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  • I am interested in getting involved with an planning/producing of art or entertainment that is going on. Thanks!

    • Great! Thank you, can you email me at…In the subject please write ready to help!…We are trying to get a group together this Saturday at 10am in West Seattle to put together a few banners and do some street team work, I will email you more info..If you know of any others interested please try to bring them also we will need lots of hands..Stay connected with us on Facebook, we encourage people to look at the project list and try to take lead on which ever you feel you would be best at..We have a contact list we can get you also so that you can reach out to other
      A & E members. Thank you for your interest! Yze 99

    • It would be great if someone could organize some poetry podeums on each corner of the Occupation site..Each poet could outline the movement as a whole through there own creative expression. This would be great to get people involved and educate the passers by…We need to stay in contact with the demands and media group about poetry content. We dont want to send out the wrong messages and we want to make sure we are all on the same page as one movement…If you can help lead this idea Rebecca that would be wonderful…Thank you!

      • Joshua says:

        I think that’s a great idea, and one that’s has been scratching at my brain, too. This can be a workgroup thing (and if I get a chance I’ll mention it today), but nothing prevents anyone from taking a corner themselves and start spouting off. Spontaneity is not a vice! (Or, if it is, it’s a good one.)

        However, and this is a big “however”, I disagree strenuously about any kind of editing for content. I would like to hear all voices. I would like to hear everyone put into their own words what they’re feeling in their hearts. I want them to do so without fear that they’ll be censored by some committee. This is a movement of the 99%. We have differing backgrounds, politics, ideals, and most importantly, experiences. Who is some committee member to say that your experience is invalid because it doesn’t follow the party line?

        I do think there may be a way to alleviate your concerns about people stepping up and saying something that’s well outside the bounds of acceptability. In the poetry slam world, listeners are encouraged to actively express their approval/disapproval of a poem while the poet is reading. If they like what they saying, they can snap their fingers. If they really like it, they can say “hell yeah!” or whatever interjection they see fit. If they *don’t* like it, they can hiss. They can boo. I think that this method of audience participation could be effective at demonstrating vocal disagreement while at the same time keeping the poetry personal, meaningful, lively, spontaneous, and egalitarian.

        • Thank you Joshua, well said, it would be great if you are feeling passionate about this idea to help see it through, I agree that there should be no censorship and I do apologise if my expression came off that way. I think you would be amazing at getting this together, will you let us know how things progress. Thank you greatly!

        • Thadsworld says:

          Joshua- Just one question: what if some of those voices are insane or conservative?? You want every point of view? We’ll be here all year.

  • Roberto de la Fuente says:

    Hello Wise, (Wyze?)
    I met you at Westlake before you took to the stage. I apologize but I gave you a non-functioning e-mail address. I would love to hear updates from you and be a part or help in any way I can. Thank you.

    • Great! Thank you, can you email me at…In the subject please write ready to help!…We are trying to get a group together this Saturday at 10am in West Seattle to put together a few banners and do some street team work, I will email you more info..If you know of any others interested please try to bring them also we will need lots of hands..Stay connected with us on Facebook, we encourage people to look at the project list and try to take lead on which ever you feel you would be best at..We have a contact list we can get you also so that you can reach out to other
      A & E members. Thank you for your interest! Yze 99

  • I have been working on a grassroot artists campaign called (The Great Deception) to bring awareness to the people of Seattle and surrounding areas. Focusing waking up everyone to the corruption of our own Government, State and local officials. Freespeech, noncensorship artwork that can be drawings, paintings, sculpures and cartoons depicting Government out of control on spending, unemployment,environment and our freedom. Website is still under construction, just got the front page done so far.
    Reinhardt Hollstein

    • Great! Thank you, we need lots of art work up around the site, it doesnt have to stay up all night, if you can pick a few days to come down and display work around the occupation block area during high foot traffic time this would be great as there is little sinage or art dipicting messages at the Occupation site currently…Can you email me at to stay in touch also check out the A & E Facebook page for updates….We are trying to get a group together this Saturday at 10am in West Seattle to put together a few banners and do some street team work, I will email you more info..If you know of any others interested please try to bring them also we will need lots of hands..Stay connected with us on Facebook, we encourage people to look at the project list and try to take lead on which ever you feel you would be best at..We have a contact list we can get you also so that you can reach out to other
      A & E members. Thank you for your interest! Yze 99

  • Glen Yoshioka says:

    I went to your demonstration yesterday. Here’s an idea for your roving band; it would require at least 5 people, preferably more.

