Sign up for text message alerts

To sign up for twice daily text message alerts. Please Text “Occupy” to 68398

6 Responses to Sign up for text message alerts

  • Phil Mocek says:

    We’re still formulating this project, but from a brief discussion I had with Steve yesterday evening before offering to help with it, I can report that we intend to limit the frequency of messages to two or three per day, and to use it for informational messages, mostly actionable items.

  • Finn says:

    Twitter already has a great content distribution for short messages. Why not like “Text ‘occupyseattle’ to 40404 to receive updates” then you get all the updates. Or set up another account for low volume updates and use that?

  • Michael says:

    I agree with Finn that Twitter is really handy for information distribution, and I think it has it’s place for a media outlet. But for us on the “inside” we want something only slightly more private so that the cops can’t anticipate a *legal* protest, and stop us.

  • Mousew says:

    Please use both Twitter and Texts, I as well as others, do not use Twitter, nor have internet access on our phones. Please don’t leave us out!

  • michael collier says:

    253 229 3737

  • Migs says:

    With that in mind, texting isn’t any more secure.