Universal education

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  • Steven Johnston says:

    needs more votes without doubt

  • Lindsey says:

    specify: universal equal funding and public effort towards educating all children, from prenatal parent education through adult vocational training.

    The class divide starts BEFORE birth. It’s society’s responsibility to make every effort to level the field.

  • FinallyFedUp says:

    As a senior executive in a large company, and often tasked with getting the job done, I would sooo much prefer to hire local, well-educated Americans who speak a common language, like maybe English? Our educational system is truly third world. I am not exagerating. I was at a Christmas party chatting with a girl educated in a small villiage in Nepal. She was here studying to be a teacher. We were talking about math. She said math was easy. So I started asking her about what she studied in high school math. To make a long story short, she had learned, in a standard curriculum, more math in high school than I learned in two years at U.C. Berkeley as a Chemistry Major.

    The above story is NOT an exageration nor is it an exception. Russia, India and other countries do a much better job than we do.

    Repeat – this is not an exageration people. This is the 21st Century and if we wonder why we’re in the state we’re in, its because we are falling so agregiously behind in educating our people to the point where we just can’t compete.

  • sequimwhim says:

    So what does this mean exactly? Would the UN be in charge of our education? How about we just get rid of the Department of Education and put it back in the hands of the states and local communities and get back to teaching the real needs of math, science, English, history, etc. Get the social issues out of the curriculum. I can teach my child at home about the environment or why someone has two dads…don’t waste valuable class time on subjects that aren’t needed for a person to be an employable, contributing member of society.

  • Teacher leave the kids alone says:

    I want the freedom to not go to school. It is ridiculous that I have to be in school 13 years. It’s dumb. The teachers are stupid. I hate school. This is a retarded demand. I want to demand that there is no more school.

  • Pete Wise says:

    The illusion of education is just that an illusion. The(current) SYSTEM is just that a system of control and propaganda.
    Generally education does not teach anyone how to learn it teaches what to learn.
    The idea of a universal approved curriculum limits instead of educates. We have been generally sold education as the way to some dream, only to find out that we know very little of value after sitting in class rooms and it has cost an enormous amount of money.
    Currently parents turn over their children to system and expect that they will know something when they exit the institution only to find out they are not much better off. Only a relatively few years ago many children were home schooled and functioned better in the long run.
    Each person is different and the idea that one size fits all schooling is against reality. Oh well lets throw more money at something that doesn’t work.
    Education is a continuous process a part of life not a commodity that one gets in a few years.
    People need to be able to communicate which may also include reading and speaking and writing.
    By no means is education bad it is just not something that can be containerized. enough

  • afriend says:

    Currently we offer K-12 education for everyone.

    However, it’s not consistently good education (very tight budgets, teachers who aren’t accountable for doing their jobs effectively, poor curriculum), and many kids don’t try very hard or don’t really want education in the first place (look at the dropout rates).

    Is this demand about improving K-12 education, or about making university free? Many career paths don’t need a university, so that seems like something people should pay for.

  • bex says:

    This site needs a down-vote button…

    Universal K-12 education is a good thing… maybe even 2 years of trade school. But not college.

    I’m fine with public financing if it’s for the public good. Like free tuition for low-income kids to go to school and get degrees in PRACTICAL areas (medicine, science, engineering, teaching, etc.). But frankly, I don’t feel good about somebody getting a PhD in puppetry on my dime!

    No thanks…