General Assembly Notes 10/08


Principles of Process

1. All decisions are made by the GA. No decisions are made by working groups.
2. WGs focus proposals to bring to the assembly and they also coordinate the work.
3. Assembly time is precious. Think 3 times before you speak. Does this really help the GA make a better decision?
4. Yelling really loud does not put you on stack. Come to the front and get on stack for anything longer than a sentence. Never repeat what someone else already said.
5. Nothing is more precious than the thoughts of the quiet. Nothing is more precious than the words of the silenced. Speak Up. Please. Especially when it’s hard.
6. Facilitators make space and move the process forward. They never present content or represent someone else’s thoughts. The assembly is responsible for keeping facilitators to this. The assembly is responsible for signing to the facilitator. No one else can speak for you. That’s why we need you here.

Basic Hand Signals:

1. Twinkling: I approve! Good for you!
2. De-Twinkling: I do not approve. I do not like it!
3. Point of Process: This does not help our process.
4. Wagon Wheel: Stop talking. We get it. Move on.
5. Direct Response ‘Gun Fingers': You’re saying something that I have something really important to say to. Only if it’s pertinent to the situation, otherwise get on the stack. DR trumps stack.
6. Block: You use this if everyone else has made an agreement that this is fundamentally wrong to what we stand against. If you block, you should have a very good reason to tell everyone else they’re wrong.


1. We are going to make some proposals tonight!
2. Get involved through the webpage forum on-line! It is our duty also to keep each other safe here tonight.

1. You need to volunteer. E-mail:
2. NEEDS: Food in Batches (one kind in large amounts), Shelving, Prepared Foods, Clear, plastic Totes (all sizes), Blankets, Drink Mix, Basins, Pens, Markers, Solar Panels, Deep Cycle Batteries, Connectors for Car Batteries, Terminal to Car Adapter.
3. NOT NEEDS: Perishable Foods, Hand-warmers, Cold Medications, Gloves.

1. Website will be updated with an on-line forum and poll.
2. Work group tonight at 9pm and everyday at 4pm.
3. The National Occupy Group has come up with a set of demands which are awesome, but we are also hoping to localize our demands. Ideally, up to a state level with actual results that will show we have succeeded, and that will change the lives of the people in our beautiful state!


We just had two arrests at 4th and Pike. There is a meeting to arrange people to march to the jail in support, at the medical tent in 5 minutes, in support of our brothers and sisters!

1. We will be moving to the website — The forum needs registered members! Go to the website and register!
2. NEEDS: Batteries.

1. If you’re interested in getting daily updates sign up by txt messaging 68398 and type in the word ‘occupy’.
2. Currently we are having technical difficulties. It might take a few days.

Question: What will the TXT MSG contain? Who decides this? When is it decided?
Response: Currently, we are using a distributed administrative system. 10 random people have complete access to this list. If anybody here feels it’s important to talk about what these msgs are going to say. Meet after GA. I do not want to be the guy in charge. We are the 99%.

1. We had a table today and talked to so many people who have never been here before.
2. NEED: flyers and people to print flyers! and Volunteers!

1. 2 people were arrested at the intersection for not moving when the police came. Our lawyers have been informed.
2. If you have any questions about what’s legal, what’s safe, or what we are, find Gabriel Bell or some other legal person.

1. We have no political affiliations. So if you feel like you want to join the media committee, speak to anyone of the media committee members and we will add you to our e-mail list. All of our members should be wearing green armbands so you can identify them quickly.
2. Our intent as part of the committee is to observe, document, and report on the positivity of this movement. We are the 99%.

1. At this moment, there is a group on Facebook for peace and safety volunteers. There is no one in it.


1. Tactical
2. Conflict Mediation
3. Porta Potties
4. Semantics and Equity
5. Sustainability
6. Corporations

Personal Statements

-Clarification- : Groups or Individuals are welcome to submit proposals.



Topic: The purpose of the GA is to frame strategy. Tactical finds out how to realize this strategy.

FIRST PROPOSAL: Tactical should be the liaison between Occupy Seattle, the Parks Department, and the City Government, and the Police.

Question: Why Tactical?
Response: Tactical implements action. From strategy, we move to how-to, how-to includes who we talk to.


