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  • Rachel Shapiro says:


    I wasn’t able to attend the General Assembly, so am looking for a way to get involved. Please keep me posted!


    • kt says:


      there are GA’s every day at westlake, the current occupation location. it seems 12pm, and 4:30pm are the common times. info should be either on this site, or on the facebook page.

      we are still organizing…

      • Future Man says:

        Hey Everyone,
        I just thought that we should have multiple GA meetings each day, and through their attendance they will define their own weight. The Occupy Wall St. group holds two GA meetings every day and has been able to come together really quickly through this by recognizing their needs.
        Also, a schedule of events on the side of the home page, much like the Occupy Wall St. website would be really helpful for people to see if times or locations get changed. Also you can post info about planned roving pickets.
        Future Man

    • Dktr_Sus says:

      Is anyone keeping track of how many ppl on site have encountered ‘bullying’ (yelling/directed obscenities/intimidation by loud threats) from their fellow protesters? Isn’t this something we should ALL be addressing in ALL of the work groups. This is not a GA or “other group” issue … these bullies are standing next to all of us.

      • Princess says:

        People are mad. Thank God (or whatever) for that. Should we be addressing it? Oh sure, and we are. The other night at the GA someone started yelling anti-protest comments at the GA, outside of the process, and they were summarily de-twinkled, which led to a couple of our guys escorting them out of the GA. So it is already happening. What we need to avoid though, is rampantly creating more hierarchy and bureaucracy when things can more easily be done organically. This is similar in concept to the sustainability group, which is really just something that should be made an organic part of every group. Examples would be not needlessly printing flyers in Outreach, not wasting resources in Food, ensuring we skate along the legality of keeping warm by not having our shelters confiscated in Shelter, and things of that nature. We do not need a working group for every single issue. But perhaps I’ve overflowing your concern… or subverting to my own ends. xD

        • Dktr_Sus says:

          Exactly, Princess! Thank you, you amplified my thoughts well. We all need to just be more aware and more involved in identifying what could be intimidating and/or hurtful to others around us. Disagreement is good; mirroring the 1% disregard for – and abuse of – others is NOT ;-)

          (We definitely do NOT need to turn this over to a committee!)

  • rebecca says:

    So i am confused by this website. I am trying to form a discussion thread for folks from bellingham so we can have a place to discuss and coordinate rides and supplies to bring for next weekend. But I am not seeing any discussion threads here….maybe im blind? :P I hope it is going well down there! much love!

  • Anyone interested in doing outreach on UW campus? If you are already doing so, I’m available to help.


  • I am organizing a silent meditation flash mob this Friday Oct 7 at noon at Westlake Center. I have no idea if OccupySeattle will still be there, but I was inspired by the meditation flash mob on Wall Street, and have set up an event on FB. If it’s just me and some friends meditating, no harm done. It would be great to have people of all traditions though join us.

  • Richard Curtis says:

    Hi All,

    Love the idea of having these demonstrations (occupations) all over the country. Where is it in Seattle? I think a little more attention to the specifics in your communications would help. I would love to help but do not know where things are happening.

    Good luck!


    • kt says:

      hi richard,

      we are currently located at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle. it is unclear in our release because we do not know yet whether we will be forcibly removed. it looks like we are here for a while, though.


  • Libby Smith says:

    We do not have the capitalism and “free markets” that the Adam Smith the “founding father” of capitilism described. Adam Smith would be in the streets with the Occupy movement.
    ” Adam Smith believed his self-correcting free markets were ideal for small businesses in a domestic economy. Integrated in their communities, these businesses would be influenced directly by the needs and demands of consumers, and any dangerous or abusive conduct would rarely affect the broader economy. But Smith treated large, powerful companies very differently. He said big business was led by “an order of men…that generally have an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public”, and he referred to powerful corporations (then known as joint stock companies) as “unaccountable sovereigns” that were as dangerous to free markets as tyrannical governments. Unrestrained, they had the power to shape society and governments for their own purposes, and consumers would pay for “all the extraordinary profits” while suffering from “all the extraordinary waste”, the inherent fraud and abuse, that accompanies such immense economic power.

    Smith stated emphatically that a strong government, acting through democratic and legal institutions, was the only entity capable of challenging such corporate power. Smith supported necessary government regulations, labor and human rights, public education, and progressive taxation to ease the economic and social inequities he knew would occur in a capitalist system. Without these “liberal” measures, social and political unrest would threaten a nation’s stability and his free market economy could not survive.


