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Direct Action

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General Assembly Notes 10/14

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-14 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process facilitator: Jacob
  • Agenda: Carol
  • Agenda backup: Chris
  • Time keeper: Russ Shelly
  • Taking stack: Alexander


  • new signals:
    • V: vote; take to a vote
    • T: off topic; this is not relevant

Changes to process

  • one-minute limit for speakers
    • if will of assembly, will be allowed extension
  • limiting time we spend discussion a single proposal to 10 minutes
    • if the will of the assembly, will allow extension
  • stack keeper will point to speaker and say, "give that man a stack check"
    • speaker will respond, "stack check"
    • goal is to avoid repeated yelling of "mic check"
  • if you dislike these, please participate in future process meetings


  • This portion of the meeting is new to GA: 20 minutes for people who are staying overnight to speak
  • speaker: Maria
    • has been doing food tent since day one
    • yesterday, we had a permit for the tent that has been there since day one
    • has had a great time serving
    • is stepping down from food tent coordinator
      • due to stress
  • speaker: Tony
    • If there is a tent, there needs to be a group to handle situation when Parks cleans and pushes people out every morning.
  • speaker: Nadine
    • has been staying here on and off
    • last night was very disappointing
      • due to lack of support of people who should here for the occupied
      • lots of stress and lack of support
    • requests that more people stay overnight
      • particularly work group members
  • speaker: ?
    • has been here on and off since day one
    • has same concerns as Nadine
    • requests that GA coordinator be here 24 hours per day
  • speaker: Forest
    • agrees with Nadine
    • calls upon assembly to stay overnight when they can
    • acknowledges other obligations
  • speaker: Linda
    • May we use sleeping bags?
      • I was told answer is yes, but we may not sleep
      • clarification from : police came through last night with flashlights, guns, and badges to wake everyone up hourly
  • speaker: ?
    • no voice because you-know-why
    • Which way are we going to go during march tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.?
      • Meet after assembly to discuss
  • speaker: Nadine
    • someone lit big flames last night around 3:00 a.m.
      • suspects this is why police were sent
    • lots of harassment by police last night
  • speaker: ?
    • suggests people help Peace & Safety WG
  • speaker: ?
    • lots of sleeping bags confiscated by police last night
    • my bicycle was taken out of a grip lock
      • called City Hall to locate
        • no answer
        • said they'll be open on Monday
  • speaker: Maria
    • there is strength in numbers
    • bring your tent Saturday
  • speaker: ?
    • this is not just a protest; it is an occupation
    • support by sleeping here when you can
  • speaker: ?
    • you don't know what's happening
    • police men with guns are here
    • let's put 500 tents out here
    • We'll lose this park because we're not thinking
  • speaker: Paul
    • my family moved to Seattle four months ago from Portland
      • because we new something was happening
      • we knew something would happen here, not in Portland
        • we were wrong
    • Portland was thinking long-term
    • my family are coming here tomorrow night with a tent
  • speaker: ?
    • Who are the outreach group?
    • Can we get a big group of people to pass out fliers around the city after GA?
  • speaker: ?
    • This is bigger than sleeping in the park
    • This is building a new type of community
      • new ideas
      • new structure for society
      • new structure for government
    • need you to participate
      • not just hold a sign
    • I've been here a week
    • I went to jail last week
    • clean up after yourself and everyone else
    • This is about making a stand
    • Not about the police or the mayor
    • Let's get focused


  • time: 19:05
  • speaker: Maria
    • propose discussion about accountability on 3pm Sunday
    • [note: this discussion happened after this (Friday's) GA]
  • speaker: Jennifer
    • we have formed new, likely small working group
      • planning events we decided on at previous GA
        • noon: rally
          • media team is organizing
        • 3pm: march to Chase
        • 5pm: tent raising ceremony to kick off Night of 500 tents
  • speaker: Bob Burns
    • we have a permit for sound until 5:00 p.m.
    • have been asked by a union of janitors in this city
      • buildings in this city, mostly blood suckers
      • offer to come down next week and help make this cleanest park in city
      • they will come Monday to address the GA so they don't feel like they're imposing themselves
  • Chris asks if anyone has access to commercial printer
    • If so, contact Media WG at
  • speaker: Peter, Medical and Tactical
    • this morning, our tent for Medical and Food was taken down
    • Medical Team is now mobile
    • working on getting food operational
    • important developments
      • in chaos this morning, many moved to city hall
        • were approached by staff to get a permit to re-erect large tent
          • Tactical not aware of this until permit finalized and signed
          • We do have permit to erect large tent
            • for supplies only
            • not for medical, food, or permanent occupation
        • people have right, if for legal reasons or other they cannot sleep here, to sleep there from 8pm – 7am
          • however, we remind everyone that per decision of GA, we are occupying Westlake
        • Day of 500 Tents will continue on Saturday
          • we encourage you to be there
          • be aware of your options
          • speak to us if you are unclear
  • speaker: Alyssa, Supply and Storage
    • B-Side records will let us use their back room for storage
    • we will keep supplying you here with things you need
    • storage cannot take wet or dirty things, so find someone to do your laundry
  • speaker: Jennifer
    • problems of sexual harassment here
      • response: caucus of women and transgender people formed
      • statement: We commit to addressing racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia within ourselves and others in a way that represents the world we want to live in. We want this space to be free of sexual violence, harassment, racism, and sexism.
  • speaker: James
    • facilitator note:
      • have a donations fundraising group
      • James has not put this through them
    • suggests passing the hat to raise some money for the occupation of Seattle
  • combined working group announcement from Outreach, Tactical:
    • feel that we should move the discussion of accountability that Maria proposed to the last item on the agenda
      • because it might take a long time
      • we would like everyone's opinion on the matter
        • because we are a community, have no personal agendas, just collective agenda


  • time: 19:22
  • presenter: Mike, Tactical
    • proposal: hold celebration tomorrow in lieu of GA
      • rationale: tomorrow is a world-wide celebration of unity
    • discussion:
      • Jobs make it difficult for some of us to get here on weekdays for GA.
      • Because tomorrow will be so large, I'm concerned that certain announcements need to be done at end of day.
      • Suggested amendment: each working group make announcements before we party
      • to each his own
      • In regard to the proposal, suggests Arts & Entertainment come up with ideas for tomorrow
    • facilitator comment: we are not accepting amendments
    • questions and concerns
    • point of process: last night we were told that Facilitation and Processes decided amendments could be proposed at time proposal is brought to GA, and if it passed, the amendment had to be proposed at the following GA, but if an amendment was proposed before passage, proposal author and amendment author conference to create single proposal.
      • P&F met today, discussed amendments among other things
      • that was confusing, so we simplified
        • if you have proposal, make it
        • we vote
        • if it passes, it passes
        • if you want to amend it, do it at following GA
      • concern: this is about tomorrow, so will not be opportunity for this amendment
        • suggestion: person making proposal withdraw and propose it again later in this meeting
    • withdrawn

Announcements (more)

  • presenter: Hillary
    • Will be workshop on anti-racism and anti-racist organizing on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.
    • Location TBA, somewhere in Westlake Park
  • presenter: Lambert
    • rationale: get as many tents as possible here tomorrow
      • Has appointment tomorrow 9:30 a.m. to pick up my tent from warehouse in Queen Anne
      • If your tent was confiscated by police, contact me, because
  • presenter: Paul
    • We were supposed to have an anti-capitalist discussion today at 8:00
    • due to accountability discussion and some logistical problems
    • postponed until 8:00 p.m. Sunday
  • presenter: Gabriel and Patricia, Legal
    • last night there were several arrests
    • four names did not get to us
    • I just posted bail at 7:00 p.m.
    • This bail money is the last of our bail money.
      • Consider whom you would like to post your bail.
    • If you plan to be arrested, be sure that Patricia or I has your name and that you have our phone numbers.
      • If you are a juvenile please tell us.
      • Clarify which is your first and which is your last name.
      • Don't give us a nickname.
    • The four people who were bailed will be released tonight between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
  • people on livestream want to know where to send bail donations
    • take outside meeting
  • presenter: Peter, Demands
    • There are only five of us consistently participating
    • we try to keep in mind what we want to bring up, not just what we want to bring down
    • I've been asking people what their objectives, goals, demands
      • We are a spirited and soulful bunch.
      • It has been humbling.
      • Trying to move process forward so as movement grows, will have clear vision of what we're trying to establish.
    • Please see demands page on Internet
      • TODO: address
    • Need representatives of the breadth and diversity of people, cultures, experiences

Proposals (cont.)

  • time: 19:41
  • presenter: Mike, Tactical
    • proposal: Tomorrow's GA be shortened to workgroup announcements only
      • passes 19:43

Announcements (more)

  • Outreach is meeting twice daily: 4:00 p.m., then after GA

Proposals (cont.)

  • presenter: Process Group
    • proposal: Recognize the fact that if an assembly is convened that is not regularly-scheduled meeting, your meeting does not speak for the GA
    • discussion:
      • Aren't we doing what you're saying we should not do
        • No. This is a regularly-scheduled meeting of the GA.
      • What about emergencies? Group voted to move supplies to City Hall because nobody was here.
        • No. Secret midnight meetings are the sort of bullshit this proposal would stop.
      • Point is to democratically decide things. System of government does not represent us.
      • In regard to making last-minute decisions: At times you must think on your feet. So I agree that all decisions that affect everyone should be made by the GA. I think the people who made that decision did the best they could. Good we're talking about it. Let's do this in a way that shows love and unity.
      • This is why we developed a system of accountability. GA's were created to achieve transparency. That's why it.
      • We can't come every night. We want to trust everyone to make good decisions so we're not surprised by, e.g., fact that supply tent is gone. We need to know that the website reflects what everybody says. In this democratic movement, it's everyone's voice that matters.
      • Sometimes we make an emergency vote. It's not appropriate to make big decisions in small groups. We should create systems to anticipate further problems (e.g., sudden police raids, etc.). Events of previous few nights show that we are unprepared for such.
        • We should designate certain individuals like Maria with executive authority to make emergency decisions when an emergency occurs.
      • One option is to create an emergency workgroup that has representatives from different workgroups
    • withdrawn
  • presenter: Curtis
    • proposal: When tents are erected tomorrow, we do not enter them.
    • temperature check: should we discuss?
      • no
    • vote: 19:58
      • failed
  • presenter: Russ
    • proposal: Create a steering committee made up of the people of this movement who are responsible for the agenda of the GA and relieve facilitators of this duty.
    • rationale: I have much facilitation experience. I see a problem. I've spoken with several of you. Problem is that facilitators should facilitate. They should not create or help create agenda.
    • temperature check: discuss?
      • No
    • vote: 20:02
      • passes

Announcements (more)

  • How many will be here tomorrow? Show solidarity.
  • presenter:
    • This is my first assembly.
    • I'm part of the 99%, but I'm 100% with you.
    • I've been watching you online.
    • There's too much noise behind me and I ask your kindness to pay attention.
    • I come from Whidby Island with a gypsy wagon to sing for peace and global harmony
      • I have a permit for Westlake from noon to 8:00 p.m.
      • Please sing and mingle with us.
  • presenter: Carlo with Sustainability Brigade
    • Please carry your own metal spoon and re-use it.
  • presenter: ?
    • I have fliers. Please take if you will pass them, take only what you can pass out tonight
    • tomorrow, some of us will be at arch at 10:00 a.m.
  • statement:
    • What do we need for tomorrow?
    • I will get supplies. Budget is $100.
    • Keep your spirits up.
  • presenter: Phil
    • Big tent is owned by his friend, Nathan.
    • Tent was to come down if ordered by police or GA decision.
    • Police ordered it down.
    • He has the tent now.
    • Tent is available for re-deployment by GA decision.

Adjourned 20:15

General Assembly notes 10/13

Minutes Prepared By: Danica Humphries

New Process and Facilitation Additional Guidelines

1. Be sure to consider your proposal before coming before the General Assembly. Many ideas can be worked through on your own or with friends!
2. There is no more hand signal for direct response. There is no C-signal for clarification, there is no more Pointer-Signal for Point of Information. Instead, if you have something to say, there is one signal: Raise Your Hand. Nothing jumps stack.
3. Blocking Procedure: When there are several people blocking, they must all meet and decide if their blocking points are the same or if they have different points. They have five minutes to decide amongst themselves on one spokesperson or a few spokespeople (if there are more than one viewpoints) to speak for them. The spokesperson or spokespeople will have 2 minutes to present. After that, there will be 3 minutes of discussion. Then the proposal will be revoted on and required to pass by a 4/5 majority.
4. Amendments and changes to proposals: Once passed, or after passing again after a block, amendments may only be introduced at the following General Assembly.

Q: Can amendments be made before the proposal goes to vote?
A: Yes. This is for proposals that have passed or have been re-passed after a block.

5. An elevated stage gives power. Stage = Too Much Power.
6. We need more people to learn the tasks of facilitation to fulfill the mandate that facilitators rotate consistently.


Topic: Westlake and City Hall

First Proposal: Occupying Westlake and City Hall are two options and we can support both. Individually, we have autonomy to make our own decisions but we need to show solidarity with all members and where they wish to occupy.

1. I fully back this statement. City Hall can be a place of safety for those who don’t want to risk arrest.
2. I fully back this proposal. We all should be doing what is right in our eyes. The General Assembly should never decide what we do as individuals.

Question: Yesterday, we voted for Occupy Seattle to stay at Westlake indefinitely. Individuals have the opportunity to go to City Hall. We also said that people who do not want to risk arrest at Westlake still have options not to get arrested while occupying Westlake. What is your proposal actually calling for?

Answer: The reason for this proposal is because there is division about these absolute statements. It is for reiteration that we all have a choice.

