Internet Communications

Mission Statement:

The Internet Communications Working Group provides tactical tools, IT infrastructure, support, and advice to other working groups to facilitate online communication among groups and between Occupy Seattle and the Internet community.  Presented to GA 10-10-2011

Current Contacts:

Mumble Voice Chat: Settings to Join the Mumble Server Address: Port: 64738 server pswd=occupy

Weekly ITC Mtg:

Thursday: 7:00pm on Mumble


8-30-12 7:00 pm

Review progress on obtaining additional server capcity – narrowed possible providers to 3,

Obtained an annual contract on a small VPS as a test installation at a very good rate. We will be moving a couple of the small Occupation sites to it once it is fully set up and tested.  Discussed the issues seting the server up and some of the limitiations we have found.

Reviewed the work related to a custom page for the Calendar as requested by Amy.  So far no success.




8-23-12 7:00 pm

Discussed updating needs page on and reached agreement on changes

Explored options for determining who still had access to OS PO Box.

Discussed option for expanding server capability and obtaining annual rental agreements

8-16-12 7:00 pm

Continued discussion on the media alliance, setup a website for them

Reivewed Work with Amy getting her setup to edit and add content to


8-9-12 7:00 pm

Working with international media aliance. Helped with tech setup and provided access to mumble server.

Fixed corrupted forum installation on Occupy Seattle . org

Cleaned out existing spam on Issues Software and tightened up spam prevention tool set.

Worked  on server1 and tsgu email configurations.Still issues with login by 3rd party clients

Setup email on Tsuga

Investigated setting up a hub on

Establish Occupy Human Rights

7-12-12 7P00 pm

Discussed upcoming NETTICA and re-newal

Worked on improving response of server – adjusted available memory and considered CSS compression

Worked on Facebook intergration

Update on discussion with Scott re: live remote voting system

Contact NY tech ops re their experinece with workbench


7-5-12 7P00 pm

Discussed Options for GA support Voting


6-29-12 7P00 pm

Discussed problems related to Workbench Module

6-22-12 7P00 pm

reviewed Q2A polling software installed on OccupySeattle server

Discussed Workbench module and related software for workflow management

6-15-12 7P00 pm


Polling Software

Reviewed draft theme
Reviewed available plugins Site

Review planned workflow and associated permissions
Reviewed Bettermeans project management – Setup for on
Established Necessary Maintence activities
Reivewed and adopted changes to moderation and editorial policies


6/7/2012 7:00 pm


Impact of Traffic spike and possible responses and plans for future spikes. Consensus – establish short term alternative high capacity site and switch-over procedures

Updating of Project managment system – completed

Proto-type of frontpage change – thumbnails on teasers

Discussion of on-going projects

Discussion of Policies and Procedures for website –  Revised

Plans for future changes


5\31\2012 7:00pm

Discussed :

  • Detailed Changes to site
  • Issues with one 3rd party site
  • Potential causes and solutions to intermittent 500 errors

Adjourned : 7:55 pm

46 Responses to Internet Communications

  • Stian Andorsen says:

    After today’s general assembly the people volunteering for the internet and communications working group have formed a Facebook group as a virtual meeting space to discuss ideas and strategies. The URL is

  • Barb Moody says:

    I want to be with you in Westlake Center tonight. I am 61y/o and just a couple months out of the second back surgery this summer. After an intense discussion with my husband, and lots of tears, I have agreed to join who ever is still there tomorrow morning. I will bring food, coffee, signs and enthusiasm. Will that be too lagte.

  • I would be willing to join this committee and help spread the word online.

  • Jon Ramer says:

    I have some experience and resources that I can share to help grow this site. Who can I contact?

  • Marc says:

    On the “Resources” page of this website, everything looks to be copied from the NYC occupation website. Not all of this applies to Seattle, and some of it, especially the legal part, definitely should not be on Seattle’s web page. Our own legal page must be made SOON so that we here in Seattle know exactly what our rights are. It is very important that we have accurate information regarding our legal rights.

  • Marc says:

    You need more people working on this website because this isn’t working well enough. At the moment, our website is one of our biggest forms of outreach, and it is not being utilized to its fullest extent, or anything close to it.

  • Lorraine Davidoff says:

    Is there another event planned? I missed this altogether.

