Please Call the Mayor’s Office + Police: Insist We Be Able to Protect Ourselves from the Elements!

We need to be able to keep ourselves dry and warm! Please call the mayor’s office (206) 684-4000 and call the police (206) 625-5011 and insist that they allow us to protect ourselves from the rain for tonight! Please be polite but insistent.

There is a lot of confusion about what is going on at Westlake right now as some structures have been taken down by the police. From the Occupy Seattle Police Spokeswoman:

In Westlake Park no structures are allowed (aside from our supply/food/medical tent!) and sleeping under the awnings is not allowed. You cannot have tarps tied down to anything, but you can have them covering yourself. You can have umbrellas but someone must be holding them at all times, if left unattended they are considered to be structures. Blankets and sleeping bags are okay! We are not being kicked out of the park at this time.

24 Responses to Please Call the Mayor’s Office + Police: Insist We Be Able to Protect Ourselves from the Elements!

  • A University of Washington Student says:

    Hello, at the moment I am making a flier to hand out to University of Washington Students starting on Monday and going all through next week…The flier is informing them of a gathering at Red Square on the University of Washington campus that I am planning to hold Saturday the 15th of October. Maybe there will be only 5 people interested maybe 500, I am not sure but we will come down to Westlake together…But I am struggling to figure out what time will be the highpoint of the day. Will Saturday the 15th be the highpoint of the week again? Please let me know soon exactly when we should arrive at Westlake, because I want to start handing out fliers as soon as possible.

    • tabitha says:

      I’ve been at the plaza on Saturday and the high times of traffic are between 12-4pm. 12 would be a good time to arrive, but no later than 2.

      • A UW student says:

        Ok, although will this coincide with a march or something big?? Is there anything big planned for this day at anytime. I feel that they way to jolt the the students into action is to have them there when something big is going on. Let’s face it the UW kids as a whole are relatively stagnate when it comes to social issues.

    • marieloeb says:

      I am a grad student at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work, and am working with some other students to organize an action. Let me know what you organize so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I am looking at the weekend of the 22nd.

      • UWalliances says:

        Great! I have been making fliers to hand out to people. And basically the flier is just announcing that I will be meeting with whoever wants to show up on Saturday at Red Square. I haven’t put a time yet because I am trying to figure out when the big events are happening this week. I assume they will be saturday because Saturday the 8th was the big event for this week. I think bringing the students down to coincide with something big is important, because the UW students as a whole are relatively unaware and/or don’t care about social issues that directly affect them

        I want this to become a weekly thing for as long as this movement is going on. So I say lets do it saturday the 15th and saturday the 22nd and every saturday until serious change happens.

        • UWalliances says:

          I just found the agenda on the website, and it says that there will be a protest at Bank of America at 10 am. This is good. Although being that I think this is going to change because saturday is far away, and the UW kids generally aren’t gonna want to wake up this early, I think I am going to wait a little longer before I put an exact time to meet on the flier

    • sam dee says:

      Lets get uw with it!! I’m a fulltime student and want to see more action and participation from the people supposed to be the future! I can offer time after classes n in between.

      • UW student says:

        We are planning a meeting for Saturday the 15th. We are making fliers and will be handing them out beginning either Tuesday or Wednesday. The exact time is still being decided. The idea is that we meet at Red Square and then get down to westlake together. If we are few probably by bus, if we are many then we will probably walk. Keep a lookout for us this week on Red Square, since most of us are full time students each of us can only be there for limited amounts of time handing fliers out. Maybe we can arrange shifts or something so there is always a presence there.

  • edzeplin says:

    Then, go back to the park in the morning. Unnecessarily subjecting yourselves to the elements doesn’t magically enhance your dedication to the cause. It will add tissues and cough drops to your needs lists when you catch colds.

    • pete serna says:

      If you have a nice warm bed tonight think of the millions of people who do not have one. The protest is going to try to bring attention to this cause and more including the hungry. Let no child be left hungry

    • IgnorantFools says:

      But hanging out with dirty tattooed hippies will.

  • ginamarie emanuel says:

    edzeplin: The first point is that we are being denied protection from the elements in the daytime—when rain may come blasting down upon us—and that is not a time we want to be at home.

    The second point is that you are asking people to “go home and sleep in your own beds” making the mistaken assumption that all of us have our own homes or beds. It’s important to remember that not all of us have those things.

  • Gloria Farman says:

    The work you are doing is noble and uplifting. It is invaluable. So of course you should be allowed to have shelter from the elements. Denying you these rights is clearly just a way to discourage protestors who are committed to protesting the gross social and economic inequities in our current corrupted system of governance. Power to the People. You have my support.

    • Yes2Tents says:

      Ima comin down tonight to give y’all some free heat. When I throw lit matches in them. Shish-ka-whackos!