Question: To clarify, you are not trying to overturn the GA decision of yesterday?
Answer: No.

4. Point of Process: Was the decision yesterday made by the GA or by the Emergency General Assembly?
Answer: The General Assembly

5. We are individuals and the whole point of this movement is respect each other’s rights. However, it’s important for the GA to recognize at this moment it could be divisive shift in our momentum if we move to City Hall. Why should we put faith in the mayor, the establishment, and the Seattle Police Department, when they have shown their true colors? The mayor said there was no assurance that we wouldn’t be arrested there. Let’s all agree to make Saturday a roaring success.

6. This proposal talks of solidarity and about personal freedom which is what this movement talks about. Let me remind you that last night at the General Assembly we decided that Saturday we will have a mass re-occupation of Westlake. Let me remind you that the mayor may say we are “safe at City Hall” but the County Jail is just 2 blocks away. The SWAT is just 1 block away.

7. The General Assembly can never mandate individual actions. What’s really at stake is resources. Where will legal and medical be? Where will our clothes and blankets and supplies be? Where is media going to be? It’s a lot riskier to stay here at Westlake, but we are putting them in danger and undermining the occupation of Westlake and also undermining the mass re-occupation of Westlake if we leave. We should be here. This is our main occupation, individuals can go over to City Hall.

Q: Let me ask you this question. Has any other city occupied more than one place?
A: (from the crowd) Yes!

9. Individuals have the choice and the support of everyone if they choose to stay at Westlake. We have a permit for Food and Medical to stay here so that is not an issue.

10. This movement is enduring but winter is coming. I am too old to sleep on wet concrete. If we stay here we exclude people like me. Also, occupying City Hall, we can set up a tent and stay in solidarity with all of you.

11. We agreed on 2 proposals last night. The first is virtually identical to this new proposal, the question is now of resources. We should vote that we amend the proposal to explicitly state where the resources stand. Our movement is too small to hold multiple locations. Other places have group many times larger. But our goal is to build a mass reoccupation with tents at Westlake on Saturday.

12. I understand concern that yesterday we agreed to stay here. Everyone has been informed that we are staying here indefinitely. If we move everyone, it shows that we are not serious and not ready or prepared for winter.

Clarification: What has been added and emphasized is the need for solidarity, we should vote for this language to be added on.

Amendment to the Proposal:
Occupying Westlake and City Hall are two options and we as a movement can support both.


-Emergency Announcement-
Over the past days we’ve had many problems with hypothermia. Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to treat people with these issues. We should make sure we have some medical members at both locations.

Second Proposal:

Topic: Hearing from the Occupiers during General Assembly

Idea: The Process and Facilitation group would like to propose that each GA have a designated time to hearing from those who are here occupying 24/7/ the overnighters. Many people are feeling unheard. It will function as an informative speak-out.

Proposal: We take 20 minutes at the beginning of each GA to hear from the overnight occupiers about what they need, and what their objections are, etc.


Question: It’s a good idea. I want to make sure we are really careful about time. Will the time be strictly enforced?
Answer: We are all timekeepers. They will have 20 minutes.


Due to police presence and possible confrontation with fellow occupiers, who were erecting a structure, the GA left to attend to the situation at hand.

After the situation resolved, further discussion followed about issues of progressive stack, race, and the need for a stronger community that respects and listens. Much emphasis was placed upon taking personal responsibility to make sure each person is hearing all voices and not excluding others based on age, gender, race, etc. There have been problems in many Occupied cities where the needs and concerns of people of color, the elderly and the young, women, and LGBTQ have not been addressed. Repeatedly the discussion stated that Occupy Seattle needs to be all inclusive, that each person should stand in solidarity, and that we all must figure out ways to address these issues and help each other.

We are getting ready for The Global Day of Action/Night of 500 Tents Oct. 15th, join us!

Global Day of Action/Night of 500 Tents Schedule:

  • 12:00pmGlobal Day of Action Rally
  • 3:00pmMarch to Chase Bank
  • 5:00pmTent Raising Ceremony
  • 6:30pmGeneral Assembly

(Musicians will also play throughout the day; see more events on our calendar)

Seattle needs your help to reclaim our occupation. We can not maintain our space unless we attain critical mass, and we need everyones help to do it. Seattle is one of the top corporate headquarters of the world. It is important for the integrity of this movement and this country that we, the people of the great Northwest, let the powers that be, the powers that surround us, know that this occupation is not going anywhere. So this Saturday, bring your tents and your Sunday best.

Meet at Westlake center, and we will decide from there where we will set up base camp.

Show your support of this event on Facebook, go say you’re attending!

Police have backed off after arresting 10 occupiers of a Sukkah tent.

Police are surrounding Westlake right now, they are using bicycles as barricades around the structure. There have been five arrests as of 10:39pm, there are quite a few people inside a structure and the police are taking people out of it one by one and arresting them. It has remained non-violent, the energy at Westlake is high but peaceful.

You can watch events as they unfold here on our Livestream. This page will be updated as things unfold.

Update 10:53pm: Arrest count is up to eight, there are still five people sitting in the tent sitting in a circle with their heads bowed and arms linked, there are a few police in the tent as well working to get them out.

Update 11:07pm: To clarify, the structure that has been taken down is a Sukkah tent put up by an occupier, the supplies/medical tent is still up and untouched by the police.

Update 11:36pm: Police are withdrawing. The paddywagon and bike police have left, currently there are just a few officers left on scene.

Update 11:41pm: The arrest count according to our legal team is 10, the police have backed off from the park for another night.

Update 12:09pm: Morale is quite high at Westlake, a few police remain across the street but the majority have left. Occupiers are rejoicing and energetic.

Protest Mitt Romney’s Fundraiser for the Wealthy

Right now, Occupy Seattle participants are protesting outside the Grand Hyatt, where Mitt Romney is having a private fundraiser for the wealthy!

If you can’t make it down to protest in person we encourage you to go to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page and tell him this yourself:

Dear Mitt,
Corporations are NOT people.
Occupy Seattle

General Assembly Guidelines & Hand Signals

Principles of Process

1. All decisions are made by the General Assembly. No decisions that effect or represent the whole are made by working groups. WGs focus proposals to bring to the assembly and they coordinate the work.
2. Yelling really loud does not put you on stack. Come to the front and get on stack if you have a proposal or an announcement. Never repeat what someone else already said.
3. Assembly time is precious. Think 3 times before you speak. “Does this really help the assembly make a better decision?”
4. Nothing is more precious than the thoughts of the quiet. Nothing is more precious than the words of the silenced. Speak Up. Please. Especially when it’s really hard.
5. Facilitators make space and move the process . Facilitators never present content or represent someone else’s thoughts. The assembly is responsible for keeping the facilitators in line.
6. The assembly is responsible for signing to the facilitator. If the assembly doesn’t sign the facilitators do not have anything to facilitate.
7. No one else can speak for you. That’s why we need you here.

Basic Hand Signals:

1. Twinkling: I like this! I support what this person is saying! I agree!
2. De-Twinkling: I don’t like this! I disagree!
5. Direct Response ‘Gun Fingers': It means only I have a correction, a fact, or a clarifying question. Do not use this to state a different idea or to argue values or to make a counter-proposal.
4. Ears (hand to ear): I can’t hear what’s being said!
4. Wrap it up (Wagon Wheel): This is taking too much time. I get your point, please finish.
3. Point of Process (triangle): Process is not being followed/Off topic.
6. Block: I believe the vote we have just taken is against the foundational principles of why we’re here.

It is the role of the facilitators to see these signs from the General Assembly and call on them.

General Assembly approves October 15th: Night of 500 Tents!

On 10/12 the General Assembly for Occupy Seattle passed the following proposal:

“To call for and plan a mass occupation of Westlake Park with tents starting Saturday, October 15, 2011 in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movements.”

Seattle needs your help to reclaim our occupation. We can not maintain our space unless we attain critical mass, and we need everyones help to do it. Seattle is one of the top corporate head quarters of the world. It is important for the integrity of this movemenet and this country that we the people of the great north west let the powers that be, the powers that surround us, know that this occupation is not going anywhere. So this Saturday, bring your tents, and your sunday best.

Meet at West Lake center, and we will decide from there where we will set up base camp.

Show your support of this event on Facebook, go say you’re attending!

Police Approach Westlake Park; Two People and a Tent Arrested, Future Uncertain

Police are entering Westlake plaza in force. We have a Livestream team on-site; watch as events unfold.

For the previous two nights, the police have threatened to arrest anyone in the park after 10pm, and have used the lights and loudspeakers on their cars to prevent occupiers from sleeping, but haven’t arrested anyone. Reportedly, Mayor McGinn ordered the police to clear the park tonight, so none of us know what will happen next.

Update 11:16pm There have been two arrests; at least one was defending a private tent that was set up. The the supply/medical tent is still up. Police are still across the street and we are still chanting. Morale is high, and we are keeping it peaceful. There is lots of speculation as to whether the police will return or not, nothing verified.

General Assembly notes 10/12


-Announcements –

Two Occupy Seattle protestors laid bodies down at City Hall Plaza in peaceful protest, Philip Neal, Carson Ivans – We support them.

Individual: The #1 recipient of Corporate Wall Street in current presidential campaign, three blocks away at the Hyatt Hotel. His name is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney says that corporations are people. Mitt Romney says that we are “dangerous.” Yes, we are dangerous, but not because we have violent intent, but because we are peaceful. The people who run Wall Street and our U.S. Government are not peaceful, they’re rounding up people all over the country and they’re doing illegal wars in our name. I cannot make a proposal on this because i’m in the media working group. But i’m just putting that information out there, in case folks would like to respond this to visit to our city. I assume that they’re keeping the time secret for now.

Individual: The agenda’s still being worked on, but I know, that one of our priorities is National Protest Day on October 15th, this will happen worldwide. I think it would be a great idea if we all joined them in National Protest Day. That protest day is mentioned on Whether you choose to participate is up to you. I will be here to show my support of all the Occupy Movements popping up as we speak. We have a march tentatively planned. We have a speak-out tentatively planned on that day. That’s why I will be here. The march I believe and please shout out if I’m wrong is 5pm. As part of the media committee, I am working as fast as I can to help organize that speak-out. I’m working on getting a permit for sound so we can have people be heard. I’m working on that same permit to have music to engage the people. If you want to help me with that, I need your help. My information is our site, if you e-mail the media committee located on the site, you will reach me. You will reach my committee members we have all been wearing green armbands and I would love to have you as part of our team.

Individual: This will be a Special Assembly and we’re getting really started now. We’ve changed the first facilitator and she will be presenting the first proposal of the Special Assembly.

Facilitator: My name is Maria and I will be facilitating this emergency GA. Is everybody okay with that? My role as a facilitator is to keep the process going I cannot voice any of my opinions or make any decision only you all can. Is that clear? We have emergency proposals.

We have two proposals on the agenda.
The first is that we have a discussion to clarify the purpose of this occupation, of this movement.
The second proposal on the agenda is a request from occupationists.

The occupationists who stay here at night can choose to stay here again tonight. And those who do not wish to be arrested can be human rights observers by standing on the sidewalk and recording.

Facilitator: How do we feel about these proposals? The floor is now open for discussion on these proposals.

Individual: Can I add another very critical proposal to the agenda?
This is a very critical issue that we have been discussing all through the occupation and I think that in relation to the SPD and the mayor, the occupation and the movement are at a critical juncture where we need to resolve a very important question. Are we going to re-occupy Westlake with tents? There have been lots of dedicated, young people who have continued the occupation here with tarps and sleeping bags and they are falling sick and I think it is so important for this movement as a whole to not only show our solidarity with them but to also make a statement that we are going to be here. I want all of us to discuss: A Mass Re-Occupation of Westlake with tents on Saturday so that we have two or three nights to build for it with massive outreach. Our slogan should be the night of 500 tents – Occupy Westlake – bring tent.


1. I’m disappointed with the fact that we’re not being brave. The mayor and police, the 1%, keeps trying to scare us with threats of arrest. This movement will never go anywhere unless we are brave. So I ask you to be brave, this is not just a flimsy movement. Stay with us. Be Brave and don’t be afraid to fight for each other. Be Brave.

2. I agree wholeheartedly with both proposals that we stay here tonight and that we attempt a mass re-occupation with tents on Saturday. Here’s why this is so crucial. I have heard people say, ‘why does it matter where we protest as long as we protest the banks?’ Here’s why: this is an occupation not just a protest. There have been tons of protests against the banks and they have not been successful, this is something new that’s why we’re here. What makes this so special is that we are actually re-occupying, taking back public space stolen by the 1%. We lose that quality, if we go to City Hall and just focus on mass rallies. The second thing, is that we are starting to plant the seeds of a new society. Eventually, we need to start occupying buildings so we don’t get sick and eventually we need to start occupying workplaces.

3. In addition to adding tents to the park, I say, we make a chain of people protecting the park, making this whole place ours. We will hold this time. In addition, today, the cops have forced a lot of personal effects off-site, there is a car full of them. It was a red car parked around the side. There is a young woman who has an insulin problem for diabetes if someone knows any information about that please contact us. Thank you. From the audience: *It’s my car!*

4. One of the things I keep hearing with some concern is that our top priority is to hold this park. We should consider that if people stay in this park they could all be arrested. We need a fallback for those who are not going to be arrested or who wish to be arrested. They should have the option to hold City Hall. City Hall is already an option. I propose we all just go there tonight.

Facilitator: We are in discussion about two proposals. Until we discuss those, we can’t discuss new proposals.

5. My name is Doc. I’ve been around the state this week, fuck it, we’re doing cool. Look around. Look who’s here. And realize that we are in motion and peaceful.
I’ve seen some good things in the last few days that we’ve been here. And I just wish everybody would just get together and speak with your heart and with a peaceful soul.

