What is Your One Demand?

Propose and vote for your demand.

The Sovereign People’s Movement, represented nationally through the people occupying the various Liberty Square locations across this great country, have laid out and democratically submitted and are currently voting on the list of following Demands to then be distilled into one Unified Common demand of the people.

174 Responses to What is Your One Demand?

  • kim l. says:

    spend our tax dollars HERE creating jobs, investing in green energy, investing in the education–all the way through university–of our people, creating a healthcare system for ALL. and, while you’re at it, start collecting some/more tax dollars from the rich and the all the corporations–if you’re going to allow them to buy the so-called democracy, at least make them pay a WHOLE lot more!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    End Corporate Personhood

    • gary Reynolds says:

      ending corporate personhood is the only demand that needs to be made. Stripping corporations of their personhood will result in the solution to every problem facing our country today. Every problem ranging from unjust wars, corruption, healthcare, unemployment, unfair tax structure etc is the direct result of corporate personhood.

  • Anonymous says:

    Elected officials should represent the people who elected them. Take corporate money out of politics.

  • Scritch says:

    Corporations are not humans. They are legal entities and do not deserve rights accorded to humans. Remove corporate personhood and limit corporate power.

  • Rich Haber says:

    President Obama, as Commander In Chief, of ALL the Armed Forces of the United States, must END THE OCCUPATIONS of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya; end our military presence in over 130 countries, and by doing so, cut the Pentagon budget by 40%.

  • Rick Bligh says:

    that congress pass a Constitutional Amendment that would reverse the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision and make clear that corporations do not have rights of citizenship and are not people!

  • Erin Flowers says:

    Eliminate the Electoral College.
    Make the politicians works for us, not the rich

  • secret says:

    stop enslaving people by mortgages and interest rates

  • secret says:


  • Kathryn Habeger says:

    End the wars!!!!
    End the wars!!!!
    End the wars!!!!

  • Sharon says:

    For the 90% of us to have what we need to live a quality life until we die i.e. a good publicly funded education through college, a nice home, a great paying job, single payer health care for all, humane working conditions like much of Europe, a healthy planet, Social security and time for recreation and too enjoy our lives.

  • Laura Walker says:

    Corporations and rich need to pay their fair share in taxes for the good of our country.

    Corporations need to be held accountable through ENFORCED rules and regulations on food safety, environmental pollution standards, discrimination in hiring/pay/promotion, and outsourcing of jobs.

  • Lisa Carlson says:

    It’s actually a two-fer: regulate, really regulate Wall Street and rescind corporate “personhood”.

  • Corey Graves says:


    I feel there are some issues that must be adressed on this page. This specific terminology being used here, in the above description, is misleading as to the process by which any petition for rights and grievances will be given to our elected representatives to act upon, is not stated that it was created out of any consensus that is of the membership of the group, is clearly not in alignment with the underlying reasons that describe the acts of the individuals taking part in the protest. The term, “sovreign people’s movement”, has not been used up until now in anyother documentation that I have seen on any of the other occupation protest sites. A simple google of that phrase indicates that for the members of this group to be declaring an alliegance with the values of that specific movement they would be believers of a long standing set of beliefs and principles, which I believe are not shared by this group. It needs to be removed. This is a democratic protest that is attempting to petition the US government to respond to citizens call for political action. As far as using the desciptor, “Unified Common” demand, it would be better to use terminology that others we wish to join the goup are farmiliar with. We are not attempting to change the core structure of the US government. What we are calling for is accountability t the will of the people.

    The Decisions of the Supreme Court, caused by their corrupt relationship to the lobbyists of Washington D.C., have validated the wall street/ corporatist desire for a completely undemocratic electoral process that now determines the outcome of our elections, and thus US national poilcy, futher serving to acelerate the continued concentration of both power and money in the hands of the few rich, lying, violent, and cloistered operators, in the case of Citizens untited .v. FEC, were the nail in the coffin. Unless Campaign finance reform is passed now the will of the citizenry of this nation will remain to be unadressed by our lawmakers.

    Thank you for taking the time to manage this page, but please confer with those of us who are supporting this movement before making any statements of your own volition.

  • AR says:

    no more corporate money in elections, publicly funded elections only

  • Dean Smith says:

    Dismantle the big banks.

  • Tiffany says:

    End our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • chris herman says:

    true cost accounting, meaning include ALL the costs of conventional fuels into the costs we pay. Resource depletion, pollution, environmental degradation, adverse health affects of burning things, global warming the WARS should all be included in the prices of oil, coal, nuclear and gas. If this were done, renewable energy sources would already be cost effective.

  • Chandra McDaniel says:

    We must overturn citizens united and have publicly funded campaigns.

  • Rho says:

    Separate corporation and state!

  • Michael Dare says:

    Level the playing field and stop the corporate takeover of America by abolishing ALL political contributions. Period. Every campaign finance reform bill that has ever existed has done nothing more than limit the amount of the bribes that public officials are legally allowed to accept. It’s got to stop. Define “campaign contributions” as felonies, making it illegal for any “person,” including corporations, to contribute one single penny to a political candidate. Also make it illegal for political candidates to use their own money for their campaign. Once in office, and for five years after holding office, all investments owned by the candidate must be put in a standard savings account. All political campaigns will be paid for entirely by the government, with each candidate receiving the exact same amount.

