Defend and expand civil liberties

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  • Maria Evangelista says:

    Yes yes yes.

  • policetac says:

    Who’s going to enforce all of these freedoms? Protect the feelings of those offended? The cops and the courts. But you don’t like them, so you can’t have the other.

    • b_FirF says:

      The current method of law enforcement is broken due to the involvement of money and the complexity of the written law and its extensive system of precedence.

      We would need to build an electronic system that can be utilized to submit and verify complaints in a timely fashion with minimized costs. We also need to simplify the written law so that anyone and everyone can easily be trained to join a jury and determine a verdict without having to be coached through the process by expensive lawyers and biased judges. This would act as a filter into the current system, with its own set of appeals, so that only important/critical/controversial cases reach a real life trial.

      With such a reduction, it will be much easier for society as a whole to help make these critical decisions on how to enforce our liberties, instead of leaving it up to elected officials and for profit defenders that are overly influenced by the corrupt forces of wealth and power.

  • Franklin Boeble says:

    Many times convicted felons are incarcerated EVEN WHEN they have asked for forgiveness and confessed. That is wrong! There is only so much that prisons can do to reform, and once a person is on that pathway, the state should NOT TAKE THEIR RIGHTS AWAY! Free Repentent Felons!

    • im really really sorry says:

      i agree, i mean i hate the way i feel every time i rob someone, its hard i just want there hard earned money to buy some booze, they make the money but we should be equal so i think im entitled to half so i take it, i mean come on i feel sorry so Im good right? ill be sure to tell the judge that im really really sorry and hope for a reduced sentence after i rob a bank for some rent money. Thanks maybe you can be my character witness.

  • jails are evil against peoples rights says:

    yeah jails and prisons are evil let everyone out and stop persecuting people people have a right to live life like they want it isnt cool to rob people of living live just cuse they dont follow fake man made laws that arent cool dirct dimocracy should work 4 everybody

    • The Dude says:

      Let everyone out. No man-made laws, survival of the fittest, the wild west. So if you break into my house, meet my gat, so sad. At the same time we need to eliminate the courts and lawyers as well. No more litigation, no rule of law, let’s move to the rule of awe. Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Sorry bud, you’re not part of the 99. Black eyes to you and your lot.

      • survive says:

        hell yea let them all out, issue everyone a weapon so we can defend ourselves right to bear arms and fuck it arm some bears while we are at it. convicts are just nice people framed right, its all The Man right well let them out and lets all become productive members of a fucked up society, and one day i can show my 8yr old son how to kill a man because some jack ass thought everyone should be nice and give as many chances to change as they want. then all i will do is say oops im sorry and bam all is forgiven

        • Gary Ng says:

          Where did you learn grammar??

          • me to says:

            in prison

          • Nelson says:

            Dude, they failed you there, man.

          • cant spll says:

            its because they didn’t accept my apology and set me free, the made me stay and learn nothing, say sorry=get out of jail

          • Anonymous says:

            Nice to see this discussion devolving into typical internet pedantry. Keep up the good work, guys. I guess if you can’t do something constructive for the movement, you can always stay home and cry about someone’s grammar and spelling.

          • Gary Ng says:

            Personally, I disagree. I think helping someone with their English language skills is as important for THEIR future as anything else. We have so many products of a horrible education system. Education is a HUGE issue. When we THE PEOPLE spell correctly and use basic grammar, we gain credibility individually and as a movement.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you really believed that, you’d really be helping.

  • Let me enjoy my civil liberties says:

    The Hughes Amendment illegally passed by congress restricts my civil rights granted to me in the Bill of Rights. Repeal it and let me practice my civil rights.