Topic: Working Groups and Tactical

SECOND PROPOSAL: The Inter-team communication Working Group will meet every night after GA. To have GA orders disseminated to all the other working groups. Made up of 2 reps from every Working Group should be changed up as much as possible to retain transparency.


Topic: Tactical as Liaison

THIRD PROPOSAL: Tactical should function as a liaison between the Working Groups.


Topic: WG mission statements.

FOURTH PROPOSAL: Each Work Group should have a mission statement prepared by tomorrow.


Topic: Porta Potties

Discussion: We have a generous donor that pays $650 a month for overnight campers. If we want this during the day, we have to have $.

FIFTH PROPOSAL: Reserve PPs for overnight campers and lock them during the day.

Question: How much is it to increase PPs or pumping?
Answer: $105.50 for each addition PP not counting service per month. If people are in desperate need we can have the combo lock at medic.

Amendment Proposal: Reserve PPs for overnight campers and lock them during the day. If people are in desperate need the lock combos are the medic tent. We will keep this situation until funds are raised and we have a better solution.


Topic: Sustainability

SIXTH PROPOSAL: Create a Sustainability WG to guide the actions and implement the ideas for a sustainable Occupy Seattle. To occupy is to sustain.

General Consensus: Restate your proposal and come back!


Topic: Semantics and Equality

SEVENTH PROPOSAL: We need to clarify our terms. Let’s call everybody volunteers not representatives, coordinators, or anything else.

General Consensus: Restate your proposal and come back!


1. There will be a march to the jail to show support for the 2 arrested. Follow up at Sephora in 10 minutes.
2. We need to boycott corporations. Meet at PPs tonight and before the GA tomorrow.
3. There is a student walk-out on Wednesday at 12pm. Seattle College Campuses will be at Westlake by 2pm for a demonstration. If you are interested, discuss at the 5th and pine sign after the GA.
4. There were ‘how-to guides for Occupy Seattle participation’ at the info booth that stated information Occupy Seattle did not consent to. Such as film illegal activity and send these videos to the police. (OUTREACH Response: We don’t speak for everybody and we need your input. Come help us put together materials.)
5. Legal and Tactical have been informed there is a lawsuit to prevent keeping us under the awnings. We need to discuss where we draw the line? Legal does not have enough $$ to defend everyone.

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT – There are lots and lots of cops by the tents and tarps and our stuff! Protect our stuff!

6. Tomorrow’s Agenda –
2pm – Sunday School training on Civil Disobedience, How to Speak to the Press
3pm – Internet Communications Meeting
4pm – Understanding who Broke the Economy
6:30pm – General Assembly

7. We need banners on the freeway. Need more Arts & Entertainment activity. E-mail us! Facebook us!

50 Responses to General Assembly Notes 10/08

  • TMR @Latin0Vote says:

    1) Need for flyers: What do we need printed on them?

    2) How do we contact Gabriel Bell?

    3) Can we collect cash donations in buckets for expenses (porta pottys, flyers, food)?

  • Dktr_Sus says:

    Can we move away from all the paper use? Word of mouth, good signage and referring people to online/texting seems more than adequate.

    We can always upload ‘flyers’ and/or info pages to the web site and ask people to print them out themselves.

    Just thinking green.

    • Angie says:

      Over the last few decades all too many good causes, meetings, and other group efforts have been remembered by the disaster and trash left afterwards. Is this how we wish Occupy Seattle remembered?
      Simply – please pick it up.

  • Chris Sutton says:

    WHile there are many goals for the Occupy Seattle, (and Occupy Wall Street) there is also a great deal of confusion amoungst the general public.
    Perhaps a concentrated mission statement should be developed so that a short “sound bite” message can be used in media coverage.

    In so far as lofty goals of ending the Federal Reserve and ending the war on drugs are listed as demands; perhaps the message should be soley about Corporate Greed/ i.e. receiving bailouts then giving out bonuses and shipping jobs overseas while taking tax breaks. Or perhaps calling for the reversal if not the impeachment of members of SCOTUS that allowed the ruling of Citizens United.

    If this group is to be sustainable, it must reach the “hearts and minds” of our American puplic. We need to be seen as 21st century Patriots fighting for Everyones rights.