  • Bart says:

    I am not a member of the Outreach group (I’m in Demands) but I know an anarchist collective near Lake City, and have urged them to take action and join/support the occupation, and to spread the word to the many other intentional communities around Seattle.

    Forming a collective is an anti-corporate action by nature and most of these are sympathetic to our cause AND politically active as a group or as individual members.

    My call to arms may not be enough leverage to them and maybe you might send them a more official mail from the movement itself. lakesidecollective@gmail.com

    Here is a list of further communities that might be worthwhile to go through, collect contact information and send out calls and mails about the occupation to. This fertile fishing pool might very well dramatically increase our numbers and/or support in other forms such as donations, help with logistics or media, etc.



    • kt says:

      hi bart,

      THANK YOU. awesome contacts. I will get on this.


      ps – would you like to be an “official member of the movement”? I can knight you myself. :)

  • I have a strong “heart pull” to bring the SingPeace! gypsy wagon to Occupy Seattle for several days in advance of the October 15 Global event. It has solar electric lights, a 2-burner cookstove, a propane stove for warming cold bodies, etc. I am connecting with singer/songweavers who do great community-building music. Will you help me to facilitate putting the wagon at Westlake Mall? I will stay with it! http://singpeacepilgrimage.ning.com
    Peace & blessings, pushkara

    • kt says:

      hi pushkara,

      I think we would all welcome such a wagon at the occupation. however, you should know that it is not “legal” for us to be pitching tents and sleeping there, and as such it will not be legal for your wagon either. that said, the police have been nothing but polite so far. and the fear of arrests tonight has proved vacant. if you would like to take the risk, you should come on down. you have a right to be there as much as we do. I do not know about accomodating something of a large size, you may want to come examine the site and space constraints first. so far, we have only tents, no trailers. please let me know any other details and I will try and help you.


  • Lara says:

    I’d love to get involved in the cause. I came down to Saturday’s general assembly, but I didn’t get signed up to a group. How do I go about getting involved?
    I already have some ideas in the works independently…

  • kt says:

    The Outreach, Diversity & Welcoming group has come up with 3 concise points to use when recruiting for Occupy. We felt that it may be useful to have unified verbiage for the group to use, should they choose to. Please use the WHAT, WHY, and JOIN verbiage below as you deem appropriate.

    A diverse group of Seattleites is beginning a non-violent, extended public occupation of downtown Seattle. The occupation is part of a national movement that started with the Occupy Wall Street resistance movement in New York City.

    By joining the nationwide Occupy movement, we want to focus elected officials and the voting public on the majority’s desire to take our government and country back from the big money interests that currently hold undue sway over decisions affecting us all. We are coming together in large numbers to effect this change.

    Join us at our occupation site in downtown Seattle for as much time as you have – an hour, a day, overnight. It all has an impact.
    Donate supplies. Check out http://www.occupyseattle.org or the Occupy Seattle Facebook page for info on items that are needed for those occupying (food, blankets, etc).

    Get involved.
    Occupy Seattle on Facebook

    • RM says:

      Did I miss the GA where this what, why and join was approved? The why seems to make a blanket statement which, while I completely agree with it, I’m concerned that to be publicly distributed it needs a consensus by the GA if it doesn’t already have one.

      Peace and solidarity,

      • kt says:


        We thought that it was general enough, and vague enough, and after running it by our entire group, and the leaders of each of the working groups, we went forward with it. Perhaps these very general statements should be brought before the GA. Is there a way to make them more general, I’m wondering? I know that the previous text on all of the pages was never approved by GA and was also sexist (talking about our “brothers” in other cities).

  • Coulkd we ask a youth group to help us care for the street kids that hang out on the fringe of our camp?

    ~pete (fundraising)

    • Future Man says:

      These kids should be welcomed into the group and often times you can learn a lot from them about how to get what you need while on the street. They should be seen as a really valuable resource of information.

  • RM says:

    Hello everyone!

    The WA State AFL/CIO and the King County/Seattle Building and Construction Trades have voted unanimously to endorse us! Thank you Susan, with the Outreach working group, for all your hard work!


    • Aaron says:

      I keep hearing this union or that union is with us but I never see any feet on the ground or people presence. I think it should be discussed at the GA that we tell the unions we appreciate their statement of support but if they aren’t bringing their members then all they bring are words and not actual help.

  • theScottsman says:

    Bringing reinforcements to westlake!

