POLICE ARE MAKING ARRESTS. We need your support now more than ever!

strong>Remember! The police are part of the 99%! So far in Seattle we have seen nothing but polite, nonviolent administration on their part.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 2:50PM: Arrests are being made. 7 arrests so far. No violence so far. Police not targeting those of us with cameras.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 2:00PM:Cops out in full force. 20-30 ground policeman, in addition to mounted calvary. Dispersal order being issued now. Around 300 protestors.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 11:50AM: We have word that the parks department will serve us an eviction notice sometime between 1:00PM and 1:30PM, and thereafter the police will arrest those who wish to defy the notice. Those who do not wish to be arrested should move to the pavilions near where we originally occupied. If you do not want what you have to be taken by the police, we suggest you move your things to the pavilions.

UPDATE 10/5/11 @ 4:30AM: Despite the threats that came there have been no further sightings of cops since yesterday and no arrests at Westlake Park. We stand in solidarity!

UPDATE 11:30PM: It looks as if the arrests may not come tonight, but they may come later. In any event, we will be going strong at 7:30AM tomorrow with a march.

UPDATE 8:30PM: Arrests are speculated to be around 10:00PM. The movement has decided to stay in the square as long as possible and regroup as quickly as possible to resume the normal schedule.

UPDATE 10/4/11 @ 7:30PM: Arrests seem to be imminent. The group has voted to stay, and staying we are. Come down, get arrested, or document others getting arrested. Let’s let our voice be heard!

We have about 30 tents and 125 people currently at 3:00am on October 4th. We need more people!

The Mayor has told us we cannot stay another night. He wants us to move, but we are not moving. We are in danger of being arrested at any time starting now. We invited him to come to the general assembly meeting tomorrow and we’re hoping to help him understand

We need people to come and occupy with us more than anything!

Come whenever you can for as long as you can, we are there 24/7 from now on and not leaving until further notice. We will be marching at 7:30am, 12pm, and 4:30pm October 4th starting at Westlake Park. General Assembly will be held from 4pm until it’s over, with a march at 4:30pm.

We’re happy to take: Hand cleaner, non-parishable food, pre-made coffee, water, tents/shelter structures, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, socks, blankets, warm clothing, flashlights, markers, cardboard, flyers, folding tables, AA batteries, rope, storage bins, dustpans, ice box, ice, MORE PEOPLE!
… and probably more things. If you can think of it, we probably could use it.

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  • yilb says:
  • Douglas (Doc) Risedorf says:

    I live in Concrete, Washington and wanted to join you,however, I had to work and I’m over a 100 miles away. If you continue to occupy on Tuesday and/or Wedesday I will join you, as I have those days off this week. I commend you for standing up and hold you all with high regards….its time for a change and that time is NOW!

  • OccupyMark says:

    I think we may be able to include more people if we decided collectively when hold the General Assemblies because not many of our members were able to be a part of the decision to hold it at the current time.

    • Ryan says:

      Are there times that work better? It would be nice to include those who work until 5. Maybe in the future 6pm should be considered.

    • Mike Knezevich says:

      I agree with OccupyMark.

    • Michael Short says:

      What plans for Wed 10/05 and especially for the world wide 10/15?

    • robinjpearson says:

      Definitely, this meeting time needs to be a wider decision, and it’s vital for outreach & recruiting. Maybe take polls on FB and here if possible? My concern with the early afternoon time is that it automatically excludes anyone with a day job in the suburbs. That’s a lot of the local 99% since housing for families in Seattle proper costs more. So many, many potential participants can’t make it downtown before 6:30 or 7 pm. Thanks!

  • CC says:

    I agree with OccupyMark – I was under the impression when I left last night that finding a common ground amongst everyone as to the time of the GA meeting was a must. So maybe that could be addressed today, either before the GA meeting or during! Definitely want mass attendance, and it may be as simple as pushing it back 45 minutes so that the people coming from work can be there.

  • Audrey says:

    Do you have times or planned protest actions during the course of the day leading up to the general assembly?

  • Justaguy says:

    Did anybody show? Or were you all too busy buying your fair trade ,shade grown, organic double tall soy mocha’s?

