No bank fees

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  • Jezebel says:

    You can avoid this by going to credit unions. Honestly, people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with Jezebel….go to a credit union!

    • OnePercenter says:

      Come on you 99-percenters. Did you all drop out of 9th grade economics? Most Visa cards give you cash back on your purchases, or air line miles or something. Plus you get “float”, the use of your own money until the bill comes due. So why would anyone pay to use a debt card where the money is taken out of your account right away? Use your credit cards, reap the rewards and get the float, then pay the bill in full when it arrives. Figure it out people. It’s basis math!

  • BW says:

    I never understood the concept of giving someone money and having them charge you for it!

    Here’s a good NYT link:

  • Dktr_Sus says:

    Can we get a Tab — a special section – to list thank yous? So many ppl are doing so much. I want to retweet it all.

    thank you!

  • sequimwhim says:

    Simple solution, get rid of the Dodd/Frank legislation and you would not be seeing these fees. The banks have to do something to make up for the income they are losing due to this stupid legislation.

  • IshmaelWings says:

    No bank fees. That is the way to do it. If we had Sharia law the banks couldn’t charge fees. It’s against Allah. Islam is the true way. Support CAIR.

    • The Dude says:

      If we had Sharia law I could chop off your head and rape your sister. But I don’t think that would be such a good idea. And your sister – ewww!

  • wendy says:

    If you don’t feel the banks offer you any service than don’t use them? Personally the banks provide me a lot of service and have for a long time at no cost. That’s been great but the government has dictated they would like to move the profits from bank to retail so the banks are charging you.

    What is with the “DEMANDS”? Are you holding someone hostage? Isn’t there a more reasonable term than “demands”. It is just silly.

    • narcosleepygirl says:

      Banks started implementing debit transactions due to the fact they were cheaper to process than clearing checks. They charged retailers an exhorbitant price to use the debit transactions when it wasn’t expensive for the banks to process them. The government just caught on and proverbially slapped the banks’ hands for being in the cookie jar.

  • One Percenter says:

    Jeez, you 99-percenters are really dopes. Want to avoid bank fees? Then quick using banks. Vote with your feet. Or better yet, get off your cardboard and start your own bank. See if you can make money running a bank? You demand the return to the original concept of free markets — well, in a free market firms can charge what they want. If customers don’t like it, they take their business elsewhere and firm goes out of business. How stupid are you people?

  • sillygreed says:

    BofA are hypocrites. One account for 8 months. No bank fee because of direct deposit over $250 per statement cycle. Recently on 11/22, BofA charged the account 12.00 monthly fee because of no direct deposit was over @250.00. Im not liking my pay, but I get paid every week and my earring for the month is about 600.00. I was paid every week in the last statment. BofA has never ever deduct $12.00 fee in the past until the day before thanksgiving. Customer service is not reversing the fee because the $250.00 has to be single deposit. F@*#&(@