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Occupy Me – Socail Group


This is a social group for Occupy participants and supporters. Our activities are based around Seattle, but all are welcome. We are honest, respectful, charming, LGBTQ friendly, and planning events all over the city.
• No politics or heavy debates here please. This group is for social connection and fun.

Occupy Non-Violence



>> Mission Statement <<

In solidarity with the global Occupy movement, we are committed to advocating and promoting the principles and practices of nonviolence in pursuit of a just and sustainable world. ~Consented to on Dec 4th, 2011

AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) downstairs &
The University Friends Meeting upstairs
814 NE 40th Street (corner of 40th & 8th Ave NE)
Give yourself extra time to get through the screwy one-way street maze.

Next full Mtg: April 1, 12:30-2:30, AFSC
Planning meeting for that meeting Thursday, March 29, 7PM, AFSC.

Facebook Conduct:
Keep posts peaceful and respectful.
Do not demonize, threaten or harass.
Inappropriate posts will be removed, as will the poster if they persist.
Facebook admins shall consult and consent, insofar as practical, before removing posts or members.

Occupy Office Space

Contact: Facebook

This is a group for the Occupy Office Space that opened March 10th. The space is 450 sq. ft divided into two offices and a front workroom. It's even got furniture!

There are three rules: 1) No camping 2) No illegal substances 3) No name calling/factional bs/attacking people because of their political identity. This is a place to communicate with other people related to Occupy, see how we can support each others' efforts, and, of course, do work!




We are committed to bringing about change and raising political awareness through both community outreach and non-violent actions, or Think-Ops.


We seek to reestablish the legitimacy of our constitutional rights, speech and political influence as the sole birthright of the people; reclaiming them from the hands of the privileged, the wealthy, and the inanimate. Guided by our principles, we create forums for a multitude of conversations, cultivating our various passions into progress through peaceful communication, outreach and action. To this end, we are a call to friendship.



We are peaceful. Everyone who participates is expected to respect and embody both our foundational principles and mission statement in their ideas, actions, and the treatment of others.

We don’t vote. Your participation is your consensus, and every meeting, gathering, get-together, etc. regardless of size, is as valid and meaningful as any other.

Occupy Fun

Contact : Facebook

We at Occupy Fun hope to create a safe space for positive community building, between OFun and local businesses within the greater Seattle area. We are a "Non-working" group that exists outside of the Interwebs, and we use this page to promote outreach, social gatherings, and general Fun!

Please invite your friends to join, we are looking for organic member-driven involvement. We strive to be an all-inclusive group, all are welcome, but we have zero tolerance for hatred and bigotry. Please help us keep this space light hearted and treat others with respect.

Check your ideologies at the door. Spamming, flaming and/or trolling are a NO-NO (when isn't it?). Take heavy topics elsewhere. If you act like an Asshat, you'll leave us no choice but to treat you like an Asshat. You probably won't like how we treat Asshats!

Website Update

There has been quite a bit of work completed on the site recently.  We would love your feedback.  This is the best way to get it to us.  Contact Us Form

Most of the work has been under the hood type of issues. Like updating the drupal core and 55 or so modules that were out of date, enabling the onsite update and installation of modules, setting up regular off site backups, and we also cleaned up the database reducing the size from 400+Mb to 50 Mb.

So far we have completed a few user improvements like removing the old hard-coded front page video and replacing it with an easily modifiable video embed feature, categorizing the Work Group page and providing selection by Type of Work Group, the ability to upload images directly from your computer into posts or to the server for use in posts or other content, and a few other minor improvements.

So try out the new features and lets us know if there are any potholes in the road.

End Citizens United – Money Drop

MicCheckWallSt's 4th Of July Money Drop

We’re doing it again! But we need your help!


It’s time we declared independence from Citizens United.

The United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United established money as speech, reaffirmed that corporations are people, and paved the way for a head-long rush towards plutocracy.

We think this is wrong and we hope you agree. To protest this truly spectacular decision and raise awareness of the issue, we want to do something equally spectacular this July 4th.

To help us reach our goal of $5000 we’ve setup a WePay page for you to donate a few spare dollars and be a part of it making it happen.  And Join Our Newsletter   #MicCheckWallSt Newsletter

Money is the new tea.