6. For people who are worried about getting arrested the occupiers have already said that we can stay on the sidewalk or be at Nordstrom’s. We do not need to go to City Hall because we are worried of getting arrested, so the people who want to go to City Hall should stop using that argument to get us to leave. *Later Clarification from Legal: This is not true. The police can still arrest you.*

7. I have one question. What happened in New York on the Brooklyn Bridge? 700 people got arrested. What happened the next day? The answer is: Shit blew up.

8. One really quick thing, Don’t be afraid. 1,000 cities in the United States are like this right now.

9. This may sound controversial to some, but I believe this is very important to the movement. Yes, the police are an obstacle, but they are not an enemy. They are part of the 99%.

10. People have been arrested by police, beaten by police, maced by the police, and have illusions that they are on our side. Stand up to the mayor and the SPD.

Point of Process:
It seems like there’s an underground proposition on the floor that we don’t go to City Hall.

11. There has been police brutality in many areas please remember that we haven’t been victim to that. They may be on the other side of this issue but let’s not get too aggressive first.

12. I think, some people are, trying to distract this conversation and making it about whether the police are human beings are not. I don’t care. The proposal was what do we do to defend the space. Let’s focus and not get distracted.

13. I don’t want to take up too much time but I essentially agree with what was just said. I think it’s really important to clarify where the mayor and SPD and the city establishment stand in regard to this movement. As long as they are serving the city establishment, their role is to destroy this movement. They haven’t been really aggressive with us, so let’s not be nice to them.

14. I agree with some of those who spoke about retaking Westlake Park tonight, but I also agree that Saturday we put up tents.

15. My sisters at the front are right, the issue is who we are, who you are, where you stand with us tonight, tomorrow night, whether you sleep out tonight. Stand in solidarity!

16. This conversation is going to get more tense. We have to respect the facilitator. No one should rush the stage.

17. We want to see who has occupied this space overnight. Show of hands. *About twenty people* Now that you see how few of us there are, we need you to come support us and live here in our new home.

Temperature Check:

If we’re going to move from this discussion to see if we should go to vote.
Majority: Move to Vote.

Clarification: In order for the second proposal to really be voted on, people need to understand, why they’re here, why we’re here, because the 2nd proposal is a request from people who know why they are here, for more support, for other people to come stay here and anyone else to document what the police do, so we can show what the police do when we try to express our freedom to assemble.

19. The first agenda item isn’t a proposal but it is an important issue for discussion and an issue that we should all listen to.

20. In regards to the second proposal I’m staying here, I stayed here tonight, I totally understand if you don’t want to get arrested. My request is that you stand on the sidewalks with us tonight.

21. I am here long-term through the winter, through the spring, it’s going to stay strong next here, if we are. So, we need shelter in addition to this.

Point of Process: We can’t take a vote that binds each and every person here in terms of what they do tonight, that is something that each person decides on their own. It is still important that we still vote on the second proposal, we need to send a clear message to this city, if we choose to stand in solidarity. That was not clarified last night. There was a lot of confusion last night. I think we need to vote in a way that authorizes and requires the media and legal committee, etc. to support what we do tonight. So if we choose to stay here, we send that message out strong.

22. I know there are people that want to help, but don’t want to directly be involved in getting arrested. Medics are needing help. So is supplies. If people choose to stay but don’t want to get involved, they can help that way.

23. From what I gather the proposal is officially Occupy Seattle will stay at Westlake Park, indefinitely.

24. I thought we just said that can’t make a binding contract of what we do tonight.

25. The official statement of us as a general assembly is to stay at Westlake indefinitely, yes or no. That is the vote. Individuals can decide either way. But what I’m hearing is that the occupiers really want us to stand with that solidarity.

FIRST PROPOSAL: The first proposal is to stay here in Westlake indefinitely.

All those who want to show solidarity should stay on the side.


1) This movement is long-term, it is very hard to find shelter here in the winter. General winter will decimate our ranks, so a moment of boldness could lose our intention and our strength. If we occupy a place of shelter and still stay here, which we can do, we are able to organize, we have shelter as we need, we communicate and have effective meetings, and when we act we will act in concert.

BLOCK OVERTURNED by more than a 4/5 majority.

-Emergency Announcement –
If there are any registered nurses, who can commit to staying in the park until 6am, we need to see you behind the stage.


Topic: Reoccupation

Proposal: That we have a mass re-occupation of Westlake, with tents, starting Saturday night.

This is not in opposition to our earlier discussion to stay here tonight.
If we formally decide to reoccupy Saturday with tents it will immensely strengthen our movement.
The power of Portland’s occupation comes from the mass number of people and their tents.

1) I believe that we can still occupy with tents on Saturday. I also believe that we can do this without all losing everything else we have. We can do this in shifts and can everybody healthy and whole. We do not all have to suffer 24. Every day.

2) I want to speak in favor of the second proposal, we have to realize that the mayor and the police will try to break up our occupation. In order to overcome their plans we need large numbers here. If we have a small occupation, they will be able to break it up. So to have the largest turnout we need to make a clear call in advance to have time to mobilize the widest support and that’s why the call should be sent out to mobilize.

3) If I am to agree to a mass protest by as early as saturday I would like to see a show of hands of how many people who would be willing to be there with tents.

*Hands are about fifteen*

Facilitator: We’re taking this to a vote.


Individual: The media team should immediately convey those two proposals tonight!


1) At 9 o’clock, I’m holding a meeting for those who are going to stay in the park tonight, to talk about tactical strategies and what we should do. *I am representative from the media committee, I have seen this vote today. I have seen both of these votes today, I will relay the message right now.*
3) We’ve been taking crap in the media for being disorganized and not knowing what we want. I did research and made a small list I’m hoping to get signatures saying that we have common goals from all 800 cities that have occupations.
4) The trash problem is affecting our image. The Seattle Public Utilities is going to be helping, providing more recycling bins, picking up compost, but we need to do more, we are part of the solution. The sanitation group will meet tonight at 9pm right behind the porta potties.
5) I would like to bring awareness to those that choose to go to City Hall tonight. I was informed that about an hour ago, the homeless started setting up where some people are camping. I want to bring awareness that there could be problems with drunkenness and theft.
6) In order to get the word out, for a mass re-occupation on Saturday we need a flyer. I’ve already made a flyer in the hope that the General Assembly would support this proposal tonight. I’ll post it shortly on the Facebook page and on the website. I hope you can all mass print and mass distribute all over this city.
7) Outreach has been dwindling in numbers, they come and go. We would like to have a meeting directly after the assembly right over there by Sephora.
8) We need more people taking the minutes. Please e-mail if you want to help.
9) I have a message from other Occupy cities. We want to recognize and acknowledge the issue of the term occupy. We recognize that America has been unjustly occupied for the last 500 years, and that is in fact indigenous land. Wall St. does not need to be occupied, it needs to be decolonized.

Permit Issued To Erect One Canopy/Tent In The South End of Westlake Park

There was a permit issued by the Seattle Parks and Recreation – Event Management Office to Occupy Seattle. A $50 fee was required for the permit.

The permit was issued 112-Oct-11 02:00 PM and runs until 26-Oct-11 02:00 PM. It may be revoked if the permit conditions are not adhered to.

  • Setup is allowed to include: One Informational and/or Medical Canopy/Tent, and up to Two Tables additional;
  • Two responsible people may remain in the park during overnight hours to ensure Canopy/Tent equipment is not damaged or vandalized.
  • Food and beverages may be distributed to event participants. Food must be pre-packaged or prepared off-site; cooking in the park is not permitted.
  • Any Sales including Entry or Admission Fees, Service charges, or Suggested Donation amounts: Permittee shall pay the Department 10% of the gross receipts from any and all monies collected on Parks property.

There are additional terms and conditions associated with the permit to view the full permit use the following link:

10122011 Permit for food and medical tent

This is a PDF of the permit for maintaining our food and medical tent overnight from 10/12 to 10/26

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 6

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 4

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11

This is the permit we were given on the 12th of October for use of Westlake Park.

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 7

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 5

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 3

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 2

Westlake Park Use Permit 10/12/11 – 10/26/11 Page 1

City of Seattle “Latest Information” 10/12

On the City of Seattle’s website they have posted their rules for our occupation of Westlake and City Hall, as of 10/12 it is as follows (looks like the only thing updated was the specific municipal code regarding camping):

Owners of tents or other belongings removed from Westlake can contact Cynthia Thurmond of the Seattle Parks Department at (206) 684-4075 to arrange for pickup during regular city business hours.

The City of Seattle supports the free speech rights of individuals and groups. We are also committed to protecting the public and providing for other legitimate uses of city property.



  • Use of the Park shall comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
  • Westlake Park is to remain open to the public and no exclusive use is allowed.
  • Persons may not block off public access to any portion of the park. All park pathways, walkways, stairwells and access ways must remain open all times.
  • Similarly, persons may not block public access to any private property adjacent to the park.
  • It is illegal to camp* in public parks in the City of Seattle. The mayor has made City Hall Plaza available for sleeping in tents between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am.
    *Seattle Municipal Code 18.12.030
    4. “Camp” means to remain overnight, to erect a tent or other shelter, or to use sleeping equipment, a vehicle, or a trailer camper, for the purpose of or in such a way as will permit remaining overnight.
  • One Informational and/or First Aid Canopy will be allowed, subject to reasonable restrictions on size and location. All equipment should be set up in the south end of the park. No other tents or structures are allowed.
  • Climbing in or hanging materials from trees within the park is not permitted.
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation staff will need access to the park for general maintenance and cleaning from approximately 7:00 pm to 10:00 am daily.
  • Other permitted events are scheduled to occur in the north end of the park. Occupy Seattle should not interfere with these events, and should remain south of the tree line when other events are ongoing.
  • Dispose of all trash properly. Follow all City recycling rules.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be kept or consumed in the park.
  • Amplified sound is permitted for speeches and announcements between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm only. Comply with relevant City noise rules, at

    • Use of City Hall Plaza will comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
    • The City is making City Hall Plaza available for those demonstrators who wish to stay overnight, with reasonable restrictions on the use of tents to allow free public use of the plaza during the day.
    • Two portable toilets will be available on the Plaza for use between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. Tents may be set up on the Lower Plaza only on the Fourth Avenue side of City Hall, from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    • Demonstrators will remove all structures including tents, tables, furniture, personal articles, etc., and are responsible for returning the area to its original condition by 7 a.m. each day.
    • Demonstrations in other areas are prohibited.
    • No amplification may be used.
    • The interior of City Hall is closed to the public from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., except for scheduled events.
    • Fires (including open fires, stoves, fireplaces or any other heating devices) are prohibited.
    • Demonstrators will not interfere with the operation of the Homeless Shelter located in the City Hall Red Room, nor will they interfere with anybody entering or leaving the building.

    Seattle Parks Department: (206) 982-4583
    Seattle Police Department: 911 (if emergency) or (206) 625-5011 (non-emergency)

    Regular updates and information will be posted on this page (

Peace and Safety

Current Contact:
Name – Sharla
E-mail –
# – 360-770-3113

General Assembly notes 10/11

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-11 18:35

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator:
  • Process mover:
  • Taking stack:
  • Time keeper:


Opening Statement

  • Aaron
    • have important things to decide tonight
    • important that everyone's voice be heard
    • we are growing
    • we will keep growing
    • need to decide how to keep growing

