End the War on Drugs

14 Responses to End the War on Drugs

  • Maria Evangelista says:

    Wasted… drug money still going to over seas operations.

  • Alex R Delp says:

    Treatment and rehabilitation have long been known to be the best way to combat drug addiction, while criminalization the most expensive and least effective. End the “War on Drugs.”

    • Adi says:

      Criminalization of drug users/abusers is ridiculous. We need to help these people heal and recover. And we need to slow or stop the demand for the drugs, because for as long there is a demand there will be a supply.

    • OnePercenter says:

      Agreed! The best way to combat drug addiction is treatment and rehabilitation. Stop drug use and there are no drugs to have a war against. So, we should end the war on drugs and declare war on drug users. But instead of shooting them, we should arrest them, and throw them in treatment facilities, only letting them out when rehabilitated.

  • Rick Bligh says:

    The war on drugs is a complete failure! It wastes money, effort, and time. And most of all human lives.

  • anais ninja says:

    how do we add a new demand? I want to add “legalize cannabis”

  • Cyndi vanderMeer says:

    Yeah. War on drugs is bad. Drugs never did anything bad to me. Drugs are good. I like drugs. I like getting high. Everyone should get high and then nobody would want a war on drugs because everyone would be happy all the time. No war on drugs.

    • Adi says:

      The “War” on drugs is misguided. As long as there is demand, there will be supply! It is big money! You can look at our history of prohibition to see how that worked.

      Drugs, legal or illegal can do plenty bad to an individual’s health and a community’s health and well being. No one is happy all the time when they do drugs! This is why people want drugs, because they are unhappy and they need to escape and self-medicate! Don’t get me wrong, I smoke cigarettes and drink wine! Some people like candy and fattening foods..these are drugs too! And so are prescription drugs! Be aware of those!!!!

      We all make choices and that is OK. However, let us not take this movement to the drug issue… I know THC is not a big deal but please, let us keep the message on Wall Street and Corporate Greed.

      Thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    repeal prohibition … it has NEVER worked and, besides, it is NOT the government’s business to decide what we are allowed …it is we, the people who allow the government.
    fill the space with LOVE
    make PEACE, offer choice
    old lady

  • Gavin R. Putland says:

    If foreign drug producers and domestic distributors are to be put out of business, domestic law enforcement must be concentrated on RETAIL SALES. Present legislation backing the “war on drugs” criminalizes mere possession. Worse, it purports to reverse the onus of proof in drug-possession trials. That reversal is incompatible with the rule of law and is therefore unconstitutional in ALL jurisdictions. More: http://is.gd/noreverse .

  • toothygrinladyface says:

    The war on drugs needs to end not so that we can keep getting high unhindered, but because the drug war provides the American public with the illusion that our presence in countries like Colombia and Honduras is ethical, that we are engaging in the noble cause of freeing the world from crime and drugs. The drug war convinces Latin American leaders to allow US military presence in their countries so that the US can monitor the economic affairs of that country and be prepared to crush any resistance movements that arise. Not to mention much of the drug trafficking violence is caused by the US, as the US is the one supplying weapons to the cartels, and US taxpayers are paying for the cleanup.

  • narcosleepygirl says:

    If you like to smoke weed and it doesn’t harm you or others around you (yes, I do know some people who are allergic to marijuana) then you should have a right to do what you will with your own body. Isn’t that what liberty is about?

    However, if there is a possibility of causing harm to others, i.e. drinking and driving, then don’t do it or face some serious consequences!

    Seriously, if what you are doing brings no harm to others and does not impinge on their rights, how is it wrong for you to do it? If everyone involved is consenting, how has an illegal act occured?

  • yasky2012 says:

    Pharmaceutical sale of Pseudoephedrine is one of the leading contributors to crack manufacture… based on the premise that we can’t live without that cold medicine. They are making billions, if not trillions on this.

    The only reason we have a drug war is because big business is profiting on it. Look where prohibition got us.

  • Mercurial says:

    All plants should be legal. Cannabis is not dangerous. Keeping it illegal is.