus season the worst ever
  • Leila
    • idea: continue performing outreach
      • corporate media is misrepresenting us to a gross degree
      • need to inform people of the nature of our movement and what we're trying to do
  • anonymous
    • one simple way to free ourselves from bonds of corporations is establish self-sustaining communities
    • each one teach one
    • learn a trade
    • when shit hits the fan, top 1% won't care about us
  • anonymous
    • we're the 99%, but we're not all here yet
    • one reason: people aren't sure they can trust us as a community
    • need an equity statement to guarantee support that everyone who comes here will have voices heard
    • structures will keep marginalized communities marginalized
  • anonymous
    • my fellow yuppies:
      • you will see and hear things here and on Facebook that will seem hostile
      • remember, we're on same team
      • sometimes, way people talk is a little more confrontational than we yuppies are used to
  • anonymous
    • I dislike idea of third party
    • I don't believe in hierarchy
    • I've seen points of unity tear groups apart because process is so long and drawn out
    • continue with spirit of occupation: give according to ability, take according to need
      • extend to issues working people face
        • high transportation cost
          • idea: free transit
        • high education cost
  • Rachel
    • idea: focus on local issues
      • we have a chance of making change there
      • on Nov 1, over 20,000 people will close cash benefits from DSHS
        • address this, would make us seem relevant
    • on a practical level, my group talked about how we should be thinking about the winter
  • Andrew
    • should form small groups and occupy various areas
      • not enough to canvass our neighborhoods with flyers on light poles
      • reach out to people
      • don't just talk, listen
      • ask what we should do next
      • bring that info back
    • take money out of too-big-to fail banks
      • for every dollar of money, they can loan that 10 to 20 times
      • doesn't take many of us to make them no longer too big to fail
  • Noah
    • issue statement on our own terms
    • we're part of movement that wans to change world; let's say that clearly
  • anonymous
    • particularly agrees with need to educate ourselves
      • educate about similar movements
        • Tahir Square
        • civil rights movement
        • XXX
        • 1930's militant labor movement
          • that created middle class in United States
  • anonymous
    • have been here two weeks
    • has been talking to tons of people who are not here
    • 25 Cornish students here tonight
      • would be more if we had points of unity
    • overwhelming reason people are not here is people don't know what we're about and are hesitant to give their voice to something the don't understand
      • that's reasonable
    • it is essential to come up with points of unity
      • not having them keeps people from joining
  • anonymous librarian
    • democratic institution
    • form groups and committees to meet in libraries
    • figure out where laws define structure that omits us and ruins our lives
      • note those laws, propose amendments, take to city hall and local government, loudly
  • anonymous
    • a lawyer who volunteered to help everyone Monday
    • if harassed by police, call
    • phone 253-273-1133
    • legal staff here might be swamped
  • Grant
    • is a drug addict
    • if you have similar problem, talk to me here
    • has clean time and can help
    • is not benefit to movement to get high often here
    • if you're going to get high, that's your business, but it doesn't look good
  • anonymous
    • regarding spending money: some people may be here because they have no choice
    • regarding de-investing: my job feeds wall street, I can't quit, I make minimum wage
    • lets use our power as workers, not as consumers
    • spread occupation to schools, workplace, strikes, general strikes
  • Sarah
    • focus on doing more marches
    • push for gay marriage in Washington state in 2012
  • anonymous
    • time to stand up and get counted or lay down and be mounted
    • stop letting people make decisions for us; stand up and make them for ourselves
  • anonymous
    • there are people interested in spreading to Central District neighborhood
    • see him in yellow and grey REI tent "Castle God-damnit"
  • anonymous
    • be conscience of language; decolonize it
    • I am not a lady; I don't own land or have serfs
    • don't assume gender or class status
    • make schedule so there is always coverage and protection of those in our space
  • Mia
    • this is my fourth occupy city
    • when I go home in two weeks to New York City, I'll take your story to Wall Street
    • idea: keep in contact with other occupy cities
      • will have effective and unified movement
      • change occurs with numbers
      • solidarity important
      • if we keep in contact with other occupy cities, will know what works to achieve our goals
  • anonymous
    • points of unity: have discussed since beginning three points of unity:
      • abolish corporate personhood
      • get money out of politics
      • decentralize the federal reserve
    • this park is too small for how large we are getting
      • today was great example of what will happen here
      • we reached maximum capacity for this location
      • suggestion: two parks north of here: Denny Park and Cal Anderson Park would facilitate a larger group of people
  • anonymous
    • our institutions don't work for us, were never supposed to
    • occupy Westlake is a beautiful beginning
    • should see things like this in every neighborhood
    • can only get so far speaking truth to power
    • if have sick that need healing, find those who can heal and do so
    • if need homes, gather people who know how to do so and do it
    • look forward to assemblies like this city-wide and nation-wide
    • can grow our own food, make our own decisions and keep in solidarity with each other while keeping Westlake as home base
  • anonymous
    • people with skills relevant to revolution, teach here
  • anonymous
    • do not believe or assume that the things you have been taught throughout your life are true
    • do not buy into mainstream media; it's owned by mainstream media
    • seek alternate forms of information and question everything
  • anonymous
    • families and community
    • idea: those of us with nothing to lose stand up for those who have everything to lose
    • keep families safe
    • if you can take active role and have nothing to lose, do it peacefully
  • anonymous
    • homeless people: make yourselves heard
    • unite homeless communities, non-homeless communities
    • stand in peace, bring your friends who cannot be here
    • 400 homeless died in the last 10 years
    • XXX in recent weeks
  • anonymous
    • need professors and educators to join us
    • need to unite with other occupies, other global movements
    • send delegates to send our message to learn to come back, and tell us what is happening
    • this is bigger than Seattle, it's international
    • have responsibility as residents of United States to hold governments and XXX accountable
    • educate ourselves about what our military is doing to other nations
      • some of us are connected to corporations and our government
  • anonymous
    • If we protest outside of banks, places with which we disagree
    • if we form a line outside of them, we can make a difference
  • Mary
    • loves being here
    • first year here
    • I've been treated all my life like a piece of shit.
    • I'm a Native American, and I just want to be here.
    • I love all of you, being here, and being a part of this. I'll be here to the end.
  • anonymous
    • Some of us have experienced psychological oppression
    • Everything each and every one of you does matters.
    • When you don't come here and I do, it matters.
    • Please change the way you think about what you do.
  • anonymous
    • idea: grab a pen and write something on your tent about what you think why you're here, etc.
    • this will help when we go home and come back

Adjourned 21:00

Librarians on the March

Libraians on the March


  Most of the photos here were taken by a friend of mine, Canadian filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, at Occupy Wall Street. Reproduced here with permission. See his whole gallery of Occupy Wall Street photos.


The National Council and the Collective Bargaining Congress of the American Association of University Professors

 on Friday endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests. The statement announcing the endorsement cited both critiques of national political and economic trends, and of developments in higher education. Of the former, the AAUP said, "Over the last several years, we have watched as those at the very top have prospered while the fortunes of those below the very top have stagnated or declined."On higher education, the statement cited pressures on students who "are being forced to pay more for tuition and go deeper into debt because of cuts in state funding, only to find themselves unemployed when they graduate." Further, the statement criticized the way many faculty members are treated. "The majority of college and university faculty positions are now insecure, part-time jobs. In addition, attacks on collective bargaining have been rampant throughout the nation, as our job security, wages, health benefits, and pensions have been either reduced or slated for elimination," the statement said.
It added: "Therefore, it is time to stand up for what is right. We applaud the action the Occupy Wall Street movement has taken to highlight the inequity and unfairness of the society in which we live."