    Have one guy in a business suit and crown on a throne being carried by four other people. There is a very clear #1 on the kings suit and throne. The people supporting him are all bearing 99% on their backs and front. The king could also be holding a fishing line dangling money as bait around the other demonstrators.

    The demonstrators can chant “Support the 1%” and all stomp to the same beat as the kings carriers. In between beats, the king would be shouting comically right wing things like “School teachers are parasites to society” – “Just because a Guatemalan citizen cuts my lawn, doesn’t mean he belongs in America”, etc.

    Take it or leave it. Thought it might be a constructive use of comedy and performance art as protest.

    • Thank you for expressing your idea! Because there are so many projects to be done at once we are asking that those that have a great idea to take the lead on it…I can get you a Arts and Entertainment contact list so that you can reach out to people within the group that may be able to assist you. Also if you would like to post your idea on our facebook page please do! it is..
      If you find that you cant get people together to help with your idea but you still want to be involved, check out the project idea list and tell via email which project you would like to help with…thank you so much for your interest, we need everyone to pull together on this and be a leader, there are not set leaders, a true leader is one that inspires others to lead!!! Peace Yze 99

  • Happy to be a liaison or whatever is needed for this division/committee! I’m also getting involved with the web team and being a runner (flyers, supplies, messages etc)
    Not willing to post cell phone # publicly at the moment so HOPE someone can email me first!? I’m printing flyers and will be home until @ 3pm when I’ll head downtown… peace

  • Rose says:

    I was wondering if anyone has contacted local music groups to see if they might be interested in performing. That might help draw a crowd. The blue scholars maybe? macklemore? anybody really :)

    • Hi Rose,my name is Yze (Kathleen) of Dirtyscientifix, am a part of a large artist collective here in Seattle. You can check out our most recent Dirtyscientifix album at Our message as a hip hop group is definately representing the 99% and would go well with the movements message…We would be willing to perform anytime, just need a few days notice to get the group together.. I was present at Saturdays Rally for Occupy Seattle (10/01)and managed to collect around 50 inspired artists contact info to help form this Arts and Entertainment group. I compiled a contact list and will forward to you as well if interested. Its looking like our biggest issue is getting people together so I prepose that those of us who have an idea they want to run with, take the lead, inform others in the group. If you need help within your sub-group post a request for help on the A & E Facebook page, try to get together and push projects forward. Post all progress if possible on the A & E facebook page to make it easier for everyone to stay connected and updated with all the different projects going on. Also the Facebook thread will be beneficial for other groups to know what we are up too, especially the Demands Group and Media Group. If any of you out there have other pages you have created in the category of Arts & Entertainment please post the links so we can all stay connected. Thank you!

  • Jenny Rae Schmidt says:

    I’m a fine arts photgraphy major, what can I do for y’all????

    • Can you help this Saturday at 10am for a few hours, we are trying to get a group together to help with the following projects…

      Mega drop down signs- Team lead, Yze, please let me know if you have the time and passion to help lead this group.
      -Each mega sign will be made out of white bed sheets sown together with weighted ends so signs stay in place. They will range from 15ft-35-50 ft in length and width. There purpose is to be undeniably seen and heard and to also inspire other cities to follow in our steps. These signs will be held by volunteers over bridges on the I5, 99, I90, 405, and west seattle bridge. We will also have mega ground signs that cover sides of hills at parks and anywhere that has high visibility to major traffic routes.. We need to stay legal, we need to research washington laws relating to our project and keep everyone informed. With these signs we can make a huge impact by creating strong broad reaching messages that represent the 99% as a whole. No body should be offended and nobody should be left out, everyone should be able to relate to these messages. Ideally the signs will garner major media attention and captivate and awaken millions to the power of the 99%…

      Hand Held Protest Signs/Lawn Post signs-

      Leafleting colleges and other strategic locations, posters/banners etc.

