Support unions and workers rights

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  • cleanelectric says:

    A Green Technology Referendum That
    Should Be Added To The List Of Demands
    by cleanelectric 9/29/2011

    One of the “Occupy Official Demands” should be an Environmental and Economic Stimulus Directive to install solar panels and (cylindrical) wind turbines along every interstate highway, roadway, parking lot, warehouse roof, tall building and home in the country.
    We need an electric car initiative and an electric farm equipment initiative (tractors, harvesters etc.)
    We need a world-wide directive that states that oil is more valuable and will last longer as a manufacturing ingredient and not as a fuel. It should not be used as a fuel.
    There are 925 Million People going hungry on the planet every day out of 7 billion people total, that is 1/7th of earths population going hungry. Food prices are forecast to double in 18 years meaning that 4/7th of earths population will go hungry. Growing crops for Bio Fuels is a waste of badly needed food crops. Bio Fuels are still burned and still pollute and should not be used.
    The U.S. still gets half it’s electricity from coal. It is the dirtiest, most polluting fossil fuel of all. The Canadian Tar Sands are the dirtiest source of all other sources. The damage coal causes to the environment means that it is a false economy and is really of no value to the community. It should not be used.

    Natural Gas burns cleaner than coal, but it still burns and it still pollutes. Extracting natural gas pollutes ground water permanently. fracturing rock a mile under earths surface to get the natural gas is like shattering earths ribs and could cause earthquakes and other irreversable damage. It should not be used.

    Nuclear Power is only clean until there is a leak. Dozens of America’s largest cities are within the 50 mile “fatal zone” of nuclear reactors. They should be mothballed as their usefull life expires.
    Green Technology as in Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy Generation: electric vehicles, and “intermittent source” power storage and “load leveling” are in their infancy as the Model T Ford was once the infancy of automobiles.

    Nuclear Power and ALL fossil fuels will only continue to get more and more expensive and contribute to corporate and government corruption, and contribute to the instability of global politics,economics and every countries food supply as time goes on.

    A Green Technology Economy will provide more security to each countries agriculture system and environment, energy independence, and a new profitable economy for all. It will become more and more efficient as it is installed and develops.

    These directives should become global and not just American.

  • Anonymous says:

    Protect our rights

  • OnePercenter says:

    Unions are responsible for pushing wage rates up so high that American labor is no longer competitive in the world economy. Instead of being a group of skilled workers, unions protect the poor performing dragging down the rest of the group. They withhold dues from wages and exist solely to protect themselves. Union bosses are fleecing the workers to line their own pockets.

  • OnePercenter says:

    Workers have a right to a fair wage for an honest day of labor — nothing more, nothing less. If you think your employer is treating you unfairly, quit. Start your own business an hire your fellow slackers and see if you can make it in the business world. Pay taxes. But most of all, protest against the policies of the Magic Negro. His fail stimulus package of tax credits, bonus depreciation has resulted in corporations paying no taxes. You were tricked into voting for him by his empty promises of hope and change. Now you are protesting, hoping for a change. Good luck, suckers.

  • afriend says:

    I’m inclined to agree. I don’t mind so much if a union comprised of people who make chairs go on strike. I can do without a new chair. But education is too important to let unions hold it hostage. I don’t see any reason for there to be a teacher’s union.

    On the flip side, though, I think we should pay teachers more. We should make teaching into a competitive and financially rewarding occupation. Bad teachers should get fired. Good teachers should get periodic raises. Great teachers should make well into six figures. Our kids will thank us for it, and the future of our country depends on it.

    Economic equality starts with giving every kid, rich or poor, the knowledge and skills needed to be productive and competitive. If you want economic equality in this nation, don’t stand by while some teachers loaf or mistreat our kids. Among other things, unions protect bad workers, and that includes bad teachers.

    If we stand by while our public K-12 education system sinks into the morass, we should expect to see more and more jobs be shipped overseas to countries where education is taken seriously.

  • donny1020 says:

    Decolonize/Occupy is nothing more than a bunch of upper middle class union haters