  • Elissa says:

    ranked voting system for elections at the municipal, state, and federal levels so that more accurate representation of the people’s political will can be achieved

  • Dorsol Plants says:

    We restore the inheritance and death taxes to comparable levels to those that the Founding Fathers believed in. High enough to prevent inheritance to be the solo source of a person’s livelihood

  • Jared Baxter says:

    Reset the tax rate on the top 1% to 91%… where it was in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s when we built the middle class!

  • Ashara Love says:

    i think we the people need to realize that that is OUR MONEY in their bank accounts. CLOSE DOWN THE BANKS is the best ‘demand’ i can make. it is when the insurance companies & banks decided they want all the marbles, the rest of us, whose labor they are snarfing up, are starving and unable to fulfill our potential and pursue our dreams.

  • Dana Stream says:

    The most important cause of our Century is the movement to focus on reversing Corporate Personhood as a foundational premise for the concerns around greed, corporate government buyouts, abuse of power and most other corporate atrocities to humanity. Most people dont even know what Corporate Personhood means – let alone how it ruins their lives… This ONE DEMAND IS CLEAR, EFFECTIVE, PRACTICAL, PRODUCTIVE, and TRANSFORMATIONAL TO EVERYTHING! If we can get down to the the foundational roots of our system and re-evaluate on That Deeply Profoundly Honest Level… that’s when new things will grow… if we trim the existing trees… we’ll be trimming forever. I’m hoping this movement will END the need for these battles NOT play into their games of fear, anger, and duality (by focusing on ‘the typical debatable media issues’). Changing the definition of Corporations without disbanding them completely allows for an EVOLUTION which is far more Inspirational than a bloody revolution. PEACE and Constructive Productive Purpose for ALL!

  • Wesley B says:

    Direct responsibility for Corporate actions.
    Oil spill? Nuclear disaster? Fire? Explosion? PCB Pollution?
    CEO Goes to to Jail. End of story.

  • Robert Struble, Jr. says:

    Circumvent the mess in Washington, D.C. Call a constitutional convention.

  • Jeremiah Newell says:

    My demand is that educational opportunities be given to all who are willing to study.

  • yve green says:

    just to get us started, my first demand would be the common sense action of rewriting all laws giving corporations rights to personhood. wtf.
    my other demands would sound something like this…act like a human being. do unto others as you would have done unto you. act with integrity as each action defines the person you are. make each decision based on the quality of life of future generations and lasty, can we just be NICE? is it really that hard?
    everyone keeps asking for the one demand. there are way too many. and the reason that there are way too many is that too many people have sold their soul for a dollar. they’ve forgotten who they are. how do you make “realize who you are” a demand?

  • Daniel says:

    Financial and social accountability of those who created the financial mess. The cynical greed of Wall Street cannot be allowed to stand. People who are free and allowed to be productive, will contribute to the wellbeing of all and do not need to be controlled by a fearful state.

  • cleanelectric says:

    An Environmental and Economical Stimulus Directive To Install Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems along every Interstate Roadway, on every warehouse, tall building, parking lot and home.

  • Charlie Smith says:

    One big goal: End corporate personhood.

    One little goal: Renew Glass-Steagall

  • ken wiener says:

    Take the money out of elections. Public financing ONLY. So many politicians COMPLAIN that they HAVE to spend SO MUCH TIME fund raising, THEY can change laws to eliminate that problem. MAKE PUBLIC FINANCING THE LAW!

  • Sara Davies says:

    Any billionaire should pay 90% of his income in taxes to support such programs as national healthcare, housing, and public education. He’d still plenty left to tide him over.

  • Anonymous says:

    stop bailouts and corporate tax breaks, protect the environment from big business and government pollution, uphold privacy rights, prioritize small (not big) business, transparency!! recognize public property includes clean air, water, and land, stop immanent domain.

  • Demetria Chatters says:

    I want campaign finance reform to get corporate dollars out of politics. Cash will always equal corruption.

  • jerry wright says:

    meaning: currently there is 390 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is dangerously high. We need to decrease this to 350 ppm CO2

  • theLoopsurgeon says:

    We need to make it illegal for people serving in political office to receive ANY money from lobbyists for ANY reason. If they are taking what is essentially a bribe they are not doing the job for their constituents that elected them..they are doing it for profit.
    Serving in political office should be looked at as what it is… A public service and a duty, NOT an opportunity to get rich and famous.

  • valentyne says:

    financial services and tax reform

    corp.s not granted personhood

  • Anonymous says:

    Corporations are not people. They should, therefore, not be recognized as such.

  • Mary Beth O'Neill says:

    Let’s have bi-monthly national days of action when hundreds of thousands of us withdraw money from the big banks and put it in community banks and credit unions.

    Every time there’s a national withdrawal day, there will be more people, more money leaving the big banking systems. People who don’t go to demonstrations will join us.

    Our demand — split the banks into 2 completely separate entities — keep the consumer lending entity completely separate from the Wall Street gambling org.

    When people withdraw their money they need to tell the banks why.

  • Jacob says:

    This is probably pretty common… I want those controoling 93% of the wealth in this nation to pay 93% of the taxes. We can start there.

  • Lizzie R says:

    Housing is a human right- my demand is that people be allowed to band together and make shelter for themselves so it can be safe, clean, and theirs.

  • Diane Bates says:

    We need a federal law that strips away personhood from Corporations, including the right to contribute as much money as they want to elections.

  • Matt Cole says:

    Get the money out!! Stolen from Randi Rhoads, short and sweet, and I believe at the root of most of the major ills in our “democracy”. Until our politicians are no longer at the beck and call of big$$ contributors we risk our future.

