Local AFL-CIO To Endorse Occupy Seattle

The local chapter of the AFL-CIO is drafting a letter of endorsement for the Occupy Seattle movement. We happily accept their support.

4 Responses to Local AFL-CIO To Endorse Occupy Seattle

  • Black Beaver says:

    A letter of endorsement is wonderful but not enough, we need to have organizing professionals and union members who understand the importance of putting together a movement on the street with the crowd and involved in the leadership of the movement.

    This has to be a crash course in the history of organizing in behalf of the economic rights of the American people. This has never been a popular part of the curriculum of the public schools and I can tell you from personal experience as one of the original members of the Seattle AFL-CIO teachers union and their representative to the King County Labor Council who was teaching US History from the perspective of Constitutional history and Law in the early 1970s in Seattle – it caused mayhem! Part of each day must be education about how we have gotten where we are so that Wall Street and its supporters could grab us by our wallets and all the other part of our body and mind.

  • Susan mason says:

    Occupy Seattle has the support of the AFL-CIO and now the King County and City of Seattle, Building and Construction trades who voted yesterday and notified me this morning that they UNANIMOUSLY are supporting our cause IN SOLIDARITY WITH OCCUPY WALL STREET. They will be sending supplies and want to know what they can do next so I am working with them on this. Don’t just assume this isn’t happening. I started calling hem MONDAY to ask for supplies and now we have ENDORSEMENTS as of TODAY-WEDNESDAY! WE HAVE TO STOP WITH DISSENSION AND JUST ASSUME THAT IT TAKES TIME TO GET THE WORD OUT TO GET PEOPLE INVOLVED!!! THERE ARE SO MANY OTHERS WORKING HARD HARD HARD TO GET SUPPORT FROM ALL GROUPS. STOP with the criticism and ask what you can do to make your statement happen. RANT….FIN.

  • kt says:


    great work. I agree. we just have to do our best to keep each other updated. are there plans in the works to have a unified show of numbers at a specific time? it might be nice to have 1 or 2 MAIN GATHERINGS per week, so that part-time OCCUPIERS can have a focus point. Perhaps one weekend time (noon on Saturday) and one weeknight time (Tuesday night at 6?). An “All Hands On Deck” march on the weekend would be phenomenal.

  • Power to the People! says: