Nationalize the Federal Reserve and create State banks

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  • Grady says:

    Sign the petition for the creation of a State Bank of Washington

    • Scott says:

      Rather than promoting a state bank – which is just another big institution that is too big and too powerful to fail – support your local credit unions. They are owned by the members and make decisions based on what is best for their membership. I am not a credit union employee, I am a member of a credit union that provides a fair return and really is concerned about doing business with me. Black eyes to BofA, Chase and the other mega-banks that have sent jobs overseas and provide crap service for ridiculous fees. Move you money to a local credit union and support your community.

      • Cindy says:

        I agree 100%. Placing our monies in our local Credit Union is a wise decision that I just recently made myself.

      • ron says:

        I think Scott has a great idea. I’ve belonged to a credit union for over forty years. They provide all the services I need and they don’t charge outrages fees for everything, are very helpful if you have a problem and they stick up for you if you have a dispute with a merchant. The only obligation you have as a member is to vote for members of the board of directors.

        • wtfmonkeys says:

          There’s an idea, bank where they give you the best deal. Who’d have thought of that. Thanks for the great insight. I bet you’d tear a school down to rebuild it with new green energy light bulbs also.

          • Scott says:

            I tried to take your back on another issue on this site because I thought you were just pissed off. Maybe I was wrong. If you don’t have anything positive to contribute, you may be on the wrong site. I was trying to point out that there is no need for state banks, I’m not sure what your point is. Sorry you’re so angry, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes this is great and there is already a face book movement underway on your facebook look up bank transfer day there are 15000 people attending. The idea is that everyone closes their big bank account on November 5th between 9 am and 5 pm and transfers to a credit union. The movement has a guy fawkes mask colored with the american flag pattern. there are 2 that show up so remember to click RSVP…Or just close your bank on the 5th of november!!!

      • Oatmeal says:

        Having a State bank would be a LOT better than what we have now. We already have one government run bank in this country. It is the State Bank of North Dakota.

        A state bank is a buffer between everyone in the state and the Federal Reserve and other large financial institutions. Which is why North Dakota is doing so much better financially than most of the rest of the country. Proof:

        The most important part of that is getting rid of the Federal Reserve Bank. Take the money out from under the thumb of the top one percent.

    • wtfmonkeys says:

      Why would you want more govt.? What a fool you are. Are you a tattooed drug-addled hippy? Are you in a tent in Westlake Park? I’m coming down there to spray accelerants on it and set it on fire tonight.

  • totheroots says:

    for more information on the state bank for Wa campaign see

  • Elizabeth Hanson says:

    Come be part of the State Bank Movement! Wednesday night–October 26th 6:30 Kane Hall @ UW room 120. Ellen Brown author of WEB OF DEBT will be speaking as well as Bob Hasegawa, State Legislator leading a group to write a bill to get us a State Bank. If you want our money out of the hands of Bank of America come to this meeting to learn more. More info at

  • Scott says:

    Good lord folks, they were both in bed together! Who gave the big banks the bailout money? Answer – the government. Take a look at our senator’s and representative’s records – they voted to give the big banks our money! Why should we trust the state government with our money? They can’t even balance their own checkbook. Think people! And I sit on my knee and pray – we don’t get fooled again!

    • Anonymous says:

      we don’t get fooled again

      • wtfmonkeys says:

        You fools should march on the white house and ask the magic negro why the lawyers running Congress stole all your money. They’re the ones who created the system the people running businesses must comply with. What a bunch of dumb fucks y’all are. Get to work and earn your own meals and health care you white niggerz.

        • remember says:

          If anybody ever doubts the need to keep up the fight, remember the enemy: dipshits like this genius here.

          • Dane says:

            Its unfortunate that we still have ignorant people in this country,like that poster you responded to,some are ignorant due to being misinformed, but some are ignorant and choose to be,when that is the case it is very sad.

          • wtfmonkeys says:

            Who’s the ignorant one here? That’d be you it appears. If you are volunteering for free to contribute to society then say so, but I expect you are another unemployed parasite and when you find a job you will expect to be paid???

            Or will you truly work for free, and expect everyone else to also. Clearly you think people running corporations should. How’s life in your imaginary utopia?

          • Scott says:

            Don’t get confused, the enemy are the folks that abdicate their personal responsibility to people/organizations that don’t have their best interests in mind and then insist that you live their way. Their will always be folks that can’t effectively express their thoughts/emotions. We’ve all been gamed and many don’t have the acumen to interact in a common manner. They’re not necessarily your enemy, they’re more likely misunderstood. The 99% is inclusive, not a private club.

  • Fravashi says:

    A state bank is like a state investment trust. Look up North Dakota’s state bank and see how successful that state is. It is in the black, and in fact, it has so much money from the state investment trust that they are finding ways to spend it on North Dakotans — all that a state should do.

    Instead of sending all tax revenues to big banks on Wall Street, all Washington revenues would go to the state investment trust, run by a state agency, i.e., a NONPROFIT trust.

    This is the biggest and best movement to happen here, and we should all coalesce around this simple and effective idea. Again, please research North Dakota and don’t miss Ellen Brown at Kane Hall on October 26th — she is the real deal, wrote one of the best books ever about how the banking crisis started and how we can stop it! California and many other states are trying to get investment trusts started too so they can keep OUR money from going to the big banks on Wall Street.

  • SecedeNow says:

    Yes, if WA had their own bank they could build more bike lanes, ercet more monuments to alcoholic shit throwers like the “native american” “woodcarver”, and build more million dollar toilets for whores qnd drig addicts. LMAO at you children.

  • wtfmonkeys says:

    Poor tattooed freak hippies if you want to blame anyone ask yourself why the Ivy league lawyers at the top keep writing the laws that create this system. Why blame the business people just trying to succeed under it. It’s your Congressmen who are the cause. Why are they allowed to seize 1/3rd of the labor from 1/2 the people, to give it to the 1/2 that do not contribute. Let the parasites starve and die deport all the illegals and Muslims, stop the endless enviro-whacko lawsuits that force businesses to move overseas. Then Americans can work and prosper. Until then the entertainment addicted, affirmative action educated, ignorant americans deserve all their misery.

  • Zachary Smith says:

    One of your demands is to “End the federal reserve”, yet another demand is to “nationalize the Federal Reserve and Create State Banks”??????? Really?

  • yasky2012 says:

    Get the corporate interests out of central banking system. They are the same people who own the media, and fund both sides of the wars.

  • bex says:

    I think a state run bank is a GREAT idea… credit unions are fine, but all their profits get divvied up too small to make a big difference. Alternatively, we could take all those profits and re-invest in parks, schools, bridges, etc.

    That being said, nationalizing the Fed is a TERRIBLE idea. It needs to be an independent entity, not subject to the whims of politicians. It was intentionally designed that way to keep the American economy rolling, even when chaos was all around us.

    Not comforting when unemployment is at 9%, but there it is…