Public works program to create jobs

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  • cleanelectric says:

    A Green Technology Referendum That
    Should Be Added To The List Of Demands
    by cleanelectric 9/29/2011

    One of the “Occupy Official Demands” should be an Environmental and Economic Stimulus Directive to install solar panels and (cylindrical) wind turbines along every interstate highway, roadway, parking lot, warehouse roof, tall building and home in the country.
    We need an electric car initiative and an electric farm equipment initiative (tractors, harvesters etc.)
    We need a world-wide directive that states that oil is more valuable and will last longer as a manufacturing ingredient and not as a fuel. It should not be used as a fuel.
    There are 925 Million People going hungry on the planet every day out of 7 billion people total, that is 1/7th of earths population going hungry. Food prices are forecast to double in 18 years meaning that 4/7th of earths population will go hungry. Growing crops for Bio Fuels is a waste of badly needed food crops. Bio Fuels are still burned and still pollute and should not be used.
    The U.S. still gets half it’s electricity from coal. It is the dirtiest, most polluting fossil fuel of all. The Canadian Tar Sands are the dirtiest source of all other sources. The damage coal causes to the environment means that it is a false economy and is really of no value to the community. It should not be used.

    Natural Gas burns cleaner than coal, but it still burns and it still pollutes. Extracting natural gas pollutes ground water permanently. fracturing rock a mile under earths surface to get the natural gas is like shattering earths ribs and could cause earthquakes and other irreversable damage. It should not be used.

    Nuclear Power is only clean until there is a leak. Dozens of America’s largest cities are within the 50 mile “fatal zone” of nuclear reactors. They should be mothballed as their usefull life expires.
    Green Technology as in Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy Generation: electric vehicles, and “intermittent source” power storage and “load leveling” are in their infancy as the Model T Ford was once the infancy of automobiles.

    Nuclear Power and ALL fossil fuels will only continue to get more and more expensive and contribute to corporate and government corruption, and contribute to the instability of global politics,economics and every countries food supply as time goes on.

    A Green Technology Economy will provide more security to each countries agriculture system and environment, energy independence, and a new profitable economy for all. It will become more and more efficient as it is installed and develops.

    These directives should become global and not just American.

  • Sam Zappta says:

    Green energy is not economically viable or the free market would be all over it. The only green jobs Obama has created are all of the unemployed people I see mowing their lawns. The government has wasted millions of dollars that could have been put to better use training people for green jobs that don’t exist.

  • anonymous1234 says:

    Now is *not* the time for austerity.

    When the financial crisis hit, China spend $100 billion to build high speed rail, simultainiously putting their people back to work and building infrastructure that will be valuable to their economy in the future.

    This is a perfect time to build a huge infrastructure project. We have millions out of work looking for jobs, and treasury rates are so low that the government can borrow money at interest rates *below the rate of inflation*.

    We could repair our roads, build rail networks, or build solar power… any of these things would put people to work and leave us with long term economic benefits.

  • OnePercenter says:

    We should be getting some labor out of the deadbeats collecting welfare. Make every able-bodied welfare recipient work at least 20 hours a week in a national park. Make them pick up the crap you protestors leave behind in our parks as you tout “green” this and “environmental” that. You support the Magic Negro and his dumb tactics like handing out $400+ million loan guarantees to a “green” company that shortly thereafter went broke. Lastly vote. Have you learned your lesson yet from voting for sound-bite policies like “hope” and “change”. You voted for him and now you’re sitting in a park hoping for change. Do you realize that your vote created this mess? I doubt it. If you had the smarts required to figure that out, you wouldn’t be waiving cardboard signs that get you on the news but result in nothing else.

  • 00michelle00 says:

    Admit it. Nothing wrong with that, takes all kinds. Does it bug you that a Fox News Poll has #Occupy Movement more popular than the Tea Party, though? That’s gotta hurt just a little. Even for you rich, successful, powerful, fun to be around One Percenters.

  • Schlubb says:

    I’m kinda partial to the American Party, we all got invites, I’d suggest you attend. Granted it takes a little bit of effort to figure out how it works and spot the crashers, but your kids and grandkids will thank you. What we should be protesting for is equality of opportunity not equality of stuff. If Solyndra gets $500,000,000 to go into the energy business, why can’t you and I get a loan of $50,000 to open our own businesses. For what was wasted on Solyndra we could have allowed every occuppier in Seattle the opportunity to market their dreams. That’s how the American Party should work. Have we forgot about dream of a better mousetrap? (restuarant, club, store, manufacturer, etc.) Many of the 1% started out of their parents garages with a dream. I’m done with hope and change, I want to focus on making my dreams happen.

    • 00michelle00 says:

      But what would have been even more helpful is that $6.6 billion that somehow “disappeared” off an even bigger pallet of cash at the beginning of the Iraq War. We can argue waste, corruption, but as an “American Party”, we need to come together as a nation, and stop the Partisan Battle du Jour.

      Think of the investments in small business we could have made had we not gone into Iraq. The billions devoted to helping create another Small Business success.

      I’m done with military contractors with deep pockets and crony Capitalism. Let’s create fair Capitalism. A more representative government. Rebuild Small Business again! Are you with me?!

    • t5grrr says:

      The part that bothers me is the left is claiming to be at the center of these protests and are trying figure out how to turn the protests against the right ( At the same time, wall street investment houses and banks contribute to both parties but 92% goes to the left wing Democrats. Does this tell you something about how the “rich Democrats” control government and try to control the population by blaming the GOP as the party of the rich they use the same technique used by Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Adolf Hitler to blame their own failures and inequities on others.