Emergency Proposal

  • joint proposal
    • written copies distributed to the assembly
    • representatives from each working group joined on stage
      • Jamie – Outreach
      • Kevin – Demands & Objectives
      • Jeff – Tactical
      • Sharla – Peace and Safety
      • Heather – Media
      • Gabriel – Legal
      • Anthony – Hip Hop Occupies
      • Jesse – Tactical
      • Stian – Internet Communications
      • Brad – Fundraising
    • preamble: This is an emergency proposal dealing only with immediately necessary items. In light of the fact that if basic demands are not proposed to the Mayor's office by 8pm tonight, the police will sweep the plaza tonight and arrest everyone. The demands submitted by 8pm will gain us one day of leeway with the police. After that, no matter what, police will be sweeping the plaza and arresting everyone every night after 10pm. It is highly likely that this will crush the movement instead of allowing us to build and really support a national people's movement. This proposal is only applicable to those who want to move to City Hall for nighttime occupation. We do not currently have the numbers to hold Westlake Plaza. By moving to City Hall we will buy time to build numbers and ensure there is shelter to keep warm, healthy, and safe. Please remember that this is Occupy Seattle, not Occupy Westlake. However, we are committed to maintaining a daytime presence here at Westlake. So we're absolutely clear: this is not a proposal to move everybody to City Hall. For those who wish to stay: Godspeed.
    • proposal: First and foremost, we demand that Mayor McGinn meet with nominated representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to discuss our long-term goals.
      • We also have a list of practical demands:
        • Four large tents for medical, kitchen, supplies, and information
        • 24-hour parking at City Hall: one space for supply purposes
        • 24-hour occupancy shelters for the health and safety of protesters
        • 24-hour access to first floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings, and etc.
        • written statement from Mayor McGinn regarding the right to indefinite occupancy of the City Hall site
    • clarifying questions:
      • On tents and supplies: Would we provide those ourselves? Would that be acceptable?
        • Idea is that we are self-sufficient. Not seeking handout, merely necessities. Intention is to do the same there.
      • Is the intent to re-take Westlake Plaza once we have the numbers to maintain?
        • That is undefined.
        • will be a matter of getting the people out once we do, let's pass it through GA
      • What exactly would the police be charging people with?
        • criminal trespass due to city and state laws prohibiting parks from being inhabited after closing
        • It is never legal to camp in Westlake Park.
        • There are parks in City of Seattle with legal camping.
          • They have campsites, and require permits.
          • They are not downtown.
        • Is there any other occupied city in the United States that has moved from their original occupying site upon the request of city government?
          • Portland is in two parks, so clearly they moved some of their people.
        • How will representatives be selected to meet with Mayor McGinn?
          • Through the working groups you can decide on representatives.
          • Facilitator note: This is not really pertinent to these specific proposals.
        • Occupy Wall Street originally occupied Wall Street then moved to Zucotti Park
        • Will we be allowed to return to Westlake to educate the morning commuters who are currently confused?
          • Yes. There will be an information table here at Westlake throughout the day.
        • The park opens at 6:00 a.m. At that point everyone who is sleeping at City Hall can march themselves over here to educate people.
        • On City of Seattle website, there are two proposals. One for City Hall, one for Westlake.
          • If we don't you'll get arrested.
            • I was arrested three days ago and I don't care if I'm arrested again.
              • You don't have to move. This proposal is for those who want to continue occupying without arrest to be able to do so indefinitely.
        • Number of people restricted?
          • No.
        • Will there be legal assistance for those who stay?
          • That is a question for the GA to decide. Legal WG will stand behind the GA.
          • Facilitator note: That is not related to the proposal.
        • Will the campers at City Hall be allowed 24 hours per day?
          • XXX
          • Whether or not these change, this proposal must be in by 8:00pm.
        • Will we be able to assemble here after 10pm without arrest?
          • The park closes at 10pm. It is always up to the police.
        • Someone asked about legal action and that is going to determine whether people leave or stay.
        • We don't know for sure whether people will be arrested. Those are the threats.
        • This is already decided for some people.
          • If you want to take that risk it's up to you.
          • Remember you cannot put tents up here. There you will be able to do so.
        • Is it true that the police plan tonight XXX
          • I have been informed that the Mayor's office has already contacted police to come tomorrow morning at 6:15 at cleaning time.
            • Mayor's Office told police not to come last night, but they did anyway.
    • Temperature check: How do you feel about this proposal?
    • Straw pole: If you wold support this proposal now, raise your hand.
      • clarifying questions:
        • Temp check on the proposal to the mayor or temp check on the proposal to legally defend those who choose to stay?
        • How will we know the Mayor is not trying to coop us into the next election? Or trying to divide and conquer?
        • How can we call it an occupation if we have permission? Isn't that visitation?
          • Facilitator note: We'll open for discussion after clarifying questions.
        • XXX be hassled and arrested for marching out of XXX
          • If we don't need permit XXX
        • Can we just keep the food and medical here, and not camp here?
          • It is unlikely that there can be a permit for overnight tents. Possible, but cannot say one way or another. However, as the medical and food is to serve the protest, it defeats the purpose of moving it from the protest.
      • points of information
        • Whether we stay or go we can discuss later. That is a personal decision. This is a proposal for communication with the Mayor. Let's vote on that.
      • discussion
        • I was here last night all night with no sleep. We had XXX. We had sickness. We had people XXX. I believe this is a safety and health pattern. I do not believe that the Mayor is trying to screw us over. There was too much interference between communication with the acting Lt. and the Mayor. I believe there's a power struggle.
        • From what I understand, the whole point of the occupation is civil disobedience and we're supposed to be defying who gives the rules. If we give a concession to the Mayor or whomever, doesn't that defeat purpose of occupation.
          • To remind you, this is not a vote for a move to City Hall for everybody. Some people want to put up a tent and not risk arrest. This is specifically for those people, so they can have a legal, safe, warm, place to sleep, so they can come back and join those who wish to XXX.
        • Heather: I support this proposal and I support those who want to remain here. However we must grow our numbers. Portland has 10,000 people. At 2:30 last night, we had 50. I am not camping at Westlake. I am not occupying Westlake. I am here for the people. I am here for Occupy Wall Street. I'm here so we can make a difference. We're not being co-opted. We're a powerful voice and we're going to shape this for the people.
        • I am the people also. You are not XXX if you go to City Hall.
    • Facilitator note: It is 7:15. If we do not get rid of extraneous conversation it will become a moot point.
    • Temperature check: Do you want to take this to vote, not discuss it more? This is just for those who will be moving to City Hall, and only if the Mayor meets with us to discuss our long-term goals and the demands of those who will be staying there.
      • time: 19:17
      • Point of process: First round of voting, we look for clear majority. If we don't see one, we do it again and count hands.
      • clear majority
    • block: If we move as a group, we alienate those who stay here. XXX vulnerable. If we move to City Hall, we move away from the corporations XXX
      • Facilitator note: We will now take a vote.
      • Facilitator note: We'll re-vote. Now requires 4/5 majority. If not, it would normally go back to working group, but this is time sensitive, so if it does not pass, some people will have to simply make separate choices. The proposal is not whether we stay or go. It is: Shall these demands be made to the mayor? XXX and XXX 24 hours.
    • vote: 19:23
      • average in support: 108
      • average in support of block: 17
      • block overturned
    • proposal passes
  • proposed amendment to the previous proposal: get written proof and contract with the mayor
    • The proposal already includes this.

Working group reports

Demands Working Group

  • representative: Kevin
  • We have a proposal. We debated this proposal, turned it down, discussed it, then passed it unanimously.
  • We ran through objections and felt needs of both parties were satisfied as they could get.
  • Today, I spoke with office of Representative (Ossikowa?), who proposed bill in the Washington Senate that creates a public state bank like North Dakota's, takes tax dollars out of Bank of America
  • WG unanimously decided to invite him to come here and visit our process.
  • A politician is a human being and this one cares about you, unlike most of them.
  • If we get a public bank and get 2%, that's $900 million back to us.
  • I am only reporting what the WG discussed. Please join us and join the discussion. There's a Facebook group. We would love to see you there.
  • It's hard to percolate demands. We've not voted on any demands or objectives. We would bring them to you if we did. The discussion is fascinating, passionate, and valuable. Please join it.
  • Clarifying question
    • I thought WGs were to make proposals.
      • My understanding that I'm to report what happened in the WG. If there is a proposal, we will bring it to you.
    • Facebook is troublesome, since I have raised issues regarding ethnicity and XXX, I have been XXX. Don't tell me to have a discussion on Facebook. Some of us have no money to put in bank. It's not enough to say we want to change the banking structure. Some of us XXX. We are part of the 99%. I do not care about state credit unions; it's not the only reason I'm here.

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • representative: Sharla
  • occupiers are are most important XXX
  • It's cold, the ground is hard, it's wet.
  • Occupiers have been here for 11 days.
  • anonymous occupier
    • I've adopted these occupiers
    • We keep the peace and safety.
    • My kids feet are wet right now.
    • They need shoes.
    • They need socks.
    • They need guidance.
    • They need you.
  • Sunshine:
    • On behalf of kids and adults staying here, I have a proposal:
      • We start asking for gift cards for Ross Dress for Less as donations.
      • I need a new pair of pants and a shirt, and a jacket.
  • anon
    • I'd like to give these kids a place to sleep that's warm, especially when they're sick.
    • want to start a room share
    • asking fundraising to provide money for XXX
    • rent due first of every month
    • can start quarantine for people who get sick
    • don't want people to catch pneumonia and die
    • I've rented rooms the past two nights, paying out-of-pocket.
    • I asked for help at info booth. Girl there told me to go to Fundraising. I told her to call them. She ignored me. So I got one of the kids to ask her for help. He didn't return. I found her, asked for help. She took her hat off and said I'm on break. So we need to help these kids. Please come talk to me.
  • Sharla:
    • For safety of occupiers, we need supplies
      • wool socks
      • warm clothes
      • sleeping bags
      • four-season tents
    • If you can help, please contact fundraising or gear departments.
    • We appreciate everything Seattle has done for us.
    • We are Occupy Seattle. All of us are occupiers. We all need each other.

Internet Communications Working Group

  • representative: Stian
  • We now have forums on our website.
  • We need people from each WG to contact us about how they want to run the sub-forum for their working group.
    • This will help us move internal discussion off of Facebook, where it's not manageable, and where we have no control over how they regulate content.
    • We're working on setting up a more efficient email distribution system.
      • Many WG have huge lists of email addresses that constantly change. It is hard to manage.
      • We're trying to set up a mailing list for each WG

Emergency proposal

  • Facilitator note: We screen these ahead of time, but are taking this seriously because of the serious focus of the previous emergency proposal.
  • I was here last night when the police kept us up all night and the Mayor got to play hero for not arresting us.
  • Mayors all over the country are working to destroy this movement. McGinn is no different.
  • Demands to McGinn legitimates everything he's been doing to destroy this occupation, makes it seem he'll co-opt this movement.
  • We should not negotiate, not bring demands to the mayor
  • clarifying questions
    • How can we get anything done if we don't have any allies in the political establishment?
      • Our strength is out here, united against the one percent. Our strength is not in back-room negotiations with politicians, even if they want to look like they're on our side
    • Is it still possible to keep one demand on McGinn: to step away from tearing down this movement, our tents, or trying to evict us. Basically, that he step out of the way?
    • What is the real problem here? The government controls you. Why are we focusing on such small things. There were 16,000 people in Oregon at one point. There are not 16,000 here. They could take us all to jail tonight. If the do so, are we able to be here? To clarify, is it worth it to us to stay at Westlake and risk arrest and drop our numbers?
      • point of process: valid topic for discussion, but not a clarifying question
    • My understanding, as an amendment to the previous proposal, this sounds like it nullifies it.
      • The main concern, as I understand, is that some people are getting sick. They cannot stay out here in the rain after mayor took tents, arrested people, and sends cops after us night-after night. We're solving that by allowing those who want to to go stay at City Hall, not negotiating maintaining a base here.
    • point of information: Just because we're presenting demands to the Mayor doesn't mean that our ultimate goal is not to build up our numbers so that we can do what we want in the safety of numbers. Just because we work with them now doesn't mean we're not manipulating him to our ultimate benefit.
  • discussion
    • We have had an offer from Imojo Peace Center to be able to occupy there. So we could use that to recover from the health issues caused by occupying here. Also, if we make demand to the mayor, it will be him pulling us into a compromise. By us holding strong, and if necessary, getting arrested, we are standing against corporations backed by government. If we move, people who do not move will be alienated. This is what the demands make possible.
    • clarifying question: regarding Imojo Peace Center: Are you proposing moving our base of operation to there? Our supplies and medical?
      • No, I am not. I propose that we discuss a recovery center there so that we can recover from whatever happens here.
    • Regarding negotiation: History is filled with movements where they tried to negotiate, speak truth to power, and were themselves manipulated. We are not on an equal playing field. They have media, cops, army, and tons of wealth. We have occupation, public opinion, each other, and the 99%. That's what we need to count on.
    • The reason we are sick is that the mayor took away our tents. There are about 8000 homeless people in Seattle. They do not have a warm bed to to home to. People staying here are majority homeless people. To abandon them is to abandon the 99%.
    • I think that we make a profound statement in both areas. I'm not saying succumb to the governor. I'm asking we have opportunity to cover more ground. Eventually, our numbers will be too large for Westlake despite possible compromise. There are oodles of parks in Seattle. We can occupy them all. Text your friends now. Occupy wherever. The point is solidarity.
    • I was going to say that often times when you are a smaller power going against power that is larger and more powerful, there is no shame in occasionally bending — not breaking — to what they ask you so that you may come back as a force that will grow and devastate that power, by being humble and willing to work together.
    • We have seen countless numbers of movements similar to this one. Never have they worked in the favor of the people if the people are willing to compromise. As I understand it, unless I'm wrong, the point is to defy the system. I contend that the mayor's office is the absolute worst place for this movement to go. We should possibly consider more alternatives before we give concessions to the powers we are supposed to be fighting.
    • We have no choice. Last night there were 50 people here. If we want to grow our numbers, this is whats on the table today. We already voted for the people here night. Among us we decided that we were going. If we want more options, we can discuss it there or here, but we are in it to cooperate. We're here for the 99%. 99. That's most everyone, including police and politicians. That's the movement you signed up for, and on October 15, the hole god-damned world is signing up for it.
    • The other day, I was speaking to group of youth of color and they have been saying that they often don't come out to protests because they're not sure if protesters are serious about fighting the system thats oppressing them. But when they came here, they were impressed with the seriousness of the occupiers who showed seriousness by sleeping out here. If we go to City Hall, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who are watching may conclude that we are not serious, that this is just another protest, not an occupation. I understand that it may be hard to hold this space. In my opinion, we should risk arrest to try to hold it. In the worst case, we get swept out: I think it's better to go to some neutral place not under the mayor's control, regroup, and keep trying to retake this park. it's the only way this can grow.
    • Sleeping oh the steps of City Hall with permission of politicians who are the 1% is like being a dog sleeping at his master's feet.
    • I disagree with the proposal to negotiate, but unity is important, and solidarity is really important. We cannot abandon each other. If we regroup we must keep moving forward. Tactical should find other location options so we're not limited by City Hall.
    • Point of process: if you want to be done with this discussion, use your signs. Otherwise we can go on all night.
    • Are we still discussing the amendment? My understanding of the amendment is the first part would have a committee that would discuss demands other than the ones that are on the proposal XXX would be struck. Is that true?
      • Initial amendment was that we do not negotiate or bring demands to the mayor because this would legitimate him. As I understand, he represents Wall Street as part of the rulers. We are trying to de-legitimize him and those who rule society as a vital part of the movement.
        • Are you talking about not asking mayor for tents, etc?
          • My understanding was that that was not something we needed to negotiate for.
    • I am a visitor here from Los Angeles. I have been occupying LA. I want to let you know that as an alternative to asking things from your mayor, reach out to other cities. LA has put together donations to Wall Street in New York. If you ask, since it's colder here, we can round stuff up for you, too. I urge whomever is organizing to communicate with LA and with other warmer places. We don't need sweaters. You do.
    • I address those of you who oppose move to City Hall and are brave enough to risk arrest. We need you with us. We cannot allow this movement to be splintered. We don't have numbers now to deter police. I implore you to come with us to City Hall.
    • As a person of color from the south end who has spoken to many people from that same background: If the demands go through, as you leave, these people here who have been standing strong, you will become a joke to all of us. Hence, my frustration right now.
    • My only concern is that we're taking this amendment a very long while after the original proposal was passed. Many people voted for this, including those who brought it, went to the Mayor with demands we voted for.
    • closing stack 20:12
    • Earlier today, I was spending some time thinking about what made Occupy Wall Street successful. One of the main things is that they occupied a privately-owned public space, so I thought to myself, do we have that here in Seattle? We do. Westlake is not one of those places. On city website, there are 30 places listed that are privately-owned and open to the public. I think we should consider those places because we don't need the mayor to let us occupy those sites.
    • In the point of solidarity: Is it possible to all stand together and wherever we stay, stay together?
      • not relevant to proposal
    • When you have a social movement like this, at some point if you want to enact change without destroying the govt you must have a conversation with your political leaders.
    • I observe that there is a dry space beneath the freeway adjacent to the Bank of America Northwest headquarters.
    • Whatever is decided here, I will call on people to stay with me here tonight. When we say solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, with Tahir, XXX, Madrid, Bolivia, Latin America, Tokyo, we should put ourselves on the line to do so. That is solidarity — not to bow to our mayor because it's warm and safe and we get to be legitimate.
    • New York has moved, but they did not do it until they had enough people to deter police. Tonight, they moved to the mayors front door of his house. To do that, we need more people. Seattle still doesn't know what's going on. On the news Saturday after the march, they were still reporting that 80% of people didn't know why you are protesting. Need to send unified message to city about why you are here.
    • My idea is similar to this man's. I agree we should not back down. I have an unusual way to do it. Perhaps we could be like gypsies. Show up at different unexpected location each night. It would be like a rave. No one would know until just before we got there. That way, we would XXX police and create a mystique across Seattle. Everyone would wonder where they would be tonight.
    • Aaron: From Legal WG: Earlier disinformation went out about people arrested not being able to come back to the park. That was not true. Our legal person says, they can ban people from park for violations of park rules starting with a seven day ban, but the mayor's office decided not to do that any more, even before Occupy Seattle. If you want to get arrested, they are not going to ban you from from coming back to the park
    • I notice a concern about retaining numbers. Last night 15 shelters were closed, putting hundreds of people on the streets of Seattle. There is a protest going on right now for those people sleeping outside. If we are concerned about numbers, I propose we stand in solidarity with those homeless people and with all homeless people in Seattle.
  • Emergency announcement: We're running out of time. There's a van here to pick up laundry. It's supposed to start clearing out. We're running out of time to clean up. Need volunteers.
  • Temperature check: Some people are saying that important parts of the discussion have not been heard yet. Some people probably getting impatient. Shall we take this to a vote?
  • Amendment to the proposal: Those who do not want to sleep out here tonight go to Imojo Peace Center instead of mayor's office, where the master will not be watching over you. Meanwhile, those of us who want to stay here, possibly risking arrest, should stay here.
  • It's hard to stand here and talk to you. I don't see enough numbers. I know everyone out there is angry. The system is broken. We can fix it. And tonight, we need to make some kind of statement so the rest of Seattle don't think we're serious. We're camping here every night but they still don't think we're serious. we're still not staying together. we're still arguing about playing in the mayor's hands. Tonight we'll get arrested, but if we all get arrested, more people will come here tomorrow because they'll know we don't take no for an answer. We won't be walked over by politicians and corporations anymore. Those who don't want to be arrested please stay with us, then go home and tomorrow, we hit the streets and wake up everyone and tell them we love them, and this is why we're here. This is our city.
  • There is clarification for people getting arrested: this comes from the people who were arrested during the insurgence of police on our tents. I, personally, also sat on inside the courtroom of the people being arraigned. They are warned that they shall not be caught here in Westlake park or face further charges. This continued until January. So I suggest if we try to protest, after being arrested, be careful. People who were arrested already feel kind of scared and are kind of hiding.
  • Proposal as it stands: We not bring demands or negotiate with Mayor McGinn, and instead of going to City Hall, those who do not want to stay here, or those who need to rest, will go to our allies at Imojo.
  • vote: 20:30
    • roughly 50:20 for
    • clear majority favor
    • motion passes


