No austerity measures

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  • sequimwhim says:

    Oh, so you want to keep going the way we are with medicare and social security and watch them crash and burn? Naive.

    • anonymous1234 says:

      and medicare isn’t that hard to fix. Plenty of countries have better healthcare than ours and pay less.

      The idea that the “entitlement problems” need serious slash and burn is a myth promoted by anti-government tea party types. In reality, the situation is not so dire.

      Furthermore, austerity measures have no real relation to medicare and social security, i.e. cutting food stamps for the poor isn’t going to improve medicare’s fiscal picture. It may however do further damage to our economy by decreasing demand.

  • Bob Thompson says:

    Isn’t that fist a communist symbol?

    • OnePercenter says:

      No, the fist logo is a symbol of the black panther party. In many ways it is appropriate for the occupy protestors. They don’t realize it, but it was the current adminstrations policies that they are really protesting against. So, really, the occupy protesters are protesting against the Magic Negro whom they elected to office in 2008. In that sense, a black panther party symbol is appropriate.

  • Adi says:

    “Fiscal austerity: Among the most troubling is the idea of
    fiscal austerity. Under existing conditions of weak global
    demand, austerity would simply lead to a vicious circle of
    yet weaker demand, weaker investment, more
    unemployment, and still weaker demand, ad infinitum –
    the familiar “downward spiral” of all “great” depressions
    wrought by the “paradox of thrift.” This is especially true if
    austerity is pursued simultaneously in Europe and the
    United States, as now is in real danger of happening owing
    to European measures that are just as wrong-headed as
    now-voguish American ones. And if the emerging
    economies in Asia and elsewhere begin to experience
    slower growth rates, as is now being projected, U.S.
    austerity will do yet more damage.”

  • BW says:

    The article referenced below talks more about the downward spiral our economy is in and how tightening spending will create more unemployment and more deflation:

  • Occupy 24-7 says:

    People, the jobs bill that Obama put through to congress is to some extent beneficial to the 99% because it increases the taxes on the rich. If you don’t know about it, read about. But my idea is that we develop a chant for the weekend that supports this.

    • Scott says:

      Obama’s jobs bill was a rehash of the earlier stimulus plan. It didn’t work the first time, why would we expect it to work this time. $500 Billion is a lot of money to spend on a previously failed plan. His own panel of czars has told him how to create jobs – by getting out of the way and making it easier for people to start and run businesses (decreased regulations, easier SBA funding, expedited approval of leases/licenses, etc.) Not for the multinational companies but for the the 99 to start creating their own small businesses and jobs.