    • Princess says:
      • Adi says:

        Thank you for posting this. I watched Bill Maher last night and I was getting quite pissed off at his panel of guests’ and his comments about the movement. I do realize he is a comedian. Anyway, Alan Grayson did sum it up well and he stood up for us!

    • Adi says:

      I agree. We need to speak and act to Reverse Citizens United! Corporations are not People! The focus should stay on Corporate Greed and How Such Greed Has the Power to Oppress the 99%

      “The clearest and boldest counter to the court’s ruling would be a constitutional amendment stating unequivocally that corporations are not people and do not have the right to buy elections. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) introduced such an amendment to counter Citizens United during the last session of Congress and views it as the only sure way to beat back the court. “Justice Brandeis got it right,” she noted last February. ” ‘We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.’ ”
      Campaigns for constitutional amendments demand a great deal of patience and tenacity. But as Jamie Raskin, a Democratic Maryland state senator and professor of constitutional law at American University, notes, “American citizens have repeatedly amended the Constitution to defend democracy when the Supreme Court acts in collusion with democracy’s enemies.” Not only is a push for an amendment a worthy act, it also provides a unique opportunity to educate the broader public, raise the profile of this important issue and force elected officials to go on record as to where they stand. The campaign could create enormous pressure on state legislatures and Congress, prompting changes to campaign finance even before an amendment is ratified.
      Success will require a coalition that transcends party. In this case, there is promising news. An August 2010 Survey USA poll found that 77 percent of all voters – including 70 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of independents – view corporate spending in elections as akin to bribery. Broad majorities favor limiting corporate control over our political lives. A coordinated effort, executed right, could unite progressives, good-government reformers and conservative libertarians in a fight to restore democracy.
      The multitude of reform groups working to build a more just and democratic political system understand that if this issue is to grip people’s imaginations, it must be about more than process. In a nation where recovery still feels like recession, the suffocating grip of corporate money is anything but abstract. Mobilizing the American people to make reform a priority will demand making the clearest possible link between the rise of corporate power and the challenges of everyday lives.”

      • Dan says:

        Then you may not want the Unions standing next to you. They help to buy more politicians than a good portion of the politicians that you are complaining about. Their leaders are extremely wealthy and pull more strings in Congress than most of the big corporations combined!

        • Tom Dailey says:

          I see the unions as basically sticking up for the working person’s rights. You might say that’s because I’m a working person who is represented by a union, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. Even for the many years I was self-employed, I didn’t begrudge 90% of what the unions did. It’s always seemed to me that either you’re a working person (or have very small business), or you’re corporate. There is no question who has the most control, and who is using it for things I don’t believe in.

          • sensible shoes says:

            Unions do spend a lot of money in elections, which is admittedly troubling. I could see this as a necessary counterbalance to corporate money in a flawed system, perhaps…but I would love to hear some clarification from the unions on whether they support a change in the rules for everyone…or do they just want to kick the corporations out of the money game, to increase their own influence?

    • Angie says:

      I’m old– have supported causes, both lost and found since the 60’s
      and Chris is correct. If you wish to make an impact and be taken seriously by the American public [yes, votes might still count for something] than stay as basic as possible. It works, check your history.

      • Tom Dailey says:

        I agree: Against Corporate Greed.
        And for reasonable Wealth Distribution. A lot of good things logically follow from there.

    • Mira says:

      Let’s just hope our patriotism doesn’t lead down a path we, again, lose control of. I’d be one to tiptoe around using the word ‘patriotism’ in general, and I think it’s important to remember everything It has brought us thus far.

  • 00michelle00 says:

    Why speak up when others are allowed to shout you down? Bellowing, chants, or sloganeering should be strongly discouraged following or during someone speaking at GA. We allow shouted responses then group cheers during GA, with often no official opportunity for the person speaking to respond. This stifles comments and gives greater voice to those who shout loudest. There should be no recognition to verbal outburts, no matter how popular the comment (usually “F the Police!” or “Why do we need to get permission?!) We spend half these 2 hr meetings arguing amongst ourselves.

    • Angie says:

      Welcome to the “cut your own throat” action. Who knows where the people in the U.S. and world would be if there was not so much infighting. Try asking for respect of this idea when you speak. Who knows it might even happen.

  • australtwitt says:

    Civil Disobedience training is also scheduled tomorrow for this week’s Sunday School. The calendar is posted by Info.

  • Bugbear says:

    How about a list of #Occupy supporters to UNoccupy and why?

  • SteveLiebig says:

    I so appreciate the spirits of cooperation, collaboration, open-ness. Thank you! I am the 99%.

  • Mark Ryan says:

    Internet Voting

    My Daddy said, “To define what something is, one must also define what it is not.”

    America is a great country though not as great as it could be. A great man will admit and correct mistakes. Real progress is void when time is wasted blaming others. It is true, with the gravy has to go some garbage and a man cannot fairly claim credit when due unless he is willing to own up to errors.

    What is Americas’ mistake? How can it be corrected?

    The answer to question 2 is internet voting; personal votes on every bill that reaches the President’s desk. We would have more confidence in the decisions and accept them with more responsibility.

    Question 1 is a little more complicated. A look back into history is required.

    Our country was patterned after the Athenians. They had 2 groups, a Senate representing business and aristocracy and a second group of required community service. It did not work because those folks communicated by horse and sail. Our second group does not work anymore because they have evolved into further representatives of business and aristocracy. The House of Representatives no longer effectively reflects the views of the average folk.

    I like business. I am a retailer. I want my kids to have an opportunity to become aristocracy, if they decide. I like the Senate. We need lobbies. We just don’t need them influencing group 2. They have TV for that. I don’t have time for committee work so let’s keep the House. Pay them enough; take one dime from lobbies and their next job will be harvesting asbestos or cleaning up hazardous waste- adapting a little of the caste system minus generational continuance.

    We are guaranteed the right to change our system. The framers built it that way. Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries were scientific statesman and philosophers. One of those, Ben Franklin, was in the chain that proved electricity would soon be part of everyday life.

    Is it not possible we, as a nation, were built contemplating the power to communicate faster than by horse and sail? Is it not possible the second group was destined to be replaced by internet voting?

    Internet voting has weaknesses. Some folks will not care. Most participants would have more confidence in America. We may very well get to the same spot we’re in now some years down the road.

    I voted for Reagan twice and have spent the rest of my life making up for those two sins. Those guys stand for deregulation. Less government is good and I agree in selected areas. Deregulation of money is not one of those selected areas. Counterfeiting is nothing more than making something of a small or no value have an appearance of greater value. During the Reagan years Savings and Loan Associations were deregulated to have the same power and flexibility as banks but were not required to join the FDIC. Six years later the American public spent a trillion dollars bailing out the S and L’s. Not long ago another form of counterfeiting was applied in a scheme known as derivatives. Paper of inflated value was sold and resold with commissions taken and spent.

    That money is gone. The House let the counterfeiters do it to all of us.

    America was built by scientific statesmen. They had vision.

    We have tele-vision. Politicians are forced to pick a side. That is ok for the Senate, The House is supposed to be representatives of the people. Perhaps it is time for a change. Perhaps the time for internet voting has come. Perhaps then the definition of corporation can be changed from using the words, “person, not natural” to non natural non person. Corporations have assimilated the same rights as a breathing person.

    I am an ultra conservative. Ultras’ usually look back for original philosophies and perspectives as baselines, and include what it is not when defining what it is.

    The original intent of corporations was to protect assets, not live on beyond the life of the incorporated man. Paraphrasing Bill Gates, corporations are not people.

    We the people need to start acting like we not only know something is wrong but what to do about it.
    Internet voting.

    Thank you,
    Mark Ryan, founder
    Rainer Monks
    Yelm, WA.

    • Angie says:

      Though you may not define yourself as a “Wordsmith” the above is very “well said” –thank you

  • Dan says:

    During the Obama elections the Unions in the U.S. spent over 74 million dollars to ensure that he was elected. 250000 was given to Chris Gregoire during her re election campaign from a local union. The unions have ensured by buying these individuals that you CANNOT work alongside of any Union Worker unless you are a Union Due Paying indivual yourself. Are you people sure you want the Unions standing next to you in this protest???

    • Scott says:

      I agree, be very careful who you affiliate yourself with, Unions used to enhance workers rights, ensure a fair wage, and fight for better working conditions. However, when they became mini empires they lost contact with these common ideals for the individual worker. Unions and especially closed shop Unions have introduced segregation and bigotry, and have even caused violance between common workers.

    • George says:

      Be very careful when the Trade Unions start intervening in the protests. They are fully behind Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party under whose rule we have the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression.

      WSWS has over time done a very thorough analysis of the trade union apparatus. Here is a recent article about the perfidious role of the UAW in helping the auto bosses slash the wages and benefits of auto workers.

      The fundamental problem with the trade union movement was analyzed by Karl Marx. While trade unionism borrows from the socialist concept of theory of value, it does not seek to radically change class relations of society. It keeps the capitalist class in power and fights to get the best wage for the worker.

      But, under a decaying capitalist system, as companies face international competition, the trade union finds that it cannot fight. The bosses just say “well look, china has cheaper workers”.

      The solution is of course to abolish capitalism and create a socialist economy internationally. This is the task of the socialist movement. And the trade unions are highly opposed to such a revolutionary step. The union leaders are very comfortable earning more than 100’s of thousands of dollars from union dues.

  • Rob says:

    The unions members are part of the 99% They lost billions from their retirement due to the banks and Wall street…..they also know how to organize. If the union leadership decided to call a work stoppage in Washington State, more people would take notice.

    • Dan says:

      Yes Rob the Union Members lost billions, the 99% folks lost billions. But, the Unions have lobiest whos job is to do nothing more than push their political agenda. They give MILLIONS each year to push their agendas. Also, look on google and see how much Union Leaders are making each year. They are the one’s who are telling their members what to do. While members are striking making little money, the leaders are still making full pay. Yes they have organization skills but it’s to the Unions advantage, not to you and I!

    • Scott says:

      It was the choice of the Union leadership to invest in high yield and thus volatile funds, if they had invested in stable value funds or even in supporting other small businesses they would not have lost so much.

      • Dan says:

        Scott, great point. The leadership gives their members very little discretion as to how they can invest their retirement savings. The Unions also push Direct Deposit (as well as do most companies), this is to the banks advantage. Once your money is in, you are at the banks whim to get it back. Unions at one point in time were great for this country, now they are hurting it. Don’t get me wrong, they are making companies like boeing and such take care of their employees, but they are imbedded in our political system as much and if not more than most of our large corporations and foreign governments. I just feel that if we are going to do this right, we need to do it for the poeple who have no voice other than to vote. The Unions already have politicians in their pockets, I DONT

        • knowmeansknow says:

          Why is direct deposit bad? It’s a convenience. You can get direct deposit to your local credit union just as easily as you can get direct deposit to BofA, Chase, or any of the other megabanks. What do you suggest, cashing your check at Money Tree and stuffing it in a mattress?

          • Dan says:

            Why don’t I want to give the bank money? At least at Money Tree you know exactly how much of your money they will be taking, no hidden fees, cash in hand, are you that insecure with your mattress??

    • Dan says:

      Rob, forgot to comment about something, a work stoppage in Wa state is not going to do a damm thing but piss alot of people off and possibly turn them against the cause.

  • Rob says:

    Guess since you believe the union speaks for me, my voice doesn’t matter. Good luck then.

    • Dan says:

      Rob, your voice does matter, but when the Union members come out as a Group flying their Union banners, then they are part of the problem. If they are out there as an individual as the rest of us, then they become part of the solution. Flying their banners they are representing the lobbiest that we are fighting against.

      • Rob says:

        I only held my “I am the 99%” sign. I didn’t go down there because I am a union member, went down there because I lost my family home two years ago (not a risky mortgage). I wanted to find a way to be heard, so I held a sign and marched. Had I known union members were not welcome, I would have stayed home. I will leave you to your protest, best of luck to you.

        • Dan says:

          Union members are welcome as part of the 99%ers. But once again, when the Union Members are down here flying their Union banners, they (you) are not acting as an individual you are acting on behalf of your union and the lobiest that your union has paid to get their political agenda pushed.

          • knowmeansknow says:

            I disagree with you. Unions pay lobbyists because it is currently the only way to be in the game. Even with the lobbyists, they are at a huge disadvantage to corporations, who have much more money to spend. If push came to shove, I’m sure union leadership would be all for REAL campaign finance reform. The real strength of unions is being able to rally their rank-and-file and get numbers out. The WTO protest in 1999 was huge because of union support.