      Posters/Banners in supporting small businesses, in windows, on walls and along roofs, surrounding the block we are occupying.

      A Pray Flag that stretches around the block we are occupying, this will be a growing thing and a way to connect with passers by, we will try to get passers by to stop and write something they would like to express to the 1% as apart of the 99%. Will be fighting rain, we can do this on sunny days.

      Poet podiums on the 4 corners that we are occupying. Strong mature voices expressing in a poet or musical way the demands of the 99%. People need to have a clear idea as to why were here we need to captivate audiences.

      Tub Mural Project-headed by

      Floating signs- (like small blimps)-If by chance anyone can make this happen? Also need to double check laws on this.

      Tee shirts/fabric print-
      It would be great if we could provide T-shirts to the brave hearts that are out there sleeping in the rain :) It will make us look even more united to the media and onlookers, T-shirts with strong positive statements and powerful symbolic logos would be great.

      Large 99% flags- posted at poet podiums and other strategic locations on site.

      99%-Car flags-messages/logo can vary. We can hand these out to cars around the Occupation site and other strategic locations.

      99%-Bumper Stickers-messages/logos can vary-We can hand these out to cars around the Occupation site and other strategic locations.

  • Julie Kadingo says:

    I will make a sincere attempt to join the working group meeting tomorrow. @dingodoodle … Interested in helping articulate demands thru art and writing

  • Employed says:

    Time to “occupy” Seattle to protest Corporate America. So, grab your morning Starbucks coffee and meet in front of the McDonalds in Westlake. Then put down your iPods, pitch tents purchased from REI, and get on our iPhones to let the rest of the world know via Facebook just how evil profit-seeking corporations are!!

    • Joshua says:

      Thank you for illustrating better than I could how every corner of our personal, private lives is being impacted and influenced by corporations. Hope to see you here to help us change that!

      • Your Oppressor says:

        It’s easy, put down your own iPod and iPhone, don’t eat at chain restaurants or even eat food produced by the conglomerates. Then convince your friend to do that too, and your next friend. Once all forego their lattes and iPhones, and are riding around on mules from fire to fire trying to keep warm, then you will have reached your nirvana and be free of eviiil corporations.

        • Anonymous says:

          You have excellently demonstrated both your simplistic black-and-white worldview and your complete misunderstanding of this movement. Congratulations. Now everybody thinks you’re an idiot.

  • Eric says:

    I’m trying to find out who to reach for having some music come down on Saturday. I mean a kit, amps, that kind of band. i can be reached at I’ll also be there in the morning. I noticed the arts & entertainment dept. doesn’t have an armband colour. Does the section need to be taken over?

    • neilwaukee says:

      no one was around so i chose the only roll of tape left

      black horizontal bar / hard to see at night on a black jacket
      but there it is

      we are hard to find

      • Dktr Sus says:

        The armband colors help us find work groups on site, as well as for others to know who is around to share updates. This is important for newcomers — and is essential for easier operations. We need to think about how we can make this system work well.

        In the long run, we should also think about sustainability. The tape looks good now, but much is being wasted. It would be good to get permanent arm bands, at least for people who are willing to explain the group to newcomers. Maybe someone – or even the art group? – could help setting up workshops for making customized work group armbands?

      • Eric says:

        To help stand out it’s now a black armband with a thin red band in the center

        • neilwaukee says:

          thanks i wear it now and you can too/ black with thin red line
          the UW students want to know if we can help with banners
          volunteers ?

          is this our place ?

    • neilwaukee says:

      Eric if you are volunteering to work with the music related events come on in if you send me your e-mail i can lead all the band peeps to you

      • Eric says:

        Neilwaukee, alright I’ll do it. My email is Alright, the only things I need confirmation on to get this rolling is knowing A)power B)Legal. Especially for the kit, amp, works deal.

