End all free trade agreements

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  • alfred newman says:

    Maybe not all, but most. And make sure whatever trade agreements we do make benefit US workers, not the Chinese or Indians or whoever. NAFTA Sucks!

    • PK says:

      Wow.. that comment just shown just how out of clue you are. NAFTA is a trade agreement between US, Canada and Mexico. Chinese and Indians? What are you talking about?

  • Power to the People! says:
  • Carol Tucker says:

    Greedy, corporate America sent jobs overseas as a union-busting tactic and to avoid paying social security taxes and employee benefits such as health insurance, workers comp, sick leave, pension, vacation pay, etc. It takes intelligence, diplomacy, patience, and communication skills to negotiate with unions, and greedy, corporate America became too greedy and mentally lazy, so they picked up their toys like little kids and went overseas. I for one, am sick and tired of crap made overseas. It’s cheap, shoddy, of poor quality, and many items stink like hell from being exported on ships and boats full of stinky fish.

    We MUST repeal NAFTA.

    • Deb Messinger says:

      Twenty-five million more people would be employed in America by repealing NAFTA. Manufacturing jobs would come back. We could take pride in the products that we make, because they would be produced not on the backs of slave labor!

  • John Summers says:

    My company and 25 employees would be out of business without NAFTA.

  • John Robben says:

    Make Free trade into Fair Trade – The problem in all Trade Regulation is that the regulation is designed to benefit Large Corporate and Other Large Special Interests. Their influence have to be eliminated or drastically reduced before other beneficial changes can be made through Governmental channels.

  • wildthing says:

    Profit is the bottom line for any corporation. “Free Trade Agreements” gave corporations the freedom to replace American labor with third world workers who will work for pennies an hour, 12 hours per day etc. Why pay an American worker $15 per hour when you can hire third world slave labor for a fraction of that cost? Consequently the larger corporations moved their manufacturing to China or other third world countries, which benefited their profit margin 500%. All Free Trade Agreements should be abolished.

  • policetac says:

    You need to research this one. Free trade is necessaary

  • steve estvanik says:

    we live in a global economy; without free trade agreements, we’d have runaway laissez faire capitalism, or tariffs and protectionism

    the problem is not with the concept of free trade but with HOW and WHO gets to write the rules. the process needs more participation and empowerment

    Nobel winner Stieglitz has written several compelling books making these arguments

  • libertarian says:

    This is an odd thing to include. Free trade is particularly important for the developing world. We may be losing jobs at home, but people overseas who are literally starving are being given opportunities that they would not otherwise have.

  • wendy says:

    Why would we not want to build a solid economic continent with our neighbors? We do not live alone in the world and we are nowhere as hungry as the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t have anything to trade, but i like free stuff. Can I get the free stuff without anything to trade? it wood be good if we didnt use money any moreand we traded all the time. there wouldnt be bankers that rob the people.

  • The Dude says:

    We can work out an arrangement. You spend time doing the things I need you to do and I’ll give you free stuff. Easy peasy. No banks necessary. I got all kinds of free stuff in my attic, sounds like you got all kind of time.

  • Carol says:

    Those of us in the streets when WTO was here did not oppose trade. We wanted and still want fair trade. The trade agreements pushed thru by Democratic and Republican Administrations were developed behind closed doors…they even forbade people not working for chemical corporations from serving on the relevant advisory committees, for example…I’m not making this up, we’re talking absolute non-democracy. The result was giant documents with provisions that undercut workers rights, environmental protection etc. There were tons of provisions that had little to do with trade, but a lot to do with empowering multinationals to control countries agendas undercutting social justice legislation. Unfortunately, the same dynamics still are in play today. Its inaccurate to frame things as people for trade versus those against it. Existing trade agreements are rife with terrible provisions and have undercut social justice horrendously to the disadvantage of people everywhere. They need to be replaced with democratically-debated and adopted documents. They say free trade, we say fair trade.

  • toothygrinladyface says:

    Fair trade agreements are designed to be a catch-22 for nations with less economic power. If a small country does not sign, they are excluded from economic trading circles, or they have massive embargos placed on their goods making it more difficult for that country to compete for consumers in the world market. However if they do sign, they give up the right to control their own resources. Corporations are granted the right to file a suit against a nation that refuses to allow a corporation to extract resources…and of course the corporate way of extracting resources is always to the detriment of the poor and the environment.