Oppose the two parties of big business

(This is more of a slogan, as it is mainly about ending corporate lobbying and 2 party system)

4 Responses to Oppose the two parties of big business

  • Monocle37 says:

    It’s disgusting that the Republicans and Democrats have such a strangle hold on the political process. They have a monopoly that always benefits the sides of special interests, and above all, the central bankers. If Americans truly understood what was going on with the Federal Reserve System, there would be a revolution overnight.

  • b_FirF says:

    For sure the political parties have control over the system, but we must understand why they formed, how they evolved, and what purpose they served. They did not appear out of malicious intent, therefore whatever replaces the two party system must facilitate the positive elements while preventing a destructive/restrictive evolution from occurring again.

    Specifically, the parties allow access to the mass media, and provide a system of outreach and motivation to the general public to get behind a specific person or cause. If the parties vanished today, the mass populace would potentially be much less involved with the political process, and that is something we simply can not allow to happen.

    Therefore, if you consider this movement a political party in and of itself, we must find a way to provide open and free mass communication and community outreach, that will listen and hear all sides of the discussion, which may include ideas and concepts we as a movement simply do not agree with.

    However, if we do not create a party that is open and accessible to all sides of the sphere, we will be no better then they are at silencing and ignoring a portion of the populace.

  • dumbth says:

    The fundamental problem is not that we have only two parties. Europeans and other “parliamentary” systems have many parties and they do no better and often worse than we do. The problem is that both the parties (the Republicans completely and the Democrats mostly) are owned by the moneyed interests. Replacing the parties or adding parties is tinkering at the margins. It is not attacking the central problem. The central problem is the amount of power the moneyed interests have. If you fix that problem then the “two bad parites” problem is easily dealt with.

  • garthfromseattle says:

    A proposal for direct action during the upcoming election cycle:
    It should be obvious from the unchanging government madness & corruption that the the Two-Party system is a rigged game designed to effect a self-serving status quo for the powers that be.

    The Democrats & Republicans are the same party (disguised as opponents) working both sides of the political street. This constitutes a veritable communist-style monopoly.

    NON-PARTICIPATION is the only thing that kills a rigged game.

    Just as the OWS movement struck at the banking system by encouraging people to remove their money from the big banks and boycott further transactions, American voters need to similarly boycott the upcoming elections.

    The ‘mark’ must walk away.

    The two-party system fears being marginalized and invalidated. It must prove with every election cycle that they’re the only game in town.

    Please consider contacting all members and encouraging them to support the idea of ‘VOTING OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM’ during the next election cycle.

    Every third political party should also be contacted and encouraged to ask every voter within it’s network to shun ‘official’ voting methods or mailing in ballots.

    Voters should be provided with an alternative method of voting: ON-LINE ‘UNOFFICIAL’ VOTER WEBSITES set up solely for tallying purposes. Members can use an alternate ‘nickname’ or ‘user name’ on-line if they sochoose in order to avoid the possibility of being targeted.

    I’m confident that a coalition of OWS & independent third parties, supporting such a coordinated attack on the veracity of the election process, would capture the nation’s imagination, show the power of the movement and break the back of the two-party system.

    OWS should consider taking the helm and contacting other political parties, national organizations and viable contacts in the private sector to discuss a NON-PARTICIPATION (Boycott) option. This will give the 99% a ‘CLEAR CHOICE AND A BETTER VOICE’ in the next election.

    The timing couldn’t be better to consider this idea. Thanks for your time and for being there.