    It IS about priorities, right?

  • Dane Gilbert says:

    Have any of you at Occupy Seattle uploaded video. I luckily still have a job but would like to see what my brothers and sisters are up to. Contrary to the great Gil Scott the revolution needs to be televised at least until the power is shut down.
    Live stream is the best.
    If there is video or live stream or video already where might it be?
    Don’t care for facebook and helping another of the 1%.

  • Michael Schmautz says:

    Are you there tonight cause I really feel like camping and being pissed off about this.

  • Wendy Z says:

    …more and more of us are hearing the message

    Ready to join the next gathering!

  • Mikey says:

    My opinion: It sucks. I wasn’t a part of that decision either. But it would be worse to go back on that time now that it’s made and published and people are spreading that word and memorizing the time and not having access to internet, etc… Bring that to the next GA you *can* attend so it doesn’t happen again.

    Idea (probably way too over the toppy): It would be cool to get a live stream online so that those of us stuck at work could try to participate (or even just watch and tweet and maybe someone picks it up.)

    p.s. Aaron, I believe strongly in your right to exist, and we be back down when I get a chance.

  • sharla says:

    we also need a white board and some dry erase markers please!

  • Joseph Drake says:

    I just wrote McGinn’s office requesting he leave you alone.

  • Don says:

    How can we join you if you don’t tell us where you are? I’ve searched this whole site and nowhere does is say where the tents, etc. are.

    • John says:

      Hey Don. Good point :) we’re at Westlake park in downtown Seattle.

    • Nick says:

      They are at Westlake park in Seattle… it’s right behind a Target (like the store) stage that was set up a few days ago. It’s a little awkward… but they do need more people down there to prove the validity.

  • Jan says:

    I just talked to the mayor’s office and they claim some other protest groups have the place reserved! This is one of the common tactics of the establishment “protest” groups like the Koch baggers! When I asked why whomever it is couldn’t share the space they had no answer. They said they will be announcing where they plan on moving you soon. Hang in there and good for you!! I came to one of GA’s last week. I will try to bring supplies soon!!! I hope I get this sent I keep geting a bug message from this site!!! Jan

  • Chris says:

    Please provide us with someone to contact to get up to date supply needs. Many people have other obligations but wish to support with supplies, however we do not know what is needed or who to contact to find out.

    • Poet says:

      Go to Facebook and the Occupy Seattle page. There you will find the requests these folks are making. I have seen coffee, umbrellas, tarps, socks, food, basic needs for warmth against rain.

  • Fanny Pack says:

    i have had it i am just filledwith RAGE! iwnat to campw/u and RAGE!! RAGE against teh corproate baby machine RAGE RAGE!!!!!!!!1`!

  • Don says:

    Federal spending should be greatly cut and taxes greatly increased, both for the rich and the middle class. We should balance the federal budget and bring in a surplus budget so we can begin to pay down the national debt.

  • A corporate worker says:

    Corporations are people. I’m working at a corporation right now. As I look around I see PEOPLE. Moms, dads, uncles, aunts, college grads and drop-outs. They’re all here. Sure, there’s a guy down the hall (who EMPLOYEES ALL THESE PEOPLE) who probably has a nice car, a boat, and a big house. BUT HE WORKS HERE MORE HOURS THAN ANYONE ELSE! This website, this movement is IDIOTIC. Find something better to do with your life… LIKE WORK!

    • ib says:

      You’re missing the point. Corporations are driven by the profit motive. With nothing and no one to check their increasing power, citizens need to stand up and make sure that the lawmakers hear them and promote policies that not only benefit corporations (as they frequently do), but also PROTECT people and their basic economic rights. We might disagree about what constitutes economic rights, but you must agree with the basic fact that corporations wield TOO MUCH POWER in this country.

      • pox says:

        I see a big difference between publicly-traded multinational corporations and what this person is describing, a small business that happens to be organized as a corporation. The owners of private corporations can choose not to pursue profits in ways that hurt people, while publicly-traded corporations are required to make as much money as possible by any legal means necessary, or face the wrath of the shareholders. One is a lot more like “people” than the other.

    • MichaelJ says:

      Corporations are certainly composed of people, but they are an inanimate object consisting of a charter on a piece of paper, granted and subject to revocation by the State–which is also made up of people. About 99 percent more people than corporate officers.

      You might want to study that, because your charter is just a piece of paper, unlike the Constitution

  • Newport Sun says:

    I suggest remaining where they don’t want you, unless moved by overt action. If the group gets “placed” in a politically correct area, it’ll be “managed” to death by the authorities. As they did in the 60’s and 70’s, the best protest is still a massive “sit-in”

  • Poet says:

    Please keep on until everyone knows and comes to join you. I will when I am off work. I can see you every day and I called the Mayors office this AM. They said that others have applied for permits to use the space and you have not. But the lady said that an eviction notice has not yet been issued. This was around 11am on 10/94. Peace

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you guys specify where you’re located?? Maybe make that a really obvious piece of info on the main page as well.

  • Carol Tucker says:

    Would someone please respond as to why I’ve stopped receiving Occupy Seattle Facebook NewsFeeds and my comment posted on YouTube was removed, as well. What’s up with THAT already??

  • QinRage says:

    I am interested in occupyng with the movement overnight….Do I just bring my tent and set up? What about if I don’t have a tent? How does this process work?

    • Future Man says:

      Please come join! If you have a tent bring it, if you don’t there are some blankets and other tents and you may be able to share space with someone. Chances are you will probably meet friends down there.
      Hope to see you,
      Future Man

  • Remy says:

    1) Westlake Park is the location
    2) Times for the GA are still being tweaked to ensure that more people will be able to attend.
    3) The Target commercial/cooking show set should be gone by now. I am not there anymore so I am not 100% on this.
    4) This is a little frustrating for all of us occupying and supporting. Please keep patience; we are taking baby steps, the occupation of Occupy Seattle is only 4 days old. This is growing everyday and we all are learning. There is no instant gratification in this and we all need to work through the growing pains.

    If you can’t make until later, please show up when you can! We still need your voice. YOU are important to us all!

    Solidarity! Everyone stay strong.


  • DKPattin says:

    What’s the status? Are arrests happening or have cops backed off? My son is there and I am anxious for updates. Power to the Workers!

    • admin says:

      No arrests yet. We are speculating they will begin arresting around 10:00PM.

      • Alex Williamson says:

        hang in there guys! reinforcements will come to bail you out and join you tomorrow. if you make the news im sure far more people will be coming down in the next few days and especially this weekend. IM PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!!

  • Sam says:

    Wish I could be there. Reading the Mayor’s statement, he seems to be carefully crafting an “out” – remove the tents. I know that would suck, but it is also what NYC has had to do. Has this been discussed?

    • Sam says:

      Hasa anyone tried to track down the organizers of the anti war rally and indigenous peoples rally the Mayor mentioned in his press release? I’m sure they would both issue statements of support if they were found and asked. I can’t imagine either group would be in opposition to the movement…

  • Anonymous says:
  • CC with October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality Seattl says:

    The police are part of the state apparatus of oppression against the people,they act in the interest of suppressing protest that represents real resistance and exposure of the crimes of the government. They are not workers. The first police were slave catchers in this country. Police in the U.S. kill hundreds of people every year like children, the elderly, mainly people of color are killed by the police, but also poor people. youth and the mentally ill. WE should spread the word far and wide, POLICE HANDS OFF THE WALL STREET OCCUPIERS FROM COAST TO COAST and call for even more people to get in the streets to defend the protesters.Check out october22.org October 22. 2011 is the 16th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. The protest will start in Seattle at 2pm in Westlake, 4th & Pine.We have a permit. Seattle Occupiers are welcome and encouraged to join us then.

    • zeke says:

      right on cc!!!!!! you just said it like it is. the police have to work for the 1%, that is their real job like it or not. job 1 must be to protect the rich man property owner first. reality of this messed up system! we need a new dam system.

    • Holly says:

      The police protect the big business and corporate interests more than anything else. They are supporting the 1% more often than the 99%.