  • Why are you so angry? I am angry that we live in a world where those who have the most are expected to give the least. I'm angry that those with power do not accept responsibility of rising up against that which destroys us. I am angry that we have a system of justice that places more importance on punishment than on rehabilitation. I am angry that we spend the least amount of XXX on the development of our children. I am angry that our government has come to the petty and unproductive XXX us against them. I am angry that there is so much value placed on fear and ignorance that the pursuit of truth has been replaced by quest for authority. I'm angry that we treat the illness instead of the XXX right to a cure if we can afford it. I'm angry that we deny our right to liberty for free XXX without XXX education not bound by economic frugality XXX forgotten that money is simply a means to an end. I'm angry that we've lost the wonder of humility XXX so that our need for consumption is on the brink of consuming us. XXX I'm angry that every human is not afforded the respect and dignity they deserve XXX continue to fight for space we can occupy.
    • While these concerns are various, each point is intimately connected to the reality of corporate greed.
  • We come together to form one cohesive voice, down the street. The voice is shared. If we don't act, that voice will stand as a testament to failure here. We need your help.
  • Mark with media: Can't make a proposal, but want to provide some info about what's happening in Seattle on Thursday. Mitt Romney will be here at a fundraising event at the Hyatt on Thursday. Will be very close to Westlake Center. Mitt Romney is infamous for making the statement that corporations are people, too. Not only that, but he also described our movement as dangerous. Out of all the presidential candidates, he has received the most money from Wall Street. From the six largest firms that control same amount of wealth as 65% of our gross national product. They're the ones supporting him. Someone might want to organize a response.
  • Most of us have jobs, school, families to attend to. At night, the situations that occur here in Westlake Park within our group change dramatically. I know that we are united in solidarity, but I would like people to think and discuss and put to thought those people who stay here. The GA doesn't necessarily represent every single person, due to the fact that not every single person plays an active role in the day. I would like people to consider having a separate caucus for the night. Things go back to normal in the day, and we unite again in solidarity and respect for others' opinions, thoughts, and concerns.
    • I support it. I don't think you or any group needs to ask permission of GA to form a caucus. If you, other occupiers, anyone else who stays here feels need to come together to feel safe, you have every right to do so. Same for other groups whose voice is not being heard. For example, there's movement to create a women's and trans group. I stand in solidarity with them.
      • I think everyone should be included on this information, so I brought it to the GA.
  • I think we're losing sight. On Oct 15, people from all over the world will take to the streets. From America to Africa to Europe, people demanding rights and to demand true democracy. It's time for all of us to join global nonviolent XXX. Ruling powers work for the few, ignoring the will of the majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay. This intolerable situation must end. United in one voice, we'll let politicians and the financial XXX they serve know that it is up to we the people to decide our future. We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us. On October 15 we will meet on streets to initiate global change. We will peacefully organize XXX until we make it happen. It's time to unite. It's time for them to listen.
  • My name is Doc. I know it hasn't been a long time that I've been here. I have two reports: 1) I infiltrated an infiltrator today. I hope that makes sense. 2) I have a report from Olympia and Yelm: they're mad as hell, we're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. Olympia starts in three days.
  • I'm Gabriel from legal. After the first proposal passed, listing our demands for the Mayor on a timeline, a communications person and I ran to put it on the web. After which, the mayor's office immediately contacted me to discuss the issues. I told them I cannot negotiate for you but helped him understand what I feel the GA said about each issue. He said majors office is open to discussion, wants to close this by morning tomorrow. Then, I retuned here to learn of the Imojo House proposal. Now, we as a GA must come to an understanding of how these two proposals join into one solid action so we're not divided. I suppose now we should discus this.
    • Who is the rep of Imojo House? That would be a good person to talk to about the proposal.
    • Right now we have someone on the phone who originally offered the space. Might be a different place. We'll bring details as soon as we have them.
    • It has been proposed by word of mouth that we form an emergency working group to reconcile these or attempt to and report back within a half an hours. You don't want to be held hostage by this decision making process. We want all your voices to provide input. In half an hour, for those who feel strongly about this, and I hope, some who are just interested, we will reconvene to discuss this matter more. It is key to the movement that we don't let ourselves be divided by petty ideas like location. I hope we understand that the real matters are social justice economic inequality and the environment.
  • It's cold. On October 22, it's national day to stop police brutality, repression and criminalization of a generation. Since august 2010, 38 people have been killed by the police. In Seattle one of the debates happening here the police won't fuck with us. That's a lie. They killed seven year old Ayonnal Stanley Jones while sleeping on a couch with her grandmother. Killed Native American carver John T. Williams. October 22 is the day we all come together in powerful movement in movement to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation. We see this with he development of ocucpations across the country XXX October 22, stand with people of all classes, of all colors, of all backgrounds to not tolerate police attack on people in any form.
  • Just got word that we need many volunteers for sanitation. Please meet in the back.
  • We only have three people because these go really long, so if you want to help, please meet me right now.
  • Tomorrow at noon, students will be walking out. From multiple colleges.

Adjourned 21:00

No Arrests at Westlake Tonight, Though It Is Quite Cold. Need Blankets & Warm Clothing

Around 11pm we had unconfirmed reports of nearby police getting into riot gear and loading vans, no confirmation as to where they were headed. At 11:17pm the police on site announced on the loudspeaker from their car that Westlake park is closed and that anyone staying on site is subject to arrest.

It is now 11:44pm and we are still waiting for any police to show up or not. We have no official word as to whether or not they will. We will be posting on Twitter, Facebook, and updating this post as much as possible throughout the night should something happen.

You can also watch the Livestream which is live as of writing this post and will hopefully be broadcasting should anything occur.

Update @ 12:41am Things have calmed down at Westlake, no cops in riot gear have arrived, just the two patrol cars are present as they have been all day. It is unknown whether more cops will appear tonight.

Update @ 1:40am It is quite cold down at Westlake right now. Donations of blankets and warm clothing are needed urgently! Please help.

Occupy Seattle’s Demands to Mayor McGinn As Of Oct. 11, 2011

  1. To the Mayor

    • First and foremost, we demand that Mayor McGinn meet with nominated representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to discuss our long term goals.
  2. Practical Demands
    • Four large tents for Medical, Kitchen, Supply and Info/Tactical

    • Twenty-four hour parking at City Hall (One space for supply purposes)
    • Twenty-four hour occupancy shelters for health and safety of protesters
    • Twenty-four hour access to first floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings & etc.
    • A written statement from Mayor McGinn regarding right to indefinite occupancy of City Hall site.

This list of demands has been so resolved and passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Seattle this Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Occupy Seattle’s Demands to Mayor McGinn As Of Oct. 11, 2011

1) To the Mayor

— First and foremost, we demand that Mayor McGinn meet with nominated representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to discuss our long term goals.

2) Practical Demands
— Four large tents for Medical, Kitchen, Supply and Info/Tactical
— Twenty four hour parking at City Hall (One space for supply purposes)
— Twenty four hour occupancy shelters for health and safety of protesters
— Twenty four hour access to first floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings & etc.
— A written statement from Mayor McGinn regarding right to indefinite occupancy of City Hall site.

This list of demands has been so resolved and passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Seattle this Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

General Assembly Tonight 10/11 at 6:30pm: Westlake? City Hall? Both?

Tonight’s General Assembly will be tackling the question: should we stay or should we go? (No one says those are mutually exclusive). We will be working on our strategy for tonight and the next few days. The Mayor has asked us to give him our demands for staying at Westlake (not our overall demands, mind you), and we will be forumating that.

News from Tactical: We are making preparations to move the supply and medical tent to City Hall. We are moving the tent because we are unsure if it will be able to stay tonight and we do not want our supplies confiscated! This does not mean we all have to move to City hall, but due to the differing information we are getting from the Mayor’s Office and the Seattle PD we want to be on the safe side. This can always be moved back.

We need at least one more pickup truck and driver to help with the move. More would be appreciated of course! If you are available call Neal 206.412.9770. This will be updated once we have enough volunteers!

Current needs: Hot food, dry socks, and volunteers for food and medical. This is not a comprehensive list, just immediate needs. Help is greatly appreciated!

Proposal to Name This WG; Define Demands and Objectives; Define Path Forward

From discussion on this thread:

Please give your input on this thread. This is an ongoing discussion we have been having and I am proposing a solution.

I propose that we keep our Work Group name as Demands for now, so as not to confuse people, with the intent on changing our name to Objectives once those Demands are solidified.

Demands shall be defined as: What OccupySeattle believes is our end game, our goals.

Objectives shall be defined as: What OccupySeattle believes ought to be done for our Demands to be met. Objectives shall define measurable progress towards our Demands, and we must continually release them once the Demands are met.

Once the Demands are solidified, we will switch into Objectives mode. For all major actions and decisions, OccupySeattle shall ask, “Is this moving us toward our Objectives and therefore toward our Demands?” We need to stay focused on our goals for this movement to continue its momentum.

Thank you for listening, thinking, discussing, and debating.

Despite Police threats, Mayor’s office assures no arrests tonight. Can’t say same for tomorrow

Police have given an order to de-camp. They are trying to facilitate breaking down the medical tent and moving all of us to City Hall Plaza even though we have not agreed to move. This has come from Lt. Nollette of SPD.

