General Assembly has NOT agreed to move to City Hall. We are still at Westlake!

A recent story by King5 News has caused some confusion by giving the impression that we are moving our occupation from Westlake park to City Hall in anticipation of ANSWER’s march to Westlake to mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Afghanistan war. Just to be clear, General assembly has NOT agreed to move and we are staying at Westlake. ANSWER’s march does not conflict with what we are doing and our two movements stand in solidarity with each other. We will remain at Westlake and support their rally and they in turn have shown nothing but support for our presence and our occupation.

5 Responses to General Assembly has NOT agreed to move to City Hall. We are still at Westlake!

  • Jessica says:

    Hi! I am new to the Seattle area. Occupy Seattle is still currently located in Westlake on Pine st.? I would love to participate. Can someone tell me if there are any organized events happening this weekend? or is it best to show support at any time? Thank you!

  • Karen Sweeney says:

    Hello, I want to participate with the movement in Seattle but I disagree with the “tent fight” going on in Westlake. I think it’s wrong to make this simply about pushing against the cops and or authority for the sake of it. Nobody in NY is pitching a tent. It’s not about that. But I admit to not having enough information which is why I’m writing. In my mind, City Hall seems a more appropriate place, even if there isn’t as much space. I am very proud of the organized and peaceful protests in NYC and want to make sure the Seattle movement isn’t get off track.

  • Travis Conquest says:

    …A fight to pick a fight with City Hall or the SPD. Speaking strictly for myself, not as any sort of spokesman, the ‘tent battle’ is more about the way the homeless have been legislated against and thoroughly marginalized; we won’t house them, but we won’t allow them to build their own dwelling. You snakes almost slipped in a piece of legislature that would have given police broad power to cite or detain the panhandlers and other marginalized, but we CAUGHT you!

    Has anyone asked the people sleeping on the street what they want, yet? It seems, to me, a rather simple thing: representing the people on the shortest end of the 99%… The money that used to give our homeless brothers and sisters at least a modicum of comfort and stability is quickly being pulled out. Homeless shelters are cutting services and failing, all over the country and even here in Seattle.

    To begin to argue that this is merely some publicity stunt is to completely misrepresent the spirit of this movement; there are only a few commonalities between us, but those bonds are strong. There is no one problem, one cause, one idea, that truly represents any one of us… and that is the beauty of our community!

    To write any of our actions off in one broad stroke is a practice in strict and practiced ignorance, just as it would be in doing so to any group, anywhere, no matter how bold the ‘party line’ may or may not be.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • Andramarchy says:

    The American Association of University Professors has just expressed their support for Occupy Wall Street. Link: