Accessible health care and health products

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  • Lauren Higgins says:

    This measure is important for a productive and happy society.

    • OnePercenter says:

      Survey Question: How many of you 99-percenters voted for the magic negro?

    • b_FirF says:

      Fixing health care will not resolve the underlying issue with the system. The ability to use power and wealth to monopolize and maximize profits through abuse is not an issue isolated to the health industry. We must demand something that fixes the underlying dynamic and therefore can cure all organizations that interact with the economic structure.

  • Deb Hubenthal says:

    A basic human right which has been undermined by big money and big power( insurance companies/banks) in this country

  • alfred newman says:

    There’s no reason why any citizen of the USA should have to choose between dinner and a prescription. Insurance companies and banks are holding us all hostage.

  • Emily says:

    To be a happy & healthy society we need a single payer health care system

  • Annabel says:

    There are barely any insurance plans hat cover colonics, acupuncture, saliva tests, herbal remedies and mineral/vitamin liquids. We must be able to stay healthy and these modes should not be out of pocket.

  • Krys McKean says:

    Please make Health care accessable and affordable. For EVERYONE. PLEASE!

  • Don says:

    Isn’t this what Obamacare is supposed to do?

  • MartineMeyers says:

    It’s a terrible financial burden to be uninsured and have to pay several thousand dollars to treat relatively simple injuries. You feel ripped off, and more like a commodity than a patient. Everyone should be able to go to the doctor without fear of being indebted for years.

  • Josh says:

    The foundation of any sustainable healthcare policy should be a tax-driven state “trust fund” that is protected from general government spending programs. These protected funds should be a model for both medicare and social security reform. Politicians should not dip their hands into the trust to further lobbyist legislation and agendas, or to cover budget overruns in other programs.

    Healthcare benefits for those who cannot afford it should be treated just like unemployment benefits – taxed when they are producing income, with a limit to benefits based on their total contribution.

    Health insurance must be deregulated across state lines to encourage competition to let the free market determine prices. This will decrease insurance costs for everyone.

    Individuals who maintain a track record of continuous private health insurance coverage should be given the option of opting out of the public health welfare taxes.

    Non-profit health clinics should be given federal and state incentives to encourage volunteerism and charitable activities around prevention.

    Medical students should be given educational incentives to gain experience in non-profit health facilities.

    Practicing health care professionals and students should be involved in continuously monitoring/developing community and national efforts around providing public health care, not a bunch of career politicians surrounded by lobbyists.

  • policetac says:

    Contact “poverty action ” network for local movements at:

  • Kat says:

    I’m on disability due to a congenital brain disorder – SSDI and Medicare – WE NEED Dental care – Medicare just covering pulling your teeth out if they are bad – That’s unacceptable – I don’t want cosmetic dentistry but overall health is connected to good oral health too – I wouldn’t mind paying a small amount above my normal Part B to cover some kind of dental insurance – but dental care is so expensive – especially when you are are on a fixed income to begin with.

  • hahahahawhackos says:

    I want both free health and dental care too. And free auto insurance, everyone’s supposed to have it. Why doesn’t the evil corporate raiders who run the US give everyone that too. And fire insurance. And how come we didn’t get the unicorns the magic negroe was promising years back?

    • Alex says:

      I live in the UK and have free health care, (and dental too when I was a kid) The US is meant to be a super power, is it unreasonable to think that it could manage the same level care for it’s citizens that our little island can??

      • ecurb says:

        I remember the “care” I got in the UK when I grew up there.
        I’d rather pay cash or do without in the US, thanks.

    • One Percenter says:

      Gawd I love you Hahahawackos! You really hit the nail on the head. These 99-percenters want free everything. Maybe they should start their own health-care business. Who would work there? How would they get paid? Why would they work there if they could make more money elsewhere? What the 99-percents lack is a basic understanding of economics. Their list of demands are as sensical as the unicorn you mention. Gawd I love you!

  • totheroots says:

    Why don’t we call this universal health care because that is what we are really talking about. It does not matter that this term was thrown out by mainstream politics

    • One Percenter says:

      Yes, yes, yes! Let’s call it “Universal Health Care”. That way you can provide health care to the universe! How idiotic. Why don’t you define how your health care scheme would work and who would pay for it. Oh, you don’t want to pay for it? You want others to pay for it? Well, now you know how I feel as I pay Big Government more in taxes each year than you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

  • Monocle37 says:

    How about the government just gets out of the health care industry and allow the free market to function? It’s disgusting that the Republicans and Democrats have such a strangle hold on the political process. They have a monopoly that always benefits the sides of special interests, and above all, the central bankers. If Americans truly understood what was going on with the Federal Reserve System, there would be a revolution overnight.

    • Richard Wells says:

      The so called, “free market” does not have a mind of its own. The free market is driven by people, (mostly white men) many of whom put profits ahead of everything – health, environment, the common good.

  • Ron Paul Rocks says:

    I want Viaga and weiner pumps to be accessible to everyone. Equal rights to party for everyone. And universal prostitution legalized. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Lesxango says:

    Wed Oct. 19th 4-5 PM GMO Free Seattle will have a Rally at Westlake.
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    90% of the food you and everyone eats thats not organic or labeled Non GMO (VERIFIED)
    that contains chicken, turkey or beef or ingredients with soy (in everything), sugar (in everything),
    corn or canola is genetically modified to affect your DNA and
    has been likely sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
    70-80% of the non produce in our NATURAL Foods stores is GMO.
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  • Tru dat says:

    Well my view like anything else health care is a business it provides
    people with jobs all the way from being the provider to the insurer to
    the customer service person you speak to on the phone.
    However yes their are real issues how this money is being managed.
    In Washington the debate is raging on over it. I see alot of side stepping.
    One of the biggest issues is abortion amongst the candidates when running.
    However it is not a major cause of the healthcare issue. I would also like to
    say that in instances where the life is threatened I agree with it. So I don’t see why we are still
    Bickering about it. I believe that it is the individuals responsibility to
    Pay for their own contraceptives I mean c-mon it’s ten dollars for a box of
    Condoms. Stop playing that same violin.

  • Robert Macdonald says:

    This is medical services and medical products. Healthcare is a misnomer in this country. We are the only country in the indrustrial world without medical coverage for all citizens, this is absurd! Down with the corperations which profit off of the sick.

  • Sourjourner says:

    Yes, yes, yes…

    In fact, I think this should be a constitutional amendment!

  • occupationist says:

    This is NOT about demands. This is NOT about any particular policy. This is about building “a world in which many worlds fit.” I want to emphasize that this movement really does have something to offer EVERYONE. It is not about the 99% fighting back against the 1%. It is about establishing global democracy (people power) for the 100%. Everyone has something to gain from a movement which seeks to empower 100% of the world. Even those who currently hold slaves and “own” land have something major to gain: they may be lifted from their current impoverished state and begin to experience the world as a place of love rather than one of fear. Fear that they themselves have created by warring and robbing, but which they may always end if they chose to work toward living with a planet that is 100% instead of pretending that they can be against that which sustains them for much longer.