ANSWER War Protest and General Assembly Tonight 10/07

Tonight ANSWER Coalition and others will be rallying at Westlake Park to protest ten years of the Afghan War. They’ll be sharing there permit with Occupy Seattle.

General Assembly starts at 6:30! Be there!

Details from ANSWER:

Protest and Die-In
Fri., Oct. 7, 4:30pm
Seattle Central Community College
Broadway and Pine

March to Westlake
for 5:30pm die-in and program

Money for Jobs, Healthcare & Education, Not for Corporations & the Pentagon!

Friday, October 7, 2011 will be the exact 10th anniversary of the U.S./NATO war on the people of Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Afghani people have been killed, wounded and displaced, and thousands of U.S. and NATO forces killed and wounded. The war costs more than $118 billion per year— $330 million per day—at a time when social programs are being slashed. Jobs and education continue to be cut while the trillion-dollar military budget increases and corporations make record profits. Millions of people can’t find a job. Stand up—Fight Back! Only the people united can make real change!

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