This thread is for anyone who is looking for Rideshares or who is willing to give people rides from around the State (or anywhere else) to Occupy Seattle.

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  • Anonymous says:

    David Ferola 9 step plan

    Step1) Send your TAXES to a trusted congressman or congresswoman which maybe hard to find in your state. Prepare your taxes made out to the I.R.S check and envelope,
    get another bigger envelope and fit in inside write on the envelope congress address preferably to Ron Paul,

    Washington, DC
    203 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone Number: (202) 225-2831

    Have congress unwrap the envelopes, state you want your taxes to be mailed to the I.R.S

    If you are asking yourself, what will this achieve first it can be used as a bargain chip however, congress cannot spend it or over take the fed reserve and banks system over night, nonetheless this will indeed give teeth/meat, back to congress.

    STEP2) At every rally SHOUT “Send you taxes to Ron Paul!”

    Or at every rally SHOUT “Send you taxes to Congress now”

    Step 3) OWNERSHIP: With meat and teeth congress can demand ownership of the Federal Reserve, as to how much, well a good start would be 45 percent, of course congress should have full control of the fed reserve. However, letting the opposition think you’re a fair man goes a long way.

    STEP4) Demand FREE copy rights and trademark and Patents for first timers, this will stimulate the economy, I know of someone who created the spinner rims, but he did not have the money to protect it, guess what a company/businessman from other country got there first, 4 billion dollars a year was generated and people were put to work. Having someone get there with a great idea first is nothing new, but if small American inventors had an edge it would help greatly the economy. Imagine if everyone had a little dream supported by the government for first timers.

    STEP5) At every rally SHOUT “free Patents free trademarks!”

    for the rest click link http://inkrumguardians.webs.com/

  • RavinX13 says:

    Please remove the above post, or at the least move it to it’s own thread. This has nothing to do with Ride Sharing…

  • 206 says:

    Ignore the references to Ron Paul in that first post, and you can glean something very powerful… that diverting our tax money to an actual government office rather than the IRS, could give our government the message it needs and the means to take political action.

    Non affiliated free thinker