End corporate interactions with government

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  • Maria Evangelista says:

    We need this or everything will get worse for the 99%.

    • bex says:

      Charities, unions, and many community groups are “corporations.” Non-profit ones, yes, but still corporations. Are you going to ban their influence as well?

      If you have a rule that says “only non-profit corporations” can interact, then you’re going to see a whole bunch of new charitable foundations pop up for the promotion of commerce.

      DOWN VOTE.

  • Derek Beals says:

    its the biggest threat to our democracy

  • Anonymous says:

    Money in politics is CORRUPTION. Period. We have accepted systematic corruption as the status quo. Until private interests stop driving politics in this country (any reduction is a start), we will not have a government whose first interest is to serve its citizens.

  • connie says:


  • rshannon says:

    Given the Supreme Court’s appalling decision in Citizens United, the only way to limit corporate control of the government, i.e., corporate money in politics, is to amend the constitution to make it clear (duh!) that fictitious entities like corporations are not “persons” within the meaning of the First Amendment. Because the Court has made this a constitutional issue, it cannot be solved by legislation, only by amendment.

    All other objectives (demands) are going to be extremely difficult to achieve, at best, so long as the executive class can spend unlimited corporate money on campaigns and media, anonymously! Please support the other demand to end “corporate personhood” and get behind Move to Amend (http://movetoamend.org) which is leading this critical fight.

    • several says:

      This is it, this is key. Amend the constitution to overturn CU v FEC and ban all corporate donations, direct or indirect, to politicians, PACs and campaigns.

      This is a prerequisite for all other demands. Nothing will change until this happens. One Demand to Rule Them All.

  • Anonymous says:

    You seriously need to define your terms. Statement as writte is meaningless.

  • Think: its fast, free and easy. says:

    In 1886, a Supreme Court decision in the case of Southern Pacific Railroad vs. Santa Clara County defined a corporation as a “person”, thus, giving corporations all the rights of a person from the constitution; which includes the right to lobby the government. This needs to be repealed. Corporations need to be defined more accurately (definition too complex to include in this comment, but is definitely not a person).

  • totheroots says:

    This is too vauge

  • sequimwhim says:

    Well, one way to end the interactions is to make sure the government stays the heck out of the corporations business as well. A true free market would mean no need for the corporations to even have to lobby. The reason why they lobby is because there are too many controls by the government over business. Shrink the government and you also shrink the corporate control as well.

  • wtfmonkeys says:

    End all corporate taxes, they are only a business expense that gets passed on. The 2011 Congress passed 70000+ laws, an average congress. 70000+ in only 1 year. How many did you break today? How many lawyers can ride on the back of the 53%?

  • Nat says:

    The David Ferola 9 step plan

    Step1) Send your TAXES to a trusted congressman or congresswoman which maybe hard to find in your state. Prepare your taxes made out to the I.R.S check and envelope, get another bigger envelope and fit in inside write on this envelope to congress preferably to Ron Paul

    Washington, DC
    203 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

    Have congress unwrap the envelopes, and send it to the I.R.S

    If you are asking yourself, what will this achieve first it can be used as a bargain chip however, congress cannot spend it or over take the fed reserve and bank system over night, nonetheless this will indeed give teeth/meat, back to congress.

    STEP2) At every rally SHOUT “Send you taxes to Ron Paul!”

    Step 3) OWNERSHIP: With meat and teeth congress can demand ownership of the Federal Reserve, as to how much, well a good start would be 45 percent, of course congress should have full control of the fed reserve. However, letting the opposition think you’re a fair man goes a long way.

    STEP4) Demand FREE copy rights and trademark and Patents for first timers, this will stimulate the economy, I know of someone who created the spinner rims, but he had no money to protect it, guess what a company/businessman from other country got there first, 4 billion dollars a year was generated and people were put to work. Having someone get there with a great idea first is nothing new but if small American inventors had an edge it would help greatly the economy. Imagine if everyone had a little dream supported by the government for first timers.

    STEP5) At every rally SHOUT “free Patents free trademarks!”

    for more click the link


  • Lesxango says:

    Wed Oct. 19th 4-5 PM GMO Free Seattle will have a Rally at Westlake.
    Help us take back our food supply from Monsanto.
    Monsanto own 90% of the seeds grown to product our food.
    Monsanto has placed dozens of people in our current administration making policy
    (i.e. Michael Taylor – former Monsanto lawyer in the FDA 20 yrs ago passed laws that said
    GMOs are no different than regular food and never has to be researched.
    Now he is the FDA safety czar in the Obama administration.
    Come to the rally to hear about these issues.

    90% of the food you and everyone eats thats not organic or labeled Non GMO (VERIFIED)
    that contains chicken, turkey or beef or ingredients with soy (in everything), sugar (in everything),
    corn or canola is genetically modified to affect your DNA and
    has been likely sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
    70-80% of the non produce in our NATURAL Foods stores is GMO.
    Come to the rally to hear internationally known speakers talk about the GMO issues,
    getting GMOs labeled, and farming concerns

    Details on the Facebook page for http://www.GMOFreeSeattle.com

    Questions or if you want to volunteer
    email to info@GMOFreeSeattle.com

  • ballardparent says:

    Business should not be banned from working with government when making regulations regarding those businesses. Without some realism injected into our lawyer politicians they will destroy every business. They shouldn’t control it but government continues to pass really bad law putting good businesses out of business because they aren’t listening. Then they wander around wondering why there are not jobs.

  • Court says:

    This mess is because corporate access to politics: stacked the congress with business indebted people, gave us a supreme court that said corps are peope, prevents any serious consideration of universal health care, prevents any meaningful non-corporatist parties from accessing the airwaves, prevents any anti-trust intervention in media ownership, I could go on for days.

    At the root of all these symptoms is corporate access to our political process through lobbyists, campaign finance, special issue finance.

    We need a constitutional ammendment to strip corporations of their ability to lobby or contribute to political campaigns, influence political campaigns through issue advertising, or seek any remedy through courts of law. The penalty for infringement should be dissolution of the corporation.

  • Construction Worker says:

    I thought this was the point of the portest. It appears that the demands are much larger than that. This is the reason for the mess that we are in. Our government representives don’t represent us, they represent the controling interest. This is no more evident than in the health care act. At one point, I believe, 60-70% of the American people supported a single payer system. But we still end up with some sort of garbage system that helps very few and more than likely will be determined to be unconstitutional. If the involvment of corporate money and agendas is removed from polotics, the rest of the demands will correct themselves in time.

  • ctuck622 says:

    ProtestSeattle corporations who send jobs overseas&govt entities&elected who ignoreConstituents who file complaints against corporations.My own experience inSeattle is w/SHAG(SrHousingAssistanceGrp)a/k/aIndependentLiving,Inc.,greedy corp landlord who violate their own lease,refuse to release tenants from lease w/ADAmedical documentation,SeattleHousing&SeattleHUDRegionalOff,who refuse to holdSeattleHousing accountable,PattyMurray,who’s supposed to facilitateConstituents ignored byFederal agencies,MikeMcGinn,who’sCivilRightsOff refuses to handle complaint&this is justONEexample ofONEcitizen’s experience w/corp&govt entities.One demand should be that whenConstituents contact govt agencies,City/State/Fed/elected,issues should be promptly acknowledged/responded to&seen through to resolution.Courts are clogged because govt agencies&elected officials protect corps by refusing to hold them accountable,which is what their govt role is,to protect citizensNOT CORPS!!