End the wars – redirect war funding to meet human needs

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  • Nathan Small says:


    • OnePercenter says:

      Agreed Nathan, this is worthy. End all wars. But first, end all hate as it is hate that is basis of wars. Have the Islamic Fundamentalists stop hating other religions. Have the Palestinians stop hating the Jews (and vice versa), have the 99-percenters stop hating the one-percenters. Wars don’t prove who was right, they prove who is left!

      • Bradford B. Morrison says:

        Dear OnePercenter:
        Thankyou very much for your input. However, I believe that you, along with much of the American and World public, have been led astray by the Powers That Be, Who greatly control the media. That is, led astray (brainwashed is such an ugly word) into believing that Islamic Fundamentalist or Palestinian hatred has a lot to do with the reasons for wars. Let me clue you in here, OnePercenter. The two Iraq wars (1991-92 and 2003-now) AND the War in Afghanistan (2001-now) AND (probably) the recent War by Nato against Ghadafi; are PLAINLY AND SIMPLY almost exclusively caused by BIG OIL and GAS international conglomerate companies having enough political clout to CO-OPT the militaries of the U.S.A. and NATO and CO-OPT the U.S. taxpayers’ money; SO THAT WE FIGHT, with OUR BLOOD and TREASURE, not for FREEDOM or DEMOCRACY or AGAINST “TERRORISM”, or to “Find weapons of Mass Destruction”, etc.; But instead, simply for MORE PROFITS for BIG OIL to sell to the world the last few decades of oil remaining on this planet AT A VERY HIGH PRICE!!!
        Don’t believe it?? Did the brainwashing take hold so strong that you can’t shake it?? There is help, if you like to read.
        Try “Armed Madhouse”, by Greg Palast (2006), a brilliant investigative reporting job detailing how, among other things, BIG OIL has for decades been SUPPRESSING the development and production of Iraq’s oil, so as to keep from flooding the world with too much oil, since Iraq has a GIANT amount of OIL, probably MORE than SAUDI ARABIA!!
        We invaded Iraq so as to make sure that THE OIL GETS DEVELOPED SOWLY, if at all, to keep the world price of oil high! (talk about greedy unmitigated gall).
        So, OnePercenter, it’s not hatred by Islamic Fundamentalist “terrorist” types or Palestinians hatred for Israel (which is very justifiable, in my opinion)so much as greed and power on the part of Big Oil which has, for the most part, caused these wars.

        Thanks for listening
        Peace and Love
        Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  • Kathleen Merrigan says:

    I vote yes

  • Derek Beals says:

    Corporate contractors are ensuring the war continues while the US crumbles.

  • Briano from Seattle says:

    The Wars are making us Poor

  • connie says:

    vote yes

  • Susan Segall says:

    United States spending on the current wars is estimated at $3 trillion. This year’s war appropriations from Washington State alone could provide 2.3 million low income children with healthcare, or give over 500,000 scholarships to university students. Let’s build true security by investing in housing, food, education, health care, social services and the arts. Let’s use our treasury and imagination to build life, not destroy it. War is obsolete!!

  • riseabove206 says:

    end the war machine

  • Adi says:

    We need to take care of our veterans, no matter how misguided these wars were. These men and women were and are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect “us.” Little did they and (do) know that it is for corporate interest and for political talking points!

  • hayduke says:
  • totheroots says:

    The money we spend on just the Afghanistan war could, if we ended the war, make up for the deficiet in the state budgets of every state in the union. What do we really want?

  • old lady says:

    end ALL wars…declare PEACE. put down the guns, put away the weapons, bring our soldiers home and put them to work for the GOOD …feed the children, house the homeless, educate the ignorant, till the fields. WAR sucks and always has. WAR has never been a viable solution to ANYTHING …it is mean and cruel and barbaric. It is embarrassing. MAKE PEACE first, and prosperity and plenty will soon follow.
    …aint’ gonna study war no more!
    old lady

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    To OnePercenter:
    Reading list:(pertains to Afghanistan, why we went to war there) See http://commdocs.house.gov/committees/intlrel/hfa48119.000/hfa48119_0.htm
    Note especially testimony in the U.S. House of Representatives, Feb.12, 1998, 3 years 7 months BEFORE the “terrorist” bombing of Twin Towers; testimony of John Maresca, V.P. of UNOCAL, who basically says that the Taliban government of Afghanistan is not stable or pro- western enough for OIL and NATURAL GAS PIPELINES to be built THROUGH AFGHANISTAN, and so encourages the U.S.A. to use it’s “influence” to get a change of government there, so the pipeline project can start. (in my opinion, a definite strong clue that BIG OIL wanted to replace the Taliban, by any means necessary, so that they could compete with the Chinese, Iranians, and Russians and others, to make BIG PILES of MONEY on OIL and Natural Gas pipeline projects and the resulting flow of oil and gas from Central Asia to the growing economies of Southeast Asia.

    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad