Create a sustainable economy democratically run by society

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  • Oriana Osborn says:

    I think this is the core message of the protests.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      It is an illusion when someone says let the people run the economy, a classless society, nationalize banks, nationalize businesses. If that takes place you will work for the government. You will get all your basic needs met and be a slave to the socialist government. Look at the Section 8 housing, welfare, and healthcare recipients, what do they have in common with socialism the government is the owner of those people, therefore they will never progress and succeed in life you will live in poverty forever. The reason for that is that the government don’t want you to succeed in life, therefore it keeps you oppressed whether it is the current government or a totalitarian government like socialism, because they provide everything for you.

      Last, your freedom and this illusion of socialize everything is just an illusion, because the proletariat is just the slave of the bourgeoisie. You don’t need to believe me since I defend our Constitution. Do you think that you own a piece of that nationalized corporations? The answer is no!! The elite are the owners and you will not be afforded to have any stock ownership.The elite will own everything and giving power to one totalitarian is basically a destruction of our freedom. We will become the legal slaves (proletariat)to the slave owners (bourgeoisie). Think about and stop the madness of protesting in Seattle.

      • b_FirF says:

        A sustainable economy democratically run by society is not about a handout or government control of resources. Its about creating a system that will not collapse and can be easily adjusted to meet the challenges of the future as society evolves in a fair and just manner.

        You will still need to work for your fair share, and there will still be an uneven distribution of wealth. However, the distribution must be determined based on your contribution to society vs the current system that is based on how well you can play the game and rig the system.

        We need a system that is not based on maximizing profits, we need a system that rewards people for creating ways to maximize well being. This will not end poverty, it will not prevent people from being wealthy, but it will work towards maximizing our sustainable use of the worlds resources, and maximizing the opportunity for people to lift themselves up to work towards positive change for themselves and whatever it is that they believe in.

  • W. West says:

    Without creating a democratically run economy, one that places great emphasis on economic justice, living wages and creating stability in the lives of those who run it, all else is moot. I believe this is the most critical component of this movement.

  • cleanelectric says:

    A Green Technology Referendum That
    Should Be Added To The List Of Demands
    by cleanelectric 9/29/2011

    One of the “Occupy Official Demands” should be an Environmental and Economic Stimulus Directive to install solar panels and (cylindrical) wind turbines along every interstate highway, roadway, parking lot, warehouse roof, tall building and home in the country.
    We need an electric car initiative and an electric farm equipment initiative (tractors, harvesters etc.)
    We need a world-wide directive that states that oil is more valuable and will last longer as a manufacturing ingredient and not as a fuel. It should not be used as a fuel.
    There are 925 Million People going hungry on the planet every day out of 7 billion people total, that is 1/7th of earths population going hungry. Food prices are forecast to double in 18 years meaning that 4/7th of earths population will go hungry. Growing crops for Bio Fuels is a waste of badly needed food crops. Bio Fuels are still burned and still pollute and should not be used.
    The U.S. still gets half it’s electricity from coal. It is the dirtiest, most polluting fossil fuel of all. The Canadian Tar Sands are the dirtiest source of all other sources. The damage coal causes to the environment means that it is a false economy and is really of no value to the community. It should not be used.

    Natural Gas burns cleaner than coal, but it still burns and it still pollutes. Extracting natural gas pollutes ground water permanently. fracturing rock a mile under earths surface to get the natural gas is like shattering earths ribs and could cause earthquakes and other irreversable damage. It should not be used.

    Nuclear Power is only clean until there is a leak. Dozens of America’s largest cities are within the 50 mile “fatal zone” of nuclear reactors. They should be mothballed as their usefull life expires.
    Green Technology as in Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy Generation: electric vehicles, and “intermittent source” power storage and “load leveling” are in their infancy as the Model T Ford was once the infancy of automobiles.

    Nuclear Power and ALL fossil fuels will only continue to get more and more expensive and contribute to corporate and government corruption, and contribute to the instability of global politics,economics and every countries food supply as time goes on.

    A Green Technology Economy will provide more security to each countries agriculture system and environment, energy independence, and a new profitable economy for all. It will become more and more efficient as it is installed and develops.

    These directives should become global and not just American.

  • gogreengal says:

    Elected officials represent money and not people–in campaigns the donors are hidden (now more than ever with oxymoron ‘citizens united’ the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision) and money to run not only is a waste of resources but it comes mostly from monied interests. Once in office, corporate advisors and lobbyists steer the course and all involved are in a profession of legalized bribery. We must work to have clean, publicly funded elections. I don’t think we can “create” an economy, we ARE the economy or the reforms can happen as we transition to more decentralized, self-sufficient communities replacing the current system as it’s defined by Wall St./The Corporatocracy. We’ll be able to rebuild/save the commons, and have a more authentic representational democracy, if we work toward sustainability and build community wherever we are.

  • Anonymous says:

    A democratic economy means democracy in the workplace. That means worker-ownership, i.e. the expropriation of the means of production. So long as a boss class makes all the calls in the workplace, there can be no meaningful “economic democracy.”

  • people says:

    A democratic economy is where the workers control the means of production. The workers then rationally plan what is produced, internationally, according to needs of society. The workers are then not bound by a profit rate. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a political program, and build a political party to take control of the work places.

    I would recommend reading it is the publication of the Socialist Equality Party and these questions are thoroughly analyzed in its theoretical sections.

  • policetac says:

    It’s called a “free market.” You know, when everyone buys the products they like? Oh yea. That also translates into your “Corporate greed.”
    What are they supposed to do with all of the profit we make them? And trust me. They pay taxes too.

  • totheroots says:

    look at (a local group) for more info on what this might look like.

  • Great Ideas for the Revolution says:

    Obama needs to institute a presidential executive order that we must bottle and recycle our farts. That would create jobs and the gas can be used to create electricity and Al Gore would be happy because we wouldn’t hurt the environment.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a Nobel idea but there is a reason governments are made. Why the first countries were ruled by kings and emperors. Men are not angels. “If all men were angels there would be no need for government” James Madison wrote that in his Federalists papers. People won’t share everything they have. It might work in very small groups and even than not reliably but as the system gets bigger it rapidly approaches a failure point.

  • MainStreetValues says:
    Knowledge, Opportunity, Ownership… for all the people,
    We have the tools… the process requires the succesful… to invest in the not yet successful… turn them into taxpayers… so they can stop being welfare recipients.

  • Michelle Darnell says:

    This demand is too broad….rebuild the entire economy???

  • Matt says:

    These countries are successful economically but they also take care of their people. We should copy some of their policies.

    • The Dude says:

      Matt – you may want to consider moving there if that’s the economy that you would be more comfortable with. Unless you are a felon, those countries are very open to immigration. English is a second language and Yanks are pretty well tolerated. Personally, I believe the US can be restored to its first principles and prosper again. If you don’t love this country, you should find one you do.

  • Marcia says:

    I recommend that everyone read David Korten’s book, Agenda for a New Economy. It’s available from your favorite bookstore or public library. More than an analysis of what went wrong to cause the economic meltdown we’ve just gone through, this book provides ideas on how we can move forward to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthiest and most powerful 1%. For each person physically occupying Seattle, there are thousands more who agree with the movement. Let’s bring democracy back home!

  • Richard R. Troxell says:

    According to the last several US Conference of Mayors Reports, no one working at a full time minimum wage job can afford to get into and keep a one bedroom apartment anywhere throughout the country. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, this will result in 3.5 million homeless minimum wage workers this year alone.

    In as much as the Federal Government sets the Federal Minimum Wage level (this year it is $7.25 an hour or about $14,000), and businesses (corporate and otherwise) pay the least of their workers by this standard,

    It Is Proposed:
    That the Federal Minimum Wage be re-set to afford 40 hour a week workers the ability to afford basic Food, Clothing and Shelter (at least an efficiency apartment utilities included) wherever that work is done throughout the US. This can be characterized as a Living Wage.

    Richard R. Troxell
    512) 796-4366

  • rain says:

    Why are we fighting for a change if that change will not be sustainable? We are not only fighting for the betterment of ourselves in the present, but ourselves in the future, as well as the generations to come. We need a total reform of the way our society and governemnt works. We have thus far built a shaky house on an unstable foundation. It needs to be demolished and rebuilt, with the environmental needs and peoples needs being met.