  • Ruth Yeomans says:

    “The young heroes on Wall Street today baffle the world because they have issued no demands. The villains of Wall Street had their demands–massive bailout for themselves, while they pocketed million dollar bonuses. The Wall Street protesters are not seeking a bailout for themselves,they are working to bailout democracy” — sombody said that….

  • Krista says:


  • Camille says:

    The First Amendment should NOT apply to corporations! We need a constitutional amendment that would reverse the supreme court decision to let Corporations run rough-trod over our democracy. We also need to enable public financing of our elections.
    It’s about time we raise taxes on the rich–after all, unemployment numbers will only fall when DEMAND for products and services is increased, which means CONSUMERS need to have money to spend! Corporations just pocket the money they acquire through tax cuts–and the rich get richer!!

  • Peter says:

    This is an intriguing movement that is honing in on a vital truth: the rich run the world. However, *how* they run the world is just as important, if you ever hope to defeat them.

    It’s not through murder-she-wrote conspiracy theories like that linked to in your “Propose and vote for your demand” — 9/11 was a terrorist attack, not a Bush coverup. The rich as perfectly happy to let you chase those phantoms, because they won’t lead you anywhere.

    There are plenty of other very valid points of attack, from no-bid contracts to dangerous corner-cutting to the latest self-regulation disaster where the ref is paid to say red is blue, and both teams hit up the blinded fans for a trillion dollars.

    So try to keep it real. And good luck.

  • Pablo says:

    Obama should form a committee to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the housing market crash. The ones who falsified fund information, artificially enhanced numbers, and profited from the crash.

  • Tivana says:

    My one demand is to put the designers of our world’s ills in exile. I demand that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Gates be sent into exile on a lone island in the South Pacific. Preferably an island where nuclear testing has taken place.

  • Lynda Abbott says:

    I think we should demand that there be justice for criminal wrongdoing by the major institutions that have harmed the people and the economy of America as well as the rest of the world. Wall St. and banks are guilty of wholesale theft and fraud. (e.g., Goldman Sachs worked out the financial plan that wrecked the Greek economy). Corporations are guilty of harming people (e.g., selling “medicine” they know is harmful), buying politicians, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. while criminally negligent (i.e., no due diligence or accountability to shareholders) boards of directors vote outrageous “compensation packages” to corporate CEOs, lay off workers, ship jobs overseas, and plot to destroy pension plans for former workers. Corporations should never be considered “people” — they’re sociopaths — so start by overturning the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court. Media should be accountable to the public, not the vehicle of corporate and/or wealthy private owners (e.g., Rupert Murdock). Return to the “Fairness Doctrine” and licensing practices of the past to give some needed oversight to those dominating the public airwaves to pursue their own agenda rather than inform the public.

  • Ron Paul says:

    First things first, we need to End The FED. And we need to break up the criminal banking cartel and the Wall Street fraudsters and ponzi-schemesters. Then we can move onto our third demand, fourth demand, fight demand… Unfortunately, there isn’t a single problem affecting the people of the U.S. and the rest of the world. We need less government, we need dedicated servants in government and not politicians, we need more freedom, we need accountability, we need personal responsibility, we need an end to the corporate/government corruption, we need the indictment and prosecution of corporate/government criminals, we need the restoration of and adherence to the Constitution, and we need individual sovereignty. Let’s start with these as our secondary demands.

  • Samarchist says:

    If I had only one demand to make, it would be this: History has shown time and again that the Corporation, especially in its current form, is a pernicious and destructive force, by far one of the most effective weapons with which the plutocrats of the world wage their war upon the rest of humanity. With that in mind, I demand that the form or organization known as “limited liability corporations” be banned and listed as a criminal enterprise, and all existing such organizations be broken up and handed over to the direct democratic control of those who had previously labored under the corporate heal.

  • craig says:

    without ending the federal reserve and removing the control of the money supply from private hands nothing will change.

    Ending the Fed must be the one simple demand.

  • mike says:

    all rise not just the rich or all get poorer not just the poor

  • Marc Moore says:

    Banking deregulation needs to be repealed. we need responsibility in the financial sector, and that has been lost since bank deregulation laws have been enacted.

  • lhawk says:


  • Dennis White says:

    End corporate “personhood”.

  • Sandy B. says:

    Each of us takes responsibility to live justly, responsibly and with passionate love for all life.

  • Brendan Hogan says:

    Campaign finance reform. Capped contributions from individuals only.

  • Chris says:

    End the era of the beast…let’s put it to bed…End The Federal Reserves Reign, and repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913!

  • David Pauling says:

    Knowledge,Opportunity, Ownership… for all the people

  • David Pauling says:

    Every month… on the first day, we only buy… Made in USA

  • Mark from Tacoma says:

    End the Fed.
    Term limits for all elected officials.
    Publicly funded election campaigns,
    No private or corporate contributions.
    End Federal subsidies to local law enforcement, and stop turning them into military style assault forces.
    Investigate and prosecute those who committed financial fraud in the mortgage and banking industry,
    Re-instate the Glass-Steagal act.
    Bring our military forces home and rein in the military-industrial complex.
    Abolish the dept. of homeland security. The military should only be to defend our nation from hostile invaders, not as a empire building force.
    Enact fair trade laws that protect American workers.
    Reform the income tax system to make it fair and equal. No special treatment to narrow private interests.

  • Blunt Jackson says:

    Federal, State, and Local. Let the free market be free. Demand a level playing ground for all. No tax loopholes or exemptions, no bailouts. Grant money for pure research only to non-profit research institutions.

  • Cathie Whitesides says:

    bring to account the financial leaders who caused the ’08 meltdown and profitted from it.

