We are legally allowed to be at Westlake AND City Hall Plaza.

Mayor McGinn has issued another statement in support of Occupy Seattle. He said:

We are providing a permit for protest activities at Westlake Park which will allow them to have an organizing tent that can remain overnight. As a condition of the permit, protestors will have to allow for cleaning of the park, protect park property, accommodate the other existing permitted events, and protect access to businesses.

We are making City Hall Plaza available for those that wish to stay overnight, with reasonable restrictions on the tents so as to allow free use of the plaza during the day. Unlike Westlake, City Hall also has restroom facilities available. Both the permit and the ability to set up tents at City Hall Plaza would last for two weeks, at which point we can assess whether the arrangement is meeting everyone’s needs and should be extended.

After his previous statement, this is quite a relief. We had already been told we could stay at Westlake, but now we will have a permit as well! We will not be moving from Westlake, though we may take up occupation at Town Hall as well.

One Response to We are legally allowed to be at Westlake AND City Hall Plaza.

  • Erin Flynn says:

    I was just down at Westlake and I really need to let you know why camping AND protesting there is limiting the Occupy Seattle protest from growing to its potential. This in no way is meant to take away from everyon’s best intentions, hard work and accomplishments. The current conditiowns at Westlake are pretty disorganized and griddy which makes it difficult to attract more protestors to come feel welcome, informed, clean and safe. I would like to volunteer my time to try and improve the conditions and organization level at Westlake. Spending the nites at City Hall and the days protesting at Westlake with scheduled marches to and from will help keep the Westlake area better organized and cleaner for a better public presentation. It will also allow more room for day protestor crowds to grow. Also wonderful and media attention worthy marches to and from City Hall daily, perhaps by candlelight and song at nite is a great symbolic opportunity. Let’s not pass up this opportunity to change and adjust as needed in order to reach our potential. This is a marathon and not a sprint. I am willing to volunteer to help us get organized.