  • Gwen says:

    I am writing here because I am having a real problem reaching out to people about Occupy Seattle. I have been talking to people non-stop. I am doing my best to help facilitate finding our common ground. The good news is that I have yet to find anyone of any political leaning that doesn’t support the idea that corporations should not have the control over our government that they currently do. However, every time I start to pull someone in they are immediately scared away by either the “your ideas are way too conservative for this movement, you don’t belong here” attitude or the super aggressive “Fuck the pigs!” anger that is being portrayed at our occupation. I’m doing my best to put out fires but I feel really strongly that we need to start speaking about diversity and unity as a group. I don’t necessarily think this is something that will be solved through general assembly. I think we need to talk this through in smaller groups where we can have a real dialogue. The movement is growing, but I think that our Seattle occupation is in real danger of being strangled to death.

    One idea that might help is if we start using a more unified message. Someone on the OccupyWallSt forums threw out the idea of unifying around the simple statement “we want to restore the government to the people!” I have been saying “We are the 99% and we want our government back!”. To me, it helps to have a sort of mission to center and focus us. With more focus I think we would be more inclined to accept differences and not get distracted by the actions of the police. After all, diversity of thought is what democracy looks like.


    • Ken says:

      Interesting points. I think you should give your ideas a try. “Hanging in there” is most important, however, but I also think what you are experiencing is just part of Seattle’s culture. Are you from Seattle originally?

      • Gwen says:

        I am not from Seattle originally. I hope that this hatred isn’t the true culture of Seattle. We need all who support the cause to show up and participate.

    • erleichda says:

      My thoughts are that we are dealing with bullies. The only way to fight them is with compassion. We need to stand up for those who have it the worst under the current economic/political system. We may have valid complaints in the United States, but they mean nothing next to the suffering of some. My suggestion is we ask everyone to send aid to those who need it most. We fight for the weakest among us first. We all know the worst horrors of the corrupt system we live under aren’t happening here. And the 99% knows no borders. Compassion and love are the enemies of greed.

    • kt says:

      I agree with Ken. In movements here, the first to show up are the angry yellers who aren’t really interested in organizing to be effective. I think we all know that there are rather straightforward, unifying causes that we can all agree on. THOSE should be given priority, if we are all going to gather in solidarity.

      I think we would do well to have a couple of “all hands on deck” gathering times per week. I have been proposing Tuesday night at 6pm, and Saturdays at 12pm. This way, the part-timers, and everyone, can prioritize their attendance and we can discover what we do want as a whole, together.

      please don’t give up. seattle has a lot of rowdy individuals, but they are not the only ones here.

    • 54ibew46 says:

      If there is any indication that we, as Seattle people, have little experience in making decisions for ourselves, it would be the constant push pull at the GA meetings and cacophony of messages, motivations and desires. We DO have some experience at being a mob, as evidenced by the eviction by cops yesterday; nobody had to be told how to resist, even the most hard corp black block anarchist sat down, linked arms with the peace heathens and high school kids and maintained the strictest discipline I have ever seen.

      As we get to know eachother better we will naturally form into different alliances of like minded people, a human chain of groups that will BE its own mission. No mission statement or unified message will be necessary, all sentient human beings will know why we are there, the signs are all around us. I want the 1% to come to us, to offer their suggestions which we can argue over at the GA and over bowls of soup. I want to be a part of a huge ,self replicating, headless monster that seeks its own level of identity and representation.

      I speak as a trade union member that has been in countless negotiations with management, offering demands and proposals, contract after contract, constantly loosing ground against the juggernaut of corporate needs. Until unions strike, withhold their labor from the corporation, demands and unifying slogans mean nothing to them. Make no mistake, OccupySeattle is a strike, a walk out, a refusal of Seattle people to be the nice, polite, accommodating citzens they are rumored to be. Do not mistake civility and quiet reserve for weakness or lack of resolve; do not confuse harsh language and anger for stupidity or immaturity. The future is not written, we are Seattle people and will decide what it will be.

      • Gwen says:

        Thank you for this response. I have no choice but to keep trying, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night otherwise. It’s hard when the loudest voices are the most aggressive to get others to join me, but I will keep trying.

  • – Reform wall street and corporate law in the following ways;

    – increase the tax burden so that it is AT LEAST equal to what the middle class pays in taxes, if not more.

    – hold corporations responsible for their criminal actions by prosecuting individuals and imposing harsher fines. For example if a chemical company explodes and kills civilians as well as contaminating the local environment they should be held accountable for ALL monetary expenses and criminally accountable for reckless endangerment or manslaughter, just as any individual should be.

    – Increased Taxing of Capital gains.

