End corporate personhood

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  • Allen Clark says:

    Ending corporate personhood should be the first demand because it is necessary to remove this protection before any other progress can be made on curbing their power.

    • K says:

      I agree this should be the first demand that because it is achievable, direct, clean and one of the most powerful tools to curb corporate dominance. Allen’s statement’s are well stated! Another vote for this PLEASE!

    • Chris Corfman says:

      Absolutely! Corporations do not need 14th Amendment Rights; (real) people need those. Corporate encroachment of human rights diminishes them for people.

  • tom lattimore says:

    root of most problems in our country is corporate citizenship

  • Maria Evangelista says:

    Corporation are not people.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Deb Hubenthal says:

    Overturn Citizens United anyway we can!

  • Deb Hubenthal says:

    Overturn Citizens United anyway we can!

  • Neicole Crepeau says:

    This is probably one of the single most important demands we could make. Ending corporate personhood would take away all sorts of rights, including political donations by corporations. Please see this link, the in a nutshell portion, to understand how fundamentally this could change (i.e. improve) our political system and country. http://movetoamend.org/learn-more

  • Deb Wiese says:

    Corporations do not have the “right” to free speech. Human Citizens have the rights afforded us in our constitution. I favor ending corporate personhood and making corporations prove that they are serving the good of society before they get their charters renewed. Citizens created corporations and we need to control them, rather than the reverse.

  • Rick Bligh says:

    We need a constitutional amendment to rid ourselves of the concept of corporate personhood. Corporations are NOT people!

  • connie says:


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  • Anonymous says:

    Until we as a people, end the concept of for profit Corporations having the same rights as people, we will not see any of the other ideas suggested here come to be. To my mind, this issue is at the root of almost every other proposed idea. I just wish we were seeing more votes for it. Lastly, the abolishment of corporate personhood is probably the one issue that even some of the Tea Party folks, Repubs, and Libertarians probably can agree on.

    • The Real Turk182 says:

      I think this is THE issue related to all others. Political corruption (The K-Street gang, Jack Abrahamoff etc.), war for profit, privatization of everything, Etc. ad nauseum.

      Wrapping this up in the concept of “Pro-Life” will at first bewilder the right wing. But will illuminate the idiocy of granting rites to artificial entities that should be reserved for LIVING BEINGS.

  • Power to the People! says:

    Well done lecture by Prof. Lawerence Lessig on Corporate Personhood:


  • dispatch says:

    Definitely agree – #1 demand.

    Corporations have infected our government and the political process. The idea that corporations are “persons” and money is speech has created a corporate super-citizen, able to influence government and the political process with unlimited amounts of money and creating a class divide.

    The Declaration of Independence provides us guidance when a form of government does not protect the equality of all its citizens:

    “that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundations on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

    Corporations are not “persons”, and money is not speech. Until such time that ALL citizens have EQUAL access to government, “We the people” have no control over our government or the process.

  • Sean Michael Hurley says:

    The most efficient way to change the nature of Corporate influence is to change the relationship between public service and money. It couldn’t be more simple.

    Eliminate professional lobbyism. It’s nothing to do with free speech; it is about building a culture of stakeholderism as opposed to stockholderism.
    Two-year, multi-billion(trillion?)dollar political seasons are an embarrassment, an abomination at a time when, literally, bread lines are lengthening. That money all stays in the corporate stratosphere, and it needs to stop.
    Eight week election cycles. All publically held air and digital waves and channels open to organized debate during prime-time hours. Then an election. This is not nuclear fission.
    Want to see some changes? Start here.
    Your Friend and Comrade,
    Sean Michael Hurley

  • Anonymous says:

    just read mayor’s statement re the protests and their location and am curious as to why the protest cannot be moved to the city hall plaza? i don’t know where that is and maybe it’s too low-profile? just wondering…

  • Vladamir says:

    Will there be any information posted that was discussed on October 9th at Sunday School?I was unable to attend.

  • bizzy says:

    How will we protect the mom and pop “corporations” to make sure they come through this? We still need businesses of some kind; many of us work for, shop at, or own a small business. How can we accomplish the spirit if this demand – remove undue power from large corporationss- and yet protect this things that are valuable?

    • dispatch says:

      Stripping corporations of their personhood is not anti-corporation or anti-business. It is anti-corporate INFLUENCE in government. This is essential to distinguish.

      The idea that corporations are persons and money is speech renders the playing field unequal. The more money, the more power and influence, the more access to government, and the more protection by government.

      If anything, mom and pop “corporations” will be more protected, as all corporations (large & small) become equal in the eyes of the law. As it stands now, large corporations run the show, and all of us, citizens and “mom & pop businesses” alike, are just along for the ride.

  • dispatch says:

    As the occupation moves forward, it has become apparent that this issue is becoming the over-riding issue of the debate. Unless Corporations are stripped of their personhood, we have no chance of moving any issues forward unless the Corporate “super” Citizen authorizes them. Whether it be social, environmental, economic, etc., this must happen first.

    The Corporations have hi-jacked our government and the political process. Kicking them out is our only hope of moving our country forward.

  • Hawaii50 says:

    Almost voted for “public funded elections” as these complaints are essentially the same. When the rules are rigged, we must readdress the way we crown the rule makers. When elections are Privately funded, the rules will favor the private sector. When they are Publicly funded they will favor the public.