MicCheckWallSt 4th of July Money Drop Dollar

We intend to print “If money is speech, I should be free”, on all the donated money before throwing off a building somewhere in Seattle on the 4th of July.

As much installation art as protest, we believe it will be powerful and we hope you’ll contribute to making it a reality.

In addition to drawing attention to the issue ironically: a statement about money as speech by using money as speech; the money will naturally go back into general circulation. As it passes from hand to hand, from one person to the next, it will continue to spread it’s message.


What the heck is a Money Drop and why would I donate any money to it?

Check out  this video we put together after the very successful Valentine’s Day money drop and see for yourself.  And don’t worry - all donations go directly towards being thrown off a building.

Interested in organizing your own money drop? We’ll be posting some downloadable templates and more information on our website soon. Stay tuned!

Make a statement. Take a stand. Be a part of history.

Monopolize Capital hill – Alex Garland photo

Monopolize Folklife Festival

Alex Garland PhotographyThe big banks have been playing monopoly with our money & our homes.

On Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th, 11:00am to 6:00pm, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, let's return the favor…

The plan: Monopolize Folklife Festival at Seattle Center all day by turning the sidewalk into a giant Monopoly board! Street Theater style, let's get the public involved in a roving Monopoly game. Have them name streets, roll the dice, or take a chance!

While drawing attention to big bank practices we want to also encourage their customers to foreclose on their accounts & take their money to a credit union or community bank. We'll have monopoly money and "foreclosure" notices on hand to give out with some helpful facts about big banks and more information about doing just that.

We will be meeting up on the lawn East of the Space Needle.

Let's dress up and play bank!

Like costumes?!?! Here are some ideas! Come dressed as:
● A foreclosed home
● A slum hotel
● Your favourite game piece
● Rich "Uncle" Pennybags
● A keystone cop
● Giant dice
● A community chest
● A chance card
● Anything else you can think of!

Don't like costumes? Just come as yourself! Show your support and help us shut them down.

We have fun!


Occupy National Gathering – Picking up momentum

Occupy National Gathering – Picking up momentum

Join the National Gathering

A significant number of Occupations around the country have passed resolutions supporting the National Gathering and it's momentum is gaining speed. Although there has not been a proposal submitted to the Occupy Seattle GA for an offical endosement; read on to learn more about this action.

Occupy movement supporters will gather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from June 30th to July 4th, 2012,for the first Occupy National Gathering. This event is the culmination of months of organizing and consensus-building by countless activists from across the country. It has been endorsed by Occupy General Assemblies from Wall Street to Sacramento, and Austin to Kalamazoo, providing a clear example of the movement’s disparate chapters collaborating on a massive scale.

Occupy Philadelphia and the National Gathering Working Group, which initially proposed the event, invite all people to gather on Independence Mall for five days of community and movement building culminating in a massive outdoor gathering on July 4th. The main goals of the event are to strengthen our internal bonds, join together in direct actions, and engage in a transparent democratic process reflecting the values of the movement.

Activities will include:
Four days of discussions, teach-ins, political theater, and community bonding.
Protests and direct actions with Occupiers from across the movement.
Collectively crafting a Vision for a Democratic Future on July 4th.

All people of good conscience who are fed up and ready to stand up for economic and social justice are invited to join us at Independence Mall. We will send the message that injustice of any kind is unacceptable. No government or corporation can ignore the will of the people any longer. We can build a better world together.

For more details:

Endorsements to-date:

  • IndyOWS – Indianapolis, IN
  • Occupy Albany – Albany, NY
  • Occupy Asheville – Asheville, NC
  • Occupy Astoria – New York, NY
  • Occupy Austin – Austin, TX
  • Occupy Baltimore – Baltimore, MD
  • Occupy Baton Rouge – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Occupy Birmingham – Birmingham, AL
  • Occupy Bozeman – Bozeman, MT
  • Occupy Buswick – Buswick, NY
  • Occupy Charleston – Charleston, SC
  • Occupy Chattanooga – Chattanooga, TN
  • Occupy DC – Washington, DC
  • Occupy Delaware – Wilmington, DE
  • Occupy Elmira – Corning, NY
  • Occupy Fort Collins – Fort Collins, CO
  • Occupy Harrisburg – Harrisburg, PA
  • Occupy Harrisonburg – Harrisonburg, VA
  • Occupy Hartford – Hartford, CN
  • Occupy Jacksonville – Jacksonville, FL
  • Occupy Jersey City – Jersey City, NJ
  • Occupy Kalamazoo – Kalamazoo, MI
  • Occupy Kansas City – Kansas City, MO
  • Occupy Lancaster – Lancaster, PA
  • Occupy Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
  • Occupy Littleton – Littleton, CO
  • Occupy Maine – Portland, ME
  • Occupy Merced CA – Merced, CA
  • Occupy New Orleans – New Orleans, LA
  • Occupy Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA
  • Occupy Pikes Peak – Pikes Peak, CO
  • Occupy Queens – Queens, NY
  • Occupy Sacramento – Sacramento, CA
  • Occupy Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Occupy San Antonio – San Antonio, TX
  • Occupy Springfield – Springfield, MO
  • Occupy Staten Island – Staten Island, NY
  • Occupy St. Pete
  • Occupy Tulsa – Tulsa, OK
  • Occupy Wall Street – New York, NY
  • Occupy Worcester – Worcester, MA

Smaller is Beautiful – Occupy Your Neighborhood

More and more people are focusing their efforts locally. These smaller groups are doing great things but can be more difficult to locate and contact. This list is a start to make getting involved in the local neighborhood movement easier.

This is just a start to get the ball rolling. Please Leave a Contact Name, Email or other contact information and any background information you want to share in a comment, we will add it to the list.

Occupy West Seattle

Occupy NE Seattle

Occupy Wallingford

Occupy Capital HIll

Phinney Neighbors for Peace and Justice

Peoples Assembly Central District

First Amendment and the Seattle Community College Board of Trustees

Today, Katherine Long at the Seattle Times published an excellent article about the limitations that the Seattle Community Colleges Board of Trustees approved last Thursday. These limitations will soon become Washington state law. Please read this article, forward it to everyone you know, and post a comment online. (You will have to take a second to register on the site). Here's the link:

As a member of Faculty for Free Speech, I can assure you that we are represented by an attorney who specializes in First Amendment law and that we will continue to fight for all of our first amendment rights on campus, including the right to be on campus after the Board of Trustees arbitrarily chosen curfew hour and to use camping as a form of protected speech.

A great big thank you to all members of Occupy Seattle who have attended the 4 public meetings leading up to this vote and to those of you who have so passionately spoken out against the Seattle Community College District's curtailment of our First Amendment rights. By  Laurel Holliday




Economic Justice Team is hosting a rally on Sunday, June 10th at 11:30 AM.

The Raging Grannies will kick off the event in the University Congregational parking lot C on the corner of NE 45th St & 15th Ave NE.

We hope you can come and sing out with us as we surround the corner with signs to raise awareness about Economic Justice issues. Our economic justice goals speak to the root of the problem our nation is facing in promoting the welfare of all. They include: Fair and just tax rates for all. Elimination of undisclosed Super-PAC money from political campaigns. Adequately funded programs for our most vulnerable citizens and our fragile planet. We invite you to come and join the fun! Stand up and be counted and SING out with us for Economic Justice for All. For questions or information about future events

contact: 206-524-2322

The Fight for a Life Worth Living: A Statement on Seattle’s 2012 May Day Events

Note: the following statement is being released on behalf of a group of organizers of Occupy Seattle’s May Day event who have chosen to speak as a group regarding the events of May 1st and the controversies in the media narrative since.

The Fight for a Life Worth Living:
A Statement on Seattle’s 2012 May Day Events

We are organizers and participants involved in this year’s May Day events. Many of us also participate in Occupy/Decolonize Seattle. We conceived the events of the May Day General Strike as a celebration of life in solidarity with the global uprising against economic oppression and the 1%. May Day is a day of pride for migrants and workers everywhere. It is a day of remembrance for the anarchists executed in show trials after the world’s first May Day in 1886, fighting for the 8-hour work day. Most powerfully, it is a day of struggle—of celebrating freedom and striking out against what hurts us.

Reports that May 1st was “hijacked by anarchists” are inaccurate and insulting. May Day was an inspiration to us all. The crowd was multiracial and multigenerational, and included many working class students who walked out from multiple high schools and colleges. Over 40 local artists took the stage during the day of music and community Hip Hop Occupies to Decolonize planned at Westlake Park. Organizers also scheduled three marches over a month in advance: a No Borders March, to join the May 1st Coalition march to the Wells Fargo Building; an Honor the Dead, Fight for the Living March, in honor of Trayvon Martin and all those killed by police and by white supremacist culture; and an Anti-Capitalist March. Thousands took the streets during these actions and disrupted commerce in downtown Seattle.

During the Anti-Capitalist March, participants in a black bloc smashed windows and damaged businesses and cars. Among the businesses targeted were a Wells Fargo branch, a Niketown, an American Apparel, and a Bank of America. There is tremendous anger worldwide directed at these institutions. Each of the corporations and banks that own the damaged stores inflict real economic and social violence on the planet and on poor people everywhere. Wells Fargo, for one, is complicit in enormous direct and structural violence through its 3.5 million shares in GEO Group, the nation’s second-largest operator of private prisons. The same corporation lobbied aggressively for SB1070, Arizona’s racist anti-immigrant legislation, to profit from the “enhanced opportunities” the law provides for immigrants’ incarceration. The rage expressed during the Anti-Capitalist March extends beyond the black bloc. No one should be surprised that people are angry enough to destroy the property of the 1%. Regardless of differences in practice, we share that anger.

Economic refugees and people of color everywhere are treated as exploitable labor. Media depictions support this exploitation. The media selects representatives from immigrant rights organizations to speak for all migrants and economic refugees, and silences the migrant workers marching in the Anti-Capitalist March and those of us organizers who are people of color, economic refugees, and indigenous people. Similarly, accusations that undocumented workers were put at risk on May Day conceal the truth: the only danger to participants in May Day activities came from the police themselves.

Mayor McGinn, the SPD, and the Seattle media have tried to split May Day participants between “good protesters” and “violent anarchists.” As organizers and participants, however, we reject all attempts to divide us, and stand together in defining our own message. We value people above property. The corporations attacked, and these institutions that protect them, are not on the side of the working class or the 99%. The lives these businesses destroy are more important than their windows. We remain in solidarity with those everywhere who fight for a life worth living.

Join and Organize – Occupy Caravan Cross County Road Trip


The Occupy Caravan departs from Seattle and two other West Coast cities — S.F. and L.A. — on a 20-day route east.

We're looking for organizers, entertainers — and drivers – to help, educating communities and connecting with cities across the country before arriving for the June30 – July4 Occupy National Gathering on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.  Pictures from the trip

Trip of a lifetime

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie let's declare: This Land is Our Land! From the Redwood Forest to the New York Island, everyone, together — let's ride. There will be a lead RV with livestream/multimedia setup to document the trip, and we're looking for as many occupiers, speakers, students and entertainers/performers as possible to fill the roads and Main Streets of America! Occupy Caravan is organizing caravans starting at three cities on the West Coast (Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) and travleing across the country, all converging in Washington, DC, then traveling to Philadelphia in time for the National Gathering.

Step Up

We're looking for point people in the Seattle area to step up and commit to helping organize a launch event for the Caravan's departure on June 11 — in tandem with friends from Portland — as its makes its way that afternoon over to Spokane — where it needs a welcoming party! — for the first leg of the trip. This will be an urban (and sometimes rural) camping journey, so bring tent! With last night's endorsement of the national gathering proposal by Occupy DC and Occupy Birmingham, the total number of occupations that have endorsed the proposal now stands at 30.

The 30 endorsing occupations are listed on the National Gathering website. Please go to and see the schedule/cities page for a detailed itinerary, or go to Our Occupy Cavavan FaceBook Page.

Write us today and tell us if you're on board and can commit to helping!     Please write to with a sentence or two saying simply "Yes I am coming" or "No I am not coming"; and if yes, any details we should know about how many are in your party, whether you have your own vehicle, etc, and of course any questions, issues or concerns you'd like to discuss about the trip, which we'll try to answer promptly.