      • Bellingham LIght Sourceress says:

        Both good points, technically the police do work for the 1%, but they are average people just like you and me. Dont forget that and hold on to it, and remind the cops of it when they get confused about their role in all of this, ask for their assistance, that’s why they’re there right, to protect and serve the people. I’m sure cops agree that the education system could be better, that the health department lies to people about what is healthy, and other obvious issues and want things to change just like us. So remember what you have in common. ALSO!!!! If you are legal and legitimate about how you go about protesting then they will have no reason to bother you :) Work with them to work against them, at least until there are too many people to control :) Peace and <3

  • Alexander Williamson says:

    hang in there guys! reinforcements will come to bail you out of County if need be,and join you tomorrow. if you make the news im sure far more people will be coming down in the next few days and especially this weekend. I’M PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!! Ill be bringing down tents and tarps in the next few days. also …ill order ya’ll a pizza the days i’m not there heh. See you all soon, keep up the show of force, this movement truly is growing at an unprecedented pace. nothing since the start of the Iraq war has galvanized people like this, but only this time i think we have a real productive movement on our hands. Also ill try to start a paypal account online for people to donate money to pay for people’s citations and legal fees (if someone else hasn’t already done this…we could link it to this site.) We are gaining steam, the unions are falling in line, we will not be silenced again!!!

  • Black Beaver says:

    Being arrested gets you on the news, handing out flyers at your local BofA – preferably one close to a Credit Union ready to receive funds withdrawn from the BofA – encouraging supporters of the movement to boycott these banks and move their money to a credit union or other proven non-offender is one of the most powerful moves we can make. Just think what would happen if a milliion depositors withraw and close accounts worth no more than $75 every day at BofA offices all across America. Forget $75, make it $10. Stand on the public sidewalk, not blocking traffic in front of those banks with flyers to hand out or signs encouraging closing accounts and changing where they have their money. Make sure you look as clean and presentable as possible, smile and if people are willing to talk make sure that you are respectful, ready to listen and don’t forget you are out to make a convert and the best idea is one you plant and one they think is there’s. Good luck and keep the faith. BB

  • Power to the People! says:
  • Black Beaver says:

    Just to let you know, a Union may need to have a vote at its meeting to endorse a movement as an organization but the head of a Union, as an individual acting in his own behalf, can carry a cardboard sign saying they are a union member supporting the cause and encourage any of their friends to join them. Don’t wait for the vote, vote with your feet and show your faces – not even most of your members will know who you are and maybe this is the time to remember what keeping a movement going is all about. US labor unions and many of their leaders have been asleep or just unwilling to work as hard to protect the rights of workers as their forebears – now is the time for things to change.

  • Power To The People! says:

    Carlin hits the nail on the head:


  • Power To The People! says:
  • Power To The People! says:

    Please take a gander. I think this is worthy of our support.


  • Canadian says:

    From Victoria BC sending support!

  • Joseph Drake says:

    I wrote to McGinn’s office just now the following: Regarding Occupy Seattle and the tents: while it may be true that tents tend to displace others who have upcoming permits there, would you have wanted to have displaced the Poor People’s Campaign because of tents? Or would you want to be remembered as Seattle’s local Douglas MacArthur ousting Bonus Marchers. Perhaps negotiating compromise, getting a canopy to protect the area from rain in return for reducing the number of tents, leaving an area free would show wisdom.

  • Working Guy says:

    Have you considered that maybe being ‘mobile’ and ‘nomadic’ would be better than trying to hold onto a single park? Basic nonlinear/fluid strategy: scatter and dissapate, then regroup at another locale.

    • No Face says:

      I agree. It would avoid an eviction, you’re still getting your message out, there’s still a constant protest, and there’s less likelihood for arrests. Rotate people, keep the park, but move people in and out so you’re not all standing around violating the rules.

      A smart protest is a happy protest.

  • Michu says:

    Working Guys has a point. If the group does not become mobile then the movement could be easily dismissed as a homelessness problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    This could also serve to prevent new people from joining and cause dispersion. Strength in numbers. If new people cannot find us, then we cannot gain strength. Additionally, if we are constantly moving, it becomes too scattered and chaotic. We need a unified, strong force in order to be the most effective. We should stay in the park. When people are arrested, those who weren’t should come back without tents.