  • Mark A Johnson says:

    I called mayors office and told him I thought the harrassmet was petty and silly and that I wanted him to stop it immediatly… or that he should go stand in the corner till he can act like a grown up. … actually I didn’t say the last part… but I wanted to!

  • Vic says:

    I will Call the mayor’s office.

  • Michael says:

    I called the Mayor’s Office. I think a reasonable compromise is allowing tents from 10:00pm – 8:00am. When I lived out of a tent I kept it simple so that I could setup and take it down every night. It’s like making your bed, only take a few minutes.

  • Mike Weisman says:

    Won’t you join me? Order a pizza from Big Mario’s for delivery to Occupy Seattle. Its easy, just call 206.922.3875 now. This is only for Occupy Seattle!

  • Silangang Malaya says:

    We do not need, though it would still be beneficial, to have access to high capacity printers to meet the flier and/or printed hand out demands. We can instead rely on a pledge system in which, after having made the pdf available on line, we can ask individuals to pledge copies of 20-50 pages (or more). If 50 people can pledge copies, and if the pdfs are half-sheets, we can easily obtain 2000-5000 fliers.

    There are a number of places where we can get free print outs.

    1) King County Library System offers 70 free pages a week per member.
    2) The Seattle Central Campus offers 20 free pages to its students (either per day or per sitting, confirmation?)
    3) 20 pages from work, in most cases, will not be noticed.
    4) 20 pages from home should be relatively inexpensive.

    We should also look into getting in touch with a local copy shops and see if they can offer us a bulk discount on print-outs. The copy center by the campuses or even a local, near-by, Kinko’s, perhaps. We can have them print out a set number of fliers in packets and encourage members of the 99 to purchase and turn in at the organizing tent for distribution. 99 cents (from the 99) for 20 pages seems about standard.

  • Scott says:

    I’m having a hard time getting a handle what we’re marching for. I always try to focus on goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. I think we need a more focused goal/demand that we can actually have people rally around and obtain. We should have a single demand that the politicians must meaningfully address before the election, or we let them know they will be voted out. One thing that we can all get behind, that will bring millions, not hundreds, into the streets to demand. Any politician that doesn’t support that demand will know that they will be amongst the unemployed in 15 months.

    Sorry, this is a repost but if we don’t get specific we will not succeed. We need to accompilsh one demand at a time or we will be seen by the media and the government as fickle and without direction. The politicians don’t listen. I send emails to senators and representatives weekly. They don’t care. They will if they know they WILL lose their jobs. Let’s make this effort count!

  • Chris says:

    Come show your support for the end of the reign of financial overlords. Come demand the private bankers yield the money back to the people. Come to boycott and End the “Federal Reserve”.

    MARCH ON THE FED: Have you heard about the March on the Federal Reserve? On November 22, 1910 a malevolent Creature was conceived in the darkness.

    We have our chance to wake up the underlings of the financial overlords. Let’s go spread the truth about these private bankers who meet in secret to put a noose on our lives. Let’s protest, let’s educate, let’s peacefully but pro actively show our 1st amendment right.

    Protest the private Federal Reserve Bank. The Seattle office is technically located in Renton. The address is 2700 Naches Avenue SW, Renton, WA 98057, (425) 203-0800.

    The city of Renton says it is “Excited about new major employers (in Renton) like the Federal Reserve Bank.” This branch office cost the US taxpayers $53 million to build. A private bank getting taxpayer money, now that is something to protest.

    Bring as many anti federal reserve signs, dvds, and handouts as possible. We need as many people as possible to be there throughout this week and the next week. I would recommend going down and protesting whenever you can monday thru friday because those are the days the office is open.

    This may involve having access to a car since it is down in Renton. Maybe we could meet in downtown seattle and I could pick you up there and then drive down to Renton. I am not sure if it will work schedule wise but give me a call if you want to try and meet up somewhere and we can coordinate it that morning. My number is 206-419-8468 (ask for Keith) and I only have room for three people so first come first serve.

    Please join us as we protest the true culprits of our economic peril, the private Federal Reserve Bank!!!!!

  • Gary W Carson says:

    My wife and I have been on fire about this every since Bush yes Bush was president. Bush, Greenspan, Larry Summers, Glen Hubbard helped destroy this country. They say the big companies need tax breaks because they supply work HAH!!! They have sent all the work overseas and are destroying American Unions that have made the middle class.Let them all pay THEIR fair share and lets get the culprits Obama promised to get when he was elected. Then he brings Larry summers into his administration. It’s a Wall Street Goverment. Take your money out of big banks Chase,Bank of America etc and use a local credit union. They will feel it and put their names out there. They think we’re stupid and find out where people you vote for stand and their voting record.