    -patent reform to encourage domestic innovation and a competitive edge/ faster reviews for inventors

    – no more subsidies for agricultural giants producing destructive and wasteful crops which cost more to raise than they do on the market. example: being paid to let milk spoil or fields go unseeded/ Subsidizing corn sugars so that there is a massively inflated supply so that our supermarkets are inundated with corn by products that are more expensive to produce than what is paid for them on the open market at this time.

    – basic employee rights including rights to privacy, healthcare, family/vacation/sick leave and overtime.

    – stricter regulations on risky lending practices and speculator trading.

    – more audits and criminal review boards on the state and federal level.

    – no more broad sweeping bail outs

    -caps on profit margins when money is owed to the federal government

    – incentives for investing and cooperating with small business

    -reduced taxes on small business’s and entrepreneurs

    – stronger antitrust and anti-monopoly laws

    -Government reform and social policy

    -End the Iraq and Afghan wars

    – socialized health care or repeal the forced purchasing of health insurance …its unconstitutional

    – end the Drug war, by decriminalizing simple possession and legalizing all marijuana products and allow taxation on them. Retroactively releasing prisoners imprisoned for drug related charges

    – abolish the prison industrial complex which incentives incarcerating people for nonviolent crimes.

    – strengthen environmental protection laws while also encouraging more sustainable use of our resources , possibly through state run projects with low profit margins.

    – stronger limits on insurance and pharmaceutical corporation business models. encouraging generics and lower premiums.

    – repeal patriot act

    – increase civil rights and basic privacy such as outlawing, indefinite detentions, detention without trial or charges filed within 48 hours, wireless internet/ phone surveillance without a warrant, drug screens in schools and

    – allow all civil unions the same rights as married couples

    -continue funding or increase funding of planned parenthood

    -decrease our military spending drastically…it does not need to make up 54% of our anual federal budget.

    -stop using depleted uranium rounds in war

    -increase access to student loans for the middle class

    -socialize access to basic community college classes for local residents

    -abolish standardized testing like the WASL

    – Hold law enforcement members to a higher standard of legal responsibility when they are involved in acts of violence or harassment…no more getting off the hook when murdering woodcarvers.

    – Stricter guidelines for using tasers, pepperspray and deadly force. Tasers should be used when other methods of control have failed and should be second only to deadly force, because they ARE deadly force in some instances.

    – abolish mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines

    -increase the power and scope of state and local law
    This is a partial list of demands for social justice and change. It is no where near complete but encompasses many of my core beliefs regarding issues I think can be addressed in a practical and realistic way.

  • Many are seeking to understand how to stand against tyranny without contributing to negative energies. This may help: http://supremeboundlessway.com/2011/10/01/occupy-right-action-–-the-spiritual-practice-social-activism/

  • Amy says:

    I would like to be able to bring my family to the protest however my children are young and I do not wish to expose them to unnecessary language or explain what “fuck” means to a 5 year old. I would like to propose that 2-4 hours of every weekend be appropriate for families with young children. I think if you have a “safe” time to invite families out you might have better luck growing your numbers. Not everyone has a babysitter on standby and it would allow more diversity.
    Perhaps the group has already toned down it’s language and it is already appropriate for younger children?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Michael Carey says:

      I agree somewhat. I think that if protesters see little children, they should tone down the language, but I don’t think a specific designated “family time” would work because this is a guerrilla occupation with very little structure.

      • Amy says:

        If consideration is used when younger children are present that would be great. This would not be the first protest for my children to attend. Do not forget we do this for our future and their’s. They should be a part of it as much as anyone else.

        • Princess says:

          I’m sure if you have any troubles with being by a group that is using loud cusswords that you could either move to a different spot or ask them to stop for your children. Most probably will. But other than that, you could explain to the children that harsh words like “fuck” are used when adults are angry and its like saying “kill” or “die!” to someone (in a child’s perspective).

    • Lindsey says:

      I’m similarly concerned about bringing my young kids, but more about general safety than cursing.(I’m pretty foul-mouthed myself.) none of the other rallies my kids have been to have had rashes of arrests, harsh police involvement, or visible drug use… And they’ve been to a lot. Is it safe for a single mom to bring two small kids? (2 and 4)

    • Pascal says:

      I brought my three year old today, and she had such a good time she’s begging to go back tomorrow. I think the key is to scope out a good spot, put down your stuff, and invite other people you see with kids to sit down with you. I also brought some books, stickers, and art supplies–she had a great time making her own sign (well, decorating it anyway). And SNACKS. I think it is really important for the gathering to be representative of the whole population. People really light up when they see the kids, and it puts a very human face on the issues. That being said, if your kids are freaked out, uncomfortable, or if you feel it is unsafe for any reason of course you shouldn’t force it. I’m not a veteran protester, but as a mother, I really felt moved to come down–all I want is a better future for my daughter, so I felt it was important for her to be a part of it. And we weren’t alone, there were definitely other families there.

      • jay says:

        I am moved to bring my 1 year old down as well. i think this is about human beings and our rights to live on this earth. I am tired of our country shipping our jobs away.. I am tired of this capitalistic consumer driven society that spends its time distracted by sedating technology. Back to the earth I say!

      • Dktr_Sus says:

        I loved seeing all the kids joining in marching and dancing yesterday. We need more families on site. There seems to be a ‘light space’ around these peaceful groups – all smiles and joy – that the rowdies avoid. (Maybe we are just too boring.) It is all good ;-)

  • Michu says:

    Five year old kids might be too young for this kind of an event. If families would really like to support the movement, maybe one can go. The other stays home and look after the kids.

    • Lindsey says:

      Why, Michu? My kids have been to every Pride, MLK Day rallies and marches, and my older child passed out Referrendum 71 stickers and buttons at numerous marches and public events during that election year. Is this occupation really as violent as the media portrays it, or does it welcome representation from all segments of the 99%, including children?

    • msaraann says:

      This perspective isn’t helpful. My children want to be a part of the movement. They don’t want to continue being segregated from real “adult” life (nor do I as a mother for having children). It’s safety, not curse words, that I would worry about. It would be nice to purposefully include and welcome children.

  • JenniferGal says:

    If there are designs already created I’d be willing to print off a bunch for distribution. I can’t seem to find any to download. I know this is all a whirl-wind situation. I my hours at work are all over the place, I’ll try to hit up the GA tomorrow night. I wouldn’t consider myself a graphic artist, but I love composition and would be willing to put general info posters together if none currently exist.


    • Dktr_Sus says:

      Have you done any guerrilla art? Any Banksy kind of stuff? Could you help others learn how to do it well? Seems culture jamming would be more useful than the corporate-style poster/flyer thing. Save paper & #occupyART #occupyPublicSpace

  • Chris says:

    So here is a link to the FB sister site for Occupy Seattle. I created a QRE code (the little black and white checkered square logos that allow smart phones to take pictures and then direct the user to a link to a website ) In any case, i thought it could go up on around town or on leaflets. Maybe worked into some artwork (ill be doing this) Id like to see some creativity folks : D enjoy.


  • standasmany says:

    It has come to a place where the many are overshadowed by the few. We the people continue to rebel in the streets. Even as we are called instigators and fools by the very people that represent us. I call on all people to stand with the hope that our voice is heard once again. We must reject: Money influencing our nations policy decisions. We must reject: Unconstitutional suppression of voting rights anywhere and in any form. We must reject: The few controlling the destiny of the many.

    Stewart Green

  • nolongermyself says:

    I received this email today. Any help that anyone can provide him please do. Thanks.



    I hope everything is going well in Seattle, and it looks like you guys have seriously pulled some awesome things together so far! I heard about the arrests and your tents being taken, so I also hope you’re all staying strong. I’m not sure if I’m emailing the right person about this, but I wasn’t sure what each group fully involved themselves in. If not, please let me know who to email!

    We’re starting an occupation up in Augusta, Georgia, and we were wondering if there was any information or tips you could give to us in how you got things rolling and to the point where you’re at now? We would really, really appreciate any help so we can do this right.

    Keep loud, and thanks for any time you can give us!


  • Teresa says:

    I work.
    I vote.
    I have $.97 to my name.
    Shame on corporate greed and our government.
    Shame on the Seattle Police Department for ticketing a cab driver last night for honking his support of Occupy Seattle.

  • GingerMac says:

    Hi all,

    I know we’re all just getting organized, but I wanted to know if there is any intention to reach out to local business and non-profits in a cohesive way.

    I am an Energy Auditor, and I am part of the http://www.HomePerformanceWashington.org trade group. I believe that may Contractors in the business of making homes more healthy, comfortable & energy efficient have goals closely aligned with the Occupy Movement. I would be happy to present a discussion at one of our monthly trade meetings as a representative of Occupy Seattle – is there anyone on your team who wants to join me and/or what sort of message/questions/challenges/requests do we have to make of local businesses?

  • kt says:

    Hi All,

    I have received funding for and printed 500 BEAUTIFUL color posters from OccupyTogether.org. I’m interested in finding volunteers to poster specific neighborhoods, including going into local businesses and asking them to display in windows.

    Please email me at KRTread@gmail if you want to sign up for a neighborhood.


  • Future Man says:

    This is Future Man from Bellingham and I ran the Information table on Sunday almost the entire day and wanted to provide my reflection on what I saw that day.

    What should be available at the table:

    List of Working Group meeting times and locations (made regular if possible, otherwise updated by representatives daily).
    Overhead map of the park and perhaps also surrounding area, with labeled bathrooms, art table, GA meeting area, info table, supply tent, ect.
    Daily calendar of teach-ins, workshops, discussions.
    Calendar of scheduled rallies, walkouts, teach-ins, speakers, ect.
    Sign up sheets for people to get on work group contact lists.
    3 Ring Binder with plastic slips to insert: GA meeting notes, contact lists, media statement, supply needs, info-table sheets to copy, ect. for on-site review.
    Leaflets with suggestions for people to get involved without having to occupy at Westlake, such as: websites (occupyseattle.org, occupytogether.org, october2011.org) to get involved with, officials to call requesting support, general assembly time, ect.

    I really want to stress the importance for people who are establishing systems to be able to empower others by informing them of how to fill roles in the community. By holding more teach-ins to train people and share skills needed to volunteer in: the supply tent, park sanitation, info table, facilitation, or conflict resolution, the stronger we’ll be as a whole and the less some people will feel overworked and annoyed. If you begin to feel stressed by the work you’re doing, it is probably important for you to take a break and allow someone else a chance to take over. Remember, we’re all volunteers and if something isn’t working for you, there are always other venues to redirect your efforts to.

    I hope some of this helps.
    Future Man

  • cleanelectric says:

    Thursday, October 13, 2011OCCUPY SEATTLE CONTACT INFO
    NEEDS LIST: http://www.supporttheoccupation.com

    LIVE STREAM http://www.livestream.com/owsoccupyseattle

    General Assembly Minutes, Contacts, etc. http://www.occupyseattle.org


    Occupy Seattle
    815 1st AVE #115
    Seattle, WA 98104

  • cleanelectric says:

    The deniers and ctitics of the Occupy Movements around the world are still in the first stages of grief over the realization that the world must change now. The banks, The media, The world’s governments, Oil companies, gas companies, coal companies, our agricultural system …. are all committing crimes against citizens and our earth.

    The deniers and critics are in the “denial stage”. Next they will move to sadness and fear. Next they will feel anger and they will come down and join the rest of the 99% on the street who are already at the “anger” stage of grief. When we have a majority on the street we will all “as one people” move to the final stage of grief and create a solution to solve this global problem.

    It is never to late to think critically, open your mind, and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We all have known since we were children that we collectively have been going down the wrong road for a very long time. It is time to shed the lies of media owned by government and government owned by media, and it is time to shed the indoctrinations of mega corporations owned by governments and governments control (ownership) of and in mega corporations.

    This is not just Wall Street or Seattle, this is a nine month old untold story, a global revolution which began in Tunisia and has spread around the entire globe. For the first time in history there are mulitplr revolutions in multiple countries at the same time. We all have the same core message, “people before profits.”

    This revolution is milti-faceted. This revolution is an economic revolution, a political revolution, an industrial revolution, and a social revolution all in one global outcry. You are one of the 99% — even if you don’t know it yet.

  • cleanelectric says:

    This is a partial list of supporters at Wall Street.

    •United NY
    •Strong Economy for All Coalition
    •Working Families Party
    •TWU Local 100
    •SEIU 1199 (Issued a union wide statement supporting all Occupations in the country)
    •CWA 1109
    •Communications Workers of America
    •CWA Local 1180
    •United Auto Workers
    •United Federation of Teachers
    •Professional Staff Congress – CUNY
    •National Nurses United
    •Writers Guild East

    OCCUPY SEATTLE has SEIU, Teamster, and Progressive Party Endorsements. (The Progressive Party has issued a statement of supoport for all Occupied Movements.)

    We need an updated list posted of Occupy Seattle endorsements and supporters.

  • cleanelectric says:

    Last night the Seattle cops confiscated about 125 tents and arrested 7 people. Some of the tents had backpacks and other personal belongings inside them including a list of phone numbers belonging to one of the Occupy Seattle Workgroups. Of the 7 arrested some have been released without charge and some have been held for booking.

    You may not want to make an appointment to go down to the Parks Department Revolutionary Tent Storage Facility and reclaim your property because they will ask for your name and contact information in order to retrieve it (that is if you can find it and all it’s parts) among the pile of tents that they tossed without care into the back of a few pickup trucks and without any regard whatsoever as to it’s value to the owner. To make matters worse, they could be gathering this information so that they can send you a citation in the mail.

    … Just because talks between Occupy Seattle and the Mayor’s Office broke down afetr he would not allow OS to keep tents on the City Hall Plaza during the day, (we would like tents 24hours per day in order to show solidarity with the people of more than 140 American cities and in Japan, Tokyo, England, Italy, Libya, and the other dozen or so Country’s (Whole Country’s) who are “occupying” their own community centers 24 hours per day) and also to join in solidarity fellow citizens around the globe who have been doing the same thing since the first uprising in Tunisia began 9 months ago, and since the overthrow of three middle eastern governments since then. (Each Country has one common complaint, “People Before Profits.”)

    … Just because we had a single propane cook top to try feed and to heat hot water and keep soup warm for over 200 people every day, rising to 3,500 people or so last Saturday, including a large number of homeless individuals (some chronically) from all walks of life, old women, people in wheel chairs, Vietnam War Vets, Gulf War Vets, Iraq Vets, Afghanistan Vets, and countless troubled teens….…

    … a cook top that we were forced to use because we were not allowed to use any electricity from any of the parks 6 or so padlocked duplex power outlets, and just because only about 1/2 a dozen businesses out of the entire Global Revolution (as far as Seattle is concerned) whom are unfortunate enough to be directly facing or adjacent to Westlake Park are directly affected by this act of free speech which is also protected by the First Amendment (yes, the first one.) (( But that is another story about the traditional community function of a “village green” or “town center” that has been depicted throughout history.))

    … Just because these are the only reasons that talks between the Mayor and a large group of Seattle Citizens known as Occupy Seattle are protesting in exactly the same manner as tens of thousands of fellow protesters in most of the rest of the entire world is no reason for the Seattle Police to be harassing us the way that they have been doing to all of us for more than two weeks now.
    All of the police officers that I have personally talked to (except one tonight) have been nice and we have all found common ground together when nothing else is going on and we can chat freely. We talk to the cops the same as when we all talk together while Occupying at Westlake … that is until the police “receive orders to engage.”

    THEN the police took dozens of tents and arrested more than 25 people. Then… they said we can sleep in the park only if we are in sleeping bags and tarps. Then…. during two days of torrential rain with southerly winds gusting strong enough to break umbrellas (which by the way are not allowed at Westlake by protesters, but presumably OK for shoppers to have while in the park) the cops would not allow 75 all night/all day protesters and homeless to sleep under the awnings of the building which is facing the park.

    The cops made everyone move into the driving rain which had weather conditions creating a wind chill factor of 32 degrees (freezing) at 15mph wind speed @ 40 degree’s Fahrenheit. We are not out here for fun. We have a good reason to be here. During this weather 5 people suffered the early stages of hypothermia including a man who called an ambulance on himself, I drove a man to a warm bed in West Seattle which was offered to him by a complete stranger and fellow protester, and I warmed 3 people in my car, including a 17 year old girl that is 3 months pregnant and to date has had no pre-natal care… and six other homeless individuals pooled their money together to share a single hotel room to dry off and get warm for just one night.

    Next …the cops carried out more than a dozen more arrests, 10people, then 2more, and 2 more, all for minor things like 2people out of a group of more than 2,000 marching from Westlake to the Bank Of America Tower and back on 4th … arrested for sitting in the street while the other 1, 9998 + marchers were on the sidewalk … and then the cops said we couldn’t even sleep in the park at all when the park located in the middle of downtown Seattle “is closed” as is everything else for blocks if not miles around … and they were ordered to spend several nights in a row kicking anybody who wasn’t standing to wake them up and keep us awake.

    I did manage to prevent one cop from waking the protester next to me because I pointed out to the cop that he was one of the many protesters who had brought their children with him and his boy (about 3years old) was fast asleep in a snug sleeping bag next to him on one of the few starry nights that we have had out here in the last two weeks.

    During this whole government melee against citizens of Seattle, the cops took our “outreach tent”, which was not just a food and medical service meant to serve those of us who are exercising our First Amendment Rights in America in solidarity with people around the globe, but our human services tent was also for all of the teen kids on our streets for diverse and ever growing homeless population our city that has plagued us for years.