        • neilwaukee says:

          at best i think musicians and artists need to have a show of bodies,
          play in the park now / anytime / all the time can we have constant music / and artists on site ? yes we can / just need the people to show up / please
          Acoustic live
          there is power, but will need permits for Amplified music from what i have heard

  • neilwaukee says:

    hello everybody
    if you want to help with art music poetry crafting signing whatever
    the best way is to show up for working group~ most days at four pm
    the things we need to focus on right at this moment are signs and banners out in the city at large not at Westlake
    hit the streets with whatever you can make, anything, make it big and vibrant make a thousand and blanket one whole area, all over the city/ suburbs too

    thank you

  • Mad Cat says:

    I am seeing a definite need to limit CEO pay. Many senior Mistmanagers are simply out of touch. They insist that people live on starvation wages, and they want there to be unsafe working conditions.

    I am not certain how many people have been able to catch news clips of the Occupy Seattle protests, but I can say that conservative talk show hosts also need to be put in check. I saw one clip where this blow hard was saying “Go get a job.” I am among many that have been looking, and getting résumés out there, with No response. Here again, more regulation is needed and Deserved. Conservative talk show hosts should be required by federal law to point out misconduct of business. And if they voice any disapproval, then they get sent to prison, without a trial.

    • Nobody Important says:

      Greetings and Salutations,

      You simply cannot legislate behavior but you can educate the populace if you are willing to spend the money and provide the opportunity.

      Most bad behavior cannot stand in the light of day so shine a light or curse the dark; it is your choice after all. The Internet is the great equalizer. Where else can different ideas and/or opinions proliferate at such speed and across so many boundaries?

      Keep up the good work and keep on shining light into those dark and dismal places.

      Nobody Important

  • neilwaukee says:

    Should we have, i will be on site Thursday October 13 th @ 4:00 pm
    for a Work Group so we can organize
    so we can meet and figure out who can create what /build what and find volunteers~
    thanks everyone

  • In Solidarity says:

    There are a hand full of us that would really like to partake in banner creation. We have questions re: Permits; access to materials; and what is viable to use that is waterproof?

    Please write back. We are all interested in doing as much as possible tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 12th).

    • In Solidarity says:

      It would be great to get these up over I-5 before Friday so that there are lots of people aware of the movement happening here and most importantly this Saturday.

  • Power to the People! says:
  • Power to the People! says:
  • neilwaukee says:

    well, let’s build us some banners and find some volunteers to stand with them on Yesler – on Pike and pine and 45 th
    i have material donated by Yze for building banners and scrolls and more
    text me
    206 353 two five five six

  • NWwaterboy says:

    I have seen several of the posts suggest people check out the project list if they want to see what is being proposed and what people need help on. But I have not seen Links to that list. Where Is the project list

  • bodhipra says:

    NWw, bodhi from ICWGDevs here. Create a “project list question” topic on the forum right now and I will help focus this effort there. We have a series of collaboration tools rolling out over the next 48 hours, we need to serve the people, talk to you in a few minutes.

  • bodhipra says:

    NWw, bodhi from ICWGwm here just popped into a cafe uptown on my way home when I saw your post. Create a “project list question” topic on the forum right now and I will help focus this effort there. We have a series of collaboration tools rolling out over the next 48 hours, we need to serve the people; talk to you in a few minutes.

    Other people reading this: Those of us who volunteered for the Internet Communication working group are ramping up rapidly to help everyone connect and organize. Callout: if you have a significant desire to work to build our movements and would like to apply/build your internet development skills, and wish to help, we have lots of work to do. Find us at and look for the “Project Outreach Needs” topic in the forums there.

    UPDATE: This topic will be there from 1:30 AM 10/12 onward, and we will do everything (super)humanly possible to assist you to find who/what you are looking for, assemble the pages and tools to help you reach out and focus your efforts, and generally be a “kiosk” to help you get find an affinity group to help with your project. We have accelerated the internet coordination team in the last 24 hours. Please understand that we have lots to do — if you want to volunteer we will provide you anchor locations to collect your communications, but we will do our best to route and help you self-organize and get to where you want to go. I will be watching all areas of the website, Livestream, and other channels — if someone could watch Facebook find me in the forums and we will try our best to provide everyone with either a) a route to the area where you can network with the people with whom you want to work with, or b) a location online where you can stand and ask others to join you to work together. We are at a significant turning point in our movements, and the internet communication working group will work fast to provide connection services for our rapidly growing numbers, as we all match vision to action….