  • Christine Makela says:

    A strict limit on campaign spending.
    Get rid of lobbyists.
    I believe there should be a cap on salaries- no one needs to earn millions of dollars each year.
    Student loans should be forgiven – at least to those who live on poverty wages, like teachers.
    Give small, organic farmers the subsidies- take them away from agribusinesses and those paid NOT to grow crops in order to fix prices.
    Revise welfare and unemployment, making them more accessible.
    Take tax dollars from the Pentigon and return them to the people; social services, infrastructure, etc.

  • Barry says:

    Campaign Reform. $50. dollars from each citizen, no PACs.

    The greed machine of Washington
    DC would disappear.

  • Wesley Hallock says:

    One: Abolish the Federal Reserve
    Two: Release all free-energy technologies

  • Rhea Kelley says:

    Reform Social Security Disability system of approvals, thereby restoring the dignity of disabled people across America. No one should be forced to sue their government for their entitlement under the law, and then die waiting for help.

  • Felix Mendoza says:

    My demand is that we will have a better economy that supports fair trade and the well being of people across all borders, and an economy that strengthens domestic economies as well.

  • Terri Carver says:

    The gap between haves and have nots is growing. Our elected representatives serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy. It is time for the masses to demand democracy!

  • Terri Carver says:

    The gap between haves and have nots is growing. Our elected representatives serve the interests of corporations and the wealthy. It is time for the masses to demand democracy!

  • Andrew Tsao says:

    Restore Justice and Accountability, Humanity and Ethics to America.

  • dmg says:

    just a statement on the cause Occupy your World
    by revmommaglo on September 30, 2011

    Today is day 13 in the streets for protesters in New York, and finally the media is starting to notice that something is occurring. They are not talking about the upswelling of patriotic dissent around the country, they are not talking about the issues that are being raised-they are talking about how Mayor Bloomberg may want to remove the protesters from the park. They are talking about how the message seems unclear. I think the messages are very clear. I used plural because as the 99% we have a LOT to say about our world and what the other 1% initiates that effects everyone.

    As I am not an organizer for any occupy event around the country or the world, I do not have great authority to speak to the organizer’s specific causes. As a long time activist, though, I believe the following to be true and think these may be some of the primary forces and messages behind the movement unfolding around us.

    1. A corporation is NOT a person. Many of us have small business experience or knowledge and are aware that one of the reasons for forming a corporation is to provide legal and tax protections not available without incorporation. Most incorporation documents include clauses that specifically indemnify the leadership from responsibility for anything except the increase in profits (or in the case of non-profits securing of additional funding).

    We want the government to change the rules about corporate personage.

    2. Education should be a right not a privilege. If a college degree is required for a living wage-it should be readily available for any who want to persue such.

    3. The US economy is failing-and any person who chooses to educate themselves can see how the decisions made by the corporations and the government are effecting this trend-and see where the money is going. We have become a service oriented society-most of our manufactured goods are no longer made here. Our money is backed by loans not by any hard resource.-except for what is referred to as “human capitol”.

    4. Human beings are not capitol.

    5. We pay farmers to NOT grow food and complain about the cost of food. We give business tax breaks to send jobs over seas.

    6. We allow private industry to own shares in private prisons, where they are allowed to “employ” prisoners. We give them tax breaks for this-and lobbying power to help ensure that they can remain profitable. There are two results: prison slavery (which is held up in the 13th Amendment) and fewer jobs in the general job market.

    7. We give monetary incentives to corporations who move jobs to foreign shores-and leave fewer jobs in our local job markets.

    8. Because our economy is backed on loans, people are encouraged to get loans-and when they are not paid, the corporation gets their resources back-both in the form of your house and in the form of a check from the Government-so they are getting back the property and getting paid for it.

    9. Our environment: the corporations and the government in connection with the WTO, the Federal Reserve (NOT a government institution-a corporation) can over turn virtually any law a country makes to protect its environment and thereby the health of its people, simply on the basis that said law is a basis to free trade. This is NOT the freedom that people around the world need or want-to pass laws that can be overturned by corporations-oh yeah did I mention that:

    CORPORATIONS ARE NOT INDIVIDUALS. If we continue to give a corporation the same protections and rights as individual people these problems will persist. A person who steals goes to jail and begins to work for no money for a corporation. A corporation steals from the people and the government pays them for their effort.

    The reason it seems like there is no one issue, is because each of these things effects each person differently. Some will call out louder on behalf of the hungry and demand that we make changes effecting agriculture while others, like myself will stand up and scream about the 13th amendment, legalized slavery and the connection between that and all the other issues above. There is no lack of cohesiveness. We all know one thing-regardless of which issue strikes closest to our hearts:

    We are the 99%. This is OUR WORLD and we will take it back.


    These issues effect nearly EVERY Citizen you know-the cost of health care, interest rates on your loan, low wages, high prices, all the SAME issue. If you are struggling or in debt of any kind-you are the 99%. Please stand with your local community and say you want the madness to end. Look past the corporate sponsored programing that we are enemies-we are all one people united for our world.

    See you in the streets!

  • Colby brand says:

    A constitutional ammendmant to citizens united. Any politician who is opposed to that should be democratically targeted by this movement.

  • CThaxter says:

    That all of the United States immediately remove their income, taxes, and other sources of revenue from national or federal financial institutions and place them instead in a public owned trust run by each state for the progress and prosperity of each state’s citizens.

  • Lee Reitz says:

    The only way to fix this is to stop people from taking more from the economy than they personally contribute in real goods or services. A good way to do this is to cap earnings at the maximum one person could ever possibly contribute on their own and tax anything over that at 100% (confiscate). $2.5 million per year is a good starting point for discussion.

  • Michele says:

    End corporate personhood.

  • Steve Veatch says:

    Social Democracy, for example, as most of Europe is structured. This is the system I would like to have implemented in the United States of America.

    I would advise that the left simplify its demands to the three most important goals and pursue them. Others can be pursued later.

    For me that would be:

    Universal Health Care.

    A reduced military.

    Higher taxation for all for education and infrastructure.

  • Susan says:

    the wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cut loop holes, corporate favorism

  • Michael Isensee says:

    No corporate money in elections, canacel corporate charters if the corporation violates the public trust.

  • William Jackson says:

    I demand our government take human rights away from corporations so they cannot offer campaign donations!!

  • calin666 says:

    Oil speculators needlessly drive up the price of petroleum, just so the few of them can make tons of money off the backs of those with little or nothing. It should be a federal offense. Put them in jail for the hardships they cause us all. I can no longer drive my small car, I cant afford the fuel.

  • steve johnson says:

    That income derived from hedged postions and shorts be treated as a windfall income and taxed differently than capital investments. Capital investments are taxed at a lower rate to stimulate investment, these other are just based on greed.

  • Carrie Brayer says:

    As long as lobbyists (many are not registered as such) and the wealthy individuals/families and corporations they represent, are allowed to manipulate our leaders and our laws for their own financial agendas, we will have — a government of the corporations by the corporations and for the corporations!

  • Thomas Turner says:

    It is clear that the banks, brokerages and hedge fund managers on Wall Street will continue to resist the regulations that will avoid another financial collapse.
    It is also clear that the TEA Party is now an official arm of the GOP and is dictating much of its agenda so it’s critical that the Obama Administration accelerate its efforts to (1) create jobs, (2) increase taxes on the rich and (3) close corporate tax loopholes.

  • Thomas Turner says:

    It is clear that the banks, brokerages and hedge fund managers on Wall Street will continue to resist the regulations that will avoid another financial collapse.
    It is also clear that the TEA Party is now an official arm of the GOP and is dictating much of its agenda so it’s critical that the Obama Administration accelerate its efforts to (1) create jobs, (2) increase taxes on the rich and (3) close corporate tax loopholes.

  • Chris Payne says:

    End Corporate Personhood

  • J.Sea says:

    A) Original Corporate Charters were granted by States and could be revoked if the Corporation was not serving the public interest.

    B) Corporations are obviously not People. And the Emperor is Obviously Naked. Straighten out Laws and Elections to reflect that basic Truth.

    C) Corporations must not be allowed access to our Election Machines, or our Elected officials through the system of organized Bribery called “lobbying” and “campaign donations”; These actions were formerly Crimes and must be made so again.

    D) Corporations are waging Resource Wars with our sons and daughters bodies and with our tax dollars, while building a monumental Corporate Mercenary Military and Espionage infrastructure using our National Treasure to do so. This has led to Endless War — this must END NOW and be replaced with a Department of Peace; if you Study War you will get War — if you study Peace you will get Peace.

    SINGLE DEMAND: Disable the Neck of the Multi-Headed Monster through:

    ~ End Multinational Corporate Global Rule ~~

  • Frances Partridge says:

    The corporations can no longer be classified as people. The corporations are ruining what little sense we had of democracy. We need to revitalize the electoral process so that representatives have a set term and do not spend all their time and energy trying to gather votes and support to get reelected. If there was no fear about getting money to run for office in the next round, congressional representatives would be able to vote for what was right and support the majority. The corporatins have WAY too much power the way it is set up!

  • Sean says:

    I demand that everybody who works gets a living wage. It is a national shame that we have the term “working poor” in our country.

  • westomoon says:

    A return to a steeply graduated income tax, a la 1953, would help a lot.

  • bartek says:

    we demand that the president of the united states officially changes his annual salary to mirror what the average annual income of the middle class is per yer according to official usa census data. and use the slogan “change we can actually believe in”

  • Elliott says:

    federal reserve and everything else to deal with humanities well fare should not be privatized and any action done with the countries money/resources should be first passed through an open congress where the people are able to voice there opinion on the decision to our representitives.

  • juno says:

    demand the immediate outlawing of the dead peasants policy in which corporations are allowed to bet against the lives of their employees & be rewarded with millions of dollars.

  • john d says:

    the resignation of president obama

  • Bill says:

    Give back the money taken in various ways through unethical and illegal methods.

  • Sandra Herman says:

    It all starts here. Get the money (all money) out of politics with a new ammendment to the US Constitution.

  • Lynn Wilmot says:

    Get money out of politics! Big corporations must not be allowed to donate unlimited amounts to their Super PACs to unfairly influence our elections. We need a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Supreme Court decision “Citizens’ United.”

  • Tax the Rich says:

    Tax the Rich

  • Nick Swanson says:

    I want congress to agree on the simple things that can help America move forward.

  • michael says:

    Public financing of elections. No outside money.

  • Christian Blaze says:

    Our one demand should be a decentralized money system… Anyone and Any Organization should be able to print their own currency… We should all have the freedom to print our own money. This would create competition between money systems, and the bad ones would just die off since no one would use them, but also, the good ones would flourish….Also, if one currency crashes, it would not stop others from creating new ones…If we were allowed to print our own money right now, people could start doing business and use a new currency, vs one that destroys wealth through debt slavery.