According to Legal: “The police are currently acting against the city’s orders. The mayor’s office is calling the police to tell them to back down for tonight.”

As of writing this at 11pm there have been no arrests, but that may change.

Update 11:25pm The mayors office has given us 24 hours to come up with our demands concerning relocation, encouraging us to move to City Hall Plaza. “If we don’t come up with something reasonable in the next 24 hours they will arrest everyone in the park, and will keep doing it every night until we move.”

Despite what the Mayor’s office said the police are NOT backing down and will arrest people tonight according to the Lieutenant on site.

Update 11:47pm Regardless of whether the cops are acting with or without City Halls backing, we need folks to be ready and awake, stay calm, and should breaking down & arrests occur, try to move toward the Medical Tent.

We need people to come down and help! Come document, come show your support!

Anyone with a camera or cellphone please take as many pictures and videos as you can, send them to Media ( and Internet Communications ( and post them wherever you can.

Update 10/11 12:02am Still no arrests at this point. Cops now say they may not arrest people tonight but that they could.

Update 12:11am “No arrests will occur tonight.” according to the Mayor’s Office. They came down to Westlake to let everyone know that, but they “can’t say the same for tomorrow night.”

General Assembly Notes 10/10

Seattle General Assembly 2011-10-10 17:57

  • Minutes prepared by: Phil Mocek

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Hudson
  • Process mover: Sarah / Lady Gaga
  • Taking stack: Shawn
  • Time keeper: Doc

Personal Statement

  • expression of solidarity with various ethnic groups


  • working group report-backs
  • proposals
  • announcements


Working group announcements

Outreach Working Group

  • representative: Ally
  • those who camp invite part-timers to camp to experience the full Occupy Seattle experience
  • part-time participants of committee invite campers to perform outreach and work with the group throughout the day
    • opinions wanted and needed; please make them heard

Demands Working Group

  • representative: Kevin
  • might be changing name of working group
  • mission statement: The Demands Working Groups' purpose is to facilitate the process of determining Occupy Seattle's movements and objectives.
  • We invite you to join the Facebook conversation. Find it through the website. This will improve with poll and forum that is interactive and will include as many people as possible.
  • Will have an Internet terminal here and XXX

Internet Communications Working Group

  • representative: Jack
  • Discussion forums will be working tomorrow, after that, a wiki.
  • mission statement:
  • The Internet Communications Working Group provides tactical tools, IT infrastructure, support, and advice to other working groups to facilitate online communication among groups and between Occupy Seattle and the Internet community.

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • presenter: Shawn
  • Concerns have been expressed about process and transparency, so group's documents will be posted to Google Docs and to the Facebook page.
  • They encourage more people to sit in on Group meetings.

Emergency Announcement

  • direct action happening at 6:30pm
  • support the homeless; shelters closing
  • march with them to 2nd and Stewart

Food Working Group

  • representative: Ginger
  • working to make food healthy and sustainable
  • went to Ballard farmers market over the weekend
    • they were very generous
    • they all support us
    • food needs to be cooked tonight so it can be eaten tomorrow
    • volunteers for tomorrow would be good too
  • If you want to help, contact information is in the food tent and on website.
  • we cannot cook food on site
  • we can re-heat some food
  • clarification: request for cooks is for people who want to cook at home, then bring prepared food downtown
    • Group can help with transportation and supply of food
    • just need your kitchen and your love

Media Working Group

  • mission statement:
    • 1) to communicate to press and news media the various principles, strategies and events of OS as determined by the general assembly through press releases, interviews and direct communications
    • 2) to monitor news media, report to the GA and other working groups, and to counter any disinformation or misrepresentation of Occupy Seattle movement that may appear in the for-profit press and news media
    • 3) to contribute strategic and practical ideas for framing and maintaining ownership of the OS identity as determined by the General Assembly

Information Working Group

  • representative: Timber
  • need a mission statement from each working group to display at table
  • need regular updates from working groups


  • proposal: Modify block policy such that when a block is enacted, and it is not overturned, the proposal is tabled, then a coalition will be formed to discuss and revise the proposal, then it will be brought back to the next general assembly.

    • source: Process and Facilitation Working Group
    • rationale: has been some concern that block is effectively killing proposals
    • temperature check: how do people feel about the proposal?
      • mostly approval
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • XXX
      • I'm told sometimes it takes days to get something through at Occupy Wall Street. Please have patience.
      • Please explain how the coalition is formed.
        • Coalition is voluntary group of individuals concerned about the proposal to be reviewed and brought back to the GA
      • Will the coalition be open to people who cannot be here for GA?
        • should be the responsibility of the concerned parties to find meeting time that works for the coalition
      • Does this mean that any block can send a really popular proposal back to the drawing board?
        • XXX
      • Was under the impression that a block could be overridden by 4/5 majority
        • This does not affect that, so if you have 4/5 opposition to block, block does not go back to the drawing board
      • How do we include majority groupings? XXX
        • not sure how to respond now
      • maybe that's something to address in XXX
    • vote 18:27
      • passes
  • proposal: Minutes from the website along with notes from the global occupy movement be made available at info table daily

    • source: Outreach Working Group
    • rationale: concerns about online activity going on behind our backs
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • In what form will they be made available?
        • outreach Working Group would assign someone to make paper copies available at Information
      • Can't people get it at public library Internet terminals?
        • Some people don't want to leave or to deal with computers.
        • Passers-by will have something to look at
      • You have to be a resident of Seattle to use library computers
        • You may be able to use them for 30 minutes even if not a resident.
    • vote: 18:32
      • passes
    • facilitator comment: this might have been taken care of between working groups
  • timekeeper comment: please bear with us as we try to streamline this process

    • lots of people have proposals they're trying to pitch to us and we're trying ot ensure they're concise and important right now
  • proposal: On October 15, XXX against Bank of America

    • source: Tactical Working Group
    • rationale: this is international day of action; important to show solidarity
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • What is this day of solidarity about?
        • organized by Occupy Wall Street people in NY
        • working with October 20 movement; they're protesting against Bank of America
      • As far as I know, the Oct 15 action is about day of XXX
      • Is it only Bank of America targeted, or all banks and financial institutions
      • This is a question about how Tactical Working Group should focus our efforts. We chose to target Bank of America because that's what others are doing that day. We are of course against banks in general.
      • XXX
        • not prepared to discuss this idealogical concern at the moment
      • also we have march at 12pm on Saturday. Let's work around that.
        • This is about action earlier in the day against bank of America
    • vote 18:39
      • passes
  • proposal: Grant Tactical Working Group authority to disburse funds from petty cash overnight

    • source: Tactical Working Group
    • rationale: We're always here and since we coordinate between other groups; we can take responsibility for overnight petty cash
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • How will accounting be handled?
        • Fundraising Working Group has already split off daily budget from overall. Tactical will only be working from daily budget overnight when nobody else is here to do so.
      • What does it mean to use the petty cash at night when you're using it during the day.
        • In case of emergency or immediate needs, need some cash.
      • Is there a limit on the petty cash?
        • Guess: about $200 per day. Haven't checked with Fundraising.
      • What kind of emergencies?
        • can't predict
    • vote 18:43
      • block: I take a block very seriously. I don't do this lightly. Have genuine concern.
        • too much authority in any one person's hands
        • asked for examples and limit
        • one individual could spend $200 on something they think is emergency
        • would like greater clarification, oversight, and require that more than one person authorize
        • direct response: How many people in this group are spending the night tonight? I am. We need 24-hour occupation. If we could forsee emergencies, would not be emergency. No time to mistrust each other. Let's pass, trust, move on.
        • direct response: Proposal says temporary
    • proposal withdrawn
  • revised proposal: Should tactical committee be able to dispense funds from petty cash funds at night on a temporary basis?

    • source: Tactical Working Group
    • rationale: tactical is only group that has 24-hour presence. Always at least 2-3 people here. Any would require those people's approval.
    • temporary, only at night
    • vote: 18:50
      • passes
  • proposal: Student walkout is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon: should we pursue permit for sound system and other equipment?

    • source: Tactical Working Group
    • rationale: Cannot use this equipment without permit
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • cost?
        • $100 for Westlake Park.
      • How much money do we have?
        • Much more than $100
      • Didn't Mayor give us a two-week permit?
        • This permit that McGinn gave us does not include sound equipment. This permit is about sound.
    • vote: 18:53
      • passes
  • proposal: Adopt statement: Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street's declaration of grievances and will continue to identify local grievances.

    • source: Demands Working Group
    • clarifying questions and concerns
      • Where can we read those?
        • posted on NYC website and on our site, and around the encampment
    • vote: 18:56
      • block:
        • This document defines into two groups: us and them. This separatist view is incompatible with the fundamental view of togetherness, unity, standing together. The blaming XXX of making others responsible for our problems renders us powerless. We cannot change them, we can only change ourselves. Our personal power is of no use against them. The movement asks that we recognize our power — our power together, and this document creates a "them" which we are powerless against, and divides us.
          • Have you read it?
            • yes
        • point of process: can't change the process because you don't like what someone says. I don't agree but don't like exclusion.
        • point of process: If people meant to move ahead, remember that this is the gesture, not this. Blocker gets two minutes, so "move it ahead" doesn't make a big difference
        • point of process: We don't vote for against people; we vote for or against proposals. Solidarity with Wall Street.
          • I think the solution is to not vote on the block, but re-vote on the proposal. If the proposal gets 4/5 in favor, it passes. If less than 4/5, it goes back to any coalition willing to work through, address concerns.
        • vote: (all in favor of approving proposal): 19:03
          • passes
  • facilitator comment: next three don't seem like proposals: one about a march, political discussion, open mike. Meet me here to clarify whether they're proposals.

  • facilitator comment: clarifying some proposals, please don't go away

  • proposal: We propose to stand in solidarity with previous statement

    • source: Circus, who coordinates with Peace and Safety Working Group yesterday we proposed to agree with statement that OS is non-violent movement
    • clarifying questions and concerns:
      • We're being asked to reaffirm a proposal we already passed.
        • We've been waiting to confirm this as part of going forward with our mission statement.
        • If everyone here seems to be in agreement with non-violence, than I have no proposal.
    • proposal withdrawn: 19:10
  • Why are we XXX

    • someone on KPLU said "we will stay until the tanks roll in"


  • AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) are printing our fliers for free
  • XXX with the student walkout: On Wednesday at noon, schools all over the city, including UW, Seattle Central, Seattle University, South Seattle, Shoreline. Maybe: Antioch, Seattle Art Institute, Cornish, Nathan hale, are walking out. We want all of you to be here to greet us. We'll be here at 2pm, and have a speak-out from students, occupiers, and homeless youth who cannot be students. Will also have workshops. Some will begin right after the speak-out. Some others will be scheduled at XXX time in advance. We welcome anyone who has curricula prepared to involve students in to speak to representatives from the various schools after the GA. We'll gather under the Romax sign. Also, we want many more people involved in these walk-outs. If you can help us flier, be there at the walkout, start your won at your school, or plug in with one already at your school. I don't know how to contact arts and entertainment. Need banners, can a rep from that committee please meet us?
  • Currently there are only three people taking minutes. There is a lot going on and sometimes we want to talk. We need to be held accountable for accurate and reliable information. Mail or check in after the GA.
  • I understand that we don't want the police to police us. I understand that we don't want people to start policing within us. There was an incident this morning that could hurt our presence here. We need the community to protect the community. I'd like discussions about this to continue. If this incident had been released to the media and general public, it could cause problems for us and our stay here. My personal fear is while most GA members that attend are peaceful, this can be swept away by one person's actions.
  • emergency: Police announcement. Keep everybody out of the awnings or police will come and arrest all of them.
  • In light of strong XXX in statement of solidarity, would like to repeat invitation to join discussion with demands Working Group. Meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 4:00. There is online discussion on the Facebook demands group. See people with ping armband.
  • If your birthday is coming up and you have parents or grandparents, ask them to come down here for your birthday. Use the puppy eyes.
  • Welcome to the end of the GA and the beginning of our candlelight vigil. To kick it off, is Joshua. It's dark in Seattle and in the world. We need light. Tonight we will light the lights to make visible our righteous anger, our commitment to change and our hope for a new world.
  • Sarah teaches song, "Rich Man's House"

Adjourned 19:30


Current Contact:


Mission Statement: “To help maintain a plesant and healthy enviroment to advance the movement”

Upcoming Events: Rally for Jobs, Student Walk Out and International Day of Action

The coming week is shaping up to be a busy one for Occupy Seattle. Please join us for any and all of the following events.

Monday, October 10 at 5pm – Rally for Good Jobs Now
Followed by a Candlelight vigil at 7pm.

Info from Working Washington:

No more bailouts. No more tax cuts for the rich. We are the 99 percent, and we need to tell Congress it’s time they listened to us.

Can you commit to attend and join the 99 percent? Just fill out the form to the right.

President Obama has proposed creating jobs with $50 billion to repair our bridges, roads and transit systems. He’ll pay it for it with a tax on millionaires. But Congress keeps saying NO.

Are you angry about the lack of good jobs in our communities? Then join us to stand up together. Let’s tell Congress to create jobs and rebuild the Middle Class.

Wednesday, Oct 12 at 12:00pm – All Seattle Student Walk Out
UW and Seattle Central students to converge on Westlake by 2pm
Facebook Event

Our Generation has had our future stolen from us. Across America, we are graduating from college buried under crushing student loan debt, only to find that our nation has no jobs and no use for us. Our families are losing their homes to foreclosure. Our parent’s retirement savings have vanished. We have no future unless we stand up and fight for one. We must take back what the Top 1% has stolen from us. We must fight to save ourselves from the slavery imposed by student load debt. On Wednesday, 10/12, at noon, we will begin the fight for our future. Join us. Walk out of your school at noon. Meet at Westlake Center at 2:00pm.