  • Maria Evangelista says:

    I am willing to create and manage the Facebook page if one is not already in the works. Let me know…

  • Maria Evangelista says:

    Nevermind I found the link to the FB page. Please move up to the top of the site.

  • Ryan says:

    It seems the @occupy_SEATTLE twitter has been abandoned and I think that’s really unfortunate! I first got involved because of twitter. I have started my own account @OccupySeattle_ or I am willing to try and help run @Occupy_SEATTLE. I also saw that the person who owns @OccupySeattle is willing to hand it over for our use.

    Let me know if there’s anyway I can help in this regard. I am going to try and make the GA this afternoon at 4.

  • Lauren Higgins says:

    I’m sure this has probably already been brought up but it would be nice to see what people are commenting on this page. Perhaps there is a reason for secrecy but I would like to be able to read peoples comments and suggestions for the groups. Who is reading these? If this is a leaderless movement, why does there seem to be a group in control? Just a few things I’ve been thinking about and conversing with other members of the movement.

  • Lauren Higgins says:


    Thank you for registering at Occupy Seattle. Your application for an account
    is currently pending approval. Once it has been approved, you will receive
    another e-mail containing information about how to log in, set your password,
    and other details.

    — Occupy Seattle team”

    This is what I’m talking about. This makes it seem like there are leaders. If there are leaders, why aren’t we voting on them?

  • De Anna Botello says:

    My name is De Anna we met yesterday night i left you my number and i wanted you to have my e-mail.


    I’ve written foneFrame, a mobile web framework. It lends itself to things like Occupy Seattle. I used it to embed your Twitter feed. It can also publish XML/RSS, embed Google Maps, can wireframe a mobile site in minutes, plays well with the other chldren (jQuery, XUI, Phonegap, et al.)

    If there’s interest I can through together a page in no time if someone on your end can setup the “” subdomain.


    Jerry Whiting

  • Jenny Rae Schmidt says:

    I’m a fine arts photgraphy major, what can I do for y’all????

  • RM says:

    We have had quite a few people asking where to join us. It would be great if there was something on the Home Page of this website that was very obvious showing where we are located.


  • Jamie says:

    Well, in case they read this post: Occupy Seattle is at 4th and Pike in Westlake Park.

  • cleanelectric says:

    We Need The Following Permanent Tag For Fundraising On The Title Page ASAP:

    Occupy Seattle

    815 1st AVE #115

    Seattle, WA 98104

    We can accept cashiers checks/money orders, and donations through the mail.

    We cannot accept personal checks or credit cards yet but we are working on it.

    If you would like to help the occupation by using a personal check or credit card,

    please purchase something from our list of needs and mail it or bring it down.

    We also need a current list of things we need on a permanent tag on the title page:

    Energizer Energy To Go XP10000 We can charge about 6 phones and computers with it and it takes four hours to recharge.

    Sox, Hats, Umbrella’s thermal undergarments, jackets, camping sleeping pads, sleeping bags, flu/cold medicine and anything else you can think of.

  • Lindsay Ginn says:

    The business that I run is based on creating excellent digital communication for small business – my biz partner and I would LOVE to help in any way we can! Happy to donate our knowledge of social media, blogging, design, Facebook, outreach, etc.

    I have started a Flickr group for all Occupy Seattle photos here:

    There are over 100 photos in there, and I have indicated to those who have submitted images to indicate in the photo description area if they do not want their photos used to further the cause.

    Please let me know what else I can do!

  • old lady says:
  • Tailwind says:

    No offense, but the forum aspect of this site is terribly organized.

    The “forums” page itself is actually blank. The only way to navigate into a discussion is through the ten or so “recent comments” on the front page. There does not seem to be a way to browse or create new topics of discussion.

    This is a serious impediment to facilitating open communication here. I strongly suggest implement a free forum software such as what occupyportland is using: something called “Mingle Forum” (

    OccupyPortland’s forum looks very intuitive and effective. Perhaps you can ask them to send along some kind of template that you could quickly integrate into this site?

    Anyone agree?

    • Tailwind says:

      I should have said you can also navigate into some discussions through the “Working Groups” page like I did here, or the “Demands” page. But this is still awkward navigation and not at all intuitive.

    • BW says:

      I agree that we need a place for formal discussion that allows for more depth and detail than the various comments pages.

    • Tailwind says:

      I really hope the administrators of this site take heed. Open and fluid communication is certainly a cornerstone of a successful movement, right?

      As it is, the discussions being attempted here are fairly crippled by the awkwardness of the site. For instance, once a comment has been pushed off of the “recent comments” list, how do you find your way back to that discussion?

      I guess the point is we don’t actually have a proper forum at all yet. All of these comments are under the heading of blog posts, working groups, and demands.

      OK, so when *will* there be a proper forum? How about implementing Mingle Forum like Portland? There is other free forum software, like phpBB (

  • RavinX13 says:

    If you need admin of forum help please let me know.

    • RavinX13 says:

      Forum administration or setup help

    • Yes2Tents says:

      yes you need to shutdown these forums so the people with alternative views cannot be seen. Censor this sucker.

    • One Percenter says:

      Now there’s an idiot! This person requests you shut the site down so dissenting views cannot be heard. Well, should this site be shut down so the 99-percenters voices cannot be heard. Is that the democracy and freedom you request? Censorship? What happened to the rights of the people to speak their own voice. Do you not respect my right to voice my opinions? I respect yours! Just because I have made something of myself and you have not doesn’t mean you need to be angry with me. You really are clueless.

  • sandpoint says:

    Hey, there has been a lot accomplished in the last couple of weeks and people are working there ass off trying to get up to speed. This is a labor of love. No one getting their bills paid working on this site. This is a “I want it now” consumer rant. Back off and chill is my advice. I have nothing to do with this site other than I am the 99%.

    • SecedeNow says:

      You are part of the 47%. The ones who don’t pay taxes. End welfare, food stamps should only be good for beans, rice, and a bit of cooking oil. End Affirmative Action, which is only govt. discrimination against whites, deport all the illegals, then there will be jobs. The 53% are tired of paying for the parasites, nobody owes you anything.

  • Mrrphh says:

    My husband and I join you in spirit and yearn to be with you in fact. The work you are doing and the work you have already done is so valuable that I tremble to speak lest it all prove a dream. We are both 67 years old and have all of those decades of experience from which we speak. In our opinion our single most important task must be to get the money out of politics. That is the tumor that is metastasizing. It is deep, brutal, and insidious. Turn to the person next to you and hug ‘em. This really is life and death for our children and our grandchildren. Thank you for fighting!

  • wtfmonkeys says:

    So only your free speech is that which matters? Nobody else should be allowed to support an opposing view? Is this the onset of early senility?

  • old lady says:

    if you have the right type of mobile phone (i.e. iphone with 3g,) you can help the occupy seattle livestream team

    …and help keep the live channel LIVE from SEATTLE online… email mel to help:

    to see if you have the “right” type of phone, and how to rig it to help with livestreaming, see:

    come on occupiers…..let your inner reporter out! join the livestreaming team!

    next livestream….6:20 tonight

    old lady

  • old lady says:

    if you can volunteer to livestream from occupy seattle TODAY, TOMORROW..until we’re through… please contact: to hook into the channel

    no livestream yet today..but last night over 7000 viewers LIVE on occupyseattle livestream :

    …help us keep the occupy seattle livestream…live.
    love to everyone! keep it chill, stay warm and dry occupiers… we LOVE you!
    old lady

  • cleanelectric says:

    Thursday, October 13, 2011OCCUPY SEATTLE CONTACT INFO


    General Assembly Minutes, Contacts, etc.!/groups/occupyseattle/

    Occupy Seattle
    815 1st AVE #115
    Seattle, WA 98104

  • cleanelectric says:

    The deniers and ctitics of the Occupy Movements around the world are still in the first stages of grief over the realization that the world must change now. The banks, The media, The world’s governments, Oil companies, gas companies, coal companies, our agricultural system …. are all committing crimes against citizens and our earth.

    The deniers and critics are in the “denial stage”. Next they will move to sadness and fear. Next they will feel anger and they will come down and join the rest of the 99% on the street who are already at the “anger” stage of grief. When we have a majority on the street we will all “as one people” move to the final stage of grief and create a solution to solve this global problem.

    It is never to late to think critically, open your mind, and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We all have known since we were children that we collectively have been going down the wrong road for a very long time. It is time to shed the lies of media owned by government and government owned by media, and it is time to shed the indoctrinations of mega corporations owned by governments and governments control (ownership) of and in mega corporations.

    This is not just Wall Street or Seattle, this is a nine month old untold story, a global revolution which began in Tunisia and has spread around the entire globe. For the first time in history there are mulitplr revolutions in multiple countries at the same time. We all have the same core message, “people before profits.”

    This revolution is milti-faceted. This revolution is an economic revolution, a political revolution, an industrial revolution, and a social revolution all in one global outcry. You are one of the 99% — even if you don’t know it yet.

  • cleanelectric says:

    This is a partial list of supporters at Wall Street.

    •United NY
    •Strong Economy for All Coalition
    •Working Families Party
    •TWU Local 100
    •SEIU 1199 (Issued a union wide statement supporting all Occupations in the country)
    •CWA 1109
    •Communications Workers of America
    •CWA Local 1180
    •United Auto Workers
    •United Federation of Teachers
    •Professional Staff Congress – CUNY
    •National Nurses United
    •Writers Guild East

    OCCUPY SEATTLE has SEIU, Teamster, and Progressive Party Endorsements. (The Progressive Party has issued a statement of supoport for all Occupied Movements.)

    We need an updated list posted of Occupy Seattle endorsements and supporters.

  • Ryan says:

    I can’t be there in person but I am there in spirit. You are fighting the good fight – go go go!!!!!!!

  • doobie says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m a developer and happy to help in any way I can.

    Let me know if there’s anything you need help with.


  • cleanelectric says:

    Last night the Seattle cops confiscated about 125 tents and arrested 7 people. Some of the tents had backpacks and other personal belongings inside them including a list of phone numbers belonging to one of the Occupy Seattle Workgroups. Of the 7 arrested some have been released without charge and some have been held for booking.

    You may not want to make an appointment to go down to the Parks Department Revolutionary Tent Storage Facility and reclaim your property because they will ask for your name and contact information in order to retrieve it (that is if you can find it and all it’s parts) among the pile of tents that they tossed without care into the back of a few pickup trucks and without any regard whatsoever as to it’s value to the owner. To make matters worse, they could be gathering this information so that they can send you a citation in the mail.

    … Just because talks between Occupy Seattle and the Mayor’s Office broke down afetr he would not allow OS to keep tents on the City Hall Plaza during the day, (we would like tents 24hours per day in order to show solidarity with the people of more than 140 American cities and in Japan, Tokyo, England, Italy, Libya, and the other dozen or so Country’s (Whole Country’s) who are “occupying” their own community centers 24 hours per day) and also to join in solidarity fellow citizens around the globe who have been doing the same thing since the first uprising in Tunisia began 9 months ago, and since the overthrow of three middle eastern governments since then. (Each Country has one common complaint, “People Before Profits.”)

    … Just because we had a single propane cook top to try feed and to heat hot water and keep soup warm for over 200 people every day, rising to 3,500 people or so last Saturday, including a large number of homeless individuals (some chronically) from all walks of life, old women, people in wheel chairs, Vietnam War Vets, Gulf War Vets, Iraq Vets, Afghanistan Vets, and countless troubled teens….…

    … a cook top that we were forced to use because we were not allowed to use any electricity from any of the parks 6 or so padlocked duplex power outlets, and just because only about 1/2 a dozen businesses out of the entire Global Revolution (as far as Seattle is concerned) whom are unfortunate enough to be directly facing or adjacent to Westlake Park are directly affected by this act of free speech which is also protected by the First Amendment (yes, the first one.) (( But that is another story about the traditional community function of a “village green” or “town center” that has been depicted throughout history.))

    … Just because these are the only reasons that talks between the Mayor and a large group of Seattle Citizens known as Occupy Seattle are protesting in exactly the same manner as tens of thousands of fellow protesters in most of the rest of the entire world is no reason for the Seattle Police to be harassing us the way that they have been doing to all of us for more than two weeks now.
    All of the police officers that I have personally talked to (except one tonight) have been nice and we have all found common ground together when nothing else is going on and we can chat freely. We talk to the cops the same as when we all talk together while Occupying at Westlake … that is until the police “receive orders to engage.”