    The cops took our port-a-potties from Westlake which were donated by a supporter of occupy Seattle (and not provided to us by the city as was falsely reported in tv news) so that once again there is nowhere for anybody to use a restroom downtown for miles around downtown in the middle of the night, or even during the day for that matter in most cases, unless you buy a sack of French fries, cup of coffee, or stick of gum except for the other two port-a-potties that Occupy Seattle supporters have nine blocks away in their encampment at Seattle City Hall. This is certainly an awkward chapter for a mayor that has upwards of 2,000 to 2,500 Occupy Seattle Protesters taking part in the Global Revolution at any given moment.

    NEXT … … the cops descended upon us all in overwhelminmg numbers at 6:00 in the morning yesterday, (more than 75 cops) and they confiscated more than 125 tents in the name of the Seattle Parks Department, arrested 7, took our information booth’s “patio awning.” and left those of us left in such disarray that the morning commuters and general public think that we cannot even clean up our own trash when the reality of it all is that we as a large group of citizens occupying Westlake who have more than 16,000 additional supporters on-line: are trying to do just that.

    If it were not for the mayor’s office refusal to allow us such a large group on the street to have sanitation, electricity, shelter, basic human services, and an acknowledgment that this is not about Seattle’s precious Westlake, the park’s annual Christmas Merry-Go-Round, or the local Christmas shopping retail statistics, this is all about world wide corporate money (mostly American money) derailing global politics, free speech, corporate environmental suicide, vs. common people in 140 U.S. cities and dozens of Countries in the free and not so free world getting together to do the right thing as a global community simply because it is the right thing to do.

    I think that WE in America who support the American Occupy Movement and the people willing to camp out voluntarily in these conditions should go hassle all of the people across our great nation who slept in tents last night (without the interference, arrest and seizure of personal property by government and police) at shopping malls around this country in order to be the first on their block to buy the new I-phone… and we should ask them if we may borrow their tents for the revolution now that they are done purchasing a new phone and their night sleeping in a tent outside a shopping mall is done.

  • ReachOccupySeattle says:

    Hey since the Outreach contact been unreachable, I wanted to let everyone know I’l be the new contact! My name is Andrew and you can email me at– reachoccupyseattle@gmail.com

  • jonramer says:

    I hope this finds you well. We want to thank you for all the time and effort you’re putting into strengthening Occupy Seattle. We are reaching out to you as members of the outreach, diversity and welcoming working group.

    There are many people who want to contribute to the groundswell of people rising up to call for change. An unsanctioned group of individuals, with me being one, are hosting an event on Saturday, December 10 at 12PM in the University district. The details are below.

    Our intent is to build a bridge from the people who are currently involved that’ll reach the people that are interested in getting involved. We ask for your support in promoting this event and we invite you to participate at this event to further the work you’re doing in building outreach, diversity and being welcoming to others interested in getting involved.

    I look forward to discussing this further.
    Jon Ramer
    206 972-7356

    Occupy This Moment!
    It takes a village to turn a moment into a movement.
    What might our village contribute to the Occupy Movement?

    We invite you to join with us on Saturday, December 10th at 12 PM until 4 PM at the University Christian Church 4731 15th Avenue Northeast, Seattle on the corner of 15th Avenue NE and 50th Street NE.

    Occupy Wall Street is the best hope in years that “We the People” will take on the critical challenges of our time. However, many of us don’t understand the new terminology (People’s Mic, General Assembly, Working Groups, Direct Actions, etc.), what resources are available, and how to get involved.

    We invite you to join with us to strengthen our understanding of the core principles and new practices of deep democracy while we create spaces for communities to engage in collective action. Lets gather to offer everyone a chance to make change, linking the local to the global to create a more equitable and just future for everyone.

    We are reclaiming our power; come join with us. Is this what deep democracy looks like?

    This event is being hosted by an unsanctioned, leaderless group of citizens interested in building a bridge from this moment to a powerful movement for change. They represent a growing list of organizations including the Cascadia Center, Center for Ethical Leadership, Compassionate Action Network, For the Grandchildren, One Becoming One…

    There is a suggested $5 fee to cover the cost of refreshments and space, no one will be turned away and all are welcome. Questions? Visit http://my.compassionateactionnetwork.com/events/occupy-this-moment

  • Whitneysparrow1 says:

    After attending last night’s GA (my first GA), I am concerned about what I heard regarding the movement not being accessible to campers and homeless folks due to lack on internet and phone access. Has this working group been doing anything to help remedy that problem? Or is that not within the scope of “Outreach, Diversity, and Welcoming.”


  • Chase says:

    We currently have no contact info for the Outreach work group on the website. can you give us emails and/our phone numbers for a point of contact? If you would like a non-gmail email ICT can provide you one.