We are not the Powerless. We are not Alone. We are the 99%.

Saturday, October 15 – International Day of Action in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Actions planned all over the world. It’s time to flood the streets!

General Assembly Meeting Notes: 10/9/11



-NEEDS: -cheap pencils, boxes with holes in top, usb solar batteries, power strips, marine batteries (deep cycle batteries), someone willing to do a propane exchange for food stove, someone with access to printing
-DO NOT NEED: peanut butter

-We are making a proposal tomorrow to adopt the Occupy Wall Street list of grievances and also to add localized grievances.

-mission statement: Outreach is a voice to the people who are not in our movement yet. We are a working group to educate and invite people to this movement. We aim to create an anti-repression place for all people in the movement. Everyone part of the 99%. We embrace everyone.

-We need flyers to canvas other communities. The 99% is majority of country who do not feel that they have a voice in this country. We are here to give the 99% a voice, regardless of political affiliation .

-We are taking an extra day to make sure mission statement is representative and inclusive to all members of community before submitting for approval.

-We meet every day at 4:30. if you can’t make a meeting, we have an email for recommendations:
– We need to start rotating facilitators. And they need to be trained! Drop by the facilitator table to learn how to do it.

– contact us:
-NEEDS: power sources, translators for web content, a method to approve things for the online calendar
-we meet every day at 4pm. We wear blue armbands.


FIRST PROPOSAL: Let’s sleep in shifts for rain protection

SECOND PROPOSAL: Don’t ever call the police on each other, we should solve our own problems instead.
MOTION: The vote to overturn the block on the proposal against calling the police on each other failed by a 58-41* margin. Since overturning a block requires a 4/5ths majority, the margin would have to have been 80-19 in order to override the block.

THIRD PROPOSAL: No arrestable direct action that threatens Occupy Seattle as a whole can be undertaken without GA approval.

– To change the GA time for tomorrow to 5:45pm in order to accommodate tomorrow’s events, such as the candlelight vigil at 7pm.

-The Internet Communications work group would like to put notification on the Occupy Seattle website notifying everyone of a student walkout on Wednesday and the Saturday global protest.


– A United Farm Workers Rep requested that we support fthe farm workers walkout tomorrow!
-We need more volunteers to take the minutes! Contact
– A hip hop group has been created! Show support for the hip hop community.
– Capitalism vs. Corporate control study group. After GA next Fri there will be a workshop about why capitalism is the problem, not corporate greed
– Meditation group at 6-6:20 in front of See’s Candy Shop.
– If you have audio, radio friendly hip hop, bring it!
– Tomorrow at 4pm the Old Growth Alliance is hosting a rally and protest for the 4th consecutive year at Westlake plaza. Show respect to elders and the native community.
– We need a car to transport water from Capitol Hill.

Today (10/10) Mayor McGinn will be Speaking at 5pm – General Assembly at 5:45pm

On October 10th the Old Growth Alliance will be holding their Columbas Day Protest at Westlake Plaza right next to us from Noon to 4pm. We will be lending our support as much as possible.

Working Washington is hosting Rally for Good Jobs Now starting at 5pm when Mayor McGinn will be speaking to all assembled. We want to be out in force and show him how much we are supported! Come down to Westlake if you can.

This will be followed by our GA at 5:45pm, then a Candlelight Vigil at 7pm.

Info about Rally for Good Jobs Now and Candlelight Vigil from Working Washington:

No more bailouts. No more tax cuts for the rich. We are the 99 percent, and we need to tell Congress it’s time they listened to us.

Can you commit to attend and join the 99 percent? Just fill out the form to the right.

President Obama has proposed creating jobs with $50 billion to repair our bridges, roads and transit systems. He’ll pay it for it with a tax on millionaires. But Congress keeps saying NO.

Are you angry about the lack of good jobs in our communities? Then join us to stand up together. Let’s tell Congress to create jobs and rebuild the Middle Class.

The General Assembly has been moved to 5:45pm just for October 10th by request of Working Washington. Work groups will meet at 4pm before the GA.

General Assembly Notes 10/08


Principles of Process

1. All decisions are made by the GA. No decisions are made by working groups.
2. WGs focus proposals to bring to the assembly and they also coordinate the work.
3. Assembly time is precious. Think 3 times before you speak. Does this really help the GA make a better decision?
4. Yelling really loud does not put you on stack. Come to the front and get on stack for anything longer than a sentence. Never repeat what someone else already said.
5. Nothing is more precious than the thoughts of the quiet. Nothing is more precious than the words of the silenced. Speak Up. Please. Especially when it’s hard.
6. Facilitators make space and move the process forward. They never present content or represent someone else’s thoughts. The assembly is responsible for keeping facilitators to this. The assembly is responsible for signing to the facilitator. No one else can speak for you. That’s why we need you here.

Basic Hand Signals:

1. Twinkling: I approve! Good for you!
2. De-Twinkling: I do not approve. I do not like it!
3. Point of Process: This does not help our process.
4. Wagon Wheel: Stop talking. We get it. Move on.
5. Direct Response ‘Gun Fingers': You’re saying something that I have something really important to say to. Only if it’s pertinent to the situation, otherwise get on the stack. DR trumps stack.
6. Block: You use this if everyone else has made an agreement that this is fundamentally wrong to what we stand against. If you block, you should have a very good reason to tell everyone else they’re wrong.


1. We are going to make some proposals tonight!
2. Get involved through the webpage forum on-line! It is our duty also to keep each other safe here tonight.

1. You need to volunteer. E-mail:
2. NEEDS: Food in Batches (one kind in large amounts), Shelving, Prepared Foods, Clear, plastic Totes (all sizes), Blankets, Drink Mix, Basins, Pens, Markers, Solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries, Connectors for Car Batteries, Terminal to Car Adapter.
3. NOT NEEDS: Perishable Foods, Hand-warmers, Cold Medications, Gloves.

1. Website will be updated with an on-line forum and poll.
2. Work group tonight at 9pm and everyday at 4pm.
3. The National Occupy Group has come up with a set of demands which are awesome, but we are also hoping to localize our demands. Ideally, up to a state level with actual results that will show we have succeeded, and that will change the lives of the people in our beautiful state!


We just had two arrests at 4th and Pike. There is a meeting to arrange people to march to the jail in support, at the medical tent in 5 minutes, in support of our brothers and sisters!

1. We will be moving to the website — The forum needs registered members! Go to the website and register!
2. NEEDS: Batteries.

1. If you’re interested in getting daily updates sign up by txt messaging 68398 and type in the word ‘occupy’.
2. Currently we are having technical difficulties. It might take a few days.

Question: What will the TXT MSG contain? Who decides this? When is it decided?
Response: Currently, we are using a distributed administrative system. 10 random people have complete access to this list. If anybody here feels it’s important to talk about what these msgs are going to say. Meet after GA. I do not want to be the guy in charge. We are the 99%.

1. We had a table today and talked to so many people who have never been here before.
2. NEED: flyers and people to print flyers! and Volunteers!

1. 2 people were arrested at the intersection for not moving when the police came. Our lawyers have been informed.
2. If you have any questions about what’s legal, what’s safe, or what we are, find Gabriel Bell or some other legal person.

1. We have no political affiliations. So if you feel like you want to join the media committee, speak to anyone of the media committee members and we will add you to our e-mail list. All of our members should be wearing green armbands so you can identify them quickly.
2. Our intent as part of the committee is to observe, document, and report on the positivity of this movement. We are the 99%.

1. At this moment, there is a group on Facebook for peace and safety volunteers. There is no one in it.


1. Tactical
2. Conflict Mediation
3. Porta Potties
4. Semantics and Equity
5. Sustainability
6. Corporations

Personal Statements

-Clarification- : Groups or Individuals are welcome to submit proposals.



Topic: The purpose of the GA is to frame strategy. Tactical finds out how to realize this strategy.

FIRST PROPOSAL: Tactical should be the liaison between Occupy Seattle, the Parks Department, and the City Government, and the Police.

Question: Why Tactical?
Response: Tactical implements action. From strategy, we move to how-to, how-to includes who we talk to.


Topic: Working Groups and Tactical

SECOND PROPOSAL: The Inter-team communication Working Group will meet every night after GA. To have GA orders disseminated to all the other working groups. Made up of 2 reps from every Working Group should be changed up as much as possible to retain transparency.


Topic: Tactical as Liaison

THIRD PROPOSAL: Tactical should function as a liaison between the Working Groups.


Topic: WG mission statements.

FOURTH PROPOSAL: Each Work Group should have a mission statement prepared by tomorrow.


Topic: Porta Potties

Discussion: We have a generous donor that pays $650 a month for overnight campers. If we want this during the day, we have to have $.

FIFTH PROPOSAL: Reserve PPs for overnight campers and lock them during the day.

Question: How much is it to increase PPs or pumping?
Answer: $105.50 for each addition PP not counting service per month. If people are in desperate need we can have the combo lock at medic.

Amendment Proposal: Reserve PPs for overnight campers and lock them during the day. If people are in desperate need the lock combos are the medic tent. We will keep this situation until funds are raised and we have a better solution.


Topic: Sustainability

SIXTH PROPOSAL: Create a Sustainability WG to guide the actions and implement the ideas for a sustainable Occupy Seattle. To occupy is to sustain.

General Consensus: Restate your proposal and come back!


Topic: Semantics and Equality

SEVENTH PROPOSAL: We need to clarify our terms. Let’s call everybody volunteers not representatives, coordinators, or anything else.

General Consensus: Restate your proposal and come back!


1. There will be a march to the jail to show support for the 2 arrested. Follow up at Sephora in 10 minutes.
2. We need to boycott corporations. Meet at PPs tonight and before the GA tomorrow.
3. There is a student walk-out on Wednesday at 12pm. Seattle College Campuses will be at Westlake by 2pm for a demonstration. If you are interested, discuss at the 5th and pine sign after the GA.
4. There were ‘how-to guides for Occupy Seattle participation’ at the info booth that stated information Occupy Seattle did not consent to. Such as film illegal activity and send these videos to the police. (OUTREACH Response: We don’t speak for everybody and we need your input. Come help us put together materials.)
5. Legal and Tactical have been informed there is a lawsuit to prevent keeping us under the awnings. We need to discuss where we draw the line? Legal does not have enough $$ to defend everyone.

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT – There are lots and lots of cops by the tents and tarps and our stuff! Protect our stuff!

6. Tomorrow’s Agenda –
2pm – Sunday School training on Civil Disobedience, How to Speak to the Press
3pm – Internet Communications Meeting
4pm – Understanding who Broke the Economy
6:30pm – General Assembly

7. We need banners on the freeway. Need more Arts & Entertainment activity. E-mail us! Facebook us!

Please Call the Mayor’s Office + Police: Insist We Be Able to Protect Ourselves from the Elements!

We need to be able to keep ourselves dry and warm! Please call the mayor’s office (206) 684-4000 and call the police (206) 625-5011 and insist that they allow us to protect ourselves from the rain for tonight! Please be polite but insistent.

There is a lot of confusion about what is going on at Westlake right now as some structures have been taken down by the police. From the Occupy Seattle Police Spokeswoman:

In Westlake Park no structures are allowed (aside from our supply/food/medical tent!) and sleeping under the awnings is not allowed. You cannot have tarps tied down to anything, but you can have them covering yourself. You can have umbrellas but someone must be holding them at all times, if left unattended they are considered to be structures. Blankets and sleeping bags are okay! We are not being kicked out of the park at this time.

City of Seattle “Latest Information” 10/08

On the City of Seattle’s website they have posted their rules for our occupation of Westlake and City Hall, as of 10/08 it is as follows:

The City of Seattle supports the free speech rights of individuals and groups. We are also committed to protecting the public and providing for other legitimate uses of city property.



  • Use of the Park shall comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
  • Westlake Park is to remain open to the public and no exclusive use is allowed.
  • Persons may not block off public access to any portion of the park. All park pathways, walkways, stairwells and access ways must remain open all times.
  • Similarly, persons may not block public access to any private property adjacent to the park.
  • It is illegal to camp in public parks in the City of Seattle. The mayor has made City Hall Plaza available for sleeping in tents between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • One Informational and/or First Aid Canopy will be allowed, subject to reasonable restrictions on size and location. All equipment should be set up in the south end of the park.
  • No other tents or structures are allowed.
  • Climbing in or hanging materials from trees within the park is not permitted.
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation staff will need access to the park for general maintenance and cleaning from approximately 7:00 pm to 10:00 am daily.
  • Other permitted events are scheduled to occur in the north end of the park. Occupy Seattle should not interfere with these events, and should remain south of the tree line when other events are ongoing.
  • Dispose of all trash properly. Follow all City recycling rules.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be kept or consumed in the park.
  • Amplified sound is permitted for speeches and announcements between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm only. Comply with relevant City noise rules, at

    • Use of City Hall Plaza will comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws and rules.
    • The City is making City Hall Plaza available for those demonstrators who wish to stay overnight, with reasonable restrictions on the use of tents to allow free public use of the plaza during the day.
    • Two portable toilets will be available on the Plaza for use between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.
    • Tents may be set up on the Lower Plaza only on the Fourth Avenue side of City Hall, from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    • Demonstrators will remove all structures including tents, tables, furniture, personal articles, etc., and are responsible for returning the area to its original condition by 7 a.m. each day.
    • Demonstrations in other areas are prohibited.
    • No amplification may be used.
    • The interior of City Hall is closed to the public from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., except for scheduled events.
    • Fires (including open fires, stoves, fireplaces or any other heating devices) are prohibited.
    • Demonstrators will not interfere with the operation of the Homeless Shelter located in the City Hall Red Room, nor will they interfere with anybody entering or leaving the building.
      Seattle Parks Department: (206) 982-4583
      Seattle Police Department: 911 (if emergency) or (206) 625-5011 (non-emergency)

      Regular updates and information will be posted on this page (

Sign up for text message alerts

To sign up for twice daily text message alerts. Please Text “Occupy” to 68398

10/8 March moved to 5PM. Rally still happening at Noon

Per the decision made at the 10/7 General Assembly. The march originally planned for Noon on 10/8 has been moved to 5PM. This is to support the Indigenous people’srally also being held at Westlake tomorrow from Noon to five. The organizers of this event have spoken in solidarity with our movement and we want to show respect and solidarity with them.

Rally still starts at noon and there WILL be many other activities among occupiers going on all day at West lake, so please come down for those. It is specifically the march that has been moved.

General Assembly Notes 10/07


– If you want to know what’s going on with Occupy Seattle, text 68398.
– We are working on crafting concise, appropriate messages.
– If you have questions, please come to the work group on 10/8 at 4pm.

– We share considerable common ground. Let’s work together to make more specific demands.
– There is a poster near the food tent. If you have demands, write them down.

– If you want to discuss needs or share concerns concerning fundraising and banks, please come to the work group meeting on 10/8 at 4pm.
– We’re here to keep you safe!
– 3 Question Temperature Check
1. Do we want a local credit union account?
2. Do we want an on-line, transparent account?
3. Do we want to be tax-deductible?

– Remember that we are a peaceful protest. It is everyone’s duty to keep the peace and vibe-watch.
– We will be wearing orange bands/duct tape/bandanas/ties to identify our work group.

– It is the outreach team’s job to make sure everyone, even those who are not at the GA, to be represented and heard.
– Tomorrow, we are standing in solidarity with indigenous peoples. We are decolonizing the occupation!
– Please welcome every new person to our movement. We need each other to grow.

– Medical will have a meeting after the GA.
– We are starting to make 8 ft sleeves to protect sleeping bags and piles of blankets.
– Remember this is marathon not a sprint. If you have a fever or extreme fatigue, it’s time to take care of yourself.
– ITEMS NEEDED: Blankets, Hats, Gloves, Lights, Shelving, Storage, Painter’s Plastic.

– We’re losing emergency storage soon, so we’re working on new storage solutions.
– Contact Info:
– Lost items can be found behind the medical tent.
– SUPPLY ITEMS NEEDED: Clear, plastic totes (all sizes), Batteries (all sizes)
– POWER STATION ITEMS NEEDED: Deep Cycle Batteries (car batteries ok), Cigarette Lighter Adapters, Car AC/DC Inverters

– We are here to make things easier for you. We are enablers to facilitate communication.
– Please e-mail requests to
– NEED: Translators.

9. FOOD –
– Important considerations:
1. where our food/drink sources are coming from
2. how to waste less
3. is this a communal food kitchen or is it just for occupiers?
– KITCHEN ITEMS NEEDED: Sandwich and Bread Fillings, Prepared Coffee, Carafes, Prepared Meals.
– PEOPLE NEEDED to prepare meals!

10. MEDIA –
– We need to define the event on 10/8. We will discuss this later in the GA.

– On 10/8, there will be an informational booth set up.
– NEED: Work group information (such as e-mails, phone #s, statements of purpose, definitions).

– We suggest giving the Native Alliance our full solidarity and then doing Occupy Seattle outreach afterward.
– 10/15 is a National Day of Action.
– The week of October 23rd is a week of divestment. Let’s take our money back from the banks.
– We have been told there will be a large police presence at 10/8’s rally. They have said they will be there to keep us safe.
– We propose ‘Sunday Schools’ where we bring in people with varying expertise to educate us on tactics and the issues.

– Meet us at the Bank of America after GA.


– Proposals
1) 10/8’s event schedule
2) Adjusting GA time
3) Native Alliance Rally
4) Adding educational groups
5) Organizational logistics
6) Legal Team proposals
– General Announcements
– Closing Statements
– Chants

Suggestions for the Agenda:
Suggestion – Discuss the idea, proposed by a Channel 13 reporter, that an Occupy Seattle representative meet with a banker.
Response – This should be delegated to the MEDIA work group, who will report back to us.


First Topic: How to Clarify/Organize the 10/8 Event.


Clarification: The tentative schedule was that Occupy Seattle would march at 12pm, then split into small groups of less than 5 people (to not be considered a gang) and do direct outreach in the city.

Concern: Tomorrow there is a rally in support of Native Peoples Alliance. Will this detract from their rally?
Response – We spoke with Native Alliance and they agree with whatever decision we make.

Concern: We need logistics concerning crossing streets and sidewalks. We need more organization.
Response: This should be delegated to the Peace and Safety Committee and Tactical Group.

Question: Do we have a permit to march?
Response: No.

Concern: We need to clarify the event.
Ideas: 1) March from Westlake at 12pm to the Bank of America Columbia Tower.
2) Stay at Westlake and do outreach/connect.

Straw Poll: Should we stay here tomorrow?
Outcome: Majority said yes.

Suggestion: Marching and staying at Westlake are not mutually exclusive. We should stay while the indigenous peoples rally is here and then march afterward.

The Occupy Seattle movement stays at Westlake during the Native Alliance Rally, then marches between 5-6:30pm.


We need to break up into Outreach groups, and also change the GA time.


Second Topic: The Legal and Finance work group wants to know if Occupy Seattle wants a local credit union account, an on-line, transparent account, and whether or not we want to be tax-deductible.

Straw Poll: Do we open a credit union account?
Outcome: Majority yes.

Straw Poll: Should we accept offers from organizations who can make us tax-deductible?
Outcome: Majority no.

THIRD PROPOSAL: The Legal and Finance work group should bring specific proposals to the GA.


Third Topic: Organizational Logistics.

All working groups should have a representational color (duct tape, bandana, tie, etc.) and a legend so people who know who to talk to.



1. There will be a breakdown/informational meeting concerning Seattle Cop Watch after the GA.

2. On 10/8, there will be a Welcome Wagon set up at 10am. We need your support!

3. On 10/8, there will be a controversial movie playing at Uptown Movie Theatre at 7:30pm. The movie is about the independent revolution in Bangladesh and has a political statement that aligns with Pakistan.

4. The Old Growth Alliance asks us to remember to have great respect for native and indigenous cultures and also offers their support for Occupy Seattle. If you have questions, there is information posted by the Affinity Group sign. The Old Growth Alliance will be at Westlake Park on Monday, October 10th, from 12-4pm.

6. On Wednesday, 10/12, at 12pm, there will be a city-wide campus walk-out. Look up ‘Occupy Seattle Walk-Out’ on Facebook for more information.

7. Suggestion: Anyone who wants to should bring tarps and tents on 10/8.

8. Police were ticketing people after a certain hour (around 10?). Make sure to put up signs that say ‘Don’t Honk’.

10. Reminder: We need to respect everybody. We will not turn anybody away.

11. Meet on 10/9, at 7pm, at Uptown Espresso, for an organizational meeting about the movement to stop police brutality on 10/22. We want to make this a powerful day where the oppressed are heard and we stand with them. Also, there is a hunger strike at Pelican Bay prison in CA. They are protesting inhumane conditions and fighting for a better world. If you want more information, look for a ‘how to make a revolution’ sign. We also gather around the red tablecloth.

Supply & Storage

Current Contacts:
Thomas – 213-254-8241
Sonya – 206-501-5715,
E-mail –

Process and Facilitation

Current Contact:
E-mail –
# – 206.327.8773

ANSWER War Protest and General Assembly Tonight 10/07

Tonight ANSWER Coalition and others will be rallying at Westlake Park to protest ten years of the Afghan War. They’ll be sharing there permit with Occupy Seattle.

General Assembly starts at 6:30! Be there!

Details from ANSWER:

Protest and Die-In
Fri., Oct. 7, 4:30pm
Seattle Central Community College
Broadway and Pine

March to Westlake
for 5:30pm die-in and program

Money for Jobs, Healthcare & Education, Not for Corporations & the Pentagon!

Friday, October 7, 2011 will be the exact 10th anniversary of the U.S./NATO war on the people of Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Afghani people have been killed, wounded and displaced, and thousands of U.S. and NATO forces killed and wounded. The war costs more than $118 billion per year— $330 million per day—at a time when social programs are being slashed. Jobs and education continue to be cut while the trillion-dollar military budget increases and corporations make record profits. Millions of people can’t find a job. Stand up—Fight Back! Only the people united can make real change!

test forum topic proposal


General Assembly Notes 10/06

Minutes by Chris Natale

Work Group Statuses:

-$300 for bailing out those arrested in yesterday’s arrests will be used.
-People are coming forward with many additional funding and supplies since yesterday’s arrests
-Donations: we cannot currently accept credit cards and checks. If you would like to use a credit card or check, please buy something from our donation list and deliver it to us.
-We could use more fundraisers

-debate on whether we should accept financial donations until assembly has decided on lawyers.

Interruption: Phone call from NYC
-NYC Reads Statement of Purpose, will be posted on website soon

-Request for more tents, blankets and sleeping bags

-About half those arrested yesterday will be arriving by bus at Westlake Park ~7:30pm

Looking for food from restaurants, churches, community groups… whoever can help us. Email us.

Announcement: We have started a library. Bring us books!

Internet Communications Group: is the email you can offer any help to the internet communications group at.

-need to update website to explain we are working to coordinate with with global movement by posting NYC’s list of demands

-Facebook groups are being created to represent online wing of each working group. We will have a list soon. Currently have:
-internet comm
-outreach and diversity

-go to
-follow official Twitter Feed at OccupySeattle

-request to start direct action work group. Outreach stands in solidarity with this idea

Progressive Stacking:
-let’s implement a weighted system to better represent minorities
-financial transparency: proposal to give all money raised so far to Portland branch until we can implement financial transparency
-debate: some people would rather use the money to bail out person first. Resolved: we will bail him out, but using

-looking for recruits
-world liaison is necessary
-discussion of other locations
-tomorrows demonstrations have permits that allow structures. Proposal to have as many tents as possible
-new flash mob groups with targeted messages. Meeting is important, but going out and meeting people is just as important.
-tomorrow is a big antiwar, anti-militarization protest. Protest as FBI/CIA Federal Building. Recruiting office
-Please, all groups are open. Get involved!

-set time for each meeting: Accepted
-rotation of facilitators, and training. Accepted.
-meeting times: 6:30pm for general assemblies weekdays. Work group meeting times are up to individual work groups. Accepted
-tomorrow: discuss process for 10-15 minutes before tomorrow’s general assembly. Accepted
-notify people of meeting through calendar, online. Accepted
-facilitators should never advocate or present their own opinions. Accepted
-proposal for legal council. if you get arrested: call 206-447-3900 dial 0 to talk to a real person that will transfer you to a legal council Lisa Druggart. Accepted
-proposal for a bank run initiative tabled, sent to direct action group. Accepted
-proposal: community tent for storage of items. Rejected

-Suggestion: talk about location later. Rejected, but no consensus reached on location

-online sign up for kitchen, cooks, transportation. Go to
-rally Saturday 12pm @ Westlake park. Bring everyone!
-SEIU pledges support for Occupy Wall Street Movement. 2.1 million members nationwide!

General Assembly has NOT agreed to move to City Hall. We are still at Westlake!

A recent story by King5 News has caused some confusion by giving the impression that we are moving our occupation from Westlake park to City Hall in anticipation of ANSWER’s march to Westlake to mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Afghanistan war. Just to be clear, General assembly has NOT agreed to move and we are staying at Westlake. ANSWER’s march does not conflict with what we are doing and our two movements stand in solidarity with each other. We will remain at Westlake and support their rally and they in turn have shown nothing but support for our presence and our occupation.

Official Statement from Occupy Wall Street

This statement was voted on and approved by the general assembly of protesters at Liberty Square

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.

As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.

They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.

They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless nonhuman animals, and actively hide these practices.

They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.

They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

They have sold our privacy as a commodity.

They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.

They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.

They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

They have donated large sums of money to politicians supposed to be regulating them.

They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.

They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantive profit.

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.

They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.

They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.*

To the people of the world,

We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.

Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

Join us and make your voices heard!

*These grievances are not all-inclusive.

We are legally allowed to be at Westlake AND City Hall Plaza.

Mayor McGinn has issued another statement in support of Occupy Seattle. He said:

We are providing a permit for protest activities at Westlake Park which will allow them to have an organizing tent that can remain overnight. As a condition of the permit, protestors will have to allow for cleaning of the park, protect park property, accommodate the other existing permitted events, and protect access to businesses.

We are making City Hall Plaza available for those that wish to stay overnight, with reasonable restrictions on the tents so as to allow free use of the plaza during the day. Unlike Westlake, City Hall also has restroom facilities available. Both the permit and the ability to set up tents at City Hall Plaza would last for two weeks, at which point we can assess whether the arrangement is meeting everyone’s needs and should be extended.

After his previous statement, this is quite a relief. We had already been told we could stay at Westlake, but now we will have a permit as well! We will not be moving from Westlake, though we may take up occupation at Town Hall as well.


Current Contact:
E-mail –
Phone – 206-403-8741 (on-call phone, always carried by one member of the legal team; please reserve for emergencies and use e-mail for general inquiries)

Everyone arraigned today has been released without bail.

UPDATE: According to our lawyer all the people who were arraigned at court today have been released without bail. There is at least one person who was not arraigned today and we are still waiting for more information on that front. We will get you more information as our lawyer gets it to us. The occupation is going strong.