Join us at the Westlake Center today, Oct. 2nd. General Assembly starts at 4:00.

We’re in the middle of Westlake Center, downstairs in front of Lush. Some of us have camped out overnight, and some haven’t. We reconvene everyone at 4pm.

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  • Nyss says:

    I have had posters, flyers and some stickers made. The printers doesn’t open tomorrow until noon, so I will either bring them with me late or someone might be able to do me a favor and drop them off. I want the people planning this to know I’m expecting 400 flyers, 40 or so posters and stickers, and will bring all with me. The images used are all found on

  • Kauni says:

    We must start somewhere…why not in every major city?

  • Norm Keegel says:

    Some of us have begun planning an action on Oct 15 in support of Occupy Wall Street. we are meeting in the Food Court at 3 pm to talk about it. No doubt we will report back to you.

  • Norm Keegel says:

    Error in my previous comment: Action on Oct 15 is in solidarity with occupation in D.C. starting on Oct 6. We’ll meet at 3 pm in the Food Court and network with you later.

  • lifeguard says:

    solidarity, peace and love!

  • Steve Liebig says:

    We stand together!

  • Cam Garside says:

    How many are we estimating, wont be able to get there till for make sure you post where we are moving to or are at, please update frequently!!!

  • Matthew Heins says:

    Love and support from up in Roslyn!

  • Phil Mocek says:

    At the GA last night, it was made very clear that people would be in the plaza outside. In fact, that led to a discussion of what indoor locations might be available. We really need to keep this straight to avoid sending people on wild goose chases.

  • NWSam says:

    Is there a notification sign-up process? I would have loved to attend, if only I’d known a wee bit in advance …

  • mike says:

    I don’t want to miss the protest when it gets close to Colorado springs. Need a national website

  • Max says:

    What exactly is the purpose or theme of this?

  • Ocean8 says:
  • Dewey says:

    from the other side of the pass.

  • William Gibson says:

    We are not a bottom line, we are people. People have empathy for each other and for this reason corporations will NEVER truly be people, regardless of what the supreme court says! They are only the crudest possible manifestation of id. Any individual acting as a corporation does would be hospitalize and treated for mental imbalance or flat out imprisoned!

  • yilb says:

    A schedule of times & places would be great to have posted here as available so we can attend as available.

  • Haifa says:

    I am so sick of corporate America dictating decisions for this country as we descend further into economic instability. I am a teacher who continues to see a loss in wages, larger classes and budget restraints requiring teachers to travel between schools. Our students are crippled with poverty. Somehow we have to figure out a way to help our students and we Will. That’s our job. But why can’t our government figure out a way to help us. We need to focus our attention on our human rights; access to education and health care.

  • Debra Morrison says:

    I am a little confused. ARe there two action spots, or is the Federal Building at 4 PM old information??

  • Ram Samudrala says:

    I kind of want to bring my kids, since I think this would be educational (they’re American raised and have never seen hardship in their lives personally). At the same time, I don’t mind getting into trouble, but I wouldn’t want them to get into trouble…

  • Linh Thai says:

    Just found out about the event and want to join … but won’t be there until 4:30 at least. Will there be room for us?

  • Michael Short says:

    There is a world wide event scheduled for 15 October. Does Occupy Seattle have plans?

  • Michael Short says:

    There is a world wide event scheduled for 15 October. Does Occupy Seattle have plans?

  • Larry Collinge says:

    I live in Skagit Co., bretween Mt. Vernon and Anacortes. I don’t tweet or FB. Can you e-mail a location where protests are planned? Perhaps Everett or Bham? thanks

  • Bonnie Shaw says:

    I anticipate the day that a cry would rise up about corporate greed,the fleecing of our economy and the revokation of our rights as citizens.
    I saved three NPR pieces:
    Corporate Constitutional Rights vs People
    Revoking the Power of the Corporation
    Roots of the Economic Crisis
    These were AHA! moments for me. So That is why things are the way the are now!
    If you want them, send me an email at
    and I will send them to you. Please distribute copies if you think the information is relevent.

  • Andrew Tsao says:

    There are three coffee travelers at the 400 Pine St. Starbucks today, Sunday, at 3:45 PM for all the Occupiers. With my compliments. Occupy! Reference: Twitter account – “Andramarchy”

  • Jana says:

    I am so proud of all you soljas that camped out last night, and everyone WHO IS STILL OUT THERE in the rain, OCCUPYING SEATTLE. You’re tough, you have pioneer spirit!

  • Marc says:

    It sounds like the city is going to give us a permit to stay at Westlake.

  • Mike Patterson says:

    Bring back Glass-Steagall bank regulation seperating commercial from investment banking. Take back the bail out money. Fund the states and health care and let Wall Street eat their gambling debts.
    Bring back “American System,” protectionist policies to protect agriculture and industry, and END GLOBALIZATION!!!

  • Brent Landon says:

    Are we on for tomorrow? I can be there in the evening.


  • Kathy Thurman says:

    Please email me at to tell me when and where the next assembly takes place.

    Thank you.

  • Kerri says: