Tax micro-trading

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wall Street and Coffee Prices… I have no good idea if this comes anywhere into this issue, but IF Wall Street speculators indeed manipulate our money and our morning coffee causing coffee prices to sky rocket regardless of fair demand/supply factors, should this be considered fair? Read about possible Wall Street marketer’s role in soaring coffee prices:

  • rshannon says:

    Is this intended to refer to high frequency trading (HFT), or scalping, or fractional share trading, or small traders (not likely), or… what? Taxation of financial transactions of various kinds may be a reasonable policy proposal, but some clarification might help people better evaluate this.

  • b_FirF says:

    Our current method of trade and free market is broken for sure. The ability to profit through simply your speed of communication is fraud and must be stopped. That said, we are in a global financial war which we can not simply walk away from. Therefore any change in how trade occurs must be done in a way that requires all foreign bodies to participate at the same level playing field.

  • LoirB says:

    I think there is a written amendment in place that keeps getting shot down by congress that address’s this. It goes with the Brown-Kaufman amendment thats been left out of so many regulations regarding spec, and micro trading. Not sure though so will need to look into it more.

  • maitri says:

    Clarification would help me to understand this issue. I know the system is corrupt and broken but am not up on all the specifics of wall street practices.