End of Day 4: 10/04

Despite the statement Mayor McGinn posted regarding our occupation, specifically being told that we will not be allowed to have tents after this afternoon, and the presence of police not once but twice throughout the day there were no arrests during day 4. Many of us were certain there would be. As of 4am on day 5 there has been no police presence since around 9pm and no arrests have been made.

There are two protests scheduled to be held in Westlake in the next week that Mayor McGinn mentioned in his statement, using them as reasons to evict us from Westlake. The protests are put on by ANSWER Seattle and Native Peoples’ Alliance with Friends and Allies respectively.

Jane Cutter of ANSWER Seattle stated, “We urge no one to be fooled by this transparent attempt to pit progressive causes against each other. We see the Occupy Seattle protest as being one and the same with our planned Oct. 7 protest against the 10th anniversary of the Afghan War. In fact, our young ANSWER activists in New York City were among those arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1 with the Occupy Wall Street protest. It’s time to ‘unoccupy Afghanistan’ and support the poor, not the war.
“Similarly, our brothers and sisters in the Native Peoples Alliance with Friends and Allies, which is hosting the Oct. 8 Indigenous People’s Day event, see the Occupy Seattle protest for social justice as interconnected with their cause which is justice for Indigenous people and political prisoners.”

Of course, those of us occupying Westlake will not just tolerate the protests but welcome them, and no doubt many of us will join in as well. We all stand together.

10 Responses to End of Day 4: 10/04

  • Larry Blomberg says:

    Don’t back down,keep up the pressure.They’re starting to talk about it in the news.

    yours in solidarity,


  • USA-99r says:

    Support American Jobs:
    • Manufacturing and Support Jobs for the USA
    • Tax Increase on the wealth
    • End Oil Subsidies
    • Break up the “6” Banks that control 6 Trillion Dollars – too big to fail
    • End Corporate “Personhood” Corporations are not PEOPLE!
    • Investigate Supreme Court Justice’s Scalia & Thomas (Koch Bros)
    • Invest in America infrastructure and green technologies
    • Place tariffs of goods from China
    • WE NEED A NEW “Constitutional Convention for the 21 Century”
    • HEALTH Care for ALL Americans
    • Free Higher Education for anyone who is willing to do community service
    • Renew the WPA – Works Progress Administration
    • Rebuild our crumbling Infrastructure: Roads, Bridges, Schools
    • Build High Speed Rail – coast to coast
    • SEATTLE NEEDS A “ Sky Train” like Vancouver BC (above ground aka Monorail)
    • Tax Manufacturing Companies that take their jobs oversea for cheaper labor costs.
    • If the Government buys it, it must be “MADE in the USA”

    • Recovering middle classer says:

      You have great ideas. I support them and so do most of the fromer middle classers. Jobs for Americans with full time hours and decent pay.

  • USA-99r says:

    Have Congress create a new class of Treasury bonds – JOB BONDS.

    Everyone knows that currently, under the dysfunctional government we have in Washington, there is no way any Republican will support even one dime in new taxes or increased spending. Everyone also knows that without increased revenue and increased spending there will be no new jobs created. The Republicans have you over a barrel. They are determined to do anything and everything to make sure you are not reelected next year. Unfortunately many of your actions have lead Democrats and Independents to begin casting about for a replacement as well.

    Americans need jobs and you need to do something dramatic that the Republicans can’t torpedo in the way of creating those desperately needed jobs.

    During WWII the U.S. Government sold War Bonds very successfully. It’s time for something similar.

    If Congress or the Treasury were to create a new class of Treasury Bonds, called Job Bonds and designated every dime raised toward new jobs in alternative energy, infrastructure, and transportation projects, I believe average Americans would jump at the opportunity to support this effort.

    The new Job Bonds could have a yield of between 3 and 4% over a 10-year life.

    I believe billions could be raised because the citizens genuinely want to be employed and the Job Bonds would allow an end run around the Republicans and give millions an avenue to build their savings. I think many Republicans will have a hard time not supporting a program such as this that does not include raising any taxes. They may argue that America would be accumulating new debt by selling these bonds, but I believe cleaver economists can quickly point out the financial benefits of such a program in the long run and I leave those details in your hands.

    American voters supported you because you offered real hope and CHANGE. You and I both know that you have failed to deliver on many of your promises and much of that failure can be squarely laid at the feet of the Republican party. America is tired of failure. Americans want action. Americans want jobs. U.S. Job Bonds can make their desire a reality. Job Bonds represent real CHANGE. I have started Job Bonds petitions on the Internet at http://www.signon.org & http://www.change.org
    Thomas Daly
    Retired California Newspaper Publisher

  • zeke says:

    looks like occupy san diego starts on october 7. in the gas lamp district.

  • Kass says:

    I’m glad you guys stuck it out and I am glad there were no arrests. Don’t back down! The 99% paid for that park in cash and we own it.

  • Sh1ch1 says:

    I will be joining you in Seattle tomorrow. Keep it up!

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    Keep it going, everyone. I like it that the Friday, Oct. 7th march and protest and “die-in” AGAINST WAR, sponsored by several groups including the A.N.S.W.E.R. group, SHOULD NOT CONFLICT with the OCCUPYSEATTLE group. The more the merrier, when it comes to ANTI-WAR marches and protests, in my opinion. Wars in Afganistan and Iraq and elsewhere are really for economic control of OIL and NATURAL GAS, to create mega profits for huge international oil companies. The idea that those wars are mostly to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from doing bad things to the U.S.A. and other nations, IS, IN MY NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION, just a BS cover story, and a lie. Simply put, the wars are for BIG OIL PROFITS, and the money to fight the wars is coming not from oil companies, who pay far less than their fair share of taxes, but FROM THE TAXPAYERS, much of it from THE 99%. And the U.S.A soldiers are mostly coming from the 99%! SO, EVERYBODY WHO CAN MAKE IT THIS FRIDAY, WHETHER or NOT Seattle police force the TENTS of OCCUPYSEATTLE to be romoved,PLEASE COME TO THE ANTI-WAR PROTEST, and JUST SAY NO!! to ALL WARS.

    Thanks for Listening
    Peace and Love

  • Zach says:

    i would like to hope that the police wont make arrests on people who are benfitting them too

  • carole says:

    I wish I could join you. Please don’t back down.