  • brandon maguire says:

    a resource/sharing based economic model– it is also how the movement digs in and sustains for long periods of time while in transition to a fully global resource sharing economy: true democracy and natural law driven by the volunteer based population

  • Lucas says:

    I demand that corporations get out of our government.

  • Lisa Elkins says:

    We the people want a new investigation lead by Architects and Engineers for 911 truth

  • Randy Winn says:

    You pay sales tax when you buy things; why doesn’t Wall Street pay sales tax when it buys stock? That would cut volatility and eliminate our budget problems.

  • ZENmud says:

    Reinstate all regulations that were excised in Congress between 1999-2007, the effects of which unleashed the ‘deregulated Wall Street’ economy that prevailed, and cost America its future.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eliminate corporate greed from our political system

  • Michael Hamilton says:

    Public financing of political campaigns. Fifty percent of problem solved.

  • Jody Robinson says:

    An open multiparty system, popular vote, user friendly, mail-in ballots for every adult citizen, no corporate money in elections realistic districts. But first, give back the bailout.

  • Tony M says:

    If the treasury can issue bonds to borrow money from the FED, why cant the simply print the money without having to borrow it from the bankers with interest?

  • Juan the Taco Dog says:

    First and foremost, I resent the implication that our movement must have “one demand.” Sez who? And whomever that is, fuck them. Does any presidential candidate have only ONE DEMAND? Does either political party? Of course not! This is a LSM fabrication to diminish the OWS movement. Having said that, if I had only ONE DEMAND, it would be to get the money out of politics! That drives so many of the other issues that we have with the way this country is being driven over cliff. Happy?

  • Othellus says:

    First let me say I support the efforts of Occupy Seattle and will do what I can to add my voice. I’ve been waiting for a counter to the Tea Party. However, there are issues which need to be addressed before the movement will be taken seriously by the press, our civic leaders and our representatives in Washington. I’ll address these issues one at a time.

    Issue 1: No Organization/ Leadership/spokespeople
    I know there are some who tout this as a benefit. But to be taken seriously some organization is needed. This means someone or someones need to step forward and assume a leadership role in each city. They need to set a real agenda or platform and be co-ordinated with the leadership of the other cities so they are all sending the same message. There needs to be an educated, articulate, sober spokesperson in each city who will speak to the press and send press releases.

    Issue 2: No financial backing
    The only solution I see is soliciting donations since the Koch brothers are unlikely to back this movement like they did the Teabaggers.

    Issue 3: Media exposure
    I see no solution for this until the movement gets too big to be ignored. Unlike the Teabaggers Faux Noise isn’t going to promote this.

    Issue 4: Not enough people
    Not sure how to address this. The reason these types of protests worked in Egypt and Tunisia was because there were 10s of 1000s of people in major cities protesting. The only way to do that here is to somehow convince people to leave their jobs for perhaps days or weeks at a time. Most people in this country are not yet frustrated enough to this. The next best thing is to co-ordinate with the other cities to have major rallies and protests on the weekends, and find leaders willing to run for office. Because if we don’t have true representation in the state and federal levels nothing will change.

    • Alex Williamson says:

      I totally agree with everything you said!

    • Joe says:

      That we are TOLD that we “need” a spokesperson (aka CEO) and financial backing (aka $$$) in order to be /heard/ is one of the problems with America! We are not a response to the Tea Party, we are the 99%. I certainly hope we abolish that these things are even considered needed for people to simply be heard about how they feel about their own sovereign rights!

  • zeke says:

    “get the money out of politics” i think you are close, as far as the one big picture demand. i mean, that’s basically what lenin was saying: “follow the money, and see who benefits, and…”

  • Anonymous says:

    End the Fed, repeal the Federal Reserve Act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_Act It’s not like it’s even a hundred years old, and poof goes the national debt. I wonder if they’ll give the gold back?

  • Othellus says:
  • AndrewsDad says:

    Stop politicians like Murray, Cantwell, Inslee and McDermott from taking lobbying money that they then turn around and take tax money to give back to the lobbyist groups.

  • Steven Bates says:

    The best poverty program is a family wage job. The rich will pay their fair share so we can once again invest in our people. I just laugh at the right crying class warfare. They have waged class warefare against us for thirty years. Let them defend their so-called job creators. I don’t know where they’ve been creating jobs but it’s not in America.

  • Anonymous says:

    More information here – http://www.publicampaign.org/

  • Kevin says:

    Corporations are not voting citizens, so we should not allow them to vote with their dollars (i.e. affecting public policy with their lobbying)

  • me says:

    For the same reason of Separation of Church and State

  • Laura Jorgensen says:

    We need a Constitutional Amendment, possibly two, to end Corporate Personhood and overturn Citizens United.

  • Mike says:

    Non of our other demands will ever be met until we get Private/Corporate Money out of politics.

  • kt says:

    lobbyists and huge corporations should not be controlling congress as they do. congress should represent US, the people. not large entities separated from their humanity, such as corporations.

  • Deborah says:

    Public financing of elections.

  • Karen says:

    agree with Deborah, Mike, anonymous – must remove all private money from elections. This is minimum basis for any forward progress, because parties are totally dependent on money. Doesn’t matter who is elected – the rich will control the conversation by controlling the parties.

  • cleanelectric says:

    One of the “Occupy Official Demands” should be an Environmental and Economic Stimulus Directive to install solar panels and (cylindrical) wind turbines along every interstate highway, roadway, parking lot, warehouse roof, tall building and home in the country.
    We need an electric car initiative and an electric farm equipment initiative (tractors, harvesters etc.)
    We need a world-wide directive that states that oil is more valuable and will last longer as a manufacturing ingredient and not as a fuel. It should not be used as a fuel.
    There are 925 Million People going hungry on the planet every day out of 7 billion people total, that is 1/7th of earths population going hungry. Food prices are forecast to double in 18 years meaning that 4/7th of earths population will go hungry. Growing crops for Bio Fuels is a waste of badly needed food crops. Bio Fuels are still burned and still pollute and should not be used.
    The U.S. still gets half it’s electricity from coal. It is the dirtiest, most polluting fossil fuel of all. The Canadian Tar Sands are the dirtiest source of all other sources. The damage coal causes to the environment means that it is a false economy and is really of no value to the community. It should not be used.

    Natural Gas burns cleaner than coal, but it still burns and it still pollutes. Extracting natural gas pollutes ground water permanently. fracturing rock a mile under earths surface to get the natural gas is like shattering earths ribs and could cause earthquakes and other irreversable damage. It should not be used.

    Nuclear Power is only clean until there is a leak. Dozens of America’s largest cities are within the 50 mile “fatal zone” of nuclear reactors. They should be mothballed as their usefull life expires.
    Green Technology as in Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy Generation: electric vehicles, and “intermittent source” power storage and “load leveling” are in their infancy as the Model T Ford was once the infancy of automobiles.

    Nuclear Power and ALL fossil fuels will only continue to get more and more expensive and contribute to corporate and government corruption, and contribute to the instability of global politics,economics and every countries food supply as time goes on.

    A Green Technology Economy will provide more security to each countries agriculture system and environment, energy independence, and a new profitable economy for all. It will become more and more efficient as it is installed and develops.

    These directives should become global and not just American.

  • Debra Malmos says:

    End career politics with term limits, retroactive cancellation of pension funds, and corporate funded political campaigns

  • Patrick says:

    Eliminate the money from campaigns, impose term limits on all offices, and cut pay for all national offices by 70%.

  • Kathleen says:

    End corporate personhood.

  • Patrick says:

    End campaign Finance.

  • Alexander Williamson says:

    So i think a lot of criticism that this movement has recieved is due to the lack of a bullet pointed list of demands that are realistic and practical. it’s great that so many issues of social justice have been brought up and it is amazing to see the myriad of issues people are concerned about, but we need to target these protests. Far more people will support us if we have several main demands….and a route to achieve them. Im all for a partial social revolution, but most of America is not, and we need to chip away at the problem one issue at a time. Im as anti-war as they come, but i think we need to focus on Wall Street, politicians and 1)
    corporate reform/regulation. My personal take on this is that we should REFORM the TAX CODE so the the 1% pay AT LEAST what the middle class pays in taxes…(limit writeoffs, frivolous subsidies and loop holes)
    2.) hold corporations and individuals criminally responsible for their actions. As well as holding them responsible for public bail out funds and federal subsidies and loans.
    3.) campaign reform and limiting corporate influence on lobbyists and special interest groups, as well as limiting spending on campaign financing….overturn Citizens United.
    These are just my personal ideas, and obviously we need to democratically narrow down the demands, but i think the sooner we start to by At LEAST whittling down our CORE demands. this will help spread and galvanize the movement. This is a long term movement and we can tackle more issues as time moves on. This is just my personal opinion…no offense to any one who thinks otherwise. Thanks for listening.

  • Anonymous says:

    Voting reformation: Ending Electoral Colleges!

  • Chris says:

    Publicly funded elections with term limits and no lobbies
    Universal health care
    Flat tax – No loopholes

    • Kate says:

      A flat tax is actually inherently unfair. 10% of income (for example) for somebody who only earns 10K a year hurts a LOT more than the “same” 10% for somebody who earns a mil a year.

      • Patrick says:

        Except that someone who only earns 10K a year pays no taxes at all and currently the lower and middle classes pay a significantly higher percentage of their wages than the upper class, so a flat-tax (while it will never happen) would aid in balancing things out, not cause more disparity.

  • Kate says:

    In the end, nearly every demand comes back to the growing income gap. Even things like insufficient environmental regulation stem from corporations having too much sway in Congress (in part due to the now unlimited campaign spending), which comes from the enormous income gap.
    My primary demands are:
    – graduated income tax (much higher rates for the top 5%)
    – civilian police review boards in every city
    – limitations on corporate campaign spending (aka how the hell does the 1st amendment apply to corporations?!) and NO corporate-funded lobbyists (individuals within corporations can always donate AS INDIVIDUALS)
    – universal healthcare

    • Alexander Williamson says:

      i totally agree with these demands. I think the police review boards may be a more localized demand, although it is very important. The other demands seem totally reasonable and rational, but mostly achievable and popular within the mainstream 99% of the population. Good work, maybe we can address the idea of having specific and concise demands at the GA in the next few days…we can always add more demands if we make progress on our initial and core objectives. Saturday sounds like it will be a very large and important rally/march and a lot of local groups, individuals and even unions are saying they will be attending. its also important to try and look at how we can implement these changes, whether we want to get signatures for legislation or get a representative to sponsor a motion of some sort. All this time and effort is in vain if we are just preaching to the, like-minded choir. Lets create something that people who are not willing to come down and protest, can get behind and support on paper or through mass media. We need milestones and markers to measure our progress, not for current members of the movement, but rather people considering joining in. If we can show that we are productive, effective and intelligent group we will last much longer and get far more done.

  • Bill says:

    -Graduated income tax
    -Social Security floor but no ceiling
    -Universal Health Care
    -Close revolving door between Congress and Lobbies
    -Make every elected Pol fully disclose all their campaign financing, and whose opinions affect what bills they support

  • Alex w. says:

    this list e was compiled from my own
    personal beliefs and opinions online and in
    person with members of the movement. I still
    hear from the media and nearly all critics that
    we need a specific goal(s) Obviously this is still
    taking shape and a totally democratic process
    but narrowing the demands can bring more
    potency to this diverse group. I personally think
    our main goal should be RESTRUCTURING THE
    corporations pay at least what the middle class
    pays annually (getting rid of loop holes and
    frivolous write offs and deductions) AND
    ideally i agree we need to change many aspects
    of society including the war on drugs and on
    “terrorism” I think we need a message all of the
    99% of Americans will get behind. Then we can
    start checking other things off the list. My
    parents and neighbors would join in tomorrow if
    this type of focus was articulated, but as it is we
    kind of looks like people wanting a million social
    changes at once. Sorry if this sounds critical, but
    im just trying to think sustainable and
    realistically about this movement. thanks.

  • Seattlite says:

    Demand that the Dodd-Frank Act be finished and enforced with-in the next 6 months. That would be a great place to start.

  • Tom Dailey says:

    I am concerned that unless we address the degradation of our global environment, some of these other concerns will be made moot. Let’s get serious, as a people, about curbing unthinking consumption and pollution.

  • Rev. David Warren says:

    1 …… A constitutional amendmendt repealing Citizens United (thereby ending corporate personhood and the thought that unlimited money is free speech.)

    2……. A constitutional Amendment repealing the 13th amendment “Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Repeal the prison-industrial complex

    3…….. End all our Wars and bring back every solider from every base. End our Empire ( off course we need marines to guard embassies) thats it, we are not the worlds police

    I hope this helps…….. Peace be with you and the force between us and evil.

  • Kate Willette says:

    Break up the big banks. They have our economy in a death grip, and their actions since deregulation in the late 90s prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not have the best interests of anyone but themselves — their own personal fortunes — at heart. Too big to fail = too big.

  • Frankie says:

    The first thing would be to amend Citizens United to get the big undisclosed money out of campaigns. Secondly would be to get Campaign Finance Reform by having Public Campaign Financing so the politicians are not beholding to special interests that affect how they vote.

  • ken says:


    We should send a thank you.

    • Random Walker says:

      Death of a protest.

    • Bors says:

      permits and approval of government will neuter the movement.

      the luke warm endorsement by the Washington State Dems should be thrown back in their face. They’ve been selling out and buying into the centrist wall st platform for so long and now they are trying to get back in good graces

  • Karen says:

    hope the current protest group will take advantage of city’s offer. Nearly everyone that works at the city is part of the 99%. Let’s work together.

  • Joe says:

    The city’s offer is McGinn trying to backtrack and save his ass from a decision he never should have made. But whatever, right? Let’s accept what we can… o wait, that attitude is why we’re in this mess. Civil disobedience is part of the protest and this permit “compromise” seems like a ‘plz still vote for me’ plea. You know what L.A.’s mayor did when he found out about Occupy LA? He sent them raincoats, not police.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really think the mayor’s getting paid enough to risk losing his position, endangering what little influence he has, and all control of the situation? He is a man and he is the 99% so cut him some slack. He’s doing what he can, and he’s said more than once that he supports the movement.

      Protesters expect to be put upon by the law – The Occupiers know what they’re getting into when they decide to stand against the system and if they aren’t looking forward to a little opposition than they probably aren’t in it for the right reason.

      I vote we thank the mayor for what he’s done.

  • Heather says:

    1 – Repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to be identified as individuals, allowing corporations to give more money to politics.
    2 – End all current wars.
    3 – Tax corporations like Exxon, Chase, B0fA, etc…
    4 – More emphasis on expanding green energy.
    5 – Healthcare for all, regardless of status.

  • Lindsey says:

    All the individual bullet points direct back to one simple problem: the individuals comprising our government aren’t looking out for the population in general. They’re looking out for their next set of donors, and for their media image.

    I demand that our government start taking the real needs of the nation into account, and implementing policy with research and successful precedent behind it, rather than focusing on the wealthiest donors and flashiest media-frenzied sound bites.

  • Honey Badger says:

    True campaign finance reform. Require full disclosure of all campaign funds, repeal Super Pacs, and limit donations to less than $100. Corporations are not people and the idea that they are is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of the American people.

  • jj says:

    Kick foreign companies out, think and act local, Safelite, Avis, Budget, Kirmac and the list goes on and on.

  • digger5 says:

    Did you know that there are many mining claims to OUR natural reasorces on OUR public lands owned by China and other foriegn companies?

  • Fred LaMotte says:

    It all begins by taking the private money out of elections. Number One Demand: public financing of elections.

  • Poet says:

    We must educate the majority to support all actions by an ETHICAL government to legislate and restore our Constitution as a ruling document. FURTHER, IF THIS CAN BE DONE BY SHIFTING OUR PRIMARY PARADIGM, THEN ALL ELSE CAN FOLLOW.

  • docsbp says:

    Short selling needs to be made illegal. It’s nothing more than an immoral scheme where fat cats steal the long term capital gains of decades out of retirees’ life savings by selling shares they don’t even own! It serves no useful social or ‘market efficiency’ purpose, and increases turbulence in the markets, contributing to recent increases in VIX and declines in the markets. If the “Occupy…” movements can lead to elimination of short selling, they will have served society’s interests well.