    THEN the police took dozens of tents and arrested more than 25 people. Then… they said we can sleep in the park only if we are in sleeping bags and tarps. Then…. during two days of torrential rain with southerly winds gusting strong enough to break umbrellas (which by the way are not allowed at Westlake by protesters, but presumably OK for shoppers to have while in the park) the cops would not allow 75 all night/all day protesters and homeless to sleep under the awnings of the building which is facing the park.

    The cops made everyone move into the driving rain which had weather conditions creating a wind chill factor of 32 degrees (freezing) at 15mph wind speed @ 40 degree’s Fahrenheit. We are not out here for fun. We have a good reason to be here. During this weather 5 people suffered the early stages of hypothermia including a man who called an ambulance on himself, I drove a man to a warm bed in West Seattle which was offered to him by a complete stranger and fellow protester, and I warmed 3 people in my car, including a 17 year old girl that is 3 months pregnant and to date has had no pre-natal care… and six other homeless individuals pooled their money together to share a single hotel room to dry off and get warm for just one night.

    Next …the cops carried out more than a dozen more arrests, 10people, then 2more, and 2 more, all for minor things like 2people out of a group of more than 2,000 marching from Westlake to the Bank Of America Tower and back on 4th … arrested for sitting in the street while the other 1, 9998 + marchers were on the sidewalk … and then the cops said we couldn’t even sleep in the park at all when the park located in the middle of downtown Seattle “is closed” as is everything else for blocks if not miles around … and they were ordered to spend several nights in a row kicking anybody who wasn’t standing to wake them up and keep us awake.

    I did manage to prevent one cop from waking the protester next to me because I pointed out to the cop that he was one of the many protesters who had brought their children with him and his boy (about 3years old) was fast asleep in a snug sleeping bag next to him on one of the few starry nights that we have had out here in the last two weeks.

    During this whole government melee against citizens of Seattle, the cops took our “outreach tent”, which was not just a food and medical service meant to serve those of us who are exercising our First Amendment Rights in America in solidarity with people around the globe, but our human services tent was also for all of the teen kids on our streets for diverse and ever growing homeless population our city that has plagued us for years.

    The cops took our port-a-potties from Westlake which were donated by a supporter of occupy Seattle (and not provided to us by the city as was falsely reported in tv news) so that once again there is nowhere for anybody to use a restroom downtown for miles around downtown in the middle of the night, or even during the day for that matter in most cases, unless you buy a sack of French fries, cup of coffee, or stick of gum except for the other two port-a-potties that Occupy Seattle supporters have nine blocks away in their encampment at Seattle City Hall. This is certainly an awkward chapter for a mayor that has upwards of 2,000 to 2,500 Occupy Seattle Protesters taking part in the Global Revolution at any given moment.

    NEXT … … the cops descended upon us all in overwhelminmg numbers at 6:00 in the morning yesterday, (more than 75 cops) and they confiscated more than 125 tents in the name of the Seattle Parks Department, arrested 7, took our information booth’s “patio awning.” and left those of us left in such disarray that the morning commuters and general public think that we cannot even clean up our own trash when the reality of it all is that we as a large group of citizens occupying Westlake who have more than 16,000 additional supporters on-line: are trying to do just that.

    If it were not for the mayor’s office refusal to allow us such a large group on the street to have sanitation, electricity, shelter, basic human services, and an acknowledgment that this is not about Seattle’s precious Westlake, the park’s annual Christmas Merry-Go-Round, or the local Christmas shopping retail statistics, this is all about world wide corporate money (mostly American money) derailing global politics, free speech, corporate environmental suicide, vs. common people in 140 U.S. cities and dozens of Countries in the free and not so free world getting together to do the right thing as a global community simply because it is the right thing to do.

    I think that WE in America who support the American Occupy Movement and the people willing to camp out voluntarily in these conditions should go hassle all of the people across our great nation who slept in tents last night (without the interference, arrest and seizure of personal property by government and police) at shopping malls around this country in order to be the first on their block to buy the new I-phone… and we should ask them if we may borrow their tents for the revolution now that they are done purchasing a new phone and their night sleeping in a tent outside a shopping mall is done.