        • 54ibew46 says:

          Woah, woah, woah I got arrested Wednesday with my IBEW union picket sign IN MY HANDS. As a trade unionist you must know that if leadership involves themselves in any sort of direct action, they will be fined or go to jail for violation of collective bargain agreements. It is up to the membership, people like you and me, to vote with our feet and make OccupySeattle representative of labor interests. Come back, i feel like I’m the only bald headed white guy down there over 40 years old, and its lonely.

          • Rob says:

            My hats off to you. I was there…I’m over 40, sorry…full head of hair though.

          • Dan says:

            Great, you got arrested with your UNION sign. I think that it’s great that you as an individual are there in protest. What I feel is bad is that you have to show up with you UNION sign. Cant you do this without the involvement of your Union?? Your Union is part of the problem. Wait I’m sorry your a Union member who does what you are told to do including to vote for a certain candadite, you know what, I’m bouncing, these frickin Unions are part of the problem and if you people can’t see it then why are we here

          • Dan says:

            You know what dude, your a hipocrite. You have no problem standing next to these non union people in protest holding your frickin union sign but if they try to work alongside of you, you start to call them a scab and degrade them just because they don’t support your frickin union. Go take your union and the sign and put it where the sun dont shine. YOUR UNION IS PART OF THE PROBLEM

  • Jill says:

    There is a need to discuss how capitalist economy turned into a huge gambling system where the risk has been socialized and profits have ended up in the hands of the 1% who do no useful work. Capitalism has turned into a highly parasitical form.

    This did not happen overnight. From the beginning, capitalism had within itself certain contradictions that over time sharpened to be more and more exploitative of the workers. Now we face an openly parasitical group of billionaire bankers who hold the working class in utter contempt. How this turn of events came about must be studied, if we are to find a way out for the 99%

    To change the world, one must understand it first.

  • Klodgebar says:

    I am bringing some items tonight. Do you still need all the things listed on this page?:
    Do you or do you not need gloves and cold medications? What about storage bins? I don’t have much, but I want to help. I’ll also be joining for some time on Tuesday evening.

  • Scott says:

    Jill, you are right on, the system has evolved, and mostly it is based upon human greed.

    Wall Street is based upon a fallacy of continual growth, it’s not a sustainable model, as eventually companies implode. We should value a company that produces something, pays it’s bills and breaks even.

    However that does not support the money spinning and laundering on Wall Street, that is what needs to be dismantled in my opinion.

    The smile on your kids faces should be worth more than a BMW or the latest trendy thing to posses. People need to go back to basics and evaluate their fundamental needs. Society is fragmented, both parents usually have to work, basic morals and common courtesy are giving way to selfish greed.

    Love not Greed is the key.

  • totheroots says:

    I see that the time of the general assembly was moved from 4:00 pm where it once was to now always being 6:30 pm. I assume this was done in an attempt to include those who are working during the day and are coming after work. However, there are other people on other shifts or people who have children and need to be home at the dinner hour to feed them. I think there is so much that needs to get decided that I wonder if once a day is enough any way? I wonder if it might not make more sense to have one general assembly around 9:00 am and the other at 6:30 Pm?
    To the Roots

  • Mark Ryan says:

    what do politics, religion, coffee and farts have in common?

    Everybody only likes their own.

    Y’all seem to prove that very well.

    Perhaps since the problems are well defined y’all might start looking for answers. Solutions have been presented. When will you listen?

  • Fravashi says:

    The PI has reported that Seattle cops are pulling over and ticketing drivers that honk in support of OS. Is this for real? On what grounds are they handing out $144 tickets? If someone could clarify I’d appreciate that . . . since when did it become a crime to honk after 10 pm?

  • IgnorantFools says:

    Yes, you should be able to do whatever you wnat, whenever you wish. It’s your free speech after all.

  • Princess says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get the contact info for Semantics & Equity? I was at this GA and I felt that the Semantics lady (her name escapes me, which is why I’m asking) had very important information to say and kind of got skipped over, unfortunately. Anyways, a name or contact email would be great. Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can someone please restate the email address to contact about making banners and signs to post around the city. There are a hand full of us that are interested in doing so, but questions ensue, re: banner permits, materials, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can someone please restate the email address to contact about making banners and signs to post around the city. There are a hand full of us that are interested in doing so, but questions ensue, re: banner permits, materials, etc.