Occupy Seattle Announces Formation of GLITUR


Contact: Occupy Seattle Media 206.552.0377

Occupy Seattle Announces Formation of GLITUR

5/19/2012– The queers of Occupy Seattle are pleased to announce the formation of a new group for queer and trans activists and their allies in future organizing efforts within our communities. After the Pink Bloc’s resounding success on May Day in utilizing our fabulous queerness and fierce feminism as an effective tactic, we have decided to form a new, radical organization known as the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries, or GLITUR.

GLITUR was formed with several goals in mind. We are here to announce the visibility of revolutionary unicorns here in Seattle, giving fellow radical queers a safe space for political organizing and creative expression. We aim to provide opportunities for sharing, learning and bringing light to the issues that affect our lives as LGBTQI peoples and to join in solidarity with other communities in their struggles with the systems and institutions that oppress us all.

GLITUR would like to invite all queers and their allies to participate in our future events and actions. We are an open group, and we are asking for people ready to have fun and help change the world for our queer and trans sisters and brothers.

John NWwaterboy

Occupy Caravan Cross County Road Trip

Mainstream Media Continues to Disappoint

Mainstream Media Continues to Disappoint

By Aliana Bazara

Overall, May Day was a success! Our numbers were strong throughout the day, we fed tons of people with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (200 served at breakfast), we had music and dancing, community conversations, and 3 marches.

Reflecting on the vandalism: Arguably, what hurt us the most was not the property destruction itself, but the mainstream media sensationalizing it. Our entire event (breakfast, lunch, speakout, music, and marches included) lasted 9 hours. The property destruction lasted 20 minutes. Yet the focus of the 10:00 news and the cover of The Seattle Times was the destruction.

It comes as no surprise that there was vandalism on May Day. It happened all across the country. Historically, that precedent has already been set. What is surprising is that there was so little of it. It was done and over within 20 minutes, and failed to resurface again for the rest of the day.

What is equally surprising is the lack of police intervention while the vandalism was taking place. No immediate actions were taken, nor were any immediate arrests made by SPD, despite the acts being committed in broad daylight with hundreds of people around. I realize SPD’s desire to be cautious due to recent misconduct allegations against them but they still have a duty to protect. Instead, what I noticed was a curious lack of police intervention during the minutes when vandalism erupted.

I have come to accept that this movement attracts all types of people- including those that throw rocks and break windows. The fringe element was there on Tuesday, but that’s all it was- a fringe element. A small fraction of people creating havoc for a small fraction of the day.

I wish there was some way we could get the general public to see past the mainstream news, whose only purpose these days seems to be to instill fear in people and sell commercials. I wish they could see the level of commitment, passion, and love for the world and one another, that is present within Occupy.

Mayor, Seattle Police Department Engage in Media Campaign to Smear Protesters

Note: This editorial and eyewitness account was written by Ian Finkenbinder, an on-scene protester and one of the organizers for the May Day events.

May Day has, after weeks of planning, concluded. The controversy and media storm surrounding that day’s events and subsequent arrests still churning, as two individuals present are now being officially charged with federal felony charges.

Instead of having the opportunity to reflect on the victories of the day, the Mayor’s office and Seattle Police Department have been engaging in a media tug-of-war with Occupy Seattle, attempting to brand individuals participating in the marches and rallies of the day as violent and dangerous individuals. Considering the rhetoric used by authorities previously, perhaps it is no surprise the current forms of intimidation and smear tactics used by the City.
One individual was written about today in the Seattle Times. He is being held on $75,000 bail:

I was actually present and on-scene for the fracas that occurred, ironically, during a march against police brutality. As we returned to Westlake Park from the John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole, one individual was having his flag pole taken (because PVC is CLEARLY a deadly weapon), and while I don’t specifically recall why he was being arrested , a crowd gathered to witness and document the arrest. Many were very angry, and the police allege that at this time a bottle was thrown at an officer’s head.

I did not see that, and do not in fact refute it. After all, I cannot speak to something I cannot witness. I did, however, witness that man’s arrest.

After he was tackled, the individual in question curled up in the fetal position, in what appeared to be an attempt to protect his body from assault. The police then attempted to straighten him out. This not working, two officers lifted him and then slammed him to the ground. Then approximately two or three other officers dog-piled on top of him, striking him. He finally acquiesced.

As this fray was continuing, and as protesters shouted angrily at the cops for their savagery, one woman was attempting to comply with police orders to move away from the scene of the arrest. As she passed along the sidewalk in order to escape the terrible scene, one female police officer grabbed her by the hair and forcibly pulled her over police bicycles and threw her on top of one. I witnessed as they handcuffed her and took her away.

She is now accused of punching a police officer in the chest. Luckily for her, and perhaps unluckily for the arresting officer, the brutal assault on the protester was captured on camera:

Admittedly, you cannot see the chest, nor the alleged striking fist in question. I’m operating on the assumption that the supposed blow was imagined to have been dealt to the female officer as the woman and her friend attempted to get away. After examining the video, I am left with one question: why don’t you at least see the female officer, or any of the surrounding ones, recoil as if struck? None do. All you see is the cop reaching over and yanking her by her hair.
Once those arrests were concluded and the angry and dismayed march began to trickle back to Westlake, I heard that another of my friends, an avid photographer who centers his work around documenting social movements, had been arrested for assault on a police officer. I was shocked. This man had attended many such protests, and always conducted himself safely and without any violent action, to include during an attack on peaceful protesters at the Port of Seattle. Why would he act violently now?

I attended his court date the next day, and as the bail hearings continued, repeated requests from lawyers to remove the media cameras which had been allowed to set up in the first row of the gallery were ignored. Even though regular attendees were not allowed to have photographic devices in the court room, four or five cameras from reporters were peering through the glass. The judge shrugged off stated concerns that the defendents could possibly be at risk due to their faces being shown in the press.

All of the persons present in that hearing were released except for one who is charged with breaking windows at the US courthouse, yet the media campaign continues. Now, on the Mayor’s website, a PDF has been produced which announces the names and dates of birth of the individuals arrested. I will not produce the link here. It’s outrageous that it’s being done.

It’s unfortunately not the only case where they are smearing someone’s name or identity in the press. They recently released an image of an individual they believe was smashing windows at the US federal court. It has now been splashed all over the news. I’m puzzled… the last time I saw such wide dissemination of a person’s face on the news was, frankly, someone accused of murder. So who did the gentleman pictured (again, I will not produce the link to that) murder? A window, allegedly, a crime which now, under Mike McGinn, will end up getting you exposed to the public to possible retribution. Keep on keeping those precious windows safe, Mike!

Is this standard procedure for the Mayor’s office? Why are the arrestees being exposed to this level of scrutiny? The media insanity continues to pour from City Hall and the SPD, as they now are touting instances of grafitti previous to May 1st as evidence that violence would take place:

While Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, PR spokesperson for one of the most violent police departments in US history, would have you believe that graffiti now equals violence, I doubt that citizenry in the Emerald City will be fooled.

This is not the only foolish assertion this man has made. After I attended the May 2nd bail hearings, I was asked by reporters about the charges leveled against my friend and others asserting their “crime” of “assault”. I responded that they were spurious and trumped-up. Whitcomb then responded with an off-base and weak statement:

“Trumped-up charges? What about the smashing of windows, the hurling of paint, the setting off of incendiary devices? … These were deliberate acts, and people need to be held responsible.”

I am only too happy to point out that false charges of police assault have nothing to do with smashed windows, and only betrays Whitcomb’s complicitness in a grander scheme: punishing these individuals for the “violence” that took place on May 1st. The people in power are attempting to make examples of peaceful protesters and leveling severe charges for small offenses in order to intimidate and scare people from exercising their First Amendment rights to protest. As much as Whitcomb would like everyone to believe that confiscated smoke-producing devices are acts of domestic terrorism, the targeting of the arrestees after May Day is insane.

This is not the first time the City of Seattle and the Mayor have leaned on Whitcomb to provide a media narrative targeting Occupy Seattle and its participants. I reported, back in December, that Sgt. Whitcomb had vetted– and successfully changed– the official apology given to Dorli Rainey for the despicable treatment she received at the hands of the police. Sgt. Whitcomb requested the apology be amended to, of course, make the Department look less, well, brutal.

Perhaps Whitcomb and the Mayor are desperate. They seem very ready to make any and every connection possible to throw the book at the individuals who were arrested on that day. They should do better. I’m not fooled, and neither are my comrades. I hope you, dear reader, are not as well.

Happy Mayday!!

Welcome to the festivities!

Stay tuned for updates:

12:30 pm Live stream estimates about 1000 people in attendance.

Check out Public Transit updates here:

Here are some usefull links for real time social media:




May Day Schedule of Events

Event Schedule:
9AM: Breakfast & Worker Speakout at Westlake Park4th and Pine in downtown Seattle
11AM – 4PM: Hip Hop OccupiesEntertainment/Speakers at Westlake Park
12PM: Anti-Capitalist March from Westlake Park
3PM: Honor the Dead, Fight for the Living March from Westlake Park
5:30PM: Anti-Border Rally at Westlake Park
7:30PM: May Day Assembly

9:00 – 10:45: Breakfast, Meet & Greet, Set-up
10:45 – 11:00: Opening Remarks
11:00 – 12:00: Performance Block – Primary DJ: Sean Malik
11:00 – 11:05: Speakers – Maru Villalpando (2.5m) & Aaron Dixon (2.5m)
11:05 – 11:25: Black Magic Noize (20m)
11:25 – 11:30: Prince Capone (5m)
11:30 – 11:35: Jamil Suleman (5m)
11:35 – 11:45: Ms. Kash (10m)
11:45 – 12:00: DJ Sean Malik Spins/ B-Boys
12:00 – 12:55: Performance Block – Primary DJ: Cues
12:00 – 12:05: Speakers –Occupy Chaplains (2.5m) & Duff B/Red Spark (2.5m)
12:05 – 12:10: Zulu Kids (5m)
12:10 – 12:15: Beloved (5m)
12:15 – 12:20: Tre’Shawn (5m)
12:20 – 12:30: Youth Speaking Truth (10m)
12:30 – 12:40: Kama of Kalamashaka (10m)
12:40 – 12:55: DJ Cues Spins/B-Boys
12:55 – 2:05: Performance Block – Primary DJ: Seabefore
12:55 – 1:00: Speakers – Jace Ecaj (2.5m) & Gregory Lewis (2.5m)
1:00 – 1:30: Wapifasa Block w/ Notorious Potential, Too Chill, Massiah & Mic Flont (30m)
1:30 – 1:50: Maria Guillen, Stephany Koch Hazelrigg & Members of Sea Fandango Community (20m)
1:50 – 2:05: DJs Seabefore Spins/B-Boys
2:05 – 2:55: Performance Block – Primary DJ: Too Quick
2:05 – 2:10: Jadis Sue Floe (5m)
2:10 – 2:15: Dan Manno (5m)
2:15 – 2:25: Dee.Ale (10min)
2:25 – 2:35: Spyc-E (10m)
2:35 – 2:40: Speakers – Black Orchid Collective (2.5m) & Didi (2.5m)
2:40 – 2:55: DJ Too Quick Spins/B-Boys
2:55 – 4:00: Performance Block – Primary DJ: Seabefore
2:55 – 3:00: J.Infinite (5m)
3:00 – 3:05: Ethos (5m)
3:10 – 3:25: Sista Hailstorm (15m)
3:25 – 3:30: Speakers – Chris Rodriguez (2.5m) & Tabitha Milan (2.5m)
3:30 – 3:45: Suntonio Bandanaz (15m)
3:45 – 4:00: Walidah (15m)
4:00 – 4:15: Closing Remarks/ Opening Up Cypher Spaces (DJs Breakdown now, band sets up)
4:15 – 6:00: Baron DeKalb holds down Cypher Space, hosted by J Revels
6:00 – 7:00: Break Down & Clean Up
more info here:
Bike Bloc

Occupy Seattle May Day General Strike fund

Occupy Seattle May Day General Strike Legal Fund

Occupy Seattle May Day General Strike Callout
Public Event · By Occupy Seattle
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
No school. No work. No shopping. Let’s Shut it Down

Occupy Seattle May Day Working Group


10 Ways to #BuildPower for #M1GS