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  • Anthony Schueller says:

    Where in Seattle is the fight going on?
    What street address do I go to?

  • Truth Spreader says:

    Go to: Infowars.com & Prisonplanet.com and report you results.

    Alex Jones wants to hear from you!

  • totheroots says:

    Many of the things people have said they want else where they will only get by doing this. People do not understand that the Federal Reserve is not actually a part of the Federal Reserve. It is actually a consortium of big corporate banks that appoint the board of the Fed to make banking rules. They are making rules that benefit them – not the general public. This function needs go back to being controlled by elected individuals!

    • RonLawl says:

      Let’s put the Federal Reserve accountable to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and then the corporations will have no power over them. Brilliant! We can’t even trust Senate to appoint someone to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the current climate. I’m not completely happy that the Fed is an independent agency, but it’s far better than the alternative.

      As for your claim that many of the things we say we want will be accomplished by doing this, go ahead and name a few, and show your work. Give me a reason to believe that ending the Fed will solve all our problems is more plausible than the GOP claims that tax cuts on the wealthy will solve all our problems.

      For instance, how does ending the Federal Reserve create jobs? Don’t just say, “Oh, the Federal Reserve are corrupt puppets, but everything will be fine when they’re gone!” Picture someone getting a job, and then explain how it would only have been possible thanks to the end of the Federal Reserve, and how it would not have been possible if the Federal Reserve was still around. If I’m a business, then how does ending the Federal Reserve increase my incentive to hire people?

    • mpmartin says:

      The Federal Reserve Board is comprised of 7 members, who are appointed by the President and confirmed by congress. In addition, 4 additional members of the Federal Reserve Banks across the states are members of the Federal Reserve committee, which is comprised of the first 7 and then the additional 4. The federal reserve system is set up to maintain monetary policy, it is the bank the banks borrow from, it is responsible for the development and administration of regulations that implement major federal laws governing consumer credit such as the Truth in Lending Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Truth in Savings Act If the Federal Reserve were not the single point of control over our money system, who would control it? Congress? They can’t even pass a budget. We need the Federal Reserve system. If parts of it aren’t working, then let’s fix that.

  • Monocle37 says:

    It is time that we realized the Federal Reserve is destroying this country’s wealth and future prospects. It is not the cure for the economy; it’s the cancer destroying it. It is responsible for the Great Recession, unemployment, the government’s ballooning debt, and the cartelization of the banking industry. Check out my blog “The Compassionate Capitalist” to read the argument.

    • RonLawl says:

      The problem with the “End the Fed” argument is that it’s based on the idea of returning to the gold standard. Oh, sometimes they’ll deny it, just like Intelligent Design people will deny that they’re promoting Christianity. But that’s the entire point.

      The problem with the Gold Standard arguments is that it’s based on a completely different ideology, one where FDR and the New Deal was wrong, and the US government should have never gone into debt for the sake of lowering unemployment and creating infrastructure. Of course, history shows otherwise. The countries that went off the gold standard sooner recovered faster. Insisting that returning to a gold standard would somehow end unemployment is stupid. The entire point of the 99% movement is that corporations are too greedy to spend money on employment. If they won’t do this with worthless dollars, then why in the world would they be generous with gold?

      The other problem is that you’re complaining about inflation at a time when most of the population is broke. We’re not dealing with people with wheelbarrows full of cash fighting over a loaf of bread. That’s not why we have unemployment. That’s the exact opposite of why we have unemployment. We’re dealing with businesses who have no customers and no money. The only people who do have money are the 1%, but that’s a distribution problem, not an inflation problem. If inflation was the problem, then we would expect to see inflation distributed equitably, where salaries went up along with everything else. In a distribution problem, the money is there, but Wall Street takes it for itself.

      The final problem is that you don’t actually solve for anything. How does ending the Fed increase employment? It doesn’t. How does it solve for the distribution problem? It doesn’t. The problem here is corporate greed. That problem exists with or without the Fed.

      When I ask the gold bugs what sort of difference ending the Fed would make, they give me two responses: First, if your great grandpa buried a small fortune in his backyard and did nothing with it, it would gain in value, rather than lose it’s value. Second, we would end the capital gains tax on precious metals. Basically, the argument is that we need a system that rewards inheritance over work, hoarding over economic stimulus, and ends the capital gains tax on investments where zero jobs are created. That’s the entire point. None of these values are not in line with the 99%. They’re great for rich people who inherit lots and lots of gold, but they’re not so great for the general population.

  • libertarian says:

    How did this make the list! Impressive… this is really the source of what everyone thinks of when they think of “Wall Street”. But hardly anyone really knows it.

  • anonymous1234 says:

    Ending the federal reserve is something only most ignorant members tea party want… The tea party already has it’s own movement, and in most ways is diametrically opposed to the reforms the occupy wall street movement has asked for.

    As for the people who actually believe the fed is bad… stop blindly echoing Ron Paul, and learn how the fed and monetary policy actually works. Right now, by keeping interest rates low the fed is only part of the government doing anything to help the economy.

  • Michelle Darnell says:

    This is probably the most important demand on the list…any study of the Federal Reserve and the powers behind the curtain will reveal that much of what is going on right now if a well thought out plan and the FEd is a part of that plan to bankrupt America and line the pockets of a wealthy few.

    • RonLawl says:

      You sound like the people who still believe that we’re going to discover a massive conspiracy as soon as Obama releases his “real” birth certificate. You already made up your mind, and you’re going to keep digging until you find something to confirm it. Do the corporations use the Federal Reserve to their advantage? Maybe. But that’s like pointing out that white people used buses to discriminate against black people, so as soon as we take the buses away, all the black people will be happy. Or like pointing out that Clarence Thomas has abused the Supreme Court, so let’s get rid of constitutional review, and everything will be fine. At most, the Federal Reserve is a symptom, not the underlying disease.

  • Michelle Darnell says:

    BTW you might be interested to know that the Federal Reserve is no more “Federal” then Federal Express!

  • sudopinion says:

    This website has been infiltrated. What garbage some people will believe is beyond reason sometimes. This is why Obama called you “internet people” out as a joke. REMOVE THIS TOPIC AS A DEMAND IMMEDIATELY YOU FUCK-WITS.

    • Scott says:

      by reasonable Americans – also part of the 99%. Get used to it, we are your neighbors. We sacrifice for our families and support our communities just like you. However we don’t necessarily blindly buy into the dogma spouted from DC or Olympia. We worked crappy jobs until we had the opportunity to advance or afford our educations. We proudly served in the military because we believed we lived in the finest nation in the world. We chose trades that were in demand and continually reinvented our skills to meet the changes in demand. We help our neighbors when they were in need and trust that they have our backs when we are in similar times. We are the 99%. You may hate us and be jealous of our accomplishments but you will never beat us down. We will never give in, we will never give up. We will give you a hand up and encourage you as you work through your struggles as you encourage us to work through ours. We realize that some are more fortunate in life than others. We celebrate their good fortune rather than covet what is theirs. We are the 99%. We will succeed. We have always succeeded because our success is not based on what we have or what others think. Our success is based on self reliance, love and charity. We believe in equality of opportunity, liberty and the rule of law. We are the 99% Who are you?

      • sudopinion says:

        This thread is cancer.

        • Scott says:

          Bitterness, jealousy and ignorance are cancers. They take little energy to cultivate. They silently flourish but are apparent to all around. They eventually consume the host. They are easily treated but oft neglected.

          • sudopinion says:

            I wrote a poem about it.

            I made it by myself with macaroni for you.

          • Scott says:

            Does it start with ‘There once was a man from Nantucket?’ I’ll see what I can do about getting some macaroni to the food stores for your down time. Just kidding about the 99% thing.

      • Richard Wells says:

        Focus. If you’ve lost your job, if you have no health care, if the Veterans Administration has not served you well, if you’ve lost your home or your life savings, if you can no longer afford a college education, if your college education has left you with a debt that’s breaking your back, if your wages and benefits have just been cut focus on the cause, not on labels. We’re in the same boat. No one hates you.

      • ecurb says:

        I was going to post, but he said it better than I ever could.

  • Hugh G. Rection says:

    Fuck you marxists…. You say revolution…. Guess what… better think twice to try and overthrough this great nation… Us rednecks are ready to come down outta the hills and stop you!

    • Anonymous says:

      dude, biggotry is ignorant, humans are all equal. that is what the revolution wants, equality, and were just tired of corporate greed, because its pointless. after the big corporations steal all the natural resources, what are we going to eat? paper? money? ask yourself that you hick.

      • Michu says:

        If someone (like Hugh or any ignoramus) post a whacked comment, please ignore them. They are only here to incite misdirection. Don’t let him or her waste your time on their futile existence.

  • RonLawl says:

    Oh look, the Ron Paul supporters have found yet another online poll to spam. We all remember Ron Paul winning 98% of the vote in the Republican primaries, just like he did in the online polls, right? The calls to end the Federal Reserve have absolutely nothing to do with this movement. The Federal Reserve may not be perfect, sure, but neither are corporations, and I don’t see any calls to end all corporations outright.

    How do I know this is spam? Simple. First of all, it’s a very niche issue. The only people who are passionate about ending the Fed are the Paul supporters, and that’s a tiny percentage of republicans and an even tinier percentage of the general population. Yet somehow, it polls higher than “Universal Healthcare” and “Allow everyone to Vote.” That right there screams “BS.” The only things more popular are “Fair and equitable tax system” and “Corporate accountability,” which are both incredibly broad and not divisive in the least.

    Here’s the other problem: Suppose you have 428 Ron Paul supporters who genuinely stumble on this site and vote 1 time each, rather than spamming this poll like they’ve been known to do on other sites. Well, if that happened, why wouldn’t those 428 inflate the votes on any other issue? In a nutshell, because they don’t care about any other issues. This isn’t their movement. All they’re doing is spam.

  • Lisa says:

    It is simply not true that the only people that want to end the Fed is Ron Paul supporters. I am not a Ron Paul supporter but an American who is familiar with American and World history enough to know that the Fed is the one percent. The Federal Reserve is the problem. Solve this problem and a lot of the other problems in our society will start solving themselves. I am an Occupy SF protester.

  • RonLawl says:

    “Do you agree with that assessment?” he asked Bernanke. “Did Wall Street’s greed and recklessness cause this recession, that lead to so many people losing their jobs?”

    Bernanke responded that excessive risk taking on Wall Street and the failure of financial regulators “had a lot to do” with the recession.

    “You see protests both on the right and the left,” said another member of the Joint Economic Committee, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX). “The protests you see right now getting the headlines are on the left in New York. What is the protest saying to you? What are you hearing from that activity in New York right now?”

    “Well, I would say very generally I think people are quite unhappy with the state of the economy and what’s happening,” Bernanke said. “They blame, with some justification, the problems in the financial sector for getting us into this mess, and they’re dissatisfied with the policy response here in Washington.

    “And at some level, I can’t blame them,” he added. “Certainly 9 percent unemployment and very slow growth is not a very good situation.”

    Clearly the man sympathizing with the protester who blames Wall Street for causing the recession is a monster, and he must be stopped. Instead, let’s put all our trust into Ron Paul, a man who thinks that the Free Market will fix all our problems once we get rid of government, and that the New Deal was a huge mistake.