The General Assembly has started! Live updates here.

8:10 – Proposed points of unity are considered:

1. Elected officials represent money and not people-we oppose political corruption.

2. Corporations are over-privileged and their rights are overdrawn-we oppose corporate personhood.

8:00 – We take a moment to center.

7:45 – Agenda Items are as follows. Define Occupation What are we doing tomorrow? Points of unity & consensus Making a list of demands Nonviolence & Police violence Timeline and How to Define Success Compiling a "best practices" guide Media & PR Diversity Food & Resources

7:41 – The question of the location of the occupation is discussed.

7:35 – The General Assembly has started.

2 Responses to The General Assembly has started! Live updates here.

  • Robin says:

    Please add corporate greed as a possible point of unity.
    Around the issue that poverty and hunger are the direct result.
    Sorry for lack of clarity, worked midnite to 4pm… brain shutting down.

  • Lincoln says:


    Any chance that there will be a swing to aiming protests at BOA instead of 2nd Ave? BOA is ripe for it. The $5/monthly fee has made major news. even Fox is calling them out on it. That coupled with their major role in the economic crash, maybe piling in on them would be good?