Open primaries

2 Responses to Open primaries

  • OnePercenter says:

    What is this about? Primaries are open. A voter can write in the name of any candidate they want. So, all of you occupy protesters – write in my name!

  • dumbth says:

    We used to haver what was called a blanket primary in this state. Then California adopted rules based on Washington’s to replace their party oriented primary. This raised a ruckus within both the Democratic and Republican parties in California and they sued and won. The courts decided that the rights of political parties were more important than the rights of individuals and ruled for the parties. In a blanket primary a voter can vote for any candidate reguardless of party and the candidate self selects their party affilliation. The current “top two” system is as close to the old rules as the courts will allow. The political parties still hate it. If you don’t like the current rules (I think they are ok but I liked the old blanket rules better) then you need to diminish the powers of established political parties then change the makeup of the federal judiciary. This does not seem important compared to other issues to me so I think this demand should be dropped.