Occupy Seattle Awareness Campaign Part 1

Spread flyers, awareness, and discuss the future of the Occupy Seattle movement! Do we want to start an overnight occupation? Do we want to continue to gather outside of the Federal Building? Let’s talk about it!

When: Saturday, October 1 · 10:00am – 7:00pm
Where: Westlake Center Plaza, outside of LUSH.

Wear dollar bills with the eye of Providence facing out so we can find each other!

Anyone can make flyers, which should include this information:

We are the 99%
We are here because we are tired of corporations running our government.

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20 Responses to Occupy Seattle Awareness Campaign Part 1

  • Abigail says:

    The end of financial hopelessness for those of us who wish to one day be parents,
    but hesitate out of the responsibility to these children; to be able to support and to educate them.
    When all we can do is work full time to pay the bills (piling up as a result of our desire to be more educated people ourselves),
    surpassing our income with debt,
    and leave us wading at just above surface for the rest of our lives!

  • J.G. McAllister says:

    Obama, Holder, Biden, virtually 70% of the House and Senate are beholding to and owe their positions to the Wall Street brokers and manipulators, now Obama and Holder are trying to cover-up the criminal actions of the major banks/brokerages by pushing through a meager civil settlement that would preclude both state and federal prosecution or even investigation into the crimes committed. The sole hold out on the committee, the NY Attorney General, who wanted to stop this outrage was removed from the committee by Holder.

  • slick nickle says:
  • dmg says:

    Yes. We should occupy. But not Westlake Center, not the Federal Building. There is a better option. I will be there Saturday. Thanks for organizing. I will tell EVERYONE.

  • aristokronik anarkst says:

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  • Jeremy Jacoby says:

    Really?! The last protest was in the evening; now this one is on a Saturday? Way to interuppt the 1%. I will attend, and because the pussies organizing this have no balls, the 1% will be sipping drinks on their yachts while we protest in front of empty offices. No wonder there is no news coverage.

  • Dewey says:

    Great to hear this is happening in Seattle. Just saw a post on occupy wallst website. I’ll be there Saturday. No more plutocracy.

  • emily says:

    Looks like a good number of people RSVPed so far. Did anyone get a permit? Just wondering.

  • A. Michael Colfer says:

    I cannot afford [read: I don’t have the money] to come down for one day at a time. If overnight for several nights [or more] I can show up with my backpack & gear. I am in Bellingham, if there is anyone else here who wants to car pool. colferm@hotmail.com

  • Zach Bacik says:

    Never protested anything before. This might be the first.

  • Michael Bailey says:

    What’s with the one day event? These things take more time. Wall Street held there’s for several days, we can’t just plan one day events, we got to be there for awhile to make any impact. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but this is not going to happen in one day. I get paid Monday and I thought we were going to hold it down for awhile. “Liberty is the mother of all virtues, once its gone its gone, this is dire.” It’s not about being tourists, we got sit a spell, serious civil disobedience. They need to take the American citizens serious again, think Dr. King, he worked tirelessly for the people, the man could speak volume with his eyes, yet gave his whole heart and soul; let’s think in the spirit of this incredible American… Sincerely Michael A. Bailey Please contact me with any possible other events, mbaileymm@yahoo.com 509-859-4109 I really don’t want to get there and be alone…

  • Linda J says:

    I’m going to the DC gathering so may not make it. But love that it’s going here too.

  • Melissa Reginelli says:

    Nothing is more dreaded by the 1% than the 99% speaking out. This is just as, if not more, important than voting. Just as the steelworkers and their families marched in the WTO protests, old people have got to be on the front lines….just walk slow for us. We’ll have all day, no rush…the slower the better. It doesn’t matter whether we look strong or feeble, all that matters is that we are there.

  • Robert Jarmick says:

    We the people own our streets cities, states, currency, government…..fighting greed and self interest with generosity and care for each other, the environment, the planet…..

  • Michael says:

    Occupy Vancouver is happening 2 weeks after Occupy Seattle: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=272031446152373

  • Pamela says:

    I work on Oct. 1,[this week] will there be other gatherings? By the time I could get there it would be over. rsschu@centurytel .net, please lest me know. thanksyjcwt

  • george says:


  • Holly Newman says:

    Are there any events happening Oct 2 3 4 or 5th. I thought the Oct 1 event was happening Oct 3 and missed it

  • cleanelectric says:

    Oct 1st. 12-18 occupying Westlake Center near fountain 2night Need sleeping bags and tents — Start tomorrow 8am — GA 4PM