  • neilwaukee says:

    so- we need banners- and we need people to build them- we don’t have to ask permission- or have a group discussion-

    all we need to do is-

    build banners now

    go to over-pass with a friend and hold banner up

    do not let go

    now stand there

    if you could do this

    i would buy you lunch

  • ADAMetc says:

    In demonstration, especially for 500 Tents, I am proposing to face-paint (free of charge) simple details such as war stripes, symbols, or short messages for occupants who are interested. To pay for supplies, I’d like to ask for donations, however I can provide them in advance.
    For hobby and profession, I have been a special effect makeup artist (MUA) for nearly 12 years and currently have been “zombifying” for an exhibit at the EMP. Some of my recent special effects MUA work can be seen at:
    Thank you!

    • ADAMetc says:

      Apparently, the link only works if you’re currently logged-in on facebook. An actual web site is still in the works, however that fb folder has an abundant stock of my recent work.

  • cleanelectric says:

    Last night the Seattle cops confiscated about 125 tents and arrested 7 people. Some of the tents had backpacks and other personal belongings inside them including a list of phone numbers belonging to one of the Occupy Seattle Workgroups. Of the 7 arrested some have been released without charge and some have been held for booking.

    You may not want to make an appointment to go down to the Parks Department Revolutionary Tent Storage Facility and reclaim your property because they will ask for your name and contact information in order to retrieve it (that is if you can find it and all it’s parts) among the pile of tents that they tossed without care into the back of a few pickup trucks and without any regard whatsoever as to it’s value to the owner. To make matters worse, they could be gathering this information so that they can send you a citation in the mail.

    … Just because talks between Occupy Seattle and the Mayor’s Office broke down afetr he would not allow OS to keep tents on the City Hall Plaza during the day, (we would like tents 24hours per day in order to show solidarity with the people of more than 140 American cities and in Japan, Tokyo, England, Italy, Libya, and the other dozen or so Country’s (Whole Country’s) who are “occupying” their own community centers 24 hours per day) and also to join in solidarity fellow citizens around the globe who have been doing the same thing since the first uprising in Tunisia began 9 months ago, and since the overthrow of three middle eastern governments since then. (Each Country has one common complaint, “People Before Profits.”)

    … Just because we had a single propane cook top to try feed and to heat hot water and keep soup warm for over 200 people every day, rising to 3,500 people or so last Saturday, including a large number of homeless individuals (some chronically) from all walks of life, old women, people in wheel chairs, Vietnam War Vets, Gulf War Vets, Iraq Vets, Afghanistan Vets, and countless troubled teens….…

    … a cook top that we were forced to use because we were not allowed to use any electricity from any of the parks 6 or so padlocked duplex power outlets, and just because only about 1/2 a dozen businesses out of the entire Global Revolution (as far as Seattle is concerned) whom are unfortunate enough to be directly facing or adjacent to Westlake Park are directly affected by this act of free speech which is also protected by the First Amendment (yes, the first one.) (( But that is another story about the traditional community function of a “village green” or “town center” that has been depicted throughout history.))

    … Just because these are the only reasons that talks between the Mayor and a large group of Seattle Citizens known as Occupy Seattle are protesting in exactly the same manner as tens of thousands of fellow protesters in most of the rest of the entire world is no reason for the Seattle Police to be harassing us the way that they have been doing to all of us for more than two weeks now.
    All of the police officers that I have personally talked to (except one tonight) have been nice and we have all found common ground together when nothing else is going on and we can chat freely. We talk to the cops the same as when we all talk together while Occupying at Westlake … that is until the police “receive orders to engage.”

    THEN the police took dozens of tents and arrested more than 25 people. Then… they said we can sleep in the park only if we are in sleeping bags and tarps. Then…. during two days of torrential rain with southerly winds gusting strong enough to break umbrellas (which by the way are not allowed at Westlake by protesters, but presumably OK for shoppers to have while in the park) the cops would not allow 75 all night/all day protesters and homeless to sleep under the awnings of the building which is facing the park.

    The cops made everyone move into the driving rain which had weather conditions creating a wind chill factor of 32 degrees (freezing) at 15mph wind speed @ 40 degree’s Fahrenheit. We are not out here for fun. We have a good reason to be here. During this weather 5 people suffered the early stages of hypothermia including a man who called an ambulance on himself, I drove a man to a warm bed in West Seattle which was offered to him by a complete stranger and fellow protester, and I warmed 3 people in my car, including a 17 year old girl that is 3 months pregnant and to date has had no pre-natal care… and six other homeless individuals pooled their money together to share a single hotel room to dry off and get warm for just one night.

    Next …the cops carried out more than a dozen more arrests, 10people, then 2more, and 2 more, all for minor things like 2people out of a group of more than 2,000 marching from Westlake to the Bank Of America Tower and back on 4th … arrested for sitting in the street while the other 1, 9998 + marchers were on the sidewalk … and then the cops said we couldn’t even sleep in the park at all when the park located in the middle of downtown Seattle “is closed” as is everything else for blocks if not miles around … and they were ordered to spend several nights in a row kicking anybody who wasn’t standing to wake them up and keep us awake.

    I did manage to prevent one cop from waking the protester next to me because I pointed out to the cop that he was one of the many protesters who had brought their children with him and his boy (about 3years old) was fast asleep in a snug sleeping bag next to him on one of the few starry nights that we have had out here in the last two weeks.

    During this whole government melee against citizens of Seattle, the cops took our “outreach tent”, which was not just a food and medical service meant to serve those of us who are exercising our First Amendment Rights in America in solidarity with people around the globe, but our human services tent was also for all of the teen kids on our streets for diverse and ever growing homeless population our city that has plagued us for years.

    The cops took our port-a-potties from Westlake which were donated by a supporter of occupy Seattle (and not provided to us by the city as was falsely reported in tv news) so that once again there is nowhere for anybody to use a restroom downtown for miles around downtown in the middle of the night, or even during the day for that matter in most cases, unless you buy a sack of French fries, cup of coffee, or stick of gum except for the other two port-a-potties that Occupy Seattle supporters have nine blocks away in their encampment at Seattle City Hall. This is certainly an awkward chapter for a mayor that has upwards of 2,000 to 2,500 Occupy Seattle Protesters taking part in the Global Revolution at any given moment.

    NEXT … … the cops descended upon us all in overwhelminmg numbers at 6:00 in the morning yesterday, (more than 75 cops) and they confiscated more than 125 tents in the name of the Seattle Parks Department, arrested 7, took our information booth’s “patio awning.” and left those of us left in such disarray that the morning commuters and general public think that we cannot even clean up our own trash when the reality of it all is that we as a large group of citizens occupying Westlake who have more than 16,000 additional supporters on-line: are trying to do just that.

    If it were not for the mayor’s office refusal to allow us such a large group on the street to have sanitation, electricity, shelter, basic human services, and an acknowledgment that this is not about Seattle’s precious Westlake, the park’s annual Christmas Merry-Go-Round, or the local Christmas shopping retail statistics, this is all about world wide corporate money (mostly American money) derailing global politics, free speech, corporate environmental suicide, vs. common people in 140 U.S. cities and dozens of Countries in the free and not so free world getting together to do the right thing as a global community simply because it is the right thing to do.

    I think that WE in America who support the American Occupy Movement and the people willing to camp out voluntarily in these conditions should go hassle all of the people across our great nation who slept in tents last night (without the interference, arrest and seizure of personal property by government and police) at shopping malls around this country in order to be the first on their block to buy the new I-phone… and we should ask them if we may borrow their tents for the revolution now that they are done purchasing a new phone and their night sleeping in a tent outside a shopping mall is done.