Universal healthcare

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  • Rick Bligh says:

    Single payer! Medicare for all!

  • connie says:


  • Lori Kane says:

    Lots of good ideas here. Universal healthcare gets my vote.

  • Don says:

    Isn’t this what we’re getting with Obamacare?

    • bear says:

      hahahaha, obamacare isn’t anywhere close to single payer. it’s a healthcare law that was written by republicans and pharmaceutical companies

      the democrats are not our friends, they only serve corporations now, same as republicans

  • QinRage says:

    Health care for all…is the main reason why I support the Occupy Movement…:)

  • trip quillman says:

    All campaign monet publicly funded

  • Barry says:

    Democracy will not get us very far. The rulers control education, media, and entertainment. The popular ideas are necessarily their ideas. So asking the populace what to do abdicates responsibility.
    One example: why is the demand to end US wars coupled with a demand for money for or population? Isn’t that a form of prejudice reflected in the wars? Why is the US populace so important?

  • jj says:

    The end goal of any protest is to bring a stale mate. We need to severely disrupt their system.

  • jj says:

    Know that many people are organizing and cannot vote right now that feel this is and issue worthy.

  • Shelly says:

    Is there some kind of list of the needs of the frontliners? I really want to help as much as possible since I can’t be down there.

  • Leia says:

    I don’t want any “free health care.” Because it is just “sick care.” Why are you demanding this?

    I’ve had two cancers. Both cured, by surgery. And my response? I’m going to prevent all future cancers with Vitamin D3, the Budwig FOCC, exercise, eating vegetables.

    What do YOU people want? It seems to me you want the government to provide you with free drugs and chemotherapy and whatever.

    You are all just … loons.

  • MrBlueSky says:

    America is the only country in the entire industrialized world without some form of universal health care. Even some countries in the Third World (such as Brazil) have at least some amount of healthcare for everyone. I don’t want free anything, Leia… I just want the US to join the rest of the western world when it comes to healthcare. Healthcare is a basic need, not a luxury for the rich. How moral is it to tell the poor to just go home and die? We can (and MUST) do better!

  • sequimwhim says:

    And how pray tell will the country be able to afford this? How high will taxes go? Will there be a VAT? And what drugs, treatments, etc will be banned to keep costs down? Will we be like England where preemies are left to die if they don’t meet a certain weight, or Canada where you have one MRI machine for hundreds of miles? Sorry, but I like our system. It has some flaws but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Laurie Simons says:

    “The real health care crisis is in public confidence and understanding, not in financial sustainability” Bob Evans, PhD, Internationally acclaimed health care economist from Vancouver, B.C.

    http://www.thehealthcaremovie.com underscores the issues and explains the history of why the U.S. does not have universal health care.

  • Lesxango says:

    Wed Oct. 19th 4-5 PM GMO Free Seattle will have a Rally at Westlake.
    As a physician – yes we need universal single payer health care.
    Rather than wait for this – be proactive and protect your health NOW.
    Our rally will address the politics of the GMO issues that affect us daily as we eat all of us (see below)

    Help us take back our food supply from Monsanto.
    Monsanto own 90% of the seeds grown to product our food.
    Monsanto has placed dozens of people in our current administration making policy
    (i.e. Michael Taylor – former Monsanto lawyer in the FDA 20 yrs ago passed laws that said
    GMOs are no different than regular food and never has to be researched.
    Now he is the FDA safety czar in the Obama administration.
    Come to the rally to hear about these issues.

    90% of the food you and everyone eats thats not organic or labeled Non GMO (VERIFIED)
    that contains chicken, turkey or beef or ingredients with soy (in everything), sugar (in everything),
    corn or canola is genetically modified to affect your DNA and
    has been likely sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
    70-80% of the non produce in our NATURAL Foods stores is GMO.
    Come to the rally to hear internationally known speakers talk about the GMO issues,
    getting GMOs labeled, and farming concerns

    Details on the Facebook page for http://www.GMOFreeSeattle.com

    Questions or if you want to volunteer
    email to info@GMOFreeSeattle.com

  • Jacks says:

    All people should have access to medical care. Medicare should be available to all people. But the real problem is the ridiculous medical costs and our crappy insurance companies. We should be able to research and choose our providers without the government or our insurance companies telling us who we can and can’t see.
    We should really be questioning why medical care costs so much. We should be able to negotiate prices with our healthcare provider without going through a middle man.
    We should realize that pharmaceuticals are making profits off of treatment instead of offering cures
    we should support non-profit health care.

  • Pete Wise says:

    Universal “health” care is universal suicide.
    We have a monopoly on health care now.
    This monopoly makes billions of dollars while maintaining sickness so that they can profit.
    We the people need to have the freedom to care for ourselves as we see fit. The idea of single payer is really a communist idea it seems.
    Health and health care is being used to manipulate politically and control your freedom to be healthy.
    The majority of health care offered through the system has little to do with health and more to do with control and making profits.

  • DavidBurdick says:

    Demand the the banks release interest in the houses they have forclosed on and give them to the homeless shelters so we can house the people they have left out in the cold.