Court today is at the Jail, 5th and James!

UPDATE: Arraignment has been changed to 1:30 pm.

Court for the people being arraigned today is at 1:30 pm at the jail, 1st floor, courtroom 2, at 5th and James. We have been informed by our attorney that some people are showing up to the wrong location. If you know anyone that has let them know they need to go to 5th and James. And let’s get people down there to support them! The latest from our attorney is that 6 people are being arraigned, two will be held on bail, and four will be released without bail this morning. There are still at least two individuals unaccounted for. Our lawyers are working tirelessly to find them and find out what is happening.

8 Responses to Court today is at the Jail, 5th and James!

  • lynn manzione says:

    SHAME on the Seattle Police for interferring with these brave people’s right to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances!!!!

  • Goodkind says:

    The Mayor’s office number is 206.684.4000. Call and tell him (obviously through a receptionist filter) that you support Occupy Seattle and deplore the forcible removal and arrest of protesters and their shelters.

  • Don says:

    I’m on the side of the police on this one. The protestors broke the law when they decided to camp out in Westlake Square and the police had no choice but to arrest them when they refusedt to leave.

    • Elliott says:

      the police had the right and it was not an outragous demand. Just because we have to work with the law enforcement doesnt mean we loose. If we have to move, then we have to move, if we cant stay we cant stay. instead of fighting them lets work with them and keep this thing going for as long as we can and get it as big as we can.

  • Alex williamson says:

  • David Lord says:

    The protesters were completely ignored by the media until they broke the law!

    • Alex w says:

      Im proud of every one who got arrested! Everyone was peaceful and orderly. Despite brief reports of trash in the park and marijuana use….which is mainly untrue but fully needs to stop(walk around the corner to smoke a joint c’mon guys we dont need drug arrests too hehe). Its sad that we dont get attention from just showing up in an orderly fashion- but its an uphill battle to fight mainstream media, we just need to learn to manipulate it like everyone else does. After hearing that folks were arrested, a lot of people I know want to come join in. people who were on the fence before. As long as we are respectful and peaceful arrestes and even police using force will only increase our numbers and sway. Keep up the good fight folks, we are finally being heard, which is the first step to being implimented!

      • Amber says:

        As indicated by the other protests around the country – the more the cops are brutal – the more people show up the next day. It makes many of us angry that we pay their salaries through our constant rape of taxes to have these same people NOT protect us. Those people who are “on the fence” – quickly get angry when they see injustice being done the police. It’s not a smart move by the police departments but you have to ask yourself —- is it done intentionally in order to get these protests bigger? If so —- great job SPD! :)

        Much love from Issaquah