End privatization of the commons (natural resources, education, healthcare, etc.)

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  • Maria Evangelista says:


  • Joanne says:

    End privatization of the commons

  • Larry Bridges says:

    The 1 percent is controlling the message by corporate mergers of media and funding lobbyists who get low information voters to work against their ownb self-interests.

  • alfred newman says:

    I’m against privitizing anything that is traditionally a government function. Utilities, parks, education, healthcare, all of it should be subject to the vote of the public.

  • Anonymous says:

    End it

  • Rick Bligh says:

    The airwaves and the internet as well.

  • Megan Opincaren says:

    Big Oil, corn producers, and Boeing do not need help. Small businesses face barriers to entry, and taxpayer dollars should be used to subsidize *green chemistry*, organic farmers large and small, and alternative energy and medicine, rather than established industries that counter the common good.

  • Conway says:

    Put the 1% that oppose the 99% at the end of line for everything in our society. The truckers to not drive fuel to anyone that gives the 1% service before the needs of the 99% are fully met. Nurses to refuse service to 1% that oppose us until the needs of all 99% are met first. Every public service and private worker to refuse service to all 1% that oppose us and those businesses that oppose us. The 1% will not change until they start dying like they allow us to do without a thot.

  • bugbear says:

    WE are the World Trade Center.

  • sequimwhim says:

    Actually, privatizing things like education and resources only makes it better and more efficient. Look at the boondoggle the public education system is. Or look at public transportation systems. I don’t trust our government to run anything anymore. Let private industry do it.

    • Pete Wise says:

      With privatization of things like education and certain other activities there arises competition which leads to much high quality and also there is a choice. The cost will tend to go down and quality will reach a much higher standard.
      Unfortunately at the present time many people have only known government monopoly in many areas for perhaps the last 100 years.
      Privately operated businesses are forced to be accountable for what the offer and through competition there is quality and or a sifting out of those operations that are not providing what the customer wants.
      What has happened is big corporations have bought into government and in that they control and monopolize which leads to poor quality and higher prices. A private business can be held accountable.
      Eliminate corporate monopolies and monopoly capitalism. Eliminate the Private Federal reserve bank, the IRS which is connected to the Fed Res Bank, eliminate all government hand outs especially foreign aid. Foreign aid can be done by the individuals who have excess money. Take care of our country first and stop meddling in the other countries. Eliminate the empire building and the lie of democracy as the best way of government.
      Taking care of ourselves our country first and then helping others privately will do vastly more than all the big government meddling.
      Charity and caring begins in the home. The idea that government owes anyone free anything is an oxymoron. Limited government means more freedom big government means no freedom and tyranny
      enough for now….

  • libertarian says:

    You don’t really want this. This is the way of Vladmir Putin (Russian autocrat) and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela’s effective Dictator). What you really want is diversity of options in health care, kids who are motivated and inspired, and environment stewardship. Not sure if nationalization of these industries is really the way to achieve these things.

  • Anonymous says:

    Natural Resources should not be privatized for profit and corporate gain. Any profit from natural resources should be used to support other vital resources such as healthcare and education. There is a great divide in our country and this is one of the major things that divide into haves and have nots.

  • Lesxango says:

    Wed Oct. 19th 4-5 PM GMO Free Seattle will have a Rally at Westlake.
    Help us take back our food supply from Monsanto.
    Monsanto own 90% of the seeds grown to product our food.
    Monsanto has placed dozens of people in our current administration making policy
    (i.e. Michael Taylor – former Monsanto lawyer in the FDA 20 yrs ago passed laws that said
    GMOs are no different than regular food and never has to be researched.
    Now he is the FDA safety czar in the Obama administration.
    Come to the rally to hear about these issues.

    90% of the food you and everyone eats thats not organic or labeled Non GMO (VERIFIED)
    that contains chicken, turkey or beef or ingredients with soy (in everything), sugar (in everything),
    corn or canola is genetically modified to affect your DNA and
    has been likely sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
    70-80% of the non produce in our NATURAL Foods stores is GMO.
    Come to the rally to hear internationally known speakers talk about the GMO issues,
    getting GMOs labeled, and farming concerns

    Details on the Facebook page for http://www.GMOFreeSeattle.com

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  • LoirB says:

    Corporations will never go beyond what the profit margins allow. Privatizing our social and environmental programs will not benefit but hurt this country. All Corporations do is make money for share holders thats their job. If a corporation is not making money then they redirect to another area that will, and stop the leak of money in the area thats considered a drain. Corporations also dont like to clean up mass disasters or keep up to date on new environmental health science. It is costly so the cheapest route is the best.
    Government has a responsibly that go beyond the bottom line. We the people as a government have to retain control of our social and environmental programs to ensure its top quality and make sure its not for profit. Education should be free,privatizing schools will not ensure this. Our environment has to be protected, otherwise we are continuing to waist our natural resources which are finite and fragile.