Nationalize the banks

10 Responses to Nationalize the banks

  • Chris Sutton says:

    While it is silly to simply not put money in a bank, we all have choices. Send Corporate America a message and send your savings to a credit union.

  • SonOfLiberty says:

    This is a terrible idea if you research the history of banks and banking or simply money period. Through history you will find that this exact mentality of nationalizing banks is the reason why we are on this site. Please do research on this topic before you vote for it.

  • DavidO says:

    If you like the the kind of service you get at the DMV and the Post Office, you’ll LOVE the service you’ll get at a government bank!

  • Jacks says:

    I don’ t trust the government to handle our finances.
    Take your money out of the banks and put it in credit unions.
    And most importantly, be involved in your credit union.

  • Obama Hitler Youth says:

    Nationalize everything. Just like the Nazis did.

  • OnePercenter says:

    You idiots! Don’t you realize that the banks are already nationalized? When banks are about to fail the the Federal Government bails them out – that’s nationalizing the banks. Gawd you people are morons. But then, it would take a moron to waste so many days sitting in a part accomplishing nothing. What have you gotten from your protests to date? Anything? Perhaps a little fleeting air time, but nothing has become of your protests and nothing will. Now, stand up, walk home, and spend some time figuring out the best candidate to fix the problems created by the Magic Negro you voted for last election. In the meantime, I’ll sit home and toast your idiocy with nice glass of cabernet.

    • yasky2012 says:

      You only HOPE nothing is being accomplished.

      RE. Nationalizing the banks, the above act led to interstate banking and legalization of usary, ie. rates that USED to be criminal, and led to the failed savings & loans. It’s COMMUNITY BANKS and local Credit Unions that need support. They are the only stakeholders that benefit from community well-being.

      Pull your money out of BOA, Wells Fargo, et. al. and put it in a local bank or credit union.

      Blessings to the plant who calls people morons – I guarantee ya, a REAL 1%er, has better things to do than post here… we love ya, even if you don’t KNOW you’re a 99%!!

      • OnePercenter says:

        According to the National Taypayers Union, the top one-percent made $380,354 or more in 2008, the most recent year for which such data is available. Therefore, anyone making more than that amount is a one-percenter and that is me. And I paid $104,045 in Federal income taxes that year. Did you? You can read the facts at the website below.

  • Schlubb says:

    Google it, write your representativies to reinstate it. The government bone heads that repealed it are still receiving your taxes as salary, expenses, health care and pensions. Repealing it set up the banks to steal from all of us. Tell them if they don’t reinstate it to protect our economy you wiill vote against them.

  • yasky2012 says:

    WE already bailed out the banks. Restrict